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Review #1, by Hasane Glamour

2nd April 2017:
it's been a bit before i read this chapter! this chapter was a little less of an emotional roller coaster, despite what your author's note said. dominique, despite her guaranteed beautiful looks, is still self-conscious of herself, and it makes me a bit sad. but lucy seems to be doing a pretty good job of keeping dom's spirits up. their dynamics seem like the type that wouldn't work in hindsight, but then go off and become the type of friendship that everybody wants, i swear. the dress you described sounds very pretty, and i wish i could see what it would look like in real life. once again, another great chapter, i can't wait to read the next one, even if it may be a bit before i get to it.

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Review #2, by Hasane Glass

16th March 2017:
More emotions? Thanks, I totally asked for that.

Dominique is such a sweetheart for trying to comfort Teddy even when she had no obligation to. I'm always flinching a bit when Dom says something painstakingly honest, because I always find that I'm hoping Teddy doesn't strike her. I don't think he would do that, but something about his previous character always told me he would.

My favorite part of the story is when the both of them decide to put aside their differences and become friends. Absolute favorite part, and to be honest, I was expecting much, much less from them. Maybe I should keep holding out on them, because it seems more likely now that I've read this chapter.

I'm looking forward to reading the next chapter.

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Review #3, by Hasane Him

15th March 2017:
That... was a heart wrenching read. I had to stop half-way because the amount of emotions assailing at me were too many. Like, wow. Once again, you've written the emotions in a very realistic way, and for that you've probably made me waste, like, an hour crying. It's not meant to make you feel bad; in fact I think it really means that as an author, you were able to inflict real emotions in the reader, and I think that's really amazing. Not many can do that.

Teddy has been more developed, and I find myself understanding where he is coming from. The circumstances he was born in were rather dire, but I'd like to also think he was born at a pinnacle of hope, too. It seems he doesn't see it that way. His thoughts also made me look at Remus Lupin differently too, and almost makes me think that Remus should have come back later, a lot, lot later. At least then Teddy would have had parents. It makes much more sense of why he tried to take his life.

Dominique's reluctance to grant Teddy empathy was understandable too; I mean, going from a "monster" to somebody who is so, so lost is a huge difference. And it's hard to think that that the two sides of Teddy belong to the same person.

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Review #4, by Hasane Empty

14th March 2017:
Wow, this chapter was loaded with emotions. It honestly is very terrifying how Teddy can shift from being nice to rude in a matter of seconds, and it makes me wonder what could have been so bad that it made him like that.

Victoire, in this chapter, also made a sudden shift in character too, and it sounds like she went through a really bad time for her to even consider even being that protective over Dominique.

Speaking of, I honestly think Dominique should throw her hands into the air and do whatever she feels like. It's been only two days for her and her life has been uprooted and thrown away in a matter of seconds.

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Review #5, by Hasane Liar

13th March 2017:
Ah, we finally get to see the family dynamics that Dominique nearly always kills herself over. I see what she means. The middle child dynamic has been amped up here to the max, and it must be very crushing and quite the downer for Dominique.

I read your most recent one shot with Audrey and Fleur, and it's very hard to see that this Fleur is the woman Audrey named her daughter after. Because in that one shot, Fleur was very caring and compassionate, and it's hard to see that here. For the most part, she seems to be blind as to what her two youngest children are going through, and I really hate that. That side seems to peek through when she's talking with Victoire, but it's really not fair for her other children if she only shows it to Victoire.

Bill for the most part seems to be distant and overbearing in his expectations for his children. Because Victoire meets his expectations, he expects his other two children to be able to do that too. Once again, it's really not fair.

I'll be honest here: I've started to ship Teddy and Dominique. That's a very hard thing to do because I've always been in the mindset that Teddy and Victoire belong together. Here, if they were actually together, it would be the most explosive relationship ever, and I don't really like the idea of that. Teddy and Dom seem to have a flicker of something between them, and that's what I've deduced from the "heart-to-heart" (a term very loosely used) they both had. Teddy seems to open up the slightest bit with Dom, and the only person I've seen him do that with was Fred (in Glass). This ship seems to have a bleak chance, so I'm not really holding out on them.

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Review #6, by Hasane Sister

13th March 2017:
Victoire! Has! Gone! Lower! On! My! Good! People! List! Not! That! She! Was! High! Up! Or! Anything!

