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Review #1, by Emily Barriers of Skin

3rd July 2016:
It's so hard to find a good George/OC fan fiction! Please update soon!

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Review #2, by Penelope Inkwell The Clearwater Remains

2nd May 2016:
Hey Jenna!

So first of all I've been terrible. I thought I had reviewed this chapter, because I'm quite sure I read (and loved) it, hitherto. I'm normally good about reviewing, but I guess I got so caught up in this when I first found it that I forgot! Sorry! On the bright side, I'm back to do it now. I saw that you'd added some chapters and I'm so excited. And I did need to brush up anyway. I never got caught up before my hiatus last year, and I'm so excited to be catching up now.

Your details are splendid! Honestly your writing style just inspires me so much. I always want to really paint the picture in my writing, and reading your work just sort of feeds that.

Itís only half-ten in the morning, and already the day is heavy.
--that description is so simple, but so relateable

Is this "Drey" the Audrey that Percy ends up marrying, I wonder? I could see how they could fall together, if he's around. After all, it must be hard when your former girlfriend is murdered. I could imagine him coming into a bar looking for comfort, and Audrey seems so sweet.

Penelope changed: she bounced around the corridors, smiled sappily at Filch as he sent a suspicious look her way, her quill scratching with sappy love poetry long after the rest of us in the dorm had put out textbooks and torches to rest.
--the bit about smiling at Filch was so great. I could just see it in this little Hogwarts love montage

Oh my gosh! You draw out the suspense and intrigue so well. Penelope has a photograph with the murdered boy? At first I thought this was just a Muggleborn thing, but is it more connected to Penelope than we realize? I am *so* curious.

My boots click on the marble floors, the great vaulted ceiling glimmering high above my head. Gringotts is a place of ancient prestige, where voices and gazes must be lowered: the very air is stale and smells of must and money.
--your description is so fantastic. Seriously, I could go on and on, just gushing over your word choice and ability to really *paint* a scene into being.

Quills scratch in stern silence
--another little snippet that I loved

Your entire description of Weasleys Wizard Wheezes is positively magical! I really enjoyed that.

Aw, George is such a cutie. I like how you're really differentiating between their personalities. The way he's a bit shyer, but immediately becomes more at ease with his brother around was a great detail.

I've never known anyone who died,
--oh this made me so sad, considering the future

Okay. They've had like 2 interactions and already, I ship it :)

CC: You know that your writing is unbelievably excellent. I just have one of those crazy minds that notices these things, and you'd mentioned before that it helps you whenever you feel like going through and tidying a chapter, so here's what I noticed in the way of typos and such.

because of itís location right behind Gringotts
-- it's = its

the assorted mix of gossiping white-haired men that once seems to find
-- once = one

Tugging my black raincoat tightly around me, I accidentally step right into a deep puddle, soaking my foot past the ankle and curse loudly.
--there should either be another comma before "and". Or else "curse" should be changed to "cursing".

and included a proud photograph of Professor Sprout, my old Herbology teacher, proudly clutching
--since "proud" and "proudly" are both used in this sentence, it might be good to use a synonym. Cutting the first proud would also work, since it's covered in your description of Professor Sprout.

No quotes from Dumbledore. Reads one cramped line in her familiar hand.
--I think this should be No quotes from Dumbledore, reads one cramped line in her familiar hand.

The word "familiar" may be getting a little overused in this chapter. I noticed it cropping up a lot.

in the ice tea Audrey has sent over our way,
--It's never previously mentioned that her name is Audrey, so this came as a bit of a surprise. It might be good to slip it into her introduction, or have her mention it personally at some point, rather than just throwing it in without us knowing how they learned her full name.

I adorn my raincoat and wander
--Adorn isn't quite the right word here. Maybe "don"?

--sp = claustrophobic

a tiny, flaming horse and rider gallop in a circle of curling, browning paper, so quickly that I nearly imagined it.
--this is a wonderful image! I loved that idea. But it might make a bit more sense as "so quickly that I nearly thought I imagined it."

"Want to see something cool?" He replies,
-- "He" here should be lowercase.

