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Review #1, by JKRFAN White Scars and Blood

14th August 2013:
Very good keep writing.

Author's Response: Thanks, Keep reading!!

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Review #2, by JKRFAN Moon's Green

14th August 2013:
Very good but this part confuses me:
Moon, what went on last night?” Rose asks we’re walking in the woods.

“Nothing I promise. I had a nightmare and he was there holding me. So I told him to stay.”

“Yea, imagine what my dad would kill him, and then probably would have grounded you for the rest of your werewolf life.”

Why does everyone state that I’m a werewolf when no one is around?

“Why am I the only one with a nickname?”

“I don’t know. Came naturally I guess.”

I start kicking a rock “I think we should all have nicknames.”

“Scorp could be Lightfoot, Al Claws, and me well Wisk.”

“Not bad.”

“Rose, are you ever going to forget about last night?” I kick the rock as far as I can.

“Nope and I’m telling everyone when you get married.”

“Better run you cat!”

I don't understand who is talking.
But I like how it's written in the present tense that is cool.

Author's Response: It goes Rose,Grace,Rose,Grace,Rose so on.. Sorry about that I thought someone would get confused

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Review #3, by JKRFAN Trail and Imaginary

14th August 2013:
:-) :-D this is my 2nd time reading it!

Author's Response: Yay!Thanks and keep reading

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Review #4, by JKRFAN Trail and Imaginary

14th August 2013:
LOVED IT. what did scorpious do when he found out Grace was a werewolf btw?

Author's Response: You'll see later. Thanks for reading

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Review #5, by JKRFAN. 1.Under the Souls Grave

14th August 2013:
Great! Keep writing! Just make sure your grammar is right.

Author's Response: Thanks and yes I will!

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Review #6, by Starry_Eyed 1.Under the Souls Grave

4th August 2013:
Just a tip: space out you paragraphs, and after each person speaks. This should help your readers to understand who's speaking, and not skim over something that is important. Otherwise, I like the idea of discrimination against werewolfs and squibs, it adds the sort of conflict that was in the original Harry Potter novels.

Author's Response: Thanks, I have been trying to get better at writing lately so that helps alot. I always loved the conflict in Harry Potter but instead of the Muggles and Mudbloods I wanted something different. Thanks for reading and keep reading!

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