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Review #1, by Acester86 Room 234

6th June 2015:
And here I was expecting something

Author's Response: Tess is too young for raunchy! Let her grow up a bit.

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Review #2, by Acester86 Interview with McGonagall

6th June 2015:
I haven't read further and maybe it does matter but I'm curious why you did not put the beabatons game in the 4th year HP time line as they were already at the school and a friendly rivalry match would not be out of reasonability. I could still see the Slytherin team refusing and a non player being offered the position.

Author's Response: The timeline is crucial to the story. I started with the photograph, figuring out when in Scott's life it was taken. Once I knew that, I paired it with what was going on with Harry Potter. The Tri-Wizard tournament was simply too late.

Please keep reading! I'd love to hear what you thought of the ending. I get steady reads but very few reviews.

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Review #3, by Fanfic reader The Secret Password

18th November 2014:
Great story! Really enjoying seeing where this goes.

Author's Response: I'm glad you're enjoying it! I'm having a great time writing. I'm in Chapter 18 right now, and I'm anticipating a total of 21. So, we're right at the end! You should have the final 5 chapters by late Dec, early Jan. Thanks again for reading, and please, spread the word!

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Review #4, by Fanfic reader The Obsessions of Morwena

13th October 2014:
Thank you for continuing - great to se the story develop and great characters and writing.

Author's Response: You're welcome! It's a pleasure connecting directly with readers. HPFF has been a great forum for me. Chapter 12 goes up tonight. And, I'm already drafting Chapter 14. Thanks for the kind words, and, as always, spread the word!

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Review #5, by Isabelle Strange Stares

14th August 2014:
Being a person who is rather difficult to impress, I hardly ever give 10/10 reviews. But this piece is astoundingly well-written and delightfully interesting. You captured pureblood-raised children extremely well in what is in my opinion one of the best stories on this website! Well done!

Author's Response: My first review in eight months! Thank you very much! I have just finished a very long novel, and I am taking a little break. But, very soon, I will be back to finish "Witches." Stay tuned, and tell your friends!

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Review #6, by chas Of Wands and Whispers

21st August 2013:
WOW - and it's another really good story just right for this ballpark. Lets be frank - your stories should be showing up on peoples iphone apps - they are just excellent. At one time you were considering a general story of Wrens years at school. Many would still like to see Wren in a year-by-year series.

Author's Response: Many? I like the sound of that . . . As for iphone apps, I am working hard on trying to make it "to the next level." HPFF is part of an overall strategy . . . Thanks for the comments and feedback. It really helps!

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Review #7, by RipleysCaress Foul Weather Friends

8th August 2013:
Hey KJ, :)

It's been awhile, I can't believe you're still writing! Good for you! And it seems you've made a lot of progress. First fanfiction I've read in...what two years? :s It's very well written.

I'll read the next chapters soon and tell you what I think. I'm sure they'll be wonderful.


Author's Response: Ripley! It's great to hear from you. Yes, I am still at it. I'll have new chapters of Witches, soon. Plus, coming soon - some long overdue revisions to Dragon Wand.

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