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Review #1, by GJ Chapter 10: Power Play

20th April 2014:
I hope you're still continuing with this, it's sooo good! Just found it recently and wow I'm absolutely blown away. Please don't stop, I can't wait to read what happens next :)

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Review #2, by Emma Chapter 1: Departure

12th January 2014:
Only read the first chapter, but so far I am loving it! Your writing is so detailed and descriptive, and Lilah's character seems so intelligent and interesting. Honestly, I do not understand why this story hasn't got more reviews, it's gold!

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Review #3, by Courtney Chapter 10: Power Play

6th October 2013:
Another interesting chapter. And we are really getting to see Lilah actively choose to do things she knows are wrong as she is starting to be confronted with the outcomes of her actions, but she is still to proud/vengeful to stop even though it's obvious it will all end in disaster. As the story goes on, it's seeming more and more like she is one of those people who always sees herself as an innocent victim with everyone else being the problem and never her. Obviously everyone is like that to some extent but it will be interesting to see how she deals with her own faults / mistakes which are growing and becoming more apparent. I'm very interested to learn more about her friendship with Darla as I wonder if she ever confronted Darla about her hurtful behavior or just happily went along being her loyal sidekick? And I can't wait to learn why Rose dislikes her and for Lilah to start having to face the consequences of her past, present, and future actions. And by her logic with Darla, that since Darla was nice to her it didn't matter how she treated anyone else, then Al and Scorpius have no justification to be mad at Rose or help Lilah as Rose is nice to them.
I do have to say that the conversation between Al and Lilah didn't really make sense to me. They both admitted that they were jealous and upset by the other person being with someone else, but didn't deal with why that was? It just seemed weird that Al wanted to talk about things but then just ended the conversation midway. They didn't even say we like each other but think we're better as friends or anything.
I'm eager to see how things progress. And while I know you have a lot more of their scheme planned, I am mostly excited for their downfall!

Author's Response: The conversation between Al and Lilah was very deliberately dancing around the issue about what the heck is going on with them. Those poor souls are a bit dense to the moment. Lilah, bless her heart (or mine?), refuses to believe that she can be in love with Al. Then there's Al...ahh...what a fun character he will turn out to be. You will probably hate him more than Scorpius by the end, although Rose might very well be a very hate worthy character herself.

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Review #4, by looneylizzie Chapter 9: Maiden Voyage

26th September 2013:
My goodness! This is so evil! Oh man I'm loving it! It truly is addicting to watch Lilah transform and take on this whole other person.

And oh boy! You are one evil genius! These are some seriously sneaky plans. Cannot wait for more!

Author's Response: Hi Looneylizzie.

Thanks for reviewing! I am very flattered that you called me an evil genius. It is really fun going down this track with an OC.

And hopefully I will be getting Chapter 10 out sometime soon. I had a little bit of writers block and then all of a sudden I had the urge to write a one-shot and once i had that done i got back in the flow of Easy O. I hope that either by the end of the weekend or sometime in the middle of the week I will have Chapter 10 in the queue.

In the meantime, thanks so much for reviewing!

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Review #5, by BMoth Chapter 9: Maiden Voyage

18th September 2013:
The party sounded really cool and fun. And it will be interesting to see how things play out if there is going to start being drama between Al and Lilah with jealousy, etc. I suspect that when everything comes to light and the epic fallout happens that you keep implying, they start turning on each other and thing it will complicate everything even more if Lilah and Al are dating.
Also, I am wondering why none of the boys so far seem to harbor any ill feelings toward Darla at all (or am I missing something)? It seems like no matter how hot she is, boys could still despise or dislike her, especially as I bet she hurt boys as well as girls in all her evil plans, or that some boys would be upset she hurt people they cared about (like sisters, cousins, girlfriends etc). And I figure the Weasley/Potter boys would have some issues with her since we know she was terrible to Dom and dated James. So I guess I wonder why none of them at all seem curious/upset that she was best friends with Darla. So I'm looking forward to finding out more. Thanks for sharing

Author's Response: Hi BMoth.

