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Review #1, by Sushmita Chapter 1

25th April 2017:
Wow what a sensational one shot into the mind of an elf. My heart goes out to Tully and all she's had to endure. :(

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Review #2, by Laugharama_llama Chapter 1

28th July 2013:
You are an amazing writer! I'm so excited to see what you publish in the future. Please understand you have a great fan base from fan fiction and let us know what you publish!

Author's Response: Wow, thank you so much for this review!!! I really hope I can get an original fiction published one day, and your words and support means so much to me!

Thank you!!!
♥ Jami

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Review #3, by Akussa Chapter 1

17th July 2013:
That was just horrible! Poor little Tully, killed for protecting a child...

I really like the narrative of this story. Having it being told through a house-elf was a great idea. It gives another sense to this war, another point of view, showing that wizards weren't the only ones that were touched by the violence. And to have the House-Elf belong to the Lestrange was also pretty neat. Of course in that household, it would be asked to do some pretty horrible things or at the very least, would witness some horrors.

Great job, it was neatly written, described very well and highly original, especially in the choice of main character.

Author's Response: Hi Akussa!

I'm so excited you liked this, and I agree that Tully would have witnessed a lot of terrible things. It was odd telling the story through her perspective, but I wanted to show something different... if that makes sense :P

Thank you so much for this awesome review ♥

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Review #4, by ValWitch21 Chapter 1

16th July 2013:
As often said before, you are a monster and you break my heart on a regular basis.

Also, can I just appreciate again how you don't run away from difficulty (except for Quidditch matches but shh)? Writing from the point of view of a House Elf, for me, is one of the most difficult things to do. You write through the eyes of a silenced minority, who feels hate, obligation, loyalty and an odd adoration for their masters on a regular basis. Guess what? You did an amazing job, which is why you're one of my favourite authors ever.

Never stop writing, or I'll find you and tie you to your keyboard until you start again. ♥

Author's Response: Hi lovely face! HAHHAA I am not a monster and i don't try and break your heart!

Okay. Sometimes I try and break your heart...

and I might be a *tiny* bit of a monster. :P

Aww Val! I'm so excited that it doesn't seem like I run away from difficult story substances. Now I just have to figure out how to avoid them for the entirely of Mia and Oliver's story :P

And you're making me feel too mushy and lucky to have you ♥ What you said about being one of your favorite authors has made my week. It's such an amazing compliment and now I just want to smile all day.

Thank you again for making me feel way happier than anyone ever deserves ♥

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Review #5, by gingersnape Chapter 1

15th July 2013:
Oh my goodness Jami this is so raw and powerful in the way it unfolded and made me totally and completely haunted by Tully's struggles and the things she saw then and the thoughts of what she must have seen before. I loved how Tully wasn't a radical and she didn't get to break free because of a hppy coincidence, but she still did everything she could in a way that put her in danger but seemed totally in character.

The Death Eaters were horrifying but described so carefully that all the fear and hatred that runs through Death Eater culture came so naturally to how it played out in my head and they contrasted with the order effortlessly. The differences in regard fro human life were disturbing, especially regarding the baby, but the way it was laid out fit perfectly with their canon characterizations.

From start to end, I felt like I was just sinking into the story and it all unfolded around me, rather than being something that took effort to focus on and pay attention to. On the technical level, I didn't notice any spelling or grammar mistakes and thought it was a really well done piece overall

Author's Response: Hi lovely!

As much as I wanted Tully to have a happy ending, it just didn't seem realistic. Whatever magic holds them to their masters, just wanting to escape didn't mean hers would break. Having her die felt like a mean but realistic move. Poor little elf :(

Ahh I'm so happy you liked the death eaters!!! I really wanted to make them chilling, so I'm super excited you though they were horrifying!

Writing something that people can just read and not feel like it's a struggle to get through is one of the biggest things I try and do, so your last comment really made my day. Thank you so much for this amazing review ♥


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Review #6, by Beeezie Chapter 1

14th July 2013:
Oh dear, Jami. Why did I have the bright idea of reading one of your stories for this review event, again? This was brutal.