Jesus I genuinely want to murder Victoire Weasley. How can she be so selfish and dismissive of her little sister's problems? It baffles how she can be like that and not feel guilty because for me it is hard for me to ignore other people's problems. I can only imagine how Dominique's feeling right now. But what I felt had to have been pretty real as I was reading because the way your wrote her Dom's feelings were so raw and real. To be perfectly honest, I wanted Dominique to completely deck her sister. I would have cheered.

What I found really great about this chapter was Dom's and Louis' relationship. It's just so pure and endearing. The little detail of how Louis "spent a long time cradling them [the seashells] in his hands, as if they were truly precious" nearly made my heart melt.

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Review #7, by Hasane Transparent

13th March 2017:
Of course Teddy would make Dominique kneel while she's apologizing for eavesdropping. It's all a power play!

Oh, Fred to the rescue! Dominique seems have been really been in a bind. Well, I suppose whenever you're with Teddy, you'd always be in a bind.

What Dominique said in her conversation with Roxanne was really insightful. It seems to me that she really wants to find something good in Teddy Lupin, but really can't when he's so vile.

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Review #8, by Hasane Blue-Haired Devil

13th March 2017:
Ooh, I like Freddie a lot! But I wonder how he's friends with Teddy though? They're such polar opposites, I don't even know how they can deal with each other in such close quarters.

Benjamin Malfoy is eye-catching. I wonder why it's not Scorpius Malfoy? George is a sweetheart here (without any of his joking tendencies taken away thankfully) and I like that you've decided to write him like that.

And Teddy never fails to go lower and lower, does he? I want to say there's some good in him, but maybe not when you're as jaded as him.

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Review #9, by Hasane Playmate

13th March 2017:
I'm just, continually getting more and more disgusted with Teddy, wow.

The dynamics of Dominique's and Teddy's relationship is nothing but hatred for now it seems. ://

The things Teddy says are as sharp as a knife, but occasionally Dom has a comeback, and they hurt him even more I think. So far, the deeper parts of their relationships seems to be under wraps for now.

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Review #10, by Hasane The Favor

13th March 2017:
I started reading this after I'd heard that this was the story that inspired 'Glass.' Of course, after reading the your intriguing version of Teddy, I was easily caught.

Your Dominique is different too from what I've seen. And your Victoire? Everything about this story is so starkly different from what I've seen with other stories; I think that was part of the allure for this story.

I felt bad for Dominique the enter time I was reading this, Victoire, is a grade-A b*. I could never understand how she grew up to be so, for lack of a better word, irresponsible.

By the end of reading this, I'm thoroughly terrified of Teddy while somehow also being interested in him.

I have to ask, did Teddy attempt to drown himself before or after the events of this story, assuming that the on goings of Glass occurred in this universe?

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Review #11, by TreacleTart Empty

23rd May 2016:
Hey Gabbie!

Back for the last of our 5 review swaps! Again, I'm sorry about the delay in getting to them.

Alright. So we've found out a bit of what's going on with Teddy. The awful jerk got high and pawned off Remus' watch (To get more money for drugs?) If I didn't hate him before, I certainly do now. He is literally the worst and I am so disappointed that he is the spawn of Remus and Tonks. They must be rolling in their graves.

And if poor Andromeda only knew. She'd be beside herself with grief at the idea of him pawning off his parents things. I mean how much lower could he possibly get?

I'm really intrigued by Victoire's whole reaction to Teddy talking to Dominique. It sounds to me like Victoire might've been the victim of Teddy's games at some point. She talks like someone who had her heart shattered badly.

It's really odd to see this protective side of Victoire though. She pretty much treats Dominique like garbage 90% of the time, so I'm not really understanding why all of the sudden she wants to act like her protector.

Personally, I think that Dominique should say to hell with both Victoire and Teddy and just go do her own thing. The two of them are awful and it seems that they just want her to be as miserable as they feel.

Good work on this! We'll have to swap some more soon!


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Review #12, by alicia and anne The Favor

23rd May 2016:
Poor Dom, she seems so different to how I see her normally portrayed, and your version of her seems like a breath of fresh air. It's so good to see her so well thought out and stuttering, and not too confident herself.

Victoire doesn't seem like a nice person, and I can't wait to see Dom sticking up for herself when it comes to her sister. I look forward to reading that. How can Victoire expect Dom to help her if she acts like this towards her? I just want to hug poor Dom and help her.

