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Review #1, by Missy_Janelle Rubber Ducks and Eckeltricity

25th April 2014:

I was scrolling through your stories and this one caught my attention because I love ducks. And it lived up to my expectations.

I really felt sorry for Arthur when he got the answer wrong because he was clearly trying hard and it was so mean when Bertie and Amos where laughing at him. I think that you portrayed Arthur's embarrassment really well.

Awesome ending to the story. I wish there was more on that section type thing. I can't believe that I've never read any of your stories before because you are clearly a talented author. I will be back!


Author's Response: Hi there!

Aw, I'm glad this one caught your eye! I have a soft spot for this story because it was so fun to write and so different to my usual stories!

Yes, poor Arthur! I'm glad you thought I wrote him well here because he was a big challenge for me, but I thought he'd be a bit like Hermione usually is when it comes to Muggle Studies, his forte - he doesn't like getting things wrong!

Haha it felt like a good place to end the story, and I'm glad that you thought so too! Thank you so much for your lovely review!

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Review #2, by MissesWeasley123 Rubber Ducks and Eckeltricity

23rd September 2013:
Yes I totally read this a million years ago.

No you aren't mad at me.

.? *looks hopeful*

Your ninja beta skills and just being an all around awesome friend and fellow Gryffie really does make me want to leave you reviews that you can answer. Yes I'm still procrastinating, no I still don't care.

How on earth do you manage to keep your story 12+? Mine are always so impossible... I feel the need to use non 12+ things... I think I should work on that one day. Okay, that comment was completely irrelevant to this piece. Focus Nadia!

I think what made this one shot all the more fun to read was the usual name or two cropping up here and there. Amos,Amelia Mafalda - even MacMillan, were great additions to the story, and gentle nods to canon.

You do some scary stuff with canon and it makes me wonder how you would write non canon pairings...*nudge nudge*...Well, not scary but generally appealing and awesome stuff with canon.

I also love your banner...

At the end, Arthur never did find out how aeroplanes stayed up, and that made me crack up and smile like a goof. It was so sweet and silly and just.. "ah". It made everything happier and yeah.

Your version of Arthur Weasley was so real and supported that I absolutely loved it. You just gave him so much life and light and he was a pleasure to read.

As always, generally brilliant and fab.

Author's Response: Of course I'm not mad at you! I've already said this, but I can't be mad at you for reading something of mine ♥

Hehe it wasn't irrelevant! I think this was actually my first 12+ story and I was quite proud of that achievement :D

Nope. No writing of non-canon pairings going on here... I loved including all those names in the story to help anchor it in and make the story more authentic.

Arthur was scary to write! He's one of the most major characters I've written and it's pretty scary for me to write a Weasley, but I had a lot of fun and I'm pleased that you liked my characterisation of him. Poor Arthur, never finding out about how aeroplanes stay up! Maybe in the future...

Thank you dear!

Sian :)

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Review #3, by LilyLunaPotter17 Rubber Ducks and Eckeltricity

22nd August 2013:
Hii! Summer here with the first of three reviews you won with the challenge! I am really, really sorry it's taken me so long to get to them, but I hope you'll forgive me!

So I was immediately drawn to this with that lovely banner there and the summary. I've always wondered about Arthur's fascination with Muggles - I've always thought it was just because he's from a pure-blood family and not really had much to do with them. I was also curious as to what sort of thing they discuss in Muggle Studies class, so this gave me a wonderful little insight.

The fact that Arthur left Molly ten minutes early to get to his class makes me laugh! It turns out maybe there is something he loves more than his girlfriend. I also really like that Professor Bumble wears a Muggle suit instead of wizard robes - I guess he really likes his job.

Ugh, Bertie MacMillan is just like his son *punches them both*. Arthur has a right to be angry at him - we Muggles are very clever, don't you know!

I love how Arthur is basically the only one who's properly interested in Muggles and how he wonders what "a stitch in time" means. We do have a lot of weird sayings :S

Wizards are quite oblivious as to how we manage without magic, aren't they? I mean, the way Bertie thought they just walked everywhere and how we managed to build aeroplanes and keep them in the air despite being really heavy.

It's great how even how aeroplanes stay up is beyond the understanding of Professor Bumble. And also the way Arthur's still obsessed with finding out how aeroplanes stay up even after he's grown up with his own family :P

Your grammar and writing technique is really great! You could be a professional with that sort of writing you know :)

Summer x

Author's Response: Hi Summer! Of course, don't worry about it! Thank you for these three lovely reviews you've left me :D

Hehe I'm in love with my banner and the genius of the TDA artists. This was a really fun one-shot to write and imagine all the different things they might have learnt in Muggle Studies classes!