First let me thank you for taking the time to review!

As for the drama between Al and Lilah, that is something that will always be there and will definitely come up as their relationship develops.

And you are the first person to bring up why none of the guys are mad at Darla for being a play-girl using them. This is something that I actually had planned for coming up later, especially the Weasley clan. I will say that James never took his relationship with Darla very serious so he harbors no ill feelings. But as for the others...I can't say too much without giving away some future chapters but it will come up at some point.

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Review #6, by Courtney Chapter 9: Maiden Voyage

18th September 2013:
Since I'm at work and bored, I just thought I'd add that I do actually have sympathy for Lilah and I do admire that she is trying to stick up for herself. It's just too bad that she is going about it in the worst way that is only going to cause more problems for her and everyone else and pretty much make her just as bad as the other girls. At least you have made her clever and interesting and I can see why Al would be interested in her as she seems to be hardcore and clever, even though she clearly has no idea what she is really doing and is making very poor choices. It's just annoying that she didn't mind when Darla treated people like crap and makes all kinds of excuses for her, and that she unfortunately seems to be turning into a replica of Darla to some degree in the worst ways. So I'm going to try to remember that she is in a very sad and difficult situation. But I still have very little to no sympathy or liking for Al and Scorpius, so I'll wait to see if you make them at all redeemable. Thanks again for sharing your brilliant writing.

Author's Response: I will say, Darla is probably one of my least favorite people I have thought up and by the time this story comes to a close you will have plenty of reason to hate her.

As for Al/Scorpius becoming redeeming...well... I'll let the story tell itself and let you decide at the end of the day whether they are just insensitive jerks or not.

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Review #7, by Courtney Chapter 9: Maiden Voyage

18th September 2013:
Well, I'm glad that Lilah is starting to realize that she is no longer the nice, innocent girl she (and Al and Scorpius) want to paint her as. And is getting a hint of the fact that all of this bitterness and revenge is going to mess her up and not make her happy. It's a sad irony because it seems like her plan is just turning her into the person that she is mad about everyone accusing her of being. Although I guess that was Al's original "brilliant" idea, to just prove them right if they are going to say those things. Although when he first said that, it made me think he just wanted her to embrace the persona so he could hook up with her (I don't have a very high opinion of him or Scorpius). Anyway, your story is really interesting and it's been making me think a lot as I'm trying to figure out why I'm reacting the way I am. Even though I think it's really unfair how everyone is treating her and that she doesn't deserve it, I can't seem to have much sympathy for Lilah anymore and am actively starting to dislike her. Maybe it's because as the story progresses she seems to be getting more arrogant, mean and selfish. And I guess I just find the self-righteousness and hypocrisy of her, Scorpius and Al to be really obnoxious. And it's weird because even though I understand how horrible and unfair Rose and Lily have been and how damaging spreading those kind of cruel rumors can be, I find myself liking them better and having sympathy for them. But maybe it's because I haven't seen too much of them in detail yet to be disillusioned with them as well, or maybe because at least they are up front and honest about their dislike, whereas the three schemers are acting completely fake and dishonest (especially the boys) and are using and manipulating people's feelings with no remorse. Either way, I just wanted to say that you have created a complex set of characters and I'm very interested to see how everything unfolds. Though at this point what I'm looking forward to most is the downfall of Lilah, Al and Scorpius! Can't wait for more. Thanks for sharing.

Author's Response: Hi Courtney!

You reviews are always amazing and make me smile. I don't blame you for not having a lot of sympathy for Lilah or Al and Scorpius. For some reason, stories that depict the OC as being some great person without faults always irritated me so I actively am working on trying to flesh them out and make them as dynamic as I can.

And I can promise you will be seeing more of Lily and Rose too!

