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Review #1, by redraven Tom Riddle

8th August 2013:
Hey LittleLionGirl,

I really liked this! I'm working on a story right now where Riddle is one of the main characters, and so I've been doing a lot of reading to try and figure out how I want to portray him. He's definitely tricky, but I think you struck a decent balance between the stereotypical "evil" persona and a more complicated amoral desire for power and success. I feel like many people think that in order to portray evil characters they must make them mean and nasty, and that definitely isn't the case. Nicely done! I wish you delved more into the relationship between Tom and Minerva, because that would be really interesting! Enjoyed reading this -- thank you!

Yours truly,

Author's Response: Thank you very much for taking the time to review first off. I think Tom is one of those characters that just get an all around awful reputation but if you take out the "magical blood type" issues he would be a great role model you know? I mean he tried to do the impossible in an ambitious way and was persistent at it. There is always some logic and reason to every character we just need to look deep enough to see it. I wanted to add more of Tom and Minerva but he couldn't be too nice. Thanks for all the lovely complements again!

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Review #2, by MargaretLane Tom Riddle

6th August 2013:
Wow, I wasn't expected that to be the question he was debating - whether or not to kill Dumbledore. I think it would make sense he would consider using Dumbledore's death for a Horcrux all right, since Dumbledore is so powerful and he might like the symbolism of having made himself immortal by killing such a powerful wizard and proving himself even greater (in his opinion - I don't think murdering somebody proves you better than them, but I imagine HE does).

Did you mean to call the Horcrux a horrorcrux?

And yeah, killing somebody you're looking for a job from might not be the best idea. *is amused*

Ugh, the idea of him experimenting with vampire blood and the effect it has on his eyes. It does make sense he'd experiment with more than one method of gaining immorality though.

Ha, ha, I suspect any job Riddle applied for at Hogwarts would turn out to be filled.

And I really didn't expect that part at the end about Minerva McGonagall. I like the effect he obviously has on her. I can see where the idea of their having had a relationship comes from. They are both such intelligent, intellectual people, though so different morally. I'd actually like to see more of their relationship or see the ending of this from her perspective.

Good story.

Author's Response: Hahaha I like how you catch all of my twisted logic ;)

No I did not notice the typo. My computer has odd spell check and I probably clicked on the word rather than add to dictionary... I am glad the after thought amused you as well :)

There is actually a fair amount of old and broken Minny/Tom ships actually... I was surprised that that threw a good amount of people off haha. Thanks for all the lovely reviews :)


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Review #3, by navyfail Tom Riddle

25th July 2013:
Hi! I am here once again for the review swap!

In the beginning, I actually found the Tom felt too nice in a way. I always imagined him more negative and cruel. But as I kept reading I did start seeing the dark side of him like when he called Dumbledore a twit and that last scene with Minerva. Tom/Minerva was a nice touch. Though I could never seem him falling in love for some reason but that is just me.

One thing I noticed:
"I looked at her as I pulled all of the old memories they shared out of the back of her mind to where she could look them over with me." He addressed them as 'they' when I am guessing it is supposed to be 'we' unless he thinks his old self as a different person. Other than that great one-shot. It takes a brave soul to endure in Tom's mind and write about it. ;)


Author's Response: Hello! I think of Tom as the deeply rooted evil- but he is charming too which sort of hides it. I think poor Minny broke him actually lol.
I dunno- he is a different person then but that might be something my beta and I missed... hmm... As for brave? I am flattered but no I'm not- in a twisted Slytherin way he intrigues me...

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Review #4, by LilyLunaPotter17 Tom Riddle

13th June 2013:
Hi there! Thanks for entering my challenge!

I like the way Tom used vampire blood as an experiment with immortality, which resulted in his red eyes. Very imaginative!

A lot of people do imagine Tom/Minerva, and I like how you included that. I've not read anything about them and I think you could write another one-shot, or even a whole story, about it! I'm kind of curious how they broke each other's hearts ... I'd love to see a sequel/prequel about that!

It was a great little one-shot, but I do think you could have made it a little longer, it feels a little bit unfinished for me :/

Well done, though!

Author's Response: Thanks for such a quick response on this story- especially since I didn't get around to adding a link yet.. (Always busy..) Thank you for all the feedback! I might do a prequel yet.. Who knows. I know what you are talking about when you said it feels unfinished- I planned to write more but I took a step back and thought it would be best for the scene to stand alone. As for Minny and Tommy- I didn't want to use past lovey mush to ruin the cruel and pensive atmosphere. I really enjoyed this challenge- it took me out of my comfort zone for a bit- but I had a blast and it has led me down a new path..

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