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Review #1, by goldfinch Going Back.

14th June 2015:
Here from the review swap!

There were honestly so many interesting stories to take my pick from, but I was really curious to see how you would have envisioned the epilogue. I feel that in the original version, the large amount of time between the epilogue and the previous chapter sort of gloss over how much Harry - and so many other people involved in the war - really had to cope after the battle, so it's really nice that you mould your own epilogue around the concept.

You manage to touch upon every aspect of post-war recovery - relationships slowly becoming stronger, how children have already become adults in a sense and how difficult it was for things to back to what they used to be. I feel that the tiny details, like hesitating when he sees the board honouring those that were killed during the battle and his dislike of the castle being rebuilt as if the whole thing had never happened really brought out the emotions of the piece.

I especially liked how there was a sense of hope throughout the story and that people were more focused on moving on instead of looking back. The ending was like making things come full circle, and to see Harry looking at things from the other side sort of highlighted just how much the war had changed him, how the boy who lived fulfilled his calling and could finally move on.

I loved that Luna was there to lighten things up. I was just wondering whether any of the infamous Slytherins or students who had been on the other side of the war ever came back to Hogwarts to complete their education. Similar to how JK Rowling mentions Draco in her own epilogue it would have been interesting to see another perspective here.

Your writing is absolutely amazing - it flows beautifully, more so during the speeches (I've never been able to nail speeches, they always come out so preachy but you've done it beautifully) and you've manage to create such a vivid mental picture of the entire event in my mind. It was an absolute pleasure to read this piece :)

Author's Response: Thanks for the review. Really glad you liked the story.

I always feel the epilogue really gave no information whatsoever, except that Neville became Herbology professor. Other than that, it really only confirmed that Harry and Ginny got together and that Ron and Hermione did, all of which was already clearly indicated.

The way magic can restore things does seem a bit weird in a way - like it's wiping out the past completely.

You're right. I probably should have included one or two of the Slytherins, but I didn't think of it. That would definitely have added an extra dimension to the story and given an indication of how the world is beginning to change.

Thank you so, so much for this review. It's a story that hasn't had THAT many and it is such a fantastic review.

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Review #2, by HEG Going Back.

22nd February 2014:
Oooh! I'd like to read more alternative epilogue they're so interesting, one of the best stories that I have ever read! :)

Author's Response: Thank you so much. That is such a nice compliment to get.

This was for a challenge, so there are probably more alternative epilogues out there.

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Review #3, by Pheonix Potioneer Going Back.

17th June 2013:
I FINALLY noticed this, since I usually don't check your author page, just my favorite stories.

I actually really like this ending. In J.K. Rowling's ending, it made it seem like Harry had always been content after the battle, and that probably isn't true. I like that in this epilogue still feels guilt. That is more realistic.

I'm surprised that in this epilogue, Colin is the only student who dies. We know that over 50 people died defending Hogwarts, and we only know the names of five. Half the Gryffindor table stayed, and quite a few Hufflepuff's and Ravenclaw's stayed as well. I would assume that more would have died, especially since they are less experienced than wizards like Lupin.

I grinned when Luna was talking about war spirits. It is nice to see that not everything has changed.

I like the reflection as Harry is going away. J.K. Rowling's never had that, although I like it better with the reflection this way.

Good job with this! It is a great ending to the series.

Author's Response: I do the same thing. I've Albus Potter and Slytherin's Office saved to my favourites, so I only occasionally think to check on your author name to see if you've anything else up.

Yeah, the real epilogue took place 19 years later when people had presumably come to terms with events to some extent, whereas this is taking place when those events are still fairly raw.

Well, Colin is the only student from Ginny's year who dies in this. There may be others from Harry's year or even younger students who snuck in (by the way, fun fact, I read during the 1916 Rising in Dublin, some of the younger St. Enda's students (like around 12-15 year olds) apparently snuck into the city centre to try and help with the rebellion their headmaster organised. And you probably have no idea what I'm on about, but the Battle of Hogwarts reminded me of that).

You may have a point though about how many could have been killed.

And yeah, I like Luna as she is. So I wasn't having her change.

Thanks for the review. Glad you liked this.

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