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Review #1, by Dojh167 Bad Dates, Hangovers and a Nightmare.

10th April 2016:
Hello Dee!

So I was actually kind of surprised that I hadn't seen this story before. I'm not sure why I overlooked it on my past trips to your AP, but this time the summary definitely caught my attention! Dramione stories have so many tropes and cliches, but it looks like this one is quite original, while being true to the spirit of the ship and characters.

Haha, that's a good pair of people to curse - the secretary and the inventor of Mondays XD

I got excited for a moment about the prospect of Hermione in a relationship with a muggle, and then it quickly deteriorated. Actually, I find it kind of sad to imagine her keeping a big secret in a relationship for that long. While I can understand she would like to be with somebody who didn't know about her fame or the war, keeping secrets like that is never good.

Hehe, I totally laughed at Lucy's choice of compliment for Draco.

Oh wow, only three school accepting muggle borns? I had assumed they all would. That is a sobering reality, and I am glad Hermione is the one fighting to change that. (also, given the next line, I wasn't clear on if this meant three in Britain or three in the world)

Haha, no subtlety in Hermione's reaction.

Well, that was kind of a short and sweet chapter, and just began to set the scene. I am really interested to see how Draco and Hermione will interact, and to get into the meat of this story. I'll be back for more soon!

Here are some extra special badger hugs for you before I leave ♥ ♥


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Review #2, by TheEmeraldSnake143 The Two Christmases

9th February 2015:
This is honestly one of the best stories I have read on here. It has been on my list to read for a while now, and it sucks that it has taken me so long to read it. Such a cool concept. I find the pace quite refreshing as well. Much better than anything I could write. -Mackenzie :)

Author's Response: Thank you so much, Mackenzie! I really enjoyed writing this story, and will always have a soft spot for it. This review was so lovely ♥

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Review #3, by anjk Epilogue.

17th January 2015:
Nice story. T'was good! :) Great job!

Author's Response: Thank you! Glad you liked it :D

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Review #4, by ArtyGirl Epilogue.

18th September 2014:
Aw. So well written. THANK GOD this wasn't another story where they fall in love by the 5th chapter. Those suck seriously. Perfectly timed. So original. I loved it.

Author's Response: Thank you so much! I'm not a fan of those stories either ;)

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Review #5, by BTM Epilogue.

21st August 2014:
Absolutely amazing. It's been a while since I've read something so genuinely original, and such a good idea! It was incredible to read, and very addictive. Congratulations, fantastic work!

Author's Response: Thank you so much! This was such a nice review :D

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Review #6, by Silenceislouderthanwords14 Epilogue.

31st July 2014:
This story. Oh my goodness. This story is so beautiful! It was absolutely perfect. Everything about it is just so...right. I am so sad that it's over! But I could not have pictured anything different about it. The events were perfect, the secrets being revealed at just the right moment, I am truly blown away by this story.

Hermione taking Draco to the cemetery to see Evelina was heart breaking, but that whole scene was beautiful. Simply beautiful. Sorry if I seem repetitive, but I just love this story so much!

Bravo. Bravo!!! :)

Author's Response: Repetitive is fine with me when it's so lovely!! Thank you so much for such a great review, I'm so pleased you liked the story!

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Review #7, by DracoFerret11 A Day in Diagon Alley

12th July 2014:
Hello again. I have to say, this chapter was lovely. I really adored it. On to the review:

Plot: I love the idea of Draco and Hermione helping new Muggleborns figure out the magical world. That's so sweet and realistic and perfect. I'm really fond of it. I wish Jane's parents had asked more questions, though. You would think they would be more vocal about their child's future. Other than that, the chapter was great. I actually teared up when Draco said what he did about being a Muggleborn not mattering anymore. That was so sweet and perfect. Great job.

Characterization: Lovely job with Hermione, Draco, and Jane. The parents were too quiet, but Jane was cute. Hermione was, of course, a great source of information, though I wish Draco had had more advice too. But he was really good, and again, I loved what he said about Hermione changing the world.