I am absolutely loving this! Your writing is so beautiful! I cannot wait to read more. Well, I might have to wait a little, bc I might fall asleep any second, but still. I cannot wait in principle. Lovely work, Jenna!


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Review #3, by nott theodore Three For A Girl

9th January 2016:
Jenna! ♥ Ah, so apparently you've been updating loads and I haven't noticed any of them, so I've been missing your writing for far too long! Clearly I need to pay a lot more attention to the archives and my favourite stories list :P

It was so great to get back to reading Verity's story again! After the way the last chapter ended, I really loved how you started this one; it almost felt like we were opening our eyes with Verity and adjusting to the new surroundings. I really liked the way that she didn't feel any regret at all and how it was clear she actually felt quite comfortable there in George's room, despite the fact she says it's awkward (which it always kind of is, to be fair). The two of them cuddling was so cute and it felt like there was a pause for a moment on everything else that's been happening to Verity - the war coming, and the fact that she's lost her best friend and is trying to find out what happened to her - and she could just be normal for a few moments. It was obvious that she'd missed that (which is only natural, especially since she was with Sebastian for so long) and I was happy that she had a few moments of normality again.

Can I just take a moment to say how adorable George was here? It's not often that I find myself smiling so much about a canon character in this sort of context, but he was so cute and sweet, and I loved the way that he behaved. He was kind of awkward but he really likes Verity and I'm so glad she didn't just dismiss him completely, because he deserves more than that. I'm really looking forward to seeing them go for a drink together and what happens from there (although part of me thinks that they might be seeing more of each other before that, from the end of this chapter).

Gemma is such a great character, and I really love reading the scenes between her and Verity too. You capture the friendship between them really well, and I think you write the dynamic of that friendship brilliantly. Gemma isn't quite her best friend, but she's the closest that Verity now has and so it makes sense that she's opening up to her a bit more now. All the same, I liked the way that they touched on the topic of what had happened to Penelope without going into it too deeply; it's not easy for Verity to talk about, and she doesn't want to get Gemma too involved in anything, either.

I don't know if Verity will actually end up going to Italy with Gemma on holiday - especially after reading the end of this chapter - but if she does, I would love to read about them visiting Rome. Or, you know, if you'd like to write a separate story about it anyway ;) It would be amazing with the way that you weave history and legends into the HP universe!

The ending of this chapter has made me quite worried about what's going to happen next - whether Verity will ever be allowed back to the shop or not. At the moment, I'm thinking not... I really liked the way that you wrote her confusion and the complete surprise at not being allowed somewhere that's her stomping ground - the details about having to pay for safe passage were really cool, too. But I can't help suspecting that the people inside the shop are the Death Eaters and they've found out that Verity has been spending time with George and so she's now not fit to work somewhere they're using for their meetings. Either that, or Borgin is trying to protect her from becoming involved in their meetings... I think either could be possible. Maybe this is where she'll go back to the Weasley twins and end up working for them?

I'm really looking forward to the next chapter, and I'm sorry I'm so behind on your wonderful stories!

Sian :)

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Review #4, by BlueThestral Three For A Girl

4th January 2016:
Wow. Sorry I din't review any of your other chapters- maybe I'll go back and do it later, because those were equally fabulous- but I just sped through your whole fic in one sitting. With guilty glances at my school bag and work the whole time. It's wonderful. I think one of my favorite parts is it's beautiful pace- I haven't been bored or overwhelmed at all, it's really been perfect. And coming from someone who vaguely knows what's going on with the whole Verity/George/Sebastian thing, I think that was very well written as well. I love all the myths and lore that's being included, all the little details about her shop and how much she loves her job is the icing on the cake. Your characters are so complex and well thought out. It's wonderful to read anything this interesting, let alone a fanfiction I get to read for free. I swear, the amount of money I spend on my beautiful books is ridiculous. But I'm rambling now- It was great, and that's that.

Author's Response: Hi! :) Thank you so much, I'm so excited to see that you're enjoying the story! :D This review really means so much to me, and I appreciate all of your kind words.