... And amazing. Oh my god. So amazing. Please make a storycast of it if you haven't already so I can go and listen to it. Multiple times.

Okay. What did I love?

I loved that you chose to tell a FWW fic from a house-elf's perspective. All the ancient wizarding families seemed to have them, and house-elfs seem to dislike pain and torture and other sad things, so it's a really interesting choice that you had a lot of room to do something great with.

And you did. Oh my god.

You captured how frightening and evil the Death Eaters were, both with the beginning of the story and, maybe even more so, with Tully's continued thinking that she didn't want to see another child die. And Bellatrix wrapped it all up quite nicely with her threats, which are definitely not 12+ so I won't repeat them here.

And I loved that you integrated James and Sirius in it. You captured them both beautifully, I thought - that mix of earnestness and slight sense of humor no matter what the situation was perfect.

So much love right now. Wow.

Author's Response: Hi, Branwen! I was so excited to see you here!

I didn't think about making a story cast out of this one... but it might actually work well! Thank you for the suggestion!

I wanted something different than the usual first war horrors. I mean, J and L death and Alice and Franks torture are absolutely terrible, but they're done a lot so I wanted to try and find a different way to show it. Using someone who has to be involved regardless of their opinions felt like a solid idea!

I'm so excited that the feelings all came across, and that you liked he bit of humor James and Sirius brought. I thought it would feel out of place to some people, so it's a relief knowing you enjoyed it!

Thank you for this awesome review ♥

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Review #7, by Galawen Chapter 1

14th July 2013:
I have never, ever stopped to consider what house-elves could have witnessed or been forced to do whilst in thrall to their masters and I am completely ashamed of myself for it.
I was engrossed in your story from start to finish and it was darkly refreshing it that makes sense. Obviously the subject is horrific, not least because I doubt it was the first time Tully had experienced something like it. And when I saw the words “Tully,” she heard her Master shout and felt fear stab into her. “Kill the child.” my heart stopped for about a minute. But despite that it was wonderful to look at the War from the point of view of someone not many people would think to use. I felt so proud of James when he thought to try and save Tully at the end even in the midst of the chaos surrounding them. Her death still makes me angry and so frustrated at the tradition of house-elves (makes me want to join S.P.E.W!) but I love that the last thought you gave to her was one of peace and at least she is now free of the horrors she had been forced to experience
Brilliant job.

House Cup 2013 Hufflepuff

Author's Response: Hi there! Honestly, I hadn't thought much about it before writing this one shot, either!

I'm so excited that you enjoyed this! I definitely don't want to make your heart stop, but I'm excited it gave you that feeling!

Adding in James and Sirius felt like a must with the darkness of the rest of the piece, and it makes me so happy that you liked James trying to save her! I really wanted to give it a realistic ending, and sad as it was, I felt like her not making it was the most realistic option :(

Thank you so much for leaving this awesome review! ♥


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Review #8, by Chivalrous Chapter 1

6th July 2013:
That was amazing! I'm seriously crying, because of Tully!

Author's Response: Aww another awesome reviewing from you! You're spoiling me! I'm so happy you liked this, but I'm sorry I made you cry :(!

Thank you again for another awesome review ♥ Jami

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Review #9, by SilentConfession Chapter 1

1st July 2013:
Ah! Jami! What can I even say about this? This is a really powerful story and the perspective you chose to write it in is absolutely perfect.

The beginning bit was really well written and you got across Tully's emotions of disgust so vividly that I felt it myself. Images of acidic vile, the million cries for mercy, hopeless faces. It really brings across the horrors that were happening in just this one family home. It makes me think that if this was happening in this one place than the carnage that were outside the walls were so much worse. So even though you were writing very specifically here I got a bigger sense of what was happening in the world, weirdly enough.

I love how you chose Tully to tell the story. It was was a lovely choice to make to really see through the eyes of an elf. It made me really sad though to see the progression of her thoughts. How she used to love her master but then he got cruel and those feelings were slowly chased away. It made it really seem like it was a hell that poor Tully was having to live through each day. Also the fact that the destruction was happening all around her and she couldn't do much about it. It takes a really special elf to break the rules of their master (like Dobby did sort of though there were things he couldn't say even) and to see how it ended for her, although inevitable, made me massively sad. Obviously I wanted her to just go but I think it was a lot better you did it the way you did. You gave her a hopeless situation and she died in an equally hopeless situation. That has a more impact than if she had some grand exit.