Thanks for reviewing :)

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Review #8, by LillyRoseanne Chapter 1: Departure

6th September 2013:
Your paragraphs are quite long... also in England we use pounds and pence not Euros and cents... :) x
Apart from that it was a good start and now off to the next chapter...

Author's Response: Thanks so much for the review!

You probably did figure out that I am indeed not from England. I will have to go back and edit that at some point so that I'm more consistent. And I can promise that I am getting better about having so many long paragraphs but at times I find myself getting lost in my writing and before I know it I find myself trying to move things around and delete things so that it isn't as overwhelming as some of these earlier chapters get.

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Review #9, by MarieBlack Chapter 7: Rebellion

15th August 2013:
Your story is delightful! I was hesitant to read because everything is so descriptive, and admittedly I am a reader that skips to the action parts haha. But the way everything is done is so."Lilah", her switching into memories when reminded of them and her great attention to detail. It's similar to how people genuinely think as to how they want to read. Please keep updating, you're a very good writer!

Author's Response: Thanks so much for reading and for reviewing! Hopefully I can keep you around so you can see the action unfold.

Unfortunately I just now got back from vacation and as you can probably tell, I didn't get my update in beforehand. So I will say that I will have a chapter in the queue by the end of the week and hopefully can get the rhythm back in the story.

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Review #10, by harrypotterchica Chapter 7: Rebellion

14th August 2013:
Love it. It is so much fun to read, but all the while, now I'm having a bit of a hard time understanding Lilah's character. Maybe that was just me. Anyways keep up the great work!!!

p.s. I absolutely love that title!!!

Author's Response: Thanks for reviewing! The title was a play off the movie Easy A, and elements of that movie will eventually surface in the story.

And Lilah is a hard character to understand right now because she doesn't understand herself. I'm trying to bring that forth by writing in first person and exploring all the subtleties of her personality. Eventually everything will become clear. At the end of the story there will be no innocent characters left but the real question will be who the real villains are and who just reacted poorly to a set of bad circumstances? Oh fickle it can be.

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Review #11, by Courtney Chapter 7: Rebellion

13th August 2013:
I know I keep harping on this, but as I keep thinking about your story, I keep getting more upset with Scorpius and Al. Al knows and talks to Lilah for all of 2 minutes before deciding that she must be completely innocent and that not only his sister, but his best friend/cousin are completely in the wrong and should be punished. I figured you would be having Al and Lilah get together as I see one of Al's main reasons for being so quick to side with her and embrace the scheme being that she is attractive, in addition to probably wanting to think that he is so morally superior to his relatives. And if Scorpius is that bothered by Rose' behavior, he should break up with her, not teach her a lesson by publicly humiliating and hurting her. I wonder if Al at any point will be upset at Scorpius for treating Rose so badly since I assume he is somewhat protective of her. And I'm glad you hint that there will be at least some justification (though maybe not that much) for people being upset with Lilah and that she will get a wake up call to Darla's actions and her own role in it, and I really hope that Al and Scorpius will also have to deal with the fact that she isn't a total victim and they were too quick to betray Rose and Lily like this. So while I am looking forward to all the drama and how everything unfolds, I think at this point I am most looking forward to Al and Scorpius also getting a painful lesson that Al was so smug about giving to Rose and Lily. I know this is probably too harsh and that Rose and Lily are really being terrible and aren't innocent either, but for some reason I am more angry at Al and Scoripus so far. I think that perhaps it's because i really value honesty in relationships and they are being disloyal, dishonest and hypocritical to the people who should matter most in their lives. And because I feel like there may be at least some legitimacy to Rose and Lily being so upset toward Lilah, though that wouldn't really excuse the kinds of rumors that Rose is supposedly spreading about her. Maybe once we see more of Rose and Lilt and what they are doing, then I won't feel side with them so much -haha. Anyway, I just wanted to let you know that your great writing and complicated characters and context are really getting me engaged in your story and very eager to see what happens. Thanks for sharing.

