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Review #1, by Fanfic reader The Secret Password

18th November 2014:
Great story! Really enjoying seeing where this goes.

Author's Response: I'm glad you're enjoying it! I'm having a great time writing. I'm in Chapter 18 right now, and I'm anticipating a total of 21. So, we're right at the end! You should have the final 5 chapters by late Dec, early Jan. Thanks again for reading, and please, spread the word!

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Review #2, by Fanfic reader The Obsessions of Morwena

13th October 2014:
Thank you for continuing - great to se the story develop and great characters and writing.

Author's Response: You're welcome! It's a pleasure connecting directly with readers. HPFF has been a great forum for me. Chapter 12 goes up tonight. And, I'm already drafting Chapter 14. Thanks for the kind words, and, as always, spread the word!

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Review #3, by Isabelle Strange Stares

14th August 2014:
Being a person who is rather difficult to impress, I hardly ever give 10/10 reviews. But this piece is astoundingly well-written and delightfully interesting. You captured pureblood-raised children extremely well in what is in my opinion one of the best stories on this website! Well done!

Author's Response: My first review in eight months! Thank you very much! I have just finished a very long novel, and I am taking a little break. But, very soon, I will be back to finish "Witches." Stay tuned, and tell your friends!

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Review #4, by chas Of Wands and Whispers

21st August 2013:
WOW - and it's another really good story just right for this ballpark. Lets be frank - your stories should be showing up on peoples iphone apps - they are just excellent. At one time you were considering a general story of Wrens years at school. Many would still like to see Wren in a year-by-year series.

Author's Response: Many? I like the sound of that . . . As for iphone apps, I am working hard on trying to make it "to the next level." HPFF is part of an overall strategy . . . Thanks for the comments and feedback. It really helps!

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Review #5, by RipleysCaress Foul Weather Friends

8th August 2013:
Hey KJ, :)

It's been awhile, I can't believe you're still writing! Good for you! And it seems you've made a lot of progress. First fanfiction I've read in...what two years? :s It's very well written.

I'll read the next chapters soon and tell you what I think. I'm sure they'll be wonderful.


Author's Response: Ripley! It's great to hear from you. Yes, I am still at it. I'll have new chapters of Witches, soon. Plus, coming soon - some long overdue revisions to Dragon Wand.

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