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Review #1, by navyfail Meeting Charlie

15th August 2014:
Hi! Congrats on being the Story of the Week over at tgs!

Honestly, I have never read a fanfiction with Rita Skeeter as one of the main characters and likewise I haven't read one on Charlie. So this is pretty new to me.

The first thing that strikes me about this chapter is your descriptions. You don't overdo them but manage to set the scene perfectly. I've never been to Romania but I'm beginning to imagine what it's like there.

I actually like what you did with going from past to present. I sometimes feel that it's overdone but you manage to pull it off nicely. I actually went back and looked up Rita and Charlie's age. They are about twenty or so years apart, right?

Lottie seems like a character I can grow to love and Charlie seems nice. I'm really intrigued with his past. I can understand why Alfie doesn't like Lottie with her last name. It's quite an old pureblood name, right?

I love how much research you've put into this. It's really admirable. You got Charlie and Rita's ages correct and you even put in some of the Romanian language! And the fact that the Ministry owns all the dragon reserves. I actually didn't know that.

Great job with this chapter. Great summary and great cliffhanger at the end. ;)


P.S. This is going in my favorites. Update soon!

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Review #2, by alicia and anne Meeting Charlie

12th August 2014:
Haha I loved that Rita was stuck in the mud and she ruined her shoes. :D It serves her right for not having the appropriate footwear for being around Dragon's anything could have happened.
Although she did get to be saved by the gorgeous specimen of man that is Charlie Weasley.

How did that driver pass the test? Haha

Hahaha I'm glad he's forcing her to carry her own bags, he's not her slave.

YES! YOU TELL HER CHARLIE! She can't be using magic here.

I love how much love Charlie has for the Dragon's, he really cares about them. They're like his children!

:O WEDDING RING! (Echo's Sam's words)

I can't wait for more! :D

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Review #3, by TheHeirOfSlytherin Meeting Charlie

12th August 2014:
Charlie and Rita! What have you done to me? Yes, I ask! Because I ship them! I have ideas for them! And it's because of you! So I had to read this! And I'm loving it already! :D

A very intriguing start, how they first met. And then to years later! I wanna know the bits in between!!! Not knowing is killing me. Why is it killing me, I hear you ask. Well, I'm glad you asked. I'll tell you why it's killing me. BECAUSE CHARLIE HAS A WEDDING RING!!! *faints*

Can you tell I'm excited? Are you scared? I don't blame you. WEDDING RING!



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Review #4, by monstrosity Meeting Charlie

18th July 2014:

I'm on this marathon of reading Charlie stories and when finished this chapter I was more than a little upset that there were no more to read ;) You must update soon!

I liked how you split the story into two parts, which allowed you to go into Charlie's history a bit before coming to the protagonist. Plus, you didn't introduce Charlie from his own perspective, but instead you used Rita Skeeter to shed light on who Charlie was working for and where. I'm curious to see whether Rita is going to make another appearance later on in the story and what exactly her role to play is.

Charlie as a character is really well developed. You've subtly shown how much he's matured from the time he met Rita Skeeter to when he meets Lottie. He's less awkward in conversation and gives the aura of someone who's a professional in the field, knowing everything that has to be done and when. I'm sure you'll flesh him out even more in the future (especially with the whole wedding ring issue) so I can't wait to read more about him!

Lottie initially comes across as a stuck up little princess, what with the whole lugging suitcases and muggle transportation preferences. However, in due course of the chapter, I get to see how she's being judged on the basis of her last name and that she really cares about the dragons. She's just determined, confident and that, sadly, can be misinterpreted as vanity. She must be really bold to be wanting to travel all over the world for the sake of her cause. She's outspoken, daring and a really refreshing OC, in my opinion. I can't wait to see more of her in the future.

The inclusion of Alfie into the very first chapter along with his tragic backstory leads me to believe that he's going to have a pretty important role later in the story. Reason #4 that you need to update soon.

This last line was a clincher. It added a whole new dimension to the story. Who is Charlie married to? Is he still married or is that just something to remind him of a wife he had? Argh, now I really need you to update. PLEASE.

Right, so if you've actually read through this rant and ignored the number of times I said 'update' then perhaps you can understand just how great I think this story is. I really love the elements of humour, suspense and a little mystery that you've weaved into this chapter, making it a very good start!

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Review #5, by Majik Meeting Charlie

22nd July 2013:
That was such a cute first chapter! I just wish it was longer.

I'm really liking your character Lottie so far. You didn't write her as the perfect-in-every-way-but-still-adorably-clumsy girl who doesn't have much depth. She has her flaws, but they're flaws that are certainly relatable to and cause the reader to identify a bit more with her. And she's spunky. =)

I haven't quite gotten to know Charlie yet, but he seems like a pretty ace fellow so far, if a bit rough around the edges--but that's exactly what I picture a dragon keeper to be like.