Author's Response: I love how much you are thinking about this! It really is fun to fathom through all the implications. And as for Al and Lilah, you are right that Al is indeed attracted to Lilah but most of his belief in her innocence really does stem from the fact that she was basically an irrelevant and unknown person while Darla was around. The girls all hate her and they only noticed Lilah for noticing Darla. And yes, we will learn how Darla managed to break so many hearts and relationships apart. Hint- it isn't all down to her own naturally stunning looks.

Once Scorpius and Al find out Rose's reason for hating Lilah they will definitely begin to feel the guilt for doing what they have. Because you are right; the two of them are right royal gits trying to pursue 'moral superiority' through humiliating people. As for an Al/Scorpius conflict...well...all I have to say on that matter is stay tuned! ;)

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Review #12, by Callum Chapter 7: Rebellion

12th August 2013:
I Love This Story Albus Ad Lillah Are Prefect for each other and I think Darla and James should get Togther Imange how Lilly will reacted because two people she dislikes are dating her brother

Author's Response: Thanks for reviewing! Albus and Lilah will at some point get together but sadly Darla and James had their semi-brief fling and that ship has been sunk. Darla just isn't the type of girl who would go back to revisit old flings. But I will admit that if she did get together with James while Lilah was with Al, poor Lily would be in St. Mungo's due to an aneurysm.

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Review #13, by Albus Potter's Woman Chapter 7: Rebellion

11th August 2013:
I GUESSED LOVE- OH MY GOSH, I AM SUCH A RAVENCLAW. BEHOLD MY AWESOMENESS. Anyways, another fabulous chapter has been uploaded & I can't wait until it kicks into the prank/mission type...thing (another example of my Ravenclaw qualities). It is a shame that Al wasn't really in this chapter but it was great to see Darla. Waiting for the next chapter!
-Albus Potter's Woman

Author's Response: Wohoo! Rock on with your inner Ravenclaw! I will bow down to your awesomeness alone for reviewing! Being a fellow Claw is an added bonus :)

Poor Lilah just doesn't understand love. She is just far too rational for her own good. And as you can probably tell by how this chapter ended, the beginning of the prank/mission will begin next time! I have a perfect set up for it all, it's really fun to plan out and write!

Hoping to have a chapter submitted and ready before this coming Friday. I'm writing this as fast as I can. You guys are making this a lot of fun :)

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Review #14, by peacock33 Chapter 7: Rebellion

11th August 2013:
It was nice to finally meet Darla. She seems to be getting it all, which would be frustrating (though possibly realistic) if she was really as terrible to everyone at Hogwarts, but I'm having a hard time figuring out what she really did and was like since we only have Lilah's fairly biased perspective. And I think Lilah implied she paid for her sins, so I wonder what happened there? It's interesting to me that the Potter boys don't seem to have any resentment for Darla, so I wonder what she did to Dom and even James and if that is why Lily and Rose are so mad? It would be frustrating as a girl to feel like all the boys were willing to forgive Darla everything just because she was good-looking if she really went about hurting people all the time, though that doesnt' mean they should treat Lilah like this.
You have made me so curious to figure out why Rose is acting like this as by Al,, Scorpius and Cordelia's surprised and disgusted reactions to her behavior, it seems like she isn't normally like this at all. I'm wondering if there is some kind of past between Darla and Scorpius (or a previous boyfriend of Rose's) or if Rose thinks there is a reason to be worried about him and Lilah? It seems like they have a good relationship but considering how Scorpius is so willing to join in the plan against her, it makes me question that and how much he actually cares about her. I guess I like her and don't want to think she is acting this terrible for absolutely no reason besides being petty and mean. I am very eager to see how everything unfolds and how the three schemers have to deal with their fairly stupid and hurtful plan.

Author's Response: Darla does have it all- right now- but whether she can keep it all...that's a different story. And yes, poor Lilah is a bit in the dark about Darla. Best friends are often willing to overlook the nastier details. I mean, if she is willing to admit to using a love potion to make Dominique Weasley look like a fool and hex her orange and vomit whenever she said her name, think of all the HIDDEN stuff that has not been revealed. And yes, Darla's seventh year had been a time for paying for her sins, but she still has a bit more comeuppance due.

