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Review #1, by RedheadsKnowBest Comes the Future

26th September 2017:
Love this chapter so much. Really hoping that when you can, you will post more chapters for this story line. My favourite HP fanfiction piece. :)

Author's Response: Thank you, I have been gone for a while. Unfortunately, I'm in a bit of a bind, a key scene in the third story was written by a friend with whom I've now broken contact. It is awkward to need to credit someone in this kind of circumstance. I'm looking for ways around it, I'm not sure what is happening with it.
Thank you for your kind words, they mean an awful lot to me.

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Review #2, by Josephine Jelly Comes the Future

6th September 2015:
I'Ve really enjoyed reading this, I hope you get to post the final instalment soon! (I'm sure I dreamt that you already had!?!)

Author's Response: I had part of it up. I am about to post a re-worked chapter one of the third story, and an explanation will come with it.

Thanks for your patience.

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Review #3, by Sam Comes the Future

11th October 2013:
Like it so far, but it is a bit odd that a main character is only ever referred to by his surname. I mean from the perspective of a student who wasn't all that close to him fine, but not when he and his lover are the main characters. Sorry, I nit pick. So many fan fiction authors do this with Severus Snape cause through all 7 books he was referred to that way, so thats how we think of him. Just seems a bit impersonal when he is a primay character. Pet peeve of mine, just ignore me, lol

Author's Response: I'm not going to ignore you!!! Thanks for the nitpick. I admit, it is a bit awkward. For some reason it's more awkward for me to refer to him as "Severus." Not sure why, but maybe you're right, it's time to change it up and get over my awkwardness

The third story is going to change POV's anyway, from Snape's POV to more of an omniscient POV, so maybe this is the time to make the change.

Thanks for the feedback!

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Review #4, by Sirius_gurl Comes the Future

5th September 2013:
Anxiously awaiting the last story in the trilogy!! Any chance you'll post soon?

Author's Response: Yikes! Sorry to be so long in responding to you, there's been illness in my family. I'm working through the last story now, it's taken a rather unexpected turn and I need to work out a few details. I hope to be able to start posting chapters in a few weeks.

Thanks for being enthusiastic!!!

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Review #5, by Katrina Park Comes the Future

23rd July 2013:
Oh gosh. ^_^ This is getting good. Cant wait for the next chapter, keep up the good work!

Author's Response: Thanks!!! Hopefully a new story will be up soon.

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Review #6, by Mrs_H Comes the Future

16th July 2013:
Very satisfying sequel! The Harry/Snape finale was especially well done, and very much in character. I respect writers who create new stories without changing the basic nature that Rowling endowed her characters with, and you've managed to do that masterfully in the two stories I've read so far. I hope you complete your trilogy, and I look forward to reading it when it is complete. Thanks for sharing your stories, and your talent.

Author's Response: Thank you! I was concerned that this is so much shorter than my first, but it is the story that wanted to be told. Now on to the third story in the trilogy!

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Review #7, by lauraf68 Comes the Future

15th July 2013:
Oh!!! {Sniff, sniff}. What a wonderful chapter. I love that Severus has finally followed his heart. And I'm so glad that he and Harry have started to sweep away the past.

I am concerned with Severus' statement that he and Harry wouldn't be friends. Not that I think they need to go paling around or anything, but it seems like they could have a 'working' friendship? Alas, that is probably another time and story? :-)

I've enjoyed your story so much I hope there is just a bit more? -Lauraf68

Author's Response: Sadly, this story is at an end. But I am writing more, the school year is yet to start. There is more Snape and Alara to come!

Thanks for the kind words, they mean the world to me.

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Review #8, by Sirius_gurl Of Shakespeare and Werewolves

13th July 2013:
Keep up the great work! Love reading this story between two intriguing characters!

Author's Response: Thanks! Alara is an established character in my other two stories, it was fun to write her as a youngster.

Thanks for reading!

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Review #9, by lauraf68 Of Shakespeare and Werewolves

12th July 2013:
Dear Wildmoon,

I've caught up on the last two chapters and they are great!! I love how Alara is slowly pulling Severus out of himself. She really understands him now and knows not to react at his irascibility, which I think in turn is making Severus understand he can trust her.

I especially loved the part where Severus dropped his mind walls and 'read' Shakespeare to her-aww, my heart did a pitter-patter. :-)

Of course the ending of this chapter was wonderful and Alara was finally able to reel Severus into her arms. (He really is like a deep sea fish, have to give them a lot of line space and slowly reel them in.)

Happy Writing!! I'll be waiting and excited for the next chapter!! -Lauraf68

Author's Response: Thanks! Only one more chapter to go in this story (It's very short compared to the first one, sorry about that).

If Snape's world hasn't turned on it's heels yet, it surely is about to!

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Review #10, by lauraf68 One Step Forward

21st June 2013:
Oh---my---goodness!! Just caught up on your second story. It is amazing!!! I love it, especially this chapter. I'm also hoping Severus' 'nightmare' was really a glimpse of the future and the Hag was giving Sev a wake up call to start living his life! My goodness he's only about 38 yrs old and now has a chance to finally have a life. I hope he listens to his heart (Lily) and does.
Keep up the wonderful work!! Happy Writing! -Lauraf68

Author's Response: I'll give you a hint, it wasn't the hag! Though this may be a loose thread I don't tie up in the story, I just sort of realized this waking up this morning.

Glad you're enjoying it, the part in the graveyard was a real struggle, particularly using the word "apparition" because it means such different things between the wizarding world characters and the Muggle reader. That's not too confusing is it?

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Review #11, by cuti3pie3 The Leaky Cauldron (August, 1999)

4th June 2013:
Yay! and so it beings :P .

Author's Response: Glad to have you on board! This will be a much shorter journey, only around 25k words. But they will be life changing!

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