From a technical standpoint, your writing flows really, really well. There aren't any awkward pauses, and the absence of grammatical errors are wonderful.

Oh, I can't wait for your next update!!! Sending motivation your way!

Author's Response: Thank you! Sorry, it is a bit short, but I was so excited about posting the story that I couldn't wait! The next one will be longer ;)

I'm excited that Lottie appealed to you! I love that you liked her flaws and her spunk; her spunk is very important in this story :D

Eeep. I'm glad that Charlie's personality appealed to you so far - and thank you for that compliment!

*snags motivation* *runs off to finish chapter*

Thank you for reviewing! ♥

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Review #6, by Elphaba and Boyfriends Meeting Charlie

26th June 2013:
Hello, Elphaba here with your requested review! :)

As an introduction to the story, this chapter does a couple of things really well.

First off, it sets up a conflict between Charlie and Lottie. I wonder why didn't he tell her right away that he had to be hard on her in front of the other dragon keepers? I think his behavior here is unnecessarily mean, which seems like an intentional flaw in his character - maybe he's more comfortable dealing with dragon that people - that could be further developed as the story moves forward.

The other thing that this chapter does well is introduce Lottie and set up an inner conflict - she's a young, well-meaning witch who's come to Romania to study dragons, is interested in their welfare and is clearly out of her comfort zone. Her fussiness about her hair and luggage makes her seem high maintenance, again a character flaw that I would like to see developed over the course of the story. How will she deal with the less than ideal situation she finds herself in? Will her displeasure at being assigned to Romania drive a further wedge between her and Charlie?

The one character that I didn't think worked so well is the tour guide/driver. I was a bit confused as to whether he was actually showing her around like a tour guide, or just driving her to reserve. These seem like two different jobs, so I would just call him the driver. He' a minor character, but since he appears at the very beginning of the story, when youre trying to draw readers in, he still needs to be polished. Would he really admit that he didn't have a license? Or would he just defend his driving by saying "I'm a good driver," and maybe say something about how he'd never lost a customer? I think the absence of a license is a detail that Charlie could reveal when he surprises them. He might say something like "Don't worry, I trust him."

You introduce some unique plot and setting details in this chapter that I really like. First off, I like your use of dialog to succinctly establish the differences between dragonologists and dragon keepers, and also that Lottie has a different mindset from most dragonologists. This is an interesting twist to the story that grabbed my attention.

The setting in Romania is distinct, and I appreciate that you did the research in order to include details about the specific place in Romania (Caras-Severin province, the Cernei Mountains, the village of Scarisoara) where the reserve is located.

I hope this review is helpful. :) I'm intrigued by the idea of a romance between Charlie and Rita Skeeter!

Author's Response: Hi Elphaba! Sorry for the lateness of this response!

Charlie doesn't intend to be mean, but he tends to forget that people aren't omniscient. What seems normal to him - the reserve's distrust of outsiders - isn't thought of by people not in his environment.

Yep - Lottie does change quite a bit throughout this story. Her high maintenance does cause issues, and she does flounder quite a bit. Your other questions shall be answered in the upcoming chapters ;)

I see what you mean about the tour guide/driver. My initial idea of him was that he works as a private tour guide locally, but his assignment that day was to drive Lottie to just outside the reserve. And I'll definitely try and polish him up a bit, to make it all flow more consistently :)

Thank you! I didn't want to include it in the normal text, since this chapter is from Lottie's POV and she wouldn't be aware of that, so dialogue seemed the best option to convey that information to her and to the reader.

Yes, the lovely Ral (MissMdsty) and Roxana (Debra20) were exceedingly helpful in providing descriptions, factual information and Romanian translations ♥

This review was definitely helpful indeed! I'm glad you're intrigued, and I hope you continue to like Charita as the story progresses!

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Review #7, by UnluckyStar57 Meeting Charlie

20th June 2013:
Hi! I'm here to review your story at last! :D

This... was... really awesome!! I've only ever read a Charlie/OC, so I was wondering how Charlie/Rita was going to work, but now you've kept me guessing! I want to know how that will come to pass!

But anyways, enough of that talk.