And yes, Rose is someone I love writing about. All of this is completely different for her. Everyone close to her says its true, but unfortunately it will be awhile before she decides to offer a piece of her mind. She superficially worries about him and Lilah, but yes, the fact that Scorpius is an easy co-conspirator is worrying.

And as I have mentioned in a previous response to a review, the three of them will all suffer the consequences of their actions. The fall from grace will definitely be...well...the talk of the castle.

Thanks so much for reviewing! I love hearing what you guys think and speculate about what will come next :D

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Review #15, by Courtney Chapter 6: Problematic Prowling

11th August 2013:
I just reread the review I had left for the last chapter and realized I had inadvertently said pretty much the same things twice, so sorry for that. And as I reread I am horrified by the stuff Rose is saying about Lilah and do feel bad for her, though I have to wonder if there is more to her than we know so far as I wonder how she was best friends with Darla and still completely innocent in all of the drama and pain it sounded like Darla caused. And I'm glad that at least in the beginning they are going to target failing relationships as that is another thing they are blatantly ignoring in all of this, meaning the pain they are going to be causing the boys and girls they target. It would be the most fair to directly go after the girls who are treating her the worst, but seeing as that would mean Scorpius's relationship, I wonder if he is going to be willing to pretend to cheat on Rose? I think I am the most angry and upset with Al and Scorpius as their plan to do all of this to their friends and family is pretty disgusting to me and they don't really have the same justification as Lilah at all. I guess it makes sense that as teenage boys they don't really understand or take the time to think about the pain and problems they are going to cause, and I am looking forward to them having to deal with the fact that their supposed quest to stand up for an underdog (which it seems like they are framing this whole thing as to make themselves feel good about what they are doing) is really messed up and will not be justified in the end once they have to actually deal with all the pain and hurt. I'm hoping that Lily and Rose will learn their lesson and regret their actions toward Lilah, but think they shouldn't have sympathy for Al and Scorpius doing this to them. I am so eager to see how it all unfolds as I imagine it will quickly get out of their control. Thanks for sharing.

Author's Response: The fall out will be a guaranteed epic shit show of a disaster. And as co-conspirators it is obvious that Al and Scorpius will also (eventually) have to go down as well. But their downfall will be VERY different from the doom I have Lilah subjected to.

And yes, I do happen to agree that teenage boys are quite stupid when it comes to things like this. Karma will come back to bite them, as they good and well deserve, but I haven't decided whether or not I will give them a happy ending...yet.

And I would like to say THANK YOU, for leaving the awesome reviews. :D

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Review #16, by Courtney Chapter 6: Problematic Prowling

11th August 2013:
Well, it's interesting to me how you have managed to make no one the victim here. While Lilah started out having the moral superiority and being treated unfairly by the girls, as the story progresses, I think she is going to turn out being just as bad. So it will be complicated which is probably very realistic. And while I don't think anyone should be treated the way she is, I can't help feeling like she is total hypocrite if it is true that Darla went around doing whatever she wanted and hurting tons of people in the process, but Lilah didn't care since she was nice to her; I wonder if she was ever an accomplice to Darla and if we'll learn that there is some actual reason for people to be somewhat mad at her (though that wouldn't justify their behavior). And I wonder what happened to make Rose hate her so much as I feel like something more must have happened than Lilah is aware of or willing to admit for her to act this way. And I have to say that the person I am liking the least so far is Scorpius. While I am glad he tried to talk to her about Lilah, he looks really bad to be all nice to Rose's face while planning to humiliate and hurt her behind her back. It's hard for me to think he really cares about her as he has to know this will most likely ruin their relationship and any trust she has in him, and if he is going to do everything they are planning, which I'm assuming is going to include him pretending to get with the mystery girl as well, I hope Rose dumps him. I can sympathize with Al a little more as when you are related to someone your relationship often has ups and downs and you can fight, etc, but being someone's boyfriend and planning to do all of this is pretty terrible and a major breach of trust. And he so far he doesn't even seem to feel bad about it. So I'm interested to see if you will be able to keep Lilah, Al, and Scorpius from looking just as bad, if not worse, as Lilah's tormentors.