I think at this point Arthur loves his girlfriend and Muggles just as much :P Professor Bumble was fun to create, and I liked the idea of him having someone like that to inspire his love of Muggles.

Yes we are! I wanted to create a sort of antagonist in this and show how oblivious wizards can be - I mean, in the books Arthur doesn't know a lot of things, and he's meant to be an expert!

Haha I wanted a sort of tie in with the books, and to be honest, I couldn't explain how aeroplanes stay up myself!

Wow, thank you so much! And thank you for this wonderful review!

Sian :)

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Review #4, by Solo Rubber Ducks and Eckeltricity

17th August 2013:
Hello, here for the review tag -waves-

Well I was spoilt for choice out of your stories. I'm usually an angst/drama sort of girl myself but today I was fancying a bit of fluff. I've always had a little giggle over rubber ducks and Arthur Weasley and a story that possibly combined the two?! I was in heaven!

I wasn't disappointed. From the ducks on the windowsil to Arthur Weasley's enthusiasm, I loved it all. Your author voice is wonderfully clear. I giggled in places, but it wasn't so ridiculous. It was just so... Arthur. I think you captured him fabulously, I'm always worried about tackling canon characters in their childhood but you did it so seamlessly. I'm so jealous!

My favourite line has to be; "A blush crept up the back of Arthur's neck, red wine staining the cream carpet of his skin." You descriptions are just delicious, I adore all of them! The ending is just perfect, it's the ideal little explanation for some of his foibles and his obsession. The professor is just amazing too, I love his eagerness and his lack of understanding and his sadness at not being able to explain.

I'm never calling it a bicycle ever again!

Author's Response: Hello! *waves back*

I'm so pleased that you weren't disappointed! As you might have seen looking at my other stories, I tend to write minor characters a lot more and Arthur was one I was quite apprehensive to tackle, but I had a lot of fun writing this. It's great that you think I did it well!

Descriptions are something that I take a lot of time over, and I love including imagery in stories. The professor was such a fun character to create and I'm really happy you liked the ending!

Thank you for this lovely review and all the compliments on my writing! *blushes*

Sian :)

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Review #5, by charlottetrips Rubber Ducks and Eckeltricity

31st July 2013:
So freaking adorable, seriously, too adorable!!

Arthur's love for the Muggle world was such a cute thing throughout the books and I really appreciate the various winks and nods in this story to that. I loved how Professor Bumble didn't even know Muggles too well and made his own assumptions or mess-ups over various things (though he was pretty ace on the transport descriptions).

Loved how motorcycles got the boys' attention. No matter what race or magical class you're born too, if you're male, you're going to love motorcycles. I think it's a scientifically proven fact. In fact, I'm sure that it's actually written into the male genome so as to continue the industry of motorcycles!! But I digress terribly...

Overall, such a cute one-shot and I loved the references to such 70's/80's type stuff in the beginning of the story. ETCH-A-SKETCH!!!


Author's Response: Hello!

This was such a fun one-shot to write! Arthur's such a cute character and I really enjoyed including his love for Muggles in this story. I'm pleased that you liked Professor Bumble as well. He did make his own assumptions at times but he was pretty ace on transport (I found myself quite impressed with us when I was writing those bits!).

Haha yes, I think that there's got to be something in boys' brains that states they will love motorbikes, no matter what!

I had fun with those references ;) You're the first person to pick up on what some of the toys were, though! Thank you for the lovely review!

Sian :)

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Review #6, by LittleLionGirl Rubber Ducks and Eckeltricity

25th July 2013:
This is another job well done Nott Theodore! I love how you made muggle studies INTERESTING while it is taking place. It is always described as complicated or boring and you actually shed a new light on something we muggles take for granted. Amazing job! I can't wait to see what else you have wrote.

Author's Response: Aw, I'm pleased that you thought the Muggle Studies class was interesting! I had a lot of fun writing this one-shot and imagining what they might learn in the lessons. Thank you for the lovely review!

Sian :)

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Review #7, by FredWeasleyIsMyKing Rubber Ducks and Eckeltricity

17th July 2013:
Hi Sian!!

Oh I can't tell you how much I love this cute little one-shot! You amaze me so much with your ability to make JKs more background characters come to life so strongly but with so much canon too!!

You really got Arthur's love of Muggle studies through here, I mean of course it would be his favourite subject! I liked the lesson on transport - it's got to be one of the most interesting ones I would have thought. Aeroplanes in particular are quite fascinating even to me!