Writing the myths and little stories is one of my favourite parts of writing this story, because whatever I'm interested in at the time gets to find a place in Verity's story. Thank you, thank you! ♥

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Review #5, by Anna Three For A Girl

22nd December 2015:
Just started this story and I can't wait for it to continue!! I want to see more of George and I want to know why Ver can't go to her own blasted shop!
Keep up the great work!

Author's Response: Hey Anna! :D

Thank you so much! This makes me so happy as I have recently resumed focusing on writing this story, and it's wonderful to know that you want to read more. Hopefully I'll have the next chapter posted soon. Thank you! :D

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Review #6, by Penelope Inkwell Knockturn Alley

18th August 2015:
Another excellent chapter! I am loving this. Just the idea of a young co-owner of Borgin and Burkes is brilliant! And I like how you've taken away the assumption that Borgin & Burke are automatically pure evil. They don't follow the law, but just because we associate Knockturn Alley with Death Eaters doesn't mean everyone there was one. Mr. Burke was married to a Muggle. It makes sense, too. As Sirius would say, "the world isn't split into good people and Death Eaters."

I also like how Verity doesn't try to make it into something better than what it is, or make her father into someone better than he was. She's there for the stories, for the interesting items, and she comes across as quite sunny, but she obviously doesn't mind dealing under the table. She's a really interesting character!

"Sebastianís fine paper towels"--does he have the Viva paper towels? Because those are so nice! In college sometimes I would find them on sale and I would feel SO FANCY. You know, eating my "just add water" mac & cheese, but cleaning up with my super-nice paper towels. Sorry. Rabbit hole, here.

I could make my own financial decisions and choose to sell out my share, thus foregoing the monthly cheques that continued to arrive, addressed with the strange return address and the beak marks on the exterior.

Mr. Bertrand Borgin
The Back Room behind the False Wall

--I love two things, here. One, the detail of the beak marks on the letters. Two, "The Back Room Behind the False Wall." I LOVE that. It fits so well. It's those kind of tiny, creative details that make a story sparkle.

They glare back, and I hear small mutters of ďungrateful wenchĒ and ďupstart feminist.Ē

Ohmygosh, Verity and George are so cute! Is this going to be a thing? Because I ship it! I ship it so hard. I leave Sebastian behind on the docks as I break a bottle of champagne on the hull of the fine ship Georgity (Vereorge?) and send it sailing off into the sunset! :D


scrubbing at obscure surfaces and making ferocious faces at the owls who keep arriving with letter from my other friends.
--two questions here: (1) how are the surfaces "obscure"? Are they hidden? Difficult to understand? It doesn't seem like quite the right word, (2) "letter" should be "letters".

All of these "it's" ought to be "its"L

Each had itís price,
the collection of human bones to itís most elegant advantage
rubbing his cloth lovingly over itís bright blade
Some things had been lingering for years, waiting for the unique pair of eyes that would appreciate itís worth.
[actually, in this case, it might be better to change "its worth" to "their worth", since you're talking about "things"--multiple objects]
making the shop look itís best
check itís effectiveness in the mirror before me

of beautiful but frayed gilded mirrors
--fray doesn't seem quite the right word, as I don't know how a mirror can fray. Even if it was being used figuratively, I can't quite figure out what that would look like. Maybe "cracked", or "fragmented", or "chipped"?

the Weasley twins sneaking out after hours and always just evading of her prefect claws,
--I think you'd just say "evading", rather than "evading of"

I'm a little confused about Verity's age. If she was in Percy's year, then she should have been born in 1979, or thereabouts, so if it's 1996 she'd be around 20. But then it says that Caracatus and Elizabeth married 26 years earlier, and had Verity after one year of marriage, which would have been 25 years earlier? Am I confusing something? I'm just having some trouble getting a grasp on the timeline.

This fic really seems like something special. Did I mention that I'm really intrigued by Verity's relationship with the Borgins? I just feel like there's so much here, and I can't wait to read on!


Author's Response: Hello again my dear! :D

Thank you!! :D I'm so thrilled you like the story and the Borgin and Burke's storyline. I had actually come up with the Burke last name first, and then remembered the connection with the shop, and then all the pieces of Verity's backstory fell together. It's so fun to write as well. You're so right about your Sirius quote, and I think Borgin (and even Verity) can still be somewhat good people without always working on the right side of the law, hehe. For now, at least.

