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Review #1, by TheGirlOnFire Tears in the Dark

15th March 2014:
Hi! It's me again. This is for the blackout bingo. 9/20 :)

I liked this it was very well written. It was soft and emotional. I really like that. Sometimes you just heed a story that is emotional but not heavy. I liked Alice's regret over Nevilles birthing being at such a bad time. I liked the guilt and regret she felt over Marlene and the death of her family. I fulltime you captured that perfectly. The little twist at the end that linked it to James and Lily's death was great. I've always wondered what Alice and Frank where doing at the time of Sirius's arrest. Where th e already in hospital or where they just UN aware. They are never mentioned to have had any link to that moment. I'm glad you wrote your interpretations of that night from Alice's POV,it's always mice to see what other people think about certain things. :)


Author's Response: Thanks! I got scared seeing you reviewed this one since I still consider it a work in progress! Eventually I will get back to it and finish it up...hopefully...

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Review #2, by academica Tears in the Dark

6th July 2013:
Hello! I'm here for Review Tag, and also incidentally to leave my 1,000th review! How exciting! :)

Wow, what an action-packed first chapter! I actually thought this was a one-shot when I first looked at it and so I'm kind of relieved that it's a work-in-progress because now maybe I can follow it and see where you take it from here.

I like your characterization of Alice a lot. I feel like she and Frank aren't written often and I don't know her very well, but I liked the portrayal of her as a mother and a warrior, of sorts, in this chapter. She really seems, at least at first glance, like the rock and center of the Longbottom family. She's clearly still vulnerable, though, which is a nice balance.

Frank I feel like I don't know as well so far. It seemed like you were suggesting trouble in paradise in the beginning, but I'm still wondering about it because it wasn't really returned to later on in this chapter due to everything that happened. Perhaps that will come up again when the matter of Lily and James's murder is slightly more settled.

I will say that in everything I've read so far it seems like the Longbottom tragedy happened prior to the Potter murders or was treated as entirely separate (i.e., like they didn't know each other well). I actually love this spin on it where Alice and Frank are directly involved in the investigation.

Oh, and the call board! That's an awesome idea and I like how you clearly thought it through.

Anyway, excellent start! :)


Author's Response: Yea for me being your 1000th review!! (I actually imagined balloons and confetti falling when I read this! LOL!)

The first part of the chapter was supposed to just portray just how scared Alice is whenever Frank goes off to work. Knowing the dangers that he could face and the whole not knowing what was happening kind of thing. I sort of likened it to what a wife feels when she sends her husband off to war, not knowing if or when she would see him again.

I have always thought of the Longbottom's fate as a result of the Death Eaters being angry at the fall of Voldemort and looking for reasons for what happened. I think this is part of what makes it so tragic is that everyone thought the war was over when this happened.

Glad you liked it so far...I will have the exciting conclusion up shortly!! :)

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Review #3, by SilentConfession Tears in the Dark

3rd July 2013:
Hey! Thank you so much for entering my challenge!

This is such an interesting time to explore! I don't think i've ever read a story that documents the last months/weeks of the Longbottom's life. It's part of the first war that definitely gets ignored. But I think it could be one of the most powerful times because although Voldemort was gone was the war truly over? Did all the murders, tortures, and abductions just suddenly end? I would probably say no and i'm excited to see where you go from here.

I like how you described some of the things they had to do for the war and how their house had to become another extension of their office at work. It's like they could never have a moment of reprieve and a moment to be away from the war. it consumed them.

The moment you chose to kick start the story too is really great and I feel like there is a more horrifying story to come because of this. I feel like it's going to push Alice over some ledge.

It's interesting that explore how they chose certain calls over others. It makes me wonder though why they wouldn't have send some to tend to the muggles and others to tend to the wizarding folk? Also another question I had while reading this is would the Ministry allow files or reports to leave the Ministry and to stay at a home? It would be much to easy for those files which would be confidential to get in the wrong hands if the Longbottom's are attacked (or any of the other Auror's who do the same).

You have a good story telling voice though and you've chosen a good moment to start your story. There is a weird bittersweet sense to it because we know that the war is over but Alice doesn't and we also know that it eventually takes their lives. It makes this moment especially sad because I can't stop thinking of what's in store for them and that their horror isn't over yet.

Thanks so much for entering my challenge!!

Author's Response: Thanks for the review! I was actually pretty excited about writing this one and I am currently working on the next bit which would be the one the dooms them both. I think the Longbottom situation really intrigued me for precisely the reason you pointed out...just because Voldemort was dead, that didn't mean the war was over. This is something that armies in the history of the world have dealt with so many times over in real life that I thought it was important to delve into. Just because peace is declared or the evil tyrant in charge is beaten, doesn't mean soldiers at the front just get up shake hands with each other and go home.

I like that you caught on about the files being at their home. My whole point in that was, in a way, to showcase just how chaotic things were at the ministry. In regular, peacetime operations, the thought of bringing files home would have been a HUGE security breach and not have been allowed under any circumstances. But also along those lines, a case, in non-wartime situations, would never be ignored and/or forgotten about either. Their home office was symbolic of the whole desperate times call for desperate measures. The increased operation tempo and the dwindling staff members caused certain things to be overlooked or ignored. (But this will be made a little more clear in the next chapter as well...)

Be on the lookout for the next bit, because I have some awesome ideas if I can get them to translate to paper! LOL!

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