Professor bumble was a really good character. His enthusiasm was good throughout and it nicely matched Arthur's for the subject.

How do aeroplanes stay up - a question I would love to be able to answer!! This was a really cute one-shot though Sian. You're writing was easy to read an really enjoyable. I didn't see any mistakes so great job on that!

Lauren :)

Author's Response: Hey Lauren!

*blushes* Thank you very much!

The lesson was really fun to imagine actually! I was wondering for a while what sort of things they would learn in Muggle Studies but eventually I settled on transport. I was quite impressed with us when I realised how many different types of transport we actually have!

I'm pleased you liked Professor Bumble! I thought that having a professor like that would help inspire Arthur's love of Muggles :)

Haha I'd like to know how aeroplanes stay up as well - if you ever find out, let me know!

Sian :)

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Review #8, by Lululuna Rubber Ducks and Eckeltricity

16th July 2013:
Hello my dear! I actually read this a while ago and cheated you out of a review, but hopefully being back now will help make up for it! :)

I absolutely loved this story, really I feel like it's some of your best writing so far. There's something about the way you characterize Arthur is so complete and thorough and intricately entertaining, and I think you brought him to life as a teenager, emanating JK's portrayal while adding something all your own. I was just smiling the whole time when reading, and actually love it even more the second time around!

I really enjoyed the details of the Muggle Studies classroom, and it was a great way to begin the story. I had this mental image of this eclectic and not entirely logical collection, and it's just so funny to imagine how Muggle nuts like Arthur must view the Muggle world as a series of bizarre objects and miracles. The rubber ducks especially reminded me of a sort of shrine to the muggle world, and the description of them watching over the lesson (probably thinking how weird the wizards really are) was great and painted a vivid hodge podge of a picture.

Arthur is so hilarious, I loved how he of course sat attentively at the front of the classroom and took extensive notes. And is that even a real Muggle saying? Something tells me probably not. :P I also enjoyed how indignant he was at the insult towards Muggles being slow, it was just so Weasley-ish of him and so sweet.

The details about other students in the story were a really strong addition as well, like Diggory and Macmillian being the cool guys in the year. Judging from what we know of Amos as an adult and Macmillian's son, their attitude fits very well.

The talk about airplanes was just great, I really enjoyed Arthur and the rest of the class' excitement and pure wonder. When Professor Bumble said they were like giant flying carpets I laughed out loud, not to mention Arthur's disappointment and great lifetime curiosity for how airplanes stay up, that was the perfect tie in with canon along with the concluding, encompassing sentence about Molly which ties in the future to this little story in a lovely way.

Amazing job with this darling and I'm so sorry it took so long! :) I hope you're proud, stories like this which take a spin on a beloved canon character and do it so well remind me why I love fan fiction.

PS. To be fair, I don't think I could explain how airplanes stay up either!

Author's Response: Hi! Aw, I'm just pleased you got a chance to review at all! ♥

I definitely feel like my writing is improving as i go on, so thank you for the compliment! Arthur is actually a character I was quite worried about writing, even as a teenager, but I had a lot of fun writing about him! He's such a lovely character and I'm happy you liked my portrayal of him!

Haha the description of the Muggle Studies classroom was one of my favourite things about writing this story! It was great fun imagining the completely random mix of toys and objects that wizards had arranged into this collection.

"A stitch in time saves nine"? It's a saying where I come from, although I'm not entirely sure that I could tell you what it means! :P

I could definitely imagine Arthur getting indignant about people insulting Muggles! And I'm glad that you like the addition of Amos and Bertie, because I liked them too :)

I was quite amazed with us when I started writing about all the different forms of Muggle transport - we're pretty clever, inventing all these ways to get around! I thought that the flying carpet would be the closest magical comparison I could get to an aeroplane. I feel quite sorry for Arthur, not knowing how aeroplanes stay up, but I don't think I'd be able to explain it, even if I knew!

Thank you so much for this wonderful review! I have a massive grin on my face now!

Sian :)

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Review #9, by HeyMrsPotter Rubber Ducks and Eckeltricity

16th June 2013:
Hello! I'm here for your first of your three prize reviews.
As soon as I saw the title of this story, I just HAD to read it! I adore Arthur, he is such an adorable and loveable character and one that is very rare as a main character in fanfiction so this was a delight to read.
I love that you've created this history of his interest in Muggles that dates all the way back to his school days. His enthusiasm in class is so true to his character too :)
Despite having read a few of your stories now, your impeccable writing never ceases to amaze me. Your style is captivating and once I start reading I can't stop until I reach the end of the story! I envy your talent for descriptions and though this story doesn't require a great deal you still managed to squeeze some beauties in there, l particularly loved the one about red wine on a cream carpet.
The references to familiar characters was a lovely touch and I adored the ending about the future of his and Molly's relationship.
Another brilliant one-shot, I look forward to reading more :)

Author's Response: Hello!