Author's Response: First off let me say that I am floored by your review! I love reading all of them, but when people take time like this I really love it.

And as the story goes on, we are going to be learning all about Lilah's past and how she managed to make the school hate her. It does involve a moment with Darla, bless her heart for being such a raving bitch, but the result of it all will be much more interesting and be something of a reality check for our blind heroine.

As for the Scorpius/Rose dynamic...well I have always imagined theirs to be a complicated relationship.I mean, his dad wanted to kill her parents, his great aunt tortured her mother and tried to kill everyone in her family at one point in time. That type of relationship is just bound to be messy. Plus, Scorpius is a Malfoy.

And I do love how you point out that Lilah is one of her own worst tormentors and how Al and Scorpius are also right up there.

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Review #17, by kitty Chapter 6: Problematic Prowling

8th August 2013:
That chapter was brilliant! I loved the Egyptian book and your explanation of the Horcrux, it was really interesting. Excited to see what happens next! Albus and Lilah are great and I love how you express Lilah's desire to just want to be recognised as a human being with feelings! Rose is being horrible but I'm sensing there's more of a story there...? Maybe? It seems whatever she believes has gone on between her and Lilah is clearly, very personal. Also, Cordelia seemed cool, I wonder if she'll reappear! great story, i'm hooked! :)

Author's Response: There is a bit more to Miss Rose Weasly than what meets the eye. Eventually it will all become clear at the end of the day. And Cordelia will be making several more appearances throughout, some in ways not expected but that will certainly be interesting. Thanks for the review! I'm determined to get Chapter 7 published tonight/in the early AM hours of tomorrow morning (inner Ravenclaw coming out :D )

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Review #18, by fizzingwizzbies Chapter 6: Problematic Prowling

3rd August 2013:
Just found this story - It's great and different! I love the fact it's sort of a ''teen drama'' type story yet you're adding all the dark stuff like Horcruxes and information from Harry Potter. Awesome! I can't wait to see what happens, although I feel like there is just going to be chaos! I love Rose (even though she seems like a bitch), she is still in character even though she is being mean - they way you add in a caring side and stuff make her seem more real. It will interesting to find out more about Darla too. Keep up the good work!

Author's Response: I'm glad that you're enjoying Easy O so far! I can promise pretty much right here and now that the chaos will be ready to go starting in Chapter 8. Currently Chapter 7 is about 3/4 done right now.

As a huge Harry Potter buff (like all of us arent!?) I wanted to tie in as much canon stuff as I could even if I am not having a new dark wizard or any of that stuff. Basically I love trying to see how I can get it in place to cause arguments and awkward moments. And I'm glad that you like Rose so far! We all remember that Ron had an unfortunate tendency to act and say things which were rather...well...let's just say that it's a good thing he has Hermoine :P

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Review #19, by ATLpaintingflowers Chapter 5: Involvement

23rd July 2013:
This is really good. Lilah seems real and believable, and I love the spin you put on this, and how you broke all the cliches most fanfictions seem to have. This is probably my favorite story on this site, honestly. Well update soon. Also you put an original spin on probably one of my favorite movies. :)

Author's Response: Thanks so much for the review! I'm currently writing Chapter 6 and this will begin the build up for the play off the more dramatic aspects of the plot. First let me say congratulations for pointing out the movie reference. And as for the movie Easy A- I adore it almost as much as I adore Mean Girls. But lets just say that the breaking point of this story will be...well...nothing nobody will expect. Ever. Thanks again for reading and reviewing!