The beginning of the story really set the scene for me. From that wild car ride, I got Lottie's general personality and her frustration when things don't quite go the right way. I was a little confused when Charlie randomly appeared, but once he was introduced, the story really picked up steam. His gruff attitude towards Lottie was funny and I can see it becoming the catalyst for a lot of very funny arguments in the future. :)

My only question is this: Charlie stopped Lottie from levitating her bags because the Muggle village was a short ways away, but he seemed to mention dragons freely around the Muggle driver. Did the Muggle driver know about dragons already, or was he just not around to hear that part of the conversation? I would like just a little clarification on that point, but it's no major deal. :)

So it seems that Lottie's going to have a rough time being the new girl! I'm very glad that Charlie explained the icy greetings that she'll be getting, because from that, I picked up so much more about her personality and his as well. She obviously cares about saving the dragons rather than using them for commercial purposes, and that's a cause that's really near to his heart, clearly, since he hasn't retired yet! I hope that, even though they're at odds right now, they'll come to some sort of understanding, but for now, it will be fun to watch how she's going to get back at him for being kind of rude. :)

I know that she hasn't come into the story yet, but how is Rita going to act? Will she be the same gossipy cow, and if so, will she change when she meets Charlie? Or will she have calmed down her witchy act after the war and actually begin to write less-offensive pieces? (I think that this would make her more compatible with Charlie--as far as I'm concerned, he's kind of a single guy, and I just don't know of anyone who would love Rita!)

But that's your job--you're the author here!! Convince me of their compatibility, and I will declare you the Ruler of the Charita ship! Honestly, I hope that you get the next chapter up very soon, because this is looking as if it'll be a really cool story. I can't wait to meet Rita Skeeter in all of her journalistic glory, if you couldn't already tell. :)

Wonderful-tabulous chapter!! Please re-request when the next chapter is up! (Or if you have a different story, you can request for that one, too.) ;)


Author's Response: Hi! I've only ever read a Charlie/OC before, and I was astonished to discover that no-one had shipped Charlie/Rita until I did! He was at Hogwarts for the first trial of the Tournament, and so was she, and there are a lot of broom closets in the castle...

But anyways, enough of that talk. ;)

Heh, I'm glad you like the introduction! I deliberated several ways to begin this story, and then I decided: why not make it dramatic? And let's be honest, there aren't many more dramatic scenarios than almost dying by being driven off a cliff :P

That is an excellent point, thank you for bringing that up! I didn't notice that, despite re-reading the chapter several times, but I'll probably edit and work in a mention that the Muggle driver is related to a Muggle-born witch or wizard, hence he's aware of the dragons' existence (perhaps I'll have his relative work at the reserve...) Regardless, I'll find a way to fix that plothole :)

Yes, the dragon reserve employees don't like new girls :P Although Lottie has a lot in common with them, her heritage and the previous dragonologists they've encountered will make relations difficult at first. But definitely, it will be fun (I hope!) to see how things progress!

Oooh, questions! The whole Charita romance happens in 1994 (since Charlie's in a coma in 2021, as mentioned in the summary) and Rita does have a different side to her... you'll just have to wait and see what happens ;)

CHARITA ♥ and sorry the next chapter isn't up yet, it will be. SOON. VERY SOON :D


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Review #8, by Ron 4 Hermione Meeting Charlie

17th June 2013:
Aha, Lottie seems interesting! The whole plot sounds interesting, and I love the idea that the dragon keepers don't trust dragonologist, it makes sense why they don't and it makes me feel sorry for Lottie, that she has to prove herself even though Charlie knows she isn't like that.

I haven't read many stories with Charlie in but I love the way you've portrayed him, I don't know weather he's genuinely irritated by her or it's just more of the act. This all just makes me feel sorry for Lottie but for some reason I don't think I should. Hmm, I'll reserve judgement until the next chapter!

This is an intriguing start though, I'm looking forward to the next chapter, great start! :)

Author's Response: Haha, thank you very much! It's fabulous to hear that you find the plot interesting so far. Lottie definitely needs to prove herself, but then again, she should have expected it knowing the career she was choosing. :P

Haha, Charlie will be /very/ different in the next chapter! ;) As for his feelings towards Lottie, you'll have to continue reading to find out... and you may be right about whether to feel sorry for Lottie or not. /Maybe/.

And thank you for reviewing - I'm glad that you find this story intriguing already! :D

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Review #9, by patronus_charm Meeting Charlie

17th June 2013:
Ah this chapter was amazing, Katie! I canít even remember how long ago you PMed me with this crazy idea about a Rita/Charlie story, but Iím so glad that you did. This was simply brilliant and so original! Also, yay for the shout-out I was more than happy to cheer you along the way!

Iím really intrigued about Lottie. First of all, her surnameís Selwyn which is an old pureblood family so it makes me wonder what her intentions are about being so keen to get Charlieís affections. Then her being a young woman and the dates you told me about Charlie and Rita meeting. Is this there child? I donít know why Iím bothering to ask you, as I probably wonít find out but it is interesting to ponder!

The knowledge about Romania really added to the story. Ral and Roxana were really wonderful here, as all the points about the valleys and Cernei Mountains made me wonder whether they had seen it or not and made me want to go and look them up, so I can really imagine what Charlieís life may have been like.

I adored Charlie ♥ He was all macho and dragon-keepery and it was perfect. I never imagined him to be mean at first, but then it grew on me and I could see why he would do it if he had the dragonís best intentions at heart. That part when he was talking about them really made me aw, as it showed how much he loved his job and why he never returned to England for it.