Descriptions: I wish I could have pictured Jane's expressions and actions better. It would be so stunning being in Diagon Alley for the first time, but we didn't get many details about how the family actually reacted to anything.

This story is moving along so nicely. I really think you're doing this plot justice. Well done and good luck to Hufflepuff in the House Cup!

--Emily (House Cup 2014 Review)

Author's Response: Thank you, Emily! I really do feel bad for how long it's taken me to reply to these reviews, they're so lovely and really helpful!

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Review #8, by DracoFerret11 Wedding plans

12th July 2014:
Hello again! I'm so glad I'm getting back into reading this story! I'm really enjoying it. So, let's go over things:

Plot: I keep forgetting that Lucy exists, sadly. Her friendship with Hermione was never really explained, but I'm always surprised that they HAVE a friendship when their interactions are mainly based out of work. I would think Hermione would be more professional. But anyhow. When she went to Ron's, I thought Juliette was going to be pregnant! But then I remembered the chapter title, haha. So cute, though. I'm glad Ron has someone in his life. And the developments in Hermione and Draco's "friendship," yay! I really love his plan to help out Muggleborns. That's lovely. I can't wait to read on.

Characterization: I definitely think your Hermione is believable. Really, she's so well-written. And Draco is pretty much spot-on (like everyone in this story!). I commend you!

Descriptions: I still don't really have a clear picture of Juliette or Lucy in my mind (that might have been clarified earlier and I've just forgotten), but I can see the other characters. The details you choose to show are quite good and, I like them a lot. You're doing well!

Emotions: The excitement at Ron and Juliette setting a wedding date was a bit muted. I expected something more, though now that I think of it: why are people even excited about dates? That's such a random thing to be happy about. They're already engaged, after all. Haha, maybe I just don't get wedding things!

So far, so good! I like the interactions and the plot a lot. I'll read on ASAP!

--Emily (House Cup 2014 Review)

Author's Response: Thank you, Emily! I don't know if I've said this to your previously, but your reviews are always so helpful, you really give great feedback!

I think for a couple who have been engaged for a while, finally setting a wedding date is a big thing, or it seems to be with the engaged people I've known :p

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Review #9, by DracoFerret11 Bad timing, a bedroom and a bathroom

12th July 2014:
Hello there! This is DarkRose from the forums here to review for you for the House Cup 2014! :D So, let's go over things:

Grammar/Spelling: I noticed a few places here where you missed things like apostrophes, but I think a slow read-through would help you spot those, and none of them were overly distracting.

Plot: I'd read the first five chapters of this story a long time ago, so I skimmed them before continuing, and I have to say that I think this is my favorite so far. I like that the story is progressing, and Hermione and Draco are slowly learning more about each other. The pacing is great. I love that things aren't moving too fast.

Characterization: I think you did a great job here with Hermione and Draco. Their indignation at the beginning was perfect, and the scene in Hermione's memory was really sweet. I loved that she wanted to explain things to her younger self, but I'm really glad that she couldn't. That naivety shouldn't be broken without really good cause. I do wonder, though, (randomly) how Hermione was able to touch a bathrobe in the memory. That didn't make any sense to me whatsoever.

Descriptions: I really liked the details you added about the Quidditch game and Hermione's childhood bedroom. I could also see their facial expressions, so that's good too.

Emotions: I really liked how you expressed Hermione's emotions in her memory. The juxtaposition of crying adult-Hermione and excited young-Hermione was lovely. Great job.

Interactions: I really liked the conversation Hermione and Draco had in the memory. I think it shows that they're capable of understanding each other better, and I can't wait to see how that progresses.

I'm glad I'm getting back into reading this. Good job on this chapter! Well done and good luck to Hufflepuff in the House Cup!

--Emily (House Cup 2014 Review)

Author's Response: Hi Emily, apologies AGAIN for how rubbish I am at responding to reviews. And a very late thank you for moving on to reviewing this instead of Lonely Hearts, though this one certainly has its shortcomings too!