There was also this disturbing theme of death throughout the whole thing and tied your story even with the slaughter of the Bones' family (?? I'm assuming anyway). It was all really well tied together and I like how you sneaked in that little canon detail in there. It helps ground your story and makes it that more believable.

I also love that you snuck James and Sirius in there! *swoons* I love how you've written them, Sirius with his dark humour and James' sarcasm. It mixed really well together and I liked how you mixed some of their plans with Tully's own commentary of how she knew they wouldn't get free. It just made it all seem more chilling and dark. Also, it is exactly how i'd see them act in that situation and humour is a way that some people use to disassociate themselves from the current situation.

The ending as i've mentioned before is great! It really ties the whole story together I think and makes this story really special. It just reminds me of the theme that being good won't always get you out alive. Really lovely job at writing this Jami and i'm so pleased that you entered the challenge so I had a chance to read this! Thank you! :)

Author's Response: Hi Zayne ♥

When I saw your challenge I really wanted to join with something that wasn't any of the 'big' first war tragedies. I've always wanted to make myself write something dark without using the dark canon facts, like Lily and James's death or Alice and Frank's or Peter's betrayal. Whenever I think of writing horror those always come to mind, so I was super excited to try and write something that involved first war horror but not as much in my comfort zone.

Ahhh I'm so happy you liked Tully! The idea of showing something terrible through the eyes of someone who had no choice but to experience it totally drew me in. Naming Tully was a pain, though. I always have trouble naming house-elves :P!

I wanted to give her a happy ending too :(! But it didn't seem realistic. Dobby is actually who I used for a point of reference trying to figure out how MUCH elves could disobey. And it just didn't seem like Tully would be able to break the bonds that easily when Dobby couldn't even tell Harry exactly what was dangerous. I'm so excited that you understood why I gave her the ending I did, because I felt kind of mean for it, haha!

Yes! This ties in with the slaughter of the Bone's family! I'm super excited you picked that up. That's the best part about other Marauders writers, they pick up on the small canon details most people don't :P

Hahah I couldn't resist getting those two in there, could I?! :P I'm so excited you liked them in it! I'm just excited about everything you're saying in general, and you're making me feel too happy and fuzzy ♥

I'm so, so happy you liked this and thank you so much for holding the challenge! It was a lot of fun, well, sad fun... to write and I loved the challenge of trying to come up with something!

♥ Jami

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Review #10, by academica Chapter 1

27th June 2013:
Hey Jami, thanks for the swap!

Wow, this was really powerful! A lot of people use house elves in their stories without really giving the elves much of a personality or a personal history. It was neat to watch the scene unfold from Tully's perspective, even if what transpired was not particularly pleasant. I especially liked how you weren't afraid to really explore her emotions and give her a sense of humanity. Her story reminds me a little of Kreacher or Dobby in the sense that they were commanded to do awful things to themselves and others in the service of their masters. As sad as it is to admit, I'm sure a lot of other house elves could empathize with Tully. On the other hand, it was nice to see her becoming somewhat attached to Rodolphus and then falling away from that as he grew older and more cruel.

It was nice how you tied canon events into this, like the slaughter of the Bones family (which I seem to recall from Before They Fall also). I wonder if this would have been one of Sirius & James's first missions as members of the Order.

Oh, and the ending--I really liked that, too. It's good that Tully's last thought was a happy one, and it shows that she was truly brave until the end.

Great one-shot! Very creative :)


Author's Response: Hi Amanda, and thank you!

I wanted to focus on something that isn't looked at as often for war-horror type of challenges. We know all the regulars: James and Lily being murdered, Frank and Alice being tortured to death, so I wanted to try something different. The idea of having to be part of the war without wanting to, but having literally no power to stop yourself, was something that interest me.

I'm so happy that you liked the scenes from Tully's perspective. And you're so right, I've tied in some canon and btf canon into here :P. BTF was the first attempted attack on them, and then this one shot ties into it's sequel. Only there's a bit more after this in the sequel that makes it not so happy :(.