:O That is a big secret! I wonder how she'll help her out with this?

Oh this wild story is getting more and more entertaining, Victoire is so screwed! And it's brilliant! :D

And Teddy doesn't seem like a good guy either, poor Dom, surrounded by people that bully her for her stutter and manipulate her into getting things for them.

Oh no! Poor Dom! This hasn't ended too well for her has it? I can't wait to read more! :D I love your writing so much and I'm so excited by this new story of yours!

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Review #13, by TreacleTart Liar

22nd May 2016:
Hey Gabbie!

I'm back to finally finish up our review swap! Thanks for being patient with me!

I'm glad that Dominique is taking some time for herself at the beginning of this chapter. After the way that everyone has treated her over the last twenty four hours, I really just feel like she needs a break. And I can totally understand her reluctance to go downstairs and risk having to see Victoire. I wouldn't want to be around her either.

When she does finally go downstairs, I thought it was really sad to see the family dynamic. I don't necessarily picture Fleur and Bill as super warm, friendly people, but the coldness they show to their own children is pretty depressing. I mean, why have children if you're only going to treat them with such open contempt?

I'm curious to find out if Victoire is actually pregnant and what she decides to do if she is. In my opinion, she's far too selfish at this point in her life to be a parent. I can't imagine her giving up her own time to watch a child.

For some reason when the doorbell started ringing, I had a feeling that it was going to be Teddy, but I was really surprised by his change in attitude. His couple of moments of vulnerability made him slightly more palatable, although I still find him to be an obnoxious jerk. Maybe having his world come crashing down around him will help him to gain a bit of humility.

And good for Andromeda for cutting him off. I just said in the last chapter how everyone is enabling him, so I'm glad that at least one person has some sense.

Anyway, good work here. I'm off to the next chapter right now!


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Review #14, by TreacleTart Sister

19th May 2016:
Hey Gabbie!

I'm here with the next of my reviews for our swap! This is number 2 of 5.

I was so glad when Dominique managed to leave Uncle George and Aunt Angie's house. I didn't think I could handle anymore of Teddy's bad attitude and awful blackmail. I just really can't understand why everyone puts up with him. I mean I understand his parent's died in the war, so everyone feels a bit of responsibility for him, but still. At this point, they're all just enabling him to be awful.

I'm glad that the rest of the family showed interest in seeing Dominique and Louis. I know it probably made Dominique feel loved and cared for that Roxanne was happy she was there.

Gosh. Just when I thought Teddy was the most frustrating human on earth, we find out that Victoire is competing for that title. She is so awful. I can't believe how awful she was to Dominique, particularly after she just did that big favor for her. Dominique is a better person than me because if I'd been in her shoes, it would've been a fight. Victoire's attitude like it's not important or no big deal is just infuriating.

The only ray of sunshine for me was Louis. I thought he was really cute and sweet, although I was sad to find out that he felt transparent as well. I hope that Dominique's love and attention is enough to make him feel better.

Good job on this chapter! I'll be over to the next chapter soon!


Author's Response: Hello!

Thank you so much for stopping by once again with this awesome review. I really am glad that you're still reading! :D

I think I might have stretched the scene with George and Angie too much. It was mostly just to show how different their family was from Dominique's. I also love them to death so you'll have to forgive me for that.

Anyway, Teddy's attitude is something that's going to come back and haunt him in the worst way. I don't think anyone has really caught on to the fact that the family enables Teddy's behavior. It was actually an important factor that kind of got skipped over.

George and Angelina, as you'll learn take care of him more than anyone else. The whole family has it's quirks and I think a lot of it is guilt over what happened with his parents. It's really upsetting to think about though.

George and Angelina love their nieces and nephews. I mentioned in the last review that they don't see Dominique or her siblings much because Bill has this bad habit of not keeping in touch. There's also this thing with Percy too, the two of them can't stand each other so that creates a complicated rift with everyone else too.

The thing about Victoire and Teddy is that they're a lot alike. It's actually pretty darn embarrassing and I'm not sure who is the most awful person here. Victoire for lying or Teddy for using Dom?

Dominique is a better person than both of us because Victoire would have caught these hands for sure. I would not have just walked out of there so calmly.