I'm not sure if you ever finished this story but it's explained later on that the memories allow Hermione and Draco to access everything that they need to in order to focus on the memories they're watching. Hermione wouldn't have been able to concentrate naked ;) In hindsight it does seem a bit random though :p

Thanks for the review!

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Review #10, by HufflePuff_Blitz Bad Dates, Hangovers and a Nightmare.

3rd July 2014:
:o poor Hermione. I feel kinda sad for her being all alone. But I really liked this first chapter! I felt like it flowed nicely and the descriptions were great.
Awesome work, can't wait to read chapter 2
- kyle

Author's Response: Thanks so much, Kyle! It's always a good thing when a non-Dramione fan likes any chapter of a Dramione story!

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Review #11, by jo Epilogue.

23rd May 2014:
I liked the progression of the story, not overwhelmed with sex, which is pretty good. Loved it!

Author's Response: Thank you so much :)

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Review #12, by - Damned Unspeakables

9th May 2014:
Beautiful. Just beautiful. You've done a wonderful job, kudos to you! Keep up the good work! I really enjoyed it.

Author's Response: Thank you SO much! I'm glad you enjoyed it.

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Review #13, by aurevoir Epilogue.

27th April 2014:
I cannot believe that I sat down and read all of this in one sitting - if only I could read my textbooks so quickly! I have not found a well written Dramione story like this in AGES that I've never read before. It was beautiful and didn't feel rushed or anything. I'm definitely going to be checking out some of your other stories =)


Author's Response: Hi Cassie! Thank you SO much for such a lovely review! I'm so glad you liked it :)

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Review #14, by IWroteTheMaraudersMap Torture

27th February 2014:
This Chapter For Me Was The Best Of Them! :)

Author's Response: Thank you! I'm glad you liked it :)

LOVE your username by the way :D

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Review #15, by ilovseshy Epilogue.

26th February 2014:
Wonderful, wonderful story. I was craving a good Dramione and this hit the spot. Read it in one sitting because it was so addicting and well thought out. Not too cliche like many of its kind. Beautiful portrayal and use of memories. I'm glad you took the time to write this!

Author's Response: Thank you so much! It's such a compliment when people tell me that they read this in one sitting. I'm really happy you enjoyed it :D

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Review #16, by awesomepotter Epilogue.

21st February 2014:
No! It can't be over,it simply can't! As with other people, I read this story in one go, in an hour, would you believe it? I know I'm absolutely useless at giving reviews, I never give any actual specific advice or praise, just babble sycophantically about how amazing your writing is, but I can't help it when, compared to the one attempt I've posted, your writing is amazing! I absolutely loved your story and I was so sad when it ended, but I do love a good happy ending! I'm sorry I didn't review any others chapters but I simply couldn't take the time to stop because I just had to keep reading. I hope that's an acceptable excuse :)
Anyway, as I said, this was amazing and I'm just off to read your other works, and maybe all of the HPFF archive before the end of the month...
Love, awesomepotter xxx

Author's Response: It still amazes me that so many people read this all in one go, and actually enjoy it! And feel free to continue to babble, your babbling is so kind :D One review like this to let me know you enjoyed the story is enough for me :)

Thank you so much for the lovely review, I really hope you enjoy the rest of my stories, and the many others on HPFF!

Dee x

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Review #17, by annaconda88 Murder and the Manor

7th February 2014:
Absolutely heartbreaking. Your writing is wonderful!

Author's Response: Thank you :D I hope you enjoy the rest of the story

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Review #18, by annaconda88 Memories in the Manor

7th February 2014:
Great great great idea.thumbs up!!!

Author's Response: Thank you, I'm glad you like it!

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Review #19, by annaconda88 Mudbloods again

7th February 2014:
Good story! But.. What should "Leutchten" mean? Is this a word you made up?
German is my mother tongue so I was just wondering...