I was worried I'd made the ending too much. But where was she going to go from there? She can't just disobey and leave any more than the Lestrange's would let a disobedient elf in their home. I'm really, really relieved you liked it, because I have been a bit worried.

Thank you so much for the lovely review ♥! And for all the awesome swaps!!

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Review #11, by Morgana Tales Chapter 1

22nd June 2013:
...speechless(in a good way)

Author's Response: Awww thank you so much, Morgan! ♥ And sorry that last Saturday's BTF chapter didn't get posted! My beta was out of town, so it'll be up this coming Saturday :)!

Thank you so much for reading this, and I'm so happy you liked it!

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Review #12, by marauderfan Chapter 1

22nd June 2013:
Oh wow. This was really incredible. I loved that you wrote it from the POV of a house-elf, because they have a very innocent quality to them, and it highlights the fact that in the wizarding wars the innocents were just as much of a target for the DE's as were the Aurors. I think Tully had such a unique perspective as well, being the property of the Lestranges and able to see all the destruction but literally able to do nothing about it.

I think the way you portrayed James and Sirius, in prison but still joking about not taking out the rubbish was a nice touch. They are clearly terrified but aren't showing it, are just trying to make the best of their terrible situation locked behind bars awaiting their death. It was very true to character.

Poor Tully. I can't say I was surprised at how it ended, given the theme of death that permeates the whole story, and the lines in the beginning about death being better than serving the Lestranges. But it still had a (rather small) element of hope at the end - what she's going to is better than where she is, as she had indicated earlier, and she doesn't have to watch any more children die.

This was a very well-written, chilling story. I think you did such a great job with it. Good luck in the challenge!

Author's Response: Hi there, marauderfan! I love your penname!

I'm so happy you liked reading this from the eyes of a house-elf! I wanted to write it through someone who wasn't really involved/committed to either side. At first I thought of a child, but that didn't work, so Tully seemed to fit really nicely!

I was sort of sneaky in this. James and Sirius go through this entire thing, at least they're destined too in a book outline, in a sequel I'll be working on soon to my Marauders era novel. Getting to write the scene through Tully, knowing I'll eventually get to write it again through Sirius or James's perspective, was so much fun. I love writing anything where those two are concerned, and of course we couldn't let being in prison damper their mood :P!

I sort of had a hope she'd end up surviving too. I wasn't sure how this would end when I started, which is odd since I usually plan that out, and this seemed like the only real ending. Like you said, she doesn't have to watch any more children die. She's finally free.

Thank you so, so much for all your amazing compliments on the story! I was pretty unsure about it when I first posted it, so I'm really relieved you like it!

Thanks for an awesome swap ♥ Jami

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Review #13, by CambAngst Chapter 1

22nd June 2013:
So First War Horrors, you say? Yep, I'd say you nailed it.

I absolutely loved the idea of showing these events through the eyes of a poor, mistreated house elf. Tully is the perfect fly on the wall to explore the atrocities committed in the Lestrange Estate. She's nothing but a tool to Bellatrix and Rodolphus. A soulless automaton that keeps their house clean and occasionally does their dirty work for them. But Tully does have a soul, and the horrors that she's seen have left an indelible mark of sadness on that soul. In the end, that mark seems to have led to a moment of hesitation and reluctance to obey that saved James, Sirius and the little girl.

You did an awesome job with the dark and horrible imagery that set the scene for the main events of the story. As you gradually reveal who the principal actors are and their role in the events about to play out, I got more and more immersed in the chilling darkness of it all. The pace of the story and the way it built up were beautifully done.

I appreciated the fact that you didn't give Tully a feel-good, heroic ending. That wouldn't have been at all realistic. House elves obey. Like you said, it's woven into their souls. The magical bond that Tully couldn't escape, even when she desperately wanted to, was a great way to illustrate her awful reality.

I loved how you set up the concept of death as a release near the beginning of the story. That tied together so nicely with Tully's fate. For her, death was a release from her terrible life of servitude to such awful people.