Haha I'm glad you liked the title! I thought it was fitting for a story about Arthur. He's one of my favourite characters and I haven't found many stories that focus on him as a main character, so I'm pleased you like my characterisation of him here.

Well, I couldn't write a story about Arthur without including Molly, could I? I'm glad you like that reference to their relationship and that you enjoyed the appearance of familiar characters too.

Impeccable? I'm so flattered!! Seriously, I'm blushing with all your compliments right now and I have a massive grin on my face. I want to give you a hug for all your wonderful comments!

Thank you so much for this amazing review!

Sian :)

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Review #10, by Jchrissy Rubber Ducks and Eckeltricity

13th June 2013:
This is one of the most fun little one shots I've read in a long time. I really loved how you started the scene with Arthur's obvious excitement, especially how you made that excitement easy for
us readers to feel.

The detail about Arthur leaving lunch and an annoyed Molly behind was so adorable; if was like a brief glimpse into their future with her forever adorning and being annoyed with his obsession :D!

The professor fit his role perfectly. He was easy going, sweet natured, and it felt like Arthur looked up to him. I was grinning when you mentioned the detail about him wearing muggle attire, neither caring about nor noticing the attention it got him.

I was actually pretty impressed with us through this. Like, yeah we can't fly brooms, but hey we invented cars! Haha! It was funny to read about our types of transportation through such enthusiastic eyes. And can I just say that I fully agree with the professor. I understand why an airplane stays up and how, but still part of me DOESN'T GET IT. We're in the damn air! With tons of weight and sitting in an enlarged TIN CAN. WHY DON'T WE FALL? Yeah, that's just some stuff that I can't help but thinking every time I board a plane. :P. But really, you did such an awesome job keeping my attention stuck on something that I already know about, which is really impressive.

I also loved how you were able to bring a realistic kind of knowledge to Arthur without making him seem too much 'in the know.' Like he knew a form of muggle transportation but not everything about it. Very believable for a pureblood who is fascinated with muggle things.

And the rubber ducky being in there just made it that much more awesome. I loved how light this all was. Sometimes the best story is one that just makes you smile and feel all sorts of fuzzies. Also, I LOVED how well you de-aged him but still kept him Arthur! That always impresses me when an author can do that.

Awesome one shot, Sian ♥

Author's Response: Hi Jami! Aw, this review has me grinning like an idiot right now!

Fun was exactly what I intended this one-shot to be, and I'm so glad you could feel Arthur's excitement while you read this! And of course, how could I write something like this about Arthur without some mention of Molly?

Professor Bumble was really fun to write for this as well. The only Muggle Studies teacher we know from canon is Burbage and I wanted to invent my own character to fill the role.

When I started writing this, I definitely didn't realise how many forms of transport we actually have! It took me a lot longer to go through them all and explain them, so it's great to know that it didn't bore you to death! And I definitely agree with you about aeroplanes - I have no idea how they work at all. But I have to say us Muggles are pretty clever!

It means so much to me that you liked Arthur as well, and that it was a believable representation of him. He's one of my favourite characters in the series and I loved writing him.

Thank you so much for taking the time to read this and leave a lovely review!

Sian :)

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Review #11, by bowtruckleinlove Rubber Ducks and Eckeltricity

13th June 2013:
That was great, I loved it!

Author's Response: Thank you very much!

Sian :)

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Review #12, by CambAngst Rubber Ducks and Eckeltricity

12th June 2013:
This was really cute! I loved the way you wrote Arthur, with his boundless enthusiasm for learning about the muggles. A perfect rendition of the man before he became a husband and father.

Your description of the Muggle Studies classroom was detailed and very thorough. I liked your ideas about the sorts of things that a wizard teaching students about muggles would find interesting or useful.

Professor Bumble was a neat creation. I can't actually think of a Hogwarts professor from the era of the books to compare him to. Perhaps Hagrid in terms of his raw enthusiasm for the subject, but that doesn't sound right at all to compare him to a very rough-hewn half-giant. He runs a very interesting class. I liked the way that he managed to capture the attention of even the students who were less inclined to care about muggles. Something about the way the subject matter gripped them felt universal to me, like it could have been any fascinating subject in any school, muggle or magical.