Louis is quite the adorable little boy but he's surprisingly cynical for his age. I think that happens with neglect but he really loves Dominique. She treats him more like a son than a brother and they are really close. :D

Thanks for the review!

Much love,


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Review #15, by TidalDragon Unlucky

17th May 2016:
Well, well! This chapter was back to your resplendent best. You carried on your tradition of exceptional characterization with the deeper exploration of Tiberius and it was quite a developmental milestone for Dominique to get so confident and flirtatious, even if it's still far from stable. She seems to be taking the "fake it 'til you make it" maxim to heart even if it took awhile.

I will say that I almost thought from the doorman scene that Teddy might be the rat at issue or at the very connected to him and I'm interested to see going forward whether this end-of-chapter drama feeds into that.

Ahhh...and how can I not mention the intimacy between Dominique and Teddy just before it happened. Who knows what will befall them next - but I wonder if perhaps Dominique and Teddy couldn't at least improve each other after all, despite your best efforts to make one desperately silent and the other easily hate-able.

Thanks for carrying on with the story and continuing to deliver chapters to believe in!

Author's Response: Hey!

Welcome back and thanks so much for this great review~! It's one of my favorites!

I think this chapter really relied heavy on emotion. Dominique is in over her head so I wanted to really suck you guys in and she proved to be quite the actress. Haha.

I wanted to talk about Tiberius more here because we get such a cliffhanger in the last chapter. I didn't go into a lot of detail about him though, I did reference another story (The entire line about Greengrass comes from my story A Force of Wills. The family are basically the mafia but that flew right over everyone's heads)

I forgot to mention the thing about the doorman in your last review. He was an awfully cheerful fellow, wasn't he? I need to make people smile more. Hahah.

Anyway, the rat issue will be discussed in the next chapter. Teddy is obviously not going to get out of this without some trouble. It's all going to come tumbling down.

I think we're really moving forward with these two. Haha. Emotionally, they're starting to get more and more dependent on one another. I'll write more scenes with these two exploring that, Dominique running from it and Teddy trying to understand what it might mean. You know, typical stuff.

I had another reviewer say that two broken things can make a wonderful relationship or something along those lines. I will keep thinking of Teddy and Dominique like this from now on.


Much love,


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Review #16, by TidalDragon The Green Dragon

17th May 2016:
Howdy Gabbie! It's a pleasure to be back here to your fine tale!

As usual you did an excellent job of capturing the emotions, often oscillating, of this duo. And they are operating together enough nowadays that we might have to start calling them a duo - a scary prospect for Dominique, but perhaps some sort of positive for Teddy who continues to thaw now and again in her presence. Oh - and I'd be terribly remiss if I didn't applaud you for the doorman - he was one of the liveliest characters I've read of yours since Audrey.

On the CC side, I did think this was a little description heavy (even for a new setting) and a tad sluggish plot-wise. I think (and as, you know, the actual author - feel free to correct me if I'm wrong :p) the entire design was to use that as a sort of strategic lead-up to the big reveal at the end, but perhaps it was the length that did it to me. I don't know. Just a thought.

Anyway, since I'm so late, I'll hit you with a review on Chapter 13 as well. See you there!

Author's Response: Hello!

It's always lovely hearing from you and I'm so glad that you're still interested in reading this story! :D

I think it's getting to the point where we might have to start calling Teddy and Dominique a couple. Not in the romantic sense just yet but they're together so often now that it's kind of hard to picture them separated, which was my intention from the beginning.

Dominique isn't ready for more but she's falling into it the more this story goes.

Teddy will continue to thaw around her though and I think by the end of this story he might finally be "real".

I did think this chapter was really heavy on the descriptions. I will go back and tone them down some and while I was reading, I caught some other stuff that kind of disrupted the flow. It didn't move quickly enough for me either and Tiberius was supposed to actually show up and have a chat with them in this chapter.

I'll try and cut it down the next time I go in and edit, thanks for being so honest!

Much love,


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Review #17, by NPE The Favor

17th May 2016:
Sorry I took a month to get back to you. A lot was going during RL, and I wasnít able to give HPFF the attention it deserved, or write the reviews I had promised people.

Firstly, you have managed to create a successful authenticity and nuance within the minds of your characters in a way I really respect. There is a vulnerability and uncertainty at play here with Dominique that is really difficult to both execute and conceive.

The chapter has some vividly drawn descriptions of the scenes you set that really catalyse the narrative and dialogue.