Author's Response: Thank you! It was just a word I made up for their Wizengamot, I don't speak any German at all :(

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Review #20, by firefly910 Epilogue.

2nd February 2014:
Dee! This story was lovely from beginning to end!

The wedding was just so perfect. The way Hermione is so happy and Draco is beaming at her as he walks down the aisle is perfect.

A lot of people don't like Dramione at all or if they do, don't like Dramione's that end happy because they sometimes believe they could never actually end up together. Although I do tend to write quite depressing stories when it comes to Dramione, I love reading happily ever after stories.

Ugh. I just loved the idea of the memories to bring them together. It allowed them to see each other objectively which meant their growing relationship wasn't just them getting drunk/deciding they loved each other from nowhere. The back story with Evelina was a perfect way to humanise Draco and allow his sensitive side to come through. And Lucy, I loved Lucy!

Brilliant story!!

Author's Response: I'm sad you've finished this story Callie!

I couldn't agree more about Dramione's, I really prefer the happy ending ones :)I've read so many stories where Draco and Hermione get together as a result of alcohol or they just suddenly decide they love each other, neither are particularly realistic. I wanted something that hadn't been done before and that was a little bit 'magical' and this was it. I also wanted something big to happen to Draco to explain his change of heart in life. Lucy was just an added fun bonus for me to write.

I cant express how greatful I am that you reviewed every chapter and that each one was so lovely. Thank you so much!

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Review #21, by firefly910 Damned Unspeakables

2nd February 2014:
*squishes the fluff*

Is it weird that the second part of this chapter really reminded me of a Friends episode? Love the fact that Harry and Ron are bonding with Draco over Quidditch, it's just such an organic thing for them to find common ground over.

I know there's an epilogue but I do love how this chapter wraps up the memories and leaves Draco and Hermione embarking on their relationship. And also the fact that they aren't acting overly soppy with each other and declaring their undying love for one another. It's a very realistic representation of a relationship that is just starting out.

I don't want this story to end!

Author's Response: Yay for the fluff! And not at all, if it reminds you of a Friends episode I take that as a compliment, I love Friends :D Boys bonding over sports is so cliche but I really couldn't imagine those three being any different.

I could never imagine Draco and Hermione being immediately soppy with each other after having been through so much, I'm happy you agree :)

I didn't want it to end either, I'm still suffering the withdrawal symptoms :(

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Review #22, by firefly910 Cimitero

2nd February 2014:
So I am back to finish the story. University has basically taken over my life, but I am giving myself this evening off!!

Great chapter. Finding Evelina's grave fits Hermione's character so well. There's a little reflection of the scene in DH where she visits Lily and James's grave with Harry. She just knows how to act in those situations. I mean come on it can't have been easy for her to take Draco to the grave of his first love, props to her for doing it.

I just love how you've developed Draco's character in this story. The way he is acting with Hermione doesn't seem at all out of character now that you've given him this back story with Evelina. I think it works because you still have him saying that Hermione shouldn't be with him. Even if it is for a different reason than usual, it keeps that hint of his old character in there.

Not long til the end now!

Author's Response: CALLIE!! *squishes* Where have you been?! I hope you had a nice christmas and new year, I can't believe it's been that long since we spoke! I'm thrilled you came back to finish this, it's always nice to get new reviews on it even though it's completed.

The two going to Evelina's grave was something I debated over a lot and it was never in my original plan for the story, I'm so happy you think it fits with Hermione's character.

I worried so much about Draco seeming OOC in the earlier chapters before we find out about her but I always wrote him as I imagined he would act having been through that with her, I'm glad it makes sense for you now :)

Thank you for coming back!

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Review #23, by BLONDEbehaviour A Day in Diagon Alley

22nd January 2014:
Hi Dee!

Please turn a blind to he horrific lateness of this review. my life has been...crazy, an I'm sorry it has been so delayed. But I'm here now!