I'm glad you like Verity - I love writing her!

Haha the paper towels! I didn't have a specific brand in mind but I always feel so (falsely) luxurious when I get expensive things like that. It's too great.

I love those details too! The HP world is so detailed and weird and it's fun to tie that into these stories, especially this one.

You should totally ship it! It's a bit of a slow burn, though :P

Thanks for all the comments! I've gone through and made all the changes. :) You're a star! And nope, you were right and I made a mistake on her age. They didn't have her after a single year, but a few years passed.

Thanks so much, Penny!!! ♥ ♥

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Review #7, by Penelope Inkwell One for Sorrow

18th August 2015:
Yeah, okay. So it took me approximately 5 minutes to fall in love with this? Maybe less. And I am. I am in love with this. You always wield your words so well, but something about that combined with the tone you've created here...

It's wonderful!

So dark and gritty and mysterious and I am just absolutely in love.

And these lines!

- Awkwardly, someone begins to clap before realizing that this is a funeral and one must not clap at funerals: it might rouse the dead from their quiet solitude, or disturb the awaiting angels who hover in the wings of the little church, waiting to escort the solitary soul up to heaven. The clapping stops, abruptly, and still I do not cry.

- Like my father, like my grandfather, I am a collector. I am a collector of memories and ghosts, of thoughts and passions and regrets. I gather them like trinkets, hidden in nightmares that nobody hears and discarded like clothing or the shedding of skin. They come to me in haste, in desperation, clutching an old travelerís cloak said to have belonged to the Peverells, with wooden spinning wheels that spin on their own accord and wedding rings, never worn. In trinkets I find a mass of souls, of stories, and in telling their stories and counting the Galleons they recall a lifetime of fears and things too precious to regret.

So good. You write so beautifully. I'm glad I finally got over here and started reading this story.

As long as no former Death Eaters owe me money, Iíll be fine.Ē He smirks a little at this, but it only irritates me further.
--Oh. My gosh. Who is this guy? I do not like him. Break up with him immediately, Verity. How on earth could he be that callous? I mean, don't get me wrong, I can lean towards gallows humor myself, and I have a tendency to crack a joke when things are getting too heavy, and I don't have problems joking about death, either, if I think it's necessary. But Sebastian just comes across, overall, as someone who is saying he cares, when I'm not seeing much in the way of compassion or real sadness.

I love the magpie bit. I'm a sucker for adding nursery rhymes for a creepy, angsty tone, and the fact that Verity is a collector--it's just a really great theme to run with.


I notice in a detached way that Pennyís Mum is supported by her two sons, the three faces to alike and so unlike the girl being lowered into the ground.
--in "the three faces to alike and so unlike", it seems like maybe that "to" should be a "so".

There are also a few times "it's" is used, when it should really be "its":
- ruffles itís wings contentedly.
- itís steady rhythm just out of tune.
- Her story forever stored within me, itís ending an open question mark.

A wonderful first chapter! I'm favoriting this immediately. It has been way too long since I read one of your wonderful stories!


Author's Response: Hey Penny!! :D You are just so wonderful, I'm so glad you decided to check out this story. This is one of my oldest and most beloved stories, especially because I'm writing it right now, so I absolutely love your feedback.

I'm so glad you liked those lines! Especially the second one... it's one of my favourite parts of the first few chapters and is so crucial to Verity's identity and how she sees herself fitting into the wizarding world - and in many ways, this story is about belonging and finding human connections. It's fun to see in my own mind how she has developed throughout the story from this moment.

Sebastian can be obnoxious, sometimes almost caricature-like of a bad boyfriend. But he has his own reasons and motivations, and he and Verity just don't always meet eye to eye, so they bring out the brat in one another. It's an entertaining relationship to write, actually, since so many of the other romantic relationships I write are all happy and rosy all the time.

I love nursery rhymes in stories too! They're so fun to decipher.