I personally like the flawed and rather unflattering portrayal of Teddy Lupin.

The only critiques I have concern firstly the rather unusual spacing, and secondly that at times the story rambles a little rather than being as sharp and as focused as your decriptions suggest. Don't get me wrong, it's very readable and it flew by despite its length but occasionally I felt a little lost.

But itís only a minor quibble here or there. Great stuff.

Apologies for the delay,


Author's Response: Hello!

Thanks for stopping by and no real worries, RL comes first! :D

It's really tough writing these characters but thank you so much for the compliment! I try to make them feel as real as possible but Dominique in particular is hard to write.

I had to scrap a lot of ideas for her in the beginning. I'm glad that I settled on the end result though.


I love a horrible Teddy Lupin and he only gets worse from here. :D

The spacing is my fault because it was uploaded all wonky. My apologies on the other stuff too!


Much love,


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Review #18, by Sarah Unlucky

11th May 2016:
Ah oh my god... Oh my god. OH MY SWEET JESUS. I need to know what happens seriously. I have been steadily crying since I started reading. Tell me dom gets that watch. And I ship dom and teddy so much even with the age gap and everything. Two wrongs don't make a right but two messed up people could definitely make a beautiful relationship no. I hope teddy waits for her. Though I just know that this isn't going to end happily ever after and its killing me

Author's Response: Hello!

Goodness! *Hugs* I didn't expect such an emotional reaction!

I don't like that you've been crying, that really makes me upset! *Wipes your tears with a worried frown* Everything will be okay, I promise!

I don't know what's going to happen with Dom and the watch just yet but this doesn't have a dark ending! I have it all mapped out in my head, just be patient for that next chapter!

I think more people ship Dom/Teddy than I thought! Gosh. You guys are so understanding! I think what you've said about them is actually pretty wonderful, I may just use that in the story at some point. :)

Everything will be fine! I promise! *Panics*

I'll try to update soon!

Much love,


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Review #19, by TreacleTart Transparent

10th May 2016:
Hey Gabbie,

I'm here for our review swap!

That feeling of wanting to punch Teddy in the throat. Yeah, it's back. Gosh is he just awful or what? I can't believe that he made Dominique get down on her knees and apologize. And then to say "Stay down there and think about what you've done." Ugh. He is just so gross and awful.

It was nice that Fred sort of realized that something was a bit off in this chapter. I'm glad everyone's not completely oblivious. I really hope that Fred does talk to Teddy and tell him to knock it off. Not that I think it will help much. Just mainly because I think Dominique needs to know she has support from her family.

I'm glad that she had a bit of time to chit chat with Roxanne and get away from Teddy. I thought she might lose it if she didn't get a break from his awful behavior.

Roxanne's relationship with Benjamin is interesting. I'm honestly surprised that it's so controversial to everyone. I mean I know what the Malfoy family was like, but Draco was basically forced into it and Benjamin is adopted, so he literally had no role in it. I suppose it just seemed odd that everyone hated him so much.

The ending with Teddy telling Dominique about her next task was really ominous. I'm dreading seeing what he comes up with.


Author's Response: Hello!

Thank you so much for the swap and I hope you liked my review! :)

Teddy is a person that needs to be hit but he is also the kind who wouldn't learn his lesson. I think that this is the last time that he actually does something like this because I personally didn't like it. In the next chapter, he bullies Dominique a little but nothing like this ever happens again.

I think that Fred is more perceptive than people give him credit for. Personality wise, he's more like Angelina than George so he picks up subtle things easier than say, Roxanne.

I think that Fred might have talked to Teddy but I don't actually go into any detail about that. Dominique has support but I always thought of her as being kind of apart from her family. Another reason why I named this Transparent, it has a lot to do with her own willingness to be invisible too.

The chit chat with Roxanne was iffy for me because I didn't think I needed it. BUT what was nice about it was seeing just how different Roxanne and Dominique were.

Plus, all of my stories are interlinked so I had to mention Roxanne's relationship with Benjamin at some point. Roxanne's relationship with Benjamin is something that quite a few people don't like.

In Abandon, I talk more about racism and prejudice. So, the reason that most people don't like her being around Malfoy or his family is mostly due to what they all did in the past. Honestly, Benjamin didn't do anything but people tend to see what they want to.

You'd have to read that story though and I don't know if you'd like it that much. Haha.