Your writing was terrific. Kudos to you and Alli for great editing! Great job overall!

Author's Response: Dan!

Hi. I was worried that this wasn't really.. horrorific enough to qualify, so I'm happy you think it was!

I really struggled with how I wanted this to all end. I though about Tully actually having to go through with the orders and kill Edgar's daughter. I mean, we know the entire family dies sometime during the war. Or if I wanted to have Tully escape with them.. but neither of those felt right. I wanted Tully to get to do something that she's proud of before getting killed.

It's so odd to try and gauge how much control a house-elf is actually under. We know dobby couldn't tell Harry about the chamber, but not what would happen if he told. So I have to assume that it's not so much what would happen if you break an order or rule from your master, but that you physically can't. Poor little house-elves :(.

Thank you so much for this lovely review, and I'm so happy that you liked this! And that you're back from nowhere land, mwahaha!

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Review #14, by TheHeirOfSlytherin Chapter 1

22nd June 2013:
First War Horror - definitely got that right! I had chills by the time it got to Bellatrix and the order on the baby. You write her so well, even from another's perspective, that I think she scares me more than she does in the actual books/movies.

Perspective - it was amazing reading this story from the point of view of a House Elf. That's something pretty new for me and I really enjoyed it. I thought it was a person at first, someone on a side she doesn't want to be on. Finding out its on a side she is forced to be on is so much sadder. But Tully's strength is what I loved most. When I got chills, it was partly because I was scared that as she'd have to obey, it would happen. But she said to stop her, defying her master. It made me smile, then the end made me even more sad.

(I hoped Tully would get away, too, but I admit I kind of expected a sad end, given who her masters are.)

I love James and Sirius. There are just no words to describe my love for the Marauders. Really. To risk their lives to wait for the Order and help protect a child and yet they're making light of a bad situation for a moment and joking about Lily and what he didn't do. It just makes me love them more. I want to hug them. And keep them safe. And make sure a certain date never happens... ;)

I really loved reading this, Jami, chills and all!


Author's Response: Hi Sam &heats;! Haha, I wish I could say I was sorry for scaring you with Bella, but we both know I'm not :P!

I wasn't really sure what to do for this challenge that could really show how terrible the war was. I thought first to do something form a child's prospective, because I did want to get something through the eyes of someone too innocent for it all, then I got the idea of a house elf. I'm so happy you liked seeing the story through her eyes, and that you liked her strength &heats;

I know what you mean about the Marauders. They're hard to escape from, aren't they? It's like, once you love them you're hooked. And it's such a one sided affair, because all they do is break our hearts! This is actually part of a scene that will be in book two of BTF, but obviously not from Tully's eyes. Haha!

YES! I am so with you on making sure a certain date never happens. Should we just rip up Voldy's calender, and maybe he won't know?!

♥ Thank you so much for stopping by, Sam! And for an awesome swap!

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Review #15, by MissMdsty Chapter 1

22nd June 2013:
That was heart breakingly beautiful Jami! I loved how you made the main character a house elf. The poor things, forced to do stuff against their will. Tully really drew the short straw with being the servant of Bellatrix.

One thing that I really loved is the fact that you managed to incorporate humor into such a dark story. I'm talking about the line Sirius spoke regarding the eulogy.

The part where you described the struggle inside the elf was beautiful. I can't even begin to imagine what it must be like to know you don't want to do something, yet you have to do it anyway.

The end was bittersweet, with the notion that the kind heart of a creature cost her everything. It was a lovely metaphor of the fact that good is not always rewarded as it should and that sometimes, really, life deals you a bad hand and you can't do anything about it.

Author's Response: You seriously spoil me. I feel like I should mail you a cake.

Here James and Sirius are concerned, there has to be some touch of humor, right? This is actually part of book two, will, James and Sirius's part of it. So knowing I'll eventually write it from their eyes is a lot of fun, haha.

Ahh I'm so happy you liked the struggle inside Tully, and I wish it could have ended it happier, but like you said, it was bittersweet. She got her freedom, and that's all she really wanted.

Thank you so much for just giving me way too much sweetness to respond to on this lovely Tuesday morning ♥ you have me grinning ear to ear!

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