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Review #1, by HeyMrsPotter He Hunts Me Now

15th July 2013:
Wow wow wow! What an amazingly original idea for a story!! I love that you took a children's story of the three little pigs and turned it into something so dark and sinister. This was well written, it flowed brilliantly and I absolutely loved it! You really set the mood of the story well and the end was a great twist! Bravo :D

Author's Response: Thank you! I decided I'd make it a little dark, and then it ended up like this, but it was much better than I'd planned. The twist actually exists in the original story, just in a different way - the pigs set a pot of boiling water under the chimney, the wolf slides down and burns himself, running away.
I'm really glad it flowed well, I was half scared that it didn't since, it went from a recollection to present tense.
Cheers, Phoenix Quill :D

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Review #2, by SunnyWitch He Hunts Me Now

22nd June 2013:
Okay. Finally got round to reviewing this one (and will work on your other stories, too).
Ugh. Chills. Ugh.
Like it. But chills. Going to have nightmares now.
This is a very interesting set-up, and the anonymity works well, too. Things are left to the imagination, which I like. For example, this could be in any time frame, really. It could even be an ancient story from the Founders' time.
It leaves people wanting to know more. The analogies are great, and the werewolf - freaky.
The bit that got to me were the packages that were received from the werewolf. Seriously, a foot? A head? Ugh.
It's brilliant, but very creepy.
Cheers, SW.

Author's Response: YAY, REVIEWS! Thank you!
Chills. Chills are good. Chills are what I was going for. Nightmares are also good. For other people. Not me though. Ahem.anyway...
Thank you. I'm glad you appreciated the anonymity, since it gives you a) the option to be the 'piglet', or b) to choose a character to be the 'piglet'. It could be from any time, and any one.
Yeah, the packages. I don't know where that was from, but remember - this werewolf is a serial killer, and some serial killers have strange tendencies. He's also insane, so yeah. Feet and heads sent.
Thanks for calling it brilliant!
Cheers, Phoenix Quill :D

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Review #3, by broadwaykat He Hunts Me Now

19th June 2013:
Wow. I have to say - this was not what I expected when I sat down expecting to read a story based on the Three Little Pigs. But I can't say I hate it - because it was dark and intriguing and frankly, gave me chills.

First off - kudos to you for actually going with this story as you challenge piece. I felt iffy giving the challenge, leaving the animal stories in. I don't/didn't know how anyone would interpret them - but frankly, this was so eerie and similar that you managed to keep the ideas of being 'pigs and wolves' without turning them fully human or fully animal. I think this best stands out in your analogy of the frightened 'piglets' and the hungry wolf - and frankly either way I thought of someone adapting this story it included one without the other - and somehow you managed to make it so similar and yet so different that I just have to take off my hat to you. And I hope that made a lick of sense.

Secondly, you chose some really interesting ways to blend the magical world elements with the fairy tale itself. Of course the use of a predatory werewolf as the wolf wolf was great, as was the idea of a personal vendetta against this family. That was something that never really made sense to me in the original story, but in this - hey, fine, perfectly understandable. But I think the better touches were the small, almost throwaway lines - like how the 'stupidest' brother figured he could make a house of straw and just reinforce it with charms. That makes perfect, logical sense! And the different deaths...burning alive, suffocation.chilling. It really is.

At first, I wasn't too sure about the ending, the prey becoming the predator. But then I remembered that that is really apart of the story too. In the end, the pig gets revenge and drives the wolf away.

However, I think what I like about this story the most is the darkness and maturity of the subject manner. This story, as a kids story, is such a silly premise with really, really dark potential. And this is a 'real' noire kind of story. You weren't afraid to kill off your characters - which, let's face it, they're facing a werewolf that is not an easily livable task.

While I like how you kept everything in first person and anonymous, I think that's the only things that leaves me wanting - I want to know who these people are, were, and why they were targeted. At the start of this I honestly thought it was Greyback, but at the end the surviving brother might have been him, or someone completely different. I want to read the further adventures of this werewolf who has learned to kill or be killed. I want to see history repeat itself and I want to know who these people are. Of course, that's not exactly a bad thing - it's good to leave your readers on the edge of their seats and wanting more - which is exactly what you've done here. Brava.

Author's Response: Hi! Thanks for the review!
Yeah, I wanted to make this a slightly darker one, and then it got to this level dark. Don't ask me what happened, because I don't know. I may have mental problems that choose to show themselves through my writing, but oh well. Having mental problems is fun!
I really liked having this story, because it gave me a chance to explore an anonymous person's view. I made it anonymous because a) I wanted to try it out, since all my other stories have a definite character, and b) I didn't want to stick a certain character name into my story. It felt like it corrupted the story by giving the characters names.
I'm glad I managed to pull it off without it being corny or overly dark, and I'm happy that I managed to have a good level of suspense. Thank you!
Cheers, Phoenix Quill :D

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