Teddy is being an ominous jerk! He goes into more detail about what he wants from her in the next two chapters. It might not be what you think. ;)

Much love,


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Review #20, by TreacleTart Blue-Haired Devil

4th May 2016:
Hey Gabbie!

Back for review number 3 of our swap! Scared that my poor little heart is about to be demolished.

I'm glad to see that the rest of the family is considerably nicer to Dominique, but one thing I don't get is why they're all so oblivious. I mean based on their reactions when they see that she's with Teddy and on Dominique's obvious discomfort, you'd think that maybe they'd figure out that somethings up, but nope. They all just continue along like nothing is out of the ordinary.

It's pretty ridiculous about how Teddy is about the job that Angelina got for him. Seriously, he got himself fired by sleeping with a co-worker during work and then getting caught by her husband? I'm just not sure that Teddy could get any grosser.

I really wish that Dominique would stand up for herself. It's really sad to see how everyone treats her like she's non-existent. Now I see why you named the story Transparent. Anyway, I hope that by the end of this, she finds her inner strength and puts them all in her place.

And I'm still waiting to find out what happened with the pigs.


Author's Response: Hello!

Phew, that was so quick! Thank you a ton for your lovely reviews, we should swap again soon! :D

My family dynamics are a bit different than other Next Gen stories. Dominique is closer to Percy/Audrey than she is to anyone else and Bill has a bad habit of not visiting anyone. George and Angelina are usually hanging out with Percy and Audrey (They live a few miles away from Bill and his family) so they see one another regularly.

Anyway, George and Angelina are really sweet towards all of their nieces and nephews. George is notorious for spoiling all of them and I can't picture him being mean towards Dominique.

I feel like George was so angry at Teddy that he didn't automatically sense how upset Dominique was. Fred on the other hand is so used to Teddy being in trouble that he didn't notice either but he does talk to her about it in the next chapter.

Roxanne is...well, Roxanne is really childish and she doesn't exactly notice things that don't revolve around her at the moment. Sorry. Hahaha.

Teddy will get grosser, I assure you. He's going to regret how he lost his job though and the consequences will pile up on him.

Dominique will slowly begin to come more into herself. That's really what this story is about but you would have to keep on reading. :D Yep. Transparent has to do with Dominique's feelings of being invisible and not quite feeling "real".

She'll find herself by the end of the story, I promise. The thing with the pigs will be explained in chapter fourteen! :D

Thank you for the review!

Much love,


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Review #21, by TreacleTart Playmate

4th May 2016:
Hello again!

Back for review number two of our swap!

Ok. I legitimately hate Teddy. Like not just dislike him. I hate him. I want to punch him in the throat because of what he's doing to poor Dominique. The way he treats her like she's less than him because of her looks is appalling. And then the whole thing with the pigs...I don't even know what that is yet, but I'm already fuming at how nonchalant he is about it. Like if you traumatize someone so bad that they start stuttering and become a complete social recluse, then maybe it's time to admit that you might've pushed it too far.

And then when Logan was being all sweet to Dominique Teddy kept acting like a jerk. Seriously, again, I want to punch him in the throat. I can't for the life of me understand why he treats her that way.

Oh and the way he goes on about his escapades with women is disgusting. It's clear he changes them more frequently than he changes underwear. I can't imagine why anyone would want to be with a slimeball like him. Ick.

This plan that Teddy has hatched. I don't trust it one bit. Like seriously, I can smell problems from a mile away. Poor Dominique is going to get messed up in this.

I want to go read the next chapter, but at the same time I'm scared. Don't break my heart by hurting Dominique. Pretty please.


Author's Response: Hello!

Welcome back!

It is perfectly all right to hate Teddy, it's honestly what I was going for. He's not a character that I think anyone should root for at this point and I wanted to punch him in the throat most of the time while I was writing these early chapters.

He's such a jerk.

Teddy gets some kind of weird thrill out of bothering Dominique. I go into more detail in the next chapter but it's really not cool. He likes to tell her all of these awful things about herself and the pig incident is something else that he should own up to.

I haven't gotten into more detail about that yet but I'm planning on explaining it soon. Teddy knows that he was wrong but he's the sort of person that doesn't like to dwell on his own mistakes, so naturally it's all Dominique's fault for her being so traumatized by the incident.

You would think that he would be nicer to Dominique but that would be too much like right, you know?