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Review #20, by ... Chapter 4: Operation Easy O

9th July 2013:
hi this is great, I really hope you finish this story and it will have lots of chapters because it has become my favourite in the whole website. keep writing can't wait for the next chapter.

Author's Response: Thanks for the review! I am currently in the middle of writing Chapter 5 right now. Hopefully it will be up next week :). And by the time all things are said and done I imagine there will be close to 40 chapters, but don't quote me on that just quite yet.

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Review #21, by peacock33 Chapter 4: Operation Easy O

8th July 2013:
Sorry, but i have to say that their plans makes very little sense to me. After doing this, I don't see how Lilah is going to be any happier or more accepted. All the girls will still dislike her, only now they will have actual reason to as even if they are wrong in thinking she wants to steal their men, she will have purposely hurt and humiliated them. And Scorpius and Al are going to ruin their relationships with the people they are closest to. It seems like a much better alternative would be for Al and Scorp to just hang out with Lilah so she isn't too lonely and force their family/friends to get to know her as they clearly don't care about upsetting them. But I suppose you wouldn't have such a dramatic story that way. I just hope they don't ruin all their relationship irrevocably with this pretty nasty and hurtful plan.

Author's Response: Hi peacock33. Thanks for reviewing.

Yes, this little brain child of theirs is most definitely not the most well thought out plan to be conceived. Actually it is quite awful really and when the dust settles, well, it's going to be interesting to see how everyone reacts at the end of the day. But that, of course is the point of all of it! What can I say? I'm cruel. Insert evil laugh here.

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Review #22, by Courtney Chapter 4: Operation Easy O

8th July 2013:
I know that Lily Rose is being unreasonable but Al and Scorpius are pretty terrible to do this behind their backs. I don't see planning to humiliate and hurt people is very much better than what they are so upset about people doing to Lilah - they're pretty hypocritical and even though the girls are being immature and unfair, I think this plan is a pretty bad idea as it is now just going to make everything worse for Lilah in the long run. Everyone will still hate her and now they will have reason to. I really hope she doesn't hookup or even pretend to with Scorpius as purposely hurting your girlfriend like this is terrible and I don''t see why Rose would or should forgive him or Al after this as they are supposed to be the people she can trust and rely on even when she is making bad choices. While I feel bad for Lilah, I don't particularly like her or Al or Scorpius for this plan and hope they have to suffer for purposely hurting people even if those people are at fault. And while Lilah isn't necessarily responsible for Darla's mistakes, it's hypocritical for her to be all mad at all these girls and want to hurt them when she was fine being friends with Darla who it sounds like enjoyed hurting and messing with other people all the time just because she could. I'm interested to see how things progress and hope no one gets hurt too bad.

Author's Response: Hi Courtney. First let me say thank you for the review! I love getting feedback. Second, let me just say that the amount you are getting into my mind with what I have planned for this story and just how insane the drama will be...let's just say that it's scary yet awesome!

As for how everyone survives the relationship massacre of Muggle Week...well...that remains to be seen! :P

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Review #23, by crimson-creamcracker Chapter 1: Departure

21st June 2013:
it's an alright start however I would make the paragraphs shorter (or have more of them) because it's harder for easy reading when it's all blocked together.

Author's Response: Thanks for the review. I'll keep that tip in mind for future chapters.

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Review #24, by Satan Chapter 2: Public Enemy Number 1

19th June 2013:

I just read your story and I think it is absolutely fantastic, you have explained all the plots and problems really well even the characters pasts. I overall think it is brilliant. I really can't wait for you to post the next chapters and with a poster it will get even heaps of reviews. this is a great story, can't wait for more, hope you update soon.


Author's Response: Thanks so much for reviewing! My first review! I'm flattered that you think this little brain child of mine has a chance. I'm new to the fan fiction world but I did just register for an account on the Dark Arts so I can hopefully get a banner soon.

As for Chapter 3, I'm currently in the middle of writing it right now. Hopefully the validating period won't be too long when I submit.

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