Thanks for the CC, it's so helpful! :) I think I might need a beta for this story at some point when it's all finished, I always miss the little things. :P

You're the best! ♥

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Review #8, by patronus_charm The Legend of the Gemini Crowns

4th February 2015:
Hey Jenna!

Can I just say that you really do have a gift with characterisation? In every story you write each character is so unique and special and the same can be said for this story. In the first section alone we already had the grumpy but warm at heart Borgin and the old, kind, pauper with Old Wendy. Verity, especially, is great with the way she lurks on both the good and the bad side in a way and how sheís interested in everything.

I really liked the fairy tale too (if I can call it a fairy tale as it was darker than most ones!) and I really liked how you made it a Beedle and the Bard one as it was a nice touch. The inclusion of goblins was another really good thing as theyíre often neglected in the HP world, but it was nice for them to have some love here too. I just canít help but wonder now if that story will shape the events in the actual one at all or not.

Hmm, Borgin was a little suspicious, eh? Iím guessing those people have links to Death Eaters with the way Borgin was being all shady about it, maybe they had something to do with Penelopeís death? I wonder whatís Borginís history with the story too, and I guess my prediction about it having to do with the actual one was true too then!

Oooh so thereís some sort of protect the Muggleborne association and Verity was a part of it? Hmm, this is getting even more interesting! And the fact the story has turned up yet again, I really canít wait to find out more about it. Ew, for Umbridge though I hope that quick cameo from her isnít a sign that sheís going to continue to feature in this story as that would suck a lot!

Fred and George were great with all the banter! I really loved how they brought Bill and Fleur into it too, as itís nice to see how their lives were in the Hogwarts era given that not all of it was covered in the books, if that makes any sort of sense. Bahaha, the verre joke made me laugh way too much! Wait, what though? Were you possibly hinting at a possible romance between Fred and Lee, because if you were wah, I have never seen that before, and Iím not sure what to think about it, I guess itís like Ron and Hermione in a way as itís make the trio of friends a little more awkward! Aw, George and Verity though! ♥ So cute, and yayyaya for finally getting together!

A fab chapter! ♥

Author's Response: Hey Kiana! :D

Ahh, thank you!! You are so kind to me. I'm so glad you like these characters and find them unique as I really love writing them so much. Verity is a bit of a drifter between good and bad, and she's a bit oblivious for now that there are even sides.

I'm so glad you liked the fairytale! It was so fun to write and I'm glad you liked the focus on goblins as well, it's an area of magical history that I find really intriguing and would love to read more stories about.

Borgin is being shady and he tends to take advantages when they come his way even if it suggests danger.

I'm glad you liked hearing more about the story! And Umbridge is the worst. I'm already writing her in one story so I'm not sure I could handle her evilness in another. :P

I'm so glad you liked the twins here! They're so intimidating to write but I'm really pleased you liked them. Hehe, it might have been a hint, or Verity might have been misled - we shall see! I'm kind of surprised that I've never seen that ship before since it seems so natural to the Fred in my head at least. :P

Thanks so much for the gorgeous review, Kiana! ♥

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Review #9, by GalaxyDefender The Legend of the Gemini Crowns

27th January 2015:
Update soon please! I am literally dying to know what happens next. I keep guessing but I'm not sure I'm right. Christian Haynes is part of the Gemini Illuminati People right??? And he left the book etc. And who is the girl with blonde blue hair??? Is she important? AND WOAH Fred is getting it on with Lee Jordan? That would be so perfect...

Author's Response: Hello! :)

Wow, thank you! I'm so excited that you're enjoying the story, and those are some really interesting guesses. Ahh I agree, Lee and Fred would be a perfect little prankster couple. :P

I'm working slowly but surely on the next chapter right now! Thanks so much for reading and reviewing, I really appreciate it. :)

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Review #10, by nott theodore The Legend of the Gemini Crowns

12th January 2015:
Hey, lovely! Eep, I was so excited to see that
you'd updated this and not abandoned it - and I
know that I've still got to finish reading and
reviewing Sevenfold, but that's
completed and this is technically a WIP and I
don't want to let myself get as behind as I was
last year with all your wonderful stories!