The little bits of canon that you worked into the story added a lot for me. Seeing Molly in her school years, meeting a few of Arthur's contemporaries from the books and finding out when Arthur developed his burning desire to understand airplanes really helped to anchor the story in a familiar feeling.

Your writing was very good. I didn't see a single typo or grammatical problem.

Suggestions? I think it would have been interesting to add an antagonist to the scene. Maybe not a pureblood fanatical Slytherin, since they probably wouldn't be caught dead taking N.E.W.T. level Muggle studies, but maybe a pureblood Ravenclaw to ask dismissive questions or even argue that it isn't possible for muggles to fly. I would have loved seeing Arthur's reaction to such a thing.

Overall, you did a great job with this. Glad I saw it in your status update!

Author's Response: Hello!

I'm so glad you liked Arthur! He's one of my favourite characters, especially when he acts like a big kid and doesn't want to discipline his kids as much as Molly. I really enjoyed describing the Muggle Studies classroom, and the research I did about sixties toys to include there. I've always thought that even though Arthur's job is so connected with Muggles, he doesn't seem to know that much about them, so it was interesting to think about what he learnt in school.

I had so much fun creating Professor Bumble! I'm pleased he didn't seem like a copy of any of the Hogwarts professors. I think if a teacher is obviously enthusiastic about that subject, the class is much more likely to be interested in what they're teaching, and I tried to show that here. It was a bit strange trying to explain how all the things we take for granted work, though!

Something I always try to do - especially in stories like this one - is add some mention of bits of canon we know to kind of anchor the story more for the reader. I'm happy it worked for you, because I always think it makes it more believable for the reader.

That's a really good idea! I'd thought of having an antagonist at first, but the obvious choice of a pureblood Slytherin didn't really work, so I like the idea of a know-it-all Ravenclaw stirring things up in the class. I'll definitely think about adding that in!

Thank you so much for a brilliant review - it really made my day!

Sian :)

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Review #13, by patronus_charm Rubber Ducks and Eckeltricity

12th June 2013:
Hi Sian! I was just scanning the recently added page looking for a one-shot to read, and I came across the one you were talking about which was a great coincidence :D Plus the chapter title was brilliant. I am already in love and I havenít even started reading this :P

The introduction to this was brilliant. I think all the nuances you included really added to the story. It was really fitting that the teacherís name was Professor Bumble, as I always imagined muggle studies teachers to not always be there. I think another thing which was really great was how you captured his excitement when he thought and saw the muggle things and I couldnít help but get excited too.

I adored the little sentence about Molly getting angry ♥ it really showed their relationship really well and fitted with the dynamic we saw in the books. Plus Molly + Arthur = ♥ so this is just giving me fuzzy feelings all over.

Ah I adored this line ĎAmos Diggory and Bertie Macmillan, two of the most popular boys in the year.í I always imagined Diggory to be like that, but never Macmillan so it was a nice surprise. Ok I had wondered when they started talking about transport whether that would have anything to do with their flying car and then there was this line ĎďCars,Ē he said eagerly.í I thought it was really nice how you wove in that idea as we can see how it grew to him making a car fly.

Even though I knew all about muggle transport I still found it really interesting to read and I was sitting there riveted to what Professor Bumble was saying. Thatís quite a big feat for me because usually when a teacher starts talking I zone out like Iím actually there so congrats for that! I also really liked how you included a lot of canon characters as it gave it a more authentic feel to the story and I always like seeing them more than just a minor character.

That gave me lots of fuzzy feels and I really enjoyed reading it, Sian. Iím so glad that I decided to look on the recently added list :D


Author's Response: Hey Kiana! I was so happy to get a review on this so quickly, thank you! Haha, I thought the title fit pretty well with Arthur generally, so I'm glad you liked it.

I had so much fun writing Professor Bumble, and choosing an appropriate name for him. The only Muggle Studies teacher we know of is Charity Burbage and it's highly unlikely she was teaching it back in the sixties, so it was great inventing a new teacher.

I couldn't write a piece about Arthur and not include some mention of Molly, could I? I just imagined how she would have reacted and including her made it more believable, to me.

I had to think a bit to remember which canon characters might have been at Hogwarts with Arthur, but I liked including them. I'm glad you liked Macmillan being popular for a change!

Yay, I'm glad you enjoyed the lesson! When I started writing it I hadn't realised how many forms of transport we actually use, and of course I had to think about what was being used in the sixties too. Since Arthur always finds it fascinating I thought that his interest must have started somewhere, and I'm glad the lesson didn't bore you, because I know how easily that can happen!

Thank you so much for a fantastic review!

Sian :)

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