Logan was being such a prince and Teddy just HAD to add his two cents. He's such a nasty person but you understand more about his animosity towards Dominique later.

I feel like the only thing Teddy was somewhat right about was the double standard between men and women when it comes to sex. Victoire is every awful thing in the book for her exploits but people look the other way when it's him.

Otherwise, Teddy's still a jerk face.

I feel sorry for Dominique getting mixed up in all of this too. Teddy has a plan and it doesn't exactly go the way he wants but you'll have to keep reading.

Ah, don't be scared! Nothing bad happens to Dominique for at least a few more chapters. I think.

Much love,


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Review #22, by TreacleTart The Favor

4th May 2016:
Hey Gabbie!

I'm so sorry that I'm a bit late on our swap. Life just won't seem to cut me a break these last few days. Anyway, I'm here now, so let's get this review swap started!

First off, the characterization of Dominique stood out to me right away because I feel like Fleur's children are always portrayed as very beautiful and self confident. It was nice to see something that broke that stereotype. I also appreciated that she stuttered and seemed shy. I find that all too often people want to write the confident characters in fics and I like that you've gone against that.

Victoire is a real piece of work in this, but that's sort of how I head cannon her as well. Selfish. Wrapped up in her appearance. Since she's the first born grand baby, I imagine her to be quite spoiled.

The whole idea that Victoire would be so cavalier about getting knocked up is really surprising. I mean what kind of person asks their fourteen year old sister to go get them a pregnancy test. That's pretty inconsiderate.

Ugh. And Teddy. As soon as she saw his blue hair, I knew it was going to be bad. I remember reading another story of yours where he wasn't exactly a stellar guy, so I figured he was going to make her life tough.

Looking forward to the next chapter!


Author's Response: Hello!

Thanks for stopping by and no worries about it being late! I understand that real life gets in the way and it should always come first! :D

I hadn't read very many stories about Dom before but I never quite pictured her as being very outgoing. The image of her sitting alone by Dobby's grave and her stutter just seemed more natural to me than her being very popular/confident.

I still don't know why.

I feel like a lot of people use the excuse of Fleur's children as being part Veela to make them invulnerable. They're written as being perfect and I don't really understand why that would be. I'm sure that Fleur had her flaws, she seemed pretty judgmental to me in the HP books but I never wanted Dominique to be just a miniature version of her mother.

The stutter is something that a lot of people have never really seen before when it comes to her character. It's essential to who she is as a person though and I don't feel right about getting rid of it.

Victoire is pretty awful, I'll admit that I might have exaggerated her a bit. She's not supposed to be this glitzy, wonderful person though and I feel like she was probably spoiled a lot growing up.

I think Victoire is overconfident in her ability to get what she wants. I think that later on, you'll see that she is actually scared about the whole thing.

Teddy is terrible. I wanted him to be all of the things that Dominique hated but there's more to him than meets the eye.

I hope.

Yes, it's mentioned in my other stories that he's not that great of a person. All of my stories are interlinked so I have to keep certain details the same and Teddy being a jerk is one of many consistent things that will be brought up.

Thanks for the review!

Much love,


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Review #23, by Mysterious reviewer Unlucky

3rd May 2016:

So after reading your amazing story almost from its beginning, I've decided it's high time to finally leave a review. Don't hate me. I'm one of those lazy readers, who aren't too good with words, but nevertheless reads the story frantically with bated breath.

I love this chapter the most so far. It's a right combination of emotions and action. Not to mention that things are getting extremely heated from now on. I was so surprised with Dominique's lack of stuttering that for a moment I thought you forgot about it. Such a great thing you did there.

I cannot express with words how anxious I am to see what's in the future for Dominique and Teddy, especially after reading Abandon. Their character development is something I still marvel on.

The only complaint I have is the pace, which is a little too slow for me. I know you love angst and you're doing a brilliant job at showing everybody's emotions, but sometimes it gets repetitive. And a story needs its story, if you know what I mean :)

Sadly I can't guarantee you'd be hearing from me soon, but know one thing. I'm always here waiting for another great chapter (...gosh I hope I didn't come off as a stalker). For any mistakes blame the fact that I rarely use English as a form of communication.


Author's Response: Hello!

Wow, thank you so much for stopping by and leaving me a review! I wish that I had known that you were hanging around, I would have given you a shout out! Hahaha.