The setting you established at the reserve was really great. I like the sound of the workers and it will be really interesting to see the dragons as theyíre really cool. I also canít wait to see how Rita fits into this, because I donít know how much this story is keeping to the original plan you showed me! I really canít wait for the next chapter, because this was an amazing first one, Katie ♥


Author's Response: Kiana! ♥ I'm still insanely pleased that you like my idea, however crazy it is :D And you deserved the shout-out for encouraging me to write and post this!

Heh, Lottie is definitely from an old pure-blood family. However, this is 2023 and a lot has happened since the war; she wants to impress Charlie because as reprehensible as his blood is, he's her superior and she has to impress him if she wants to continue her dream career ;) You definitely won't find out, sorry, but I feel obliged to point out (as you'll discover in future chapters) that her mother's name is /not/ Rita, so for her to be the spawn of Charita would therefore pose difficulties. ;)

Yes, I definitely agree! Ral and Roxana were indeed superb, and their knowledge is amazing.

Charlie ♥ He's the friendliest guy ever, as you'll see in the next chapter, but definitely when it comes to dragons he's very protective. After so many years at the reserve, they're kind of his children... well, fire-breathing, deadly children, but his babies nonetheless :P

Ee yes! I'm looking forward to the dragons! The keepers also, but they're people and dragons are cool, like you said :D Ah yes, the original plan! This whodunnit with Charlie was supposed to be the sequel to the original plan I showed you, but I decided it would be better if I wrote a novella and alternated chapters between 2023 and 1994 :) and thank you!

-Isobel ♥

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Review #10, by teh tarik Meeting Charlie

17th June 2013:
Well, look what I found while going through the Recently Added! I had no idea this would be up so quickly since you posted that tweet...but yeah, I guess the validators are on a blitz again, so yay!

Right, you already pretty much know what I think of this chapter (I fangirled ^.^ ) and I've read this already and therefore this review is pretty much nothing but spam. boost your review count, of course! ...also to claim first spot ♥

I've got to be careful with what I say, since some of your other readers won't be aware of some of the stuff that's here. But yeah, basically I reiterate what I said in my PM: I loved this, and I think this is a great start to what will definitely be a very intriguing story. Charlie Weasley is just aksfhljkasdhomg you have such a talent in writing /SMEXY/ older men - first Professor Longbottom and now Charlie ♥ and I'd better shut up before I embarrass meself any further. But yeah, you've pretty much pinned his character down wonderfully - rough at the edges, passionate about his job and ahem, dragons, and with that Weasley sense of humour.

Also, Lottie's a great OC; she has so much of...wait, I was going to say something spoilery!! Anyway, I already told you this in the PM. But yeah, she's got spirit :D And I'm loving this introduction of her, and that slightly crazy opening scene with the driver crashing into the tree or something and a very indignant Lottie going hysterical. And then her further indignation at being played at and forced to carry her heavy luggage unnecessarily by Charlie of all people.

The dialogue between your characters was sharp, brusque in some places and absolutely entertaining. And you've really done your research into Romania with the names of the villages and the mountains - lovely setting, by the way.

Gahjasdgk, anyway, not saying anything you haven't heard before, but this is a wonderful, fun and slightly chaotic opening and I just can't wait for the introductions of the other characters :) Lovely writing, Katie. Oh, yeah, and your PM for J17 is still sitting in my inbox *facepalms* I should prolly go and do something more useful and respond.

♥ teh

Author's Response: NICOLE! ♥ OMG, I can't believe how long it's taken me to respond to this amazing review... asdfghjkl, sorry!

YES I LOVE THE FANGIRLING. Ehh, I wouldn't call it spam - it's an excellent mushy-feels-giver and tbqh, re-reading this review in order to, you know, /respond/ to it is making me want to go and pick up this story again... I'm just trying to finish DA and J17 first, to keep my WIP count down. (If I suggest a new one without completing any of my currents, throw something at my head /please/) but yes, I love this chapter too! And I'm kind of honoured that you think I write older men well, because characterization aside I don't actually indeed to drape their smexiness all over the story... :P I'm really pleased I got his characterization down though; I was worried about doing his character justice *hides*

LOTTIE ♥ Yes, she has quite a bit of spirit indeed - then again, the Selwynn genes are somewhat influential in that respect. When you meet her family later in the story, you'll really understand why ;) She's obviously related to Umbridge, because they both have the name Selwynn, so that would explain her hoity-toity behaviour and Charlie's response to that.

Yes - Ral (MissMdsty) and Roxana (Debra20) were exceptionally helpful with the setting and all the information and the Romanian translations, which you'll see in the next chapter!

Thank you so much for reviewing, I really appreciate it!

-Isobel ♥

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