This is probably my favourite chapter by far! Showing this girl around a new world really would've struck a chord with Hermione, and I think you did a great job in establishing that in Hermione's character. I also think you have done a great job with the family itself, with being both excited, but also fearful that they were being duped the entire time or something. I know I would be in the exact same situation if I was them!

Now I wanna go to Hogwarts..

Anyway.. carrying on :P

The part where Draco spoke about Hermione's contribution to the death of prejudice in the WIzarding world maaay have have made my heart melt. I think you did a really good job though in having Draco explain it in way that was still Draco, and not making him a mushy Draco character but more making him just explain facts, but in a more tender way. It was good, and shows that the walls are being slowly knocked down.. yay hehe.

Have to comment on the Gringotts remark, that was a fantastic part, made me giggle! (have i mentioned i think this is my fave chapter? :P)

In regards to cc, I don't think I really have any that are super important, just a couple of suggestions.
In regards to Jane and her family, I think it could be possible if you have them asking more questions, even if it was funny ones that made Hermione and Draco awkward, or even some extra questions or description about Diagon Alley. Like I said, not needed, but could help add a little more to the chapter if you were interested. I also think it could work in well with Hermione, and her thoughts on when she first learnt she was a witch, and how the first experiences may have been different and such.

Like I said, not needed at all, but little ideas that would work great if you were wanting to slow down the chapter or add some more detail and description into the chapter itself :)

I'm really enjoying this story of yours Dee, Can't wait to see what comes next!!

I really am sorry about the late review once more, I hope its not a problem!

Grace xx :)

Author's Response: Grace, when you leave reviews as nice as this how could it possibly be a problem? I'd wait a year for them :D

I had SO much fun writing this chapter, and its my second favourite of all of them (you haven't reached number 1 yet)

Draco's speech was one of the trickier things to write, I tried to get his feelings across but not be totally out of character, I'm so happy you agree with that.

Your suggestion about Janes family makes a lot of sense, I'm slowly editing the chapters in this so will take that on board for this one.

Thank you so much for the help and the lovely comments, and please don't sorry about getting around to reviews quickly, real life comes first sadly!

Dee xx

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Review #24, by Lostmyheart Epilogue.

19th January 2014:
Ah brilliant ending to your fantastic story!
Your story was absolutely addictive and amazing to read, and to have an ending like that makes it so much better! I have read so many stories where the ending often is weird and awkward. You certainly managed to keep it interesting and fitting, especially with the 'four years' after wedding!

Loved your story, very much.
Goodbye for now!

- A

Author's Response: I'm sad you've finished as it means no more lovely reviews :p

The ending was something I deliberated over for a long time, I couldn't decide between a long gap before the epilogue, like the 19 years later, or a shorter one like this. I was pretty happy with this one so it's always nice to know others agree.

Thank you so much for taking the time to read the story and for all of your kind words :)

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Review #25, by Lostmyheart Coffee and a Confession

19th January 2014:
I'm very grateful that I saw your story so many times (as others favorites and while searching for stories. But I always wanted to read shorter stories because I felt I certainly didn't have the time to read a story of 23 chapters. But after seeing it like 20 times I thought 'okay, why not? Since it seems like it's everybodys favorite'

I do not regret that decision!
Here I am, reading a chapter and thinking 'just this one, then I have to clean up the kitchen'... when I'm finished I need to read the next, again telling myself 'just one more' and it goes on and on and on!

Not only do you send them to different memories of their past but you also make them relevant! Which is very important, and I like how you make her girlfriends tease her with her friendship with Draco.
I've experienced many times that affection or attraction isn't always something we notice ourselves, so I think you displayed it quite truthfully and that she suddenly doubts their situation and herself.

Anyway, now I really need to clean up my kitchen!
I'll read on tonight!

- A

Author's Response: This is such a lovely review! I'm SO glad that you kept seeing my story and that you decided to read it and even more that you liked it!

I'm super sorry for distracting you from your kitchen cleaning, but I'm thrilled that you were :D Thank you so much for another lovely review :)

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