It's good to know that you enjoyed this story enough to keep reading. I get so self-conscious sometimes with my work and I'm not very confident that people like my stories. You've made me happy! :)

I liked this chapter a lot more than I thought I would! It took me a long time to write and flesh it out though but I think that it turned out okay.

Ah! You noticed the stuttering! I didn't have Dominique stuttering so much on purpose. As she gains confidence, you'll be seeing less of it and it might have something to do with her being so connected to Teddy.

You've read Abandon too?! Wow, I haven't had a review for that story in ages and it didn't seem like people were reading it at all lately. Thank you!

Technically, Transparent happens before Abandon so Dominique and Teddy are quite different in that story. I can't say what happens to them in Transparent just yet but just stay tuned, their character development is just getting started! :3

This was more like a prelude to disaster, which is why it didn't move as quickly. I wasn't too satisfied with Dominique and Teddy's emotional range in this chapter, which is why it felt kind of repetitive.

I wasn't sure how far to push them but I actually had planned this to be much longer. There were certain details that I wasn't able to fit in, so I've decided to save it for the next chapter.

Aw, I hope I hear from you again soon but you totally don't sound like a stalker or anything. *Nervous laugh*

See you again!

Much love,


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Review #24, by HealerGirl Unlucky

1st May 2016:
Hey Gabbie,

i absolutely love your fanfic!
i can almost physically grasp the feelings Teddy has for Dome.
Your writing style and way of describing their feelings is almost delicate.
I'm not joking when i say it's my favourite fanfiction at the moment.
to be exact it's in my top 3 fanfictions of all the time together with "turning tables" and "the winds of azkaban".
so pleeease continue writing!

love and support from a german fangirl :)

Author's Response: Hello!

Thank you so much, I am beyond flattered that this story has reached out to so many people all over the world! Gosh, that just blows my mind!

I never thought anyone would be all that interested in this story but you've made me feel so much better. :) I think that Teddy and Dominique are very fragile people so I try not to push them too far emotionally.

Turning Tables is a great story! Yes!

I'm so honored that you love this story so much, I'll try to update soon!

Much love,

Gabbie ;)

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Review #25, by ScorpiusRose17 Blue-Haired Devil

26th October 2015:
Gabbie This is sooo awesome!!!

I just love this!!!

I laughed at George. I just love how he tugs on Teddy's ear and makes him spill the beans so to speak. Kind of funny coming from the guy who only has one ear! Then when he said that he would spank Teddy... wow! I just laughed. There wasn't anything else I could do. George is just one of those old school guys who is seriously serious and seriously funny. You did an amazing job capturing him!

Teddy really irks me. He is so... rude and yet at the same time he is relatable. I think that everyone can relate to that one person they know that acted the way that Teddy does. Maybe not to the same extreme extent here with the firing from his job for a very serious reason, but you know a guy that is like that.

Fred was great also. I like that he wasn't impressed with Teddy's antics. I think that he is a good solid character with a moral compass or so I like to think he is. Sure he doesn't like Malfoy, but then again he is a Weasley so I am not at all surprised. I love seeing the differences between him and his dad in terms of personality. George is more mellow, while Fred has that side to him, but he is or seems a bit more intense.

I felt awful for Dominique again. Here she is snooping and Roxanne scares the living daylights out of her and what happens next... Teddy. What a scoundrel he is!

And another cliff hanger!!!

You are just doing such an awesome job with this. My only CC for this would be the spacing! Other then that superb!! :)


Author's Response: Hello!

Welcome back! I really, really love writing George and having him being the one to punish Teddy was just so much fun. The thing about him tugging on his ear didn't make much sense to me until I read your review. The contrast is great, you're so smart! Hahahah. George doesn't spank his own children much but he does have his moments when he's very stern with them.

Teddy is no different.

I think everyone knows someone like Teddy or have felt like him at least once. He's a very complicated person and yet, I really love writing him.

I feel like Fred is just used to Teddy getting into trouble, he isn't proud of him but he knows how to handle him better than most people. Fred doesn't like Benjamin Malfoy mainly for the fact that Roxanne spends a lot of time with him. He's very overprotective. I think that he is a lot like their dad though, he's very mellow like George but he's pretty rational too like Angelina. ;)

Another cliffhanger! I'm sorry!

I hope we swap again this weekend!

Much love,


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