Ah, I loved the opening and the way that there
was a bit of humour injected into the section
with Verity thinking exactly what I was
thinking as far as the wizarding addresses are
concerned; they're unnecessarily precise, I
think! But I was intrigued to see that she
could finally meet with Margaret Macauley and
start to find out more about what happened to
poor Penelope!

Ah, I really liked seeing Verity giving the
croissants to her friend Wendy (also oh my
goodness I'm living in France and you
just managed to make me crave croissants, how
is that possible?!) and how sweet she was
there, although I'm wondering if there's
something going on and maybe Wendy's giving
someone information about Verity or something,
since I feel like you were giving us a clue
when you talked about what kind of drink she
smelled of.

So, the fairy tale (if it can be called that)!
I loved the title for it, and I really liked
the way that your narrative style shifted in
that section - it was still recognisable as
your writing, but it fit better with the tone
of a fairy tale/legend like that than Verity's
voice. And I'm so intrigued by the actual
legend itself! It's so original to come up
with something like that which could have been
included in certain versions of Beedle's works
but then taken out of others, and it was jam-
packed with symbolism and different interesting
things that I thought made it read brilliantly.
It was so rich in detail as well as the
language matching the fairy tale and I just
thought it was a great addition, especially
since we know how much Verity loves collecting
stories as her version of jewels. And I really
loved your explanation of how the Magpie poem
came about, because of this wizarding event
that's then leaked into Muggle culture too. It
was so clever!

Hmm, I'm intrigued about what was going on with
Borgin while Verity was out - and wondering
whether he suggested her taking a break because
he knew those people were coming... I'm
certainly inclined to think so at the moment.
Part of me wonders whether these are Death
Eaters but at the same time I'm kind of
wondering if they're connected to this Order of
the Gemini that Margaret Macauley goes on to
mention during their meeting, especially since
he snapped out a denial when she asked him if
he'd heard of the story. Although I think I
have to agree with his assessment of Sebastian

The meeting with Margaret Macauley was really
interesting, and yay, Verity's finally find out
what Penelope was working on when she was
killed! I'm intrigued about whether her death
was actually related to the Death Eaters at all
now or if she uncovered something while she was
working on this article. Also, please don't
make Verity die in this story! This
possibility just came to me and I'll be so sad
if it happens - half of the reason that she's
mentioned in Jigsaw at all is because of this

That girl that Verity bumped into as she was
leaving... was she following her? Somehow
connected to Macauley? Nothing at all to do
with the plot and just an extra? I think
you're making me paranoid in my search for
details :P

The scene when Verity went to go and visit the
twins was so great - you write them really
well, and I love the way that you capture their
voices and their sense of humour! I don't
think that's easy to do at all and you manage
to write it perfectly, especially the banter
between them, putting each other down and
calling each other ginger and stuff :P

Ah, George is so cute, getting embarrassed and
blushing and stuff around Verity, and being
determined to find a way to make her forgive
him too! I also loved the way that Fred was
there giving him space but at the same time
chipping in every now and then and not being
afraid to put his brother down a bit in front
of prospective love interest - that's
definitely something that I've experienced and
it felt so realistic! Hehe, their nickname for
her was great, I loved the way that Fred came
up with it - for some reason, that really felt
like it fit in his mental processes, from what
we see of them in the books!

And oh, yes, that did escalate quickly :P I
wasn't expecting it to happen so soon in the
story but I did expect it to happen sooner or
later - now I'm intrigued to see how she reacts
to it and where they go from here!

This was another fantastic chapter and I'm so
curious about all the developments - I'm really
pleased to see this story back and being
updated! ♥

Sian :)

Author's Response: Hey Sian! :D Haha the structure of this review is so funny, weird how it did that. It's like a poetry review. :P

I feel so guilty about neglecting this story! My goal for this year is to update it at least once a month so with fingers crossed hopefully that will come true, because I really missed Verity!

Haha, wizarding addresses are pretty silly. :P I'm glad you liked this chapter, it was a lot of fun to write and an important one for the mystery aspect of the story. Wendy has been around since the beginning but there is an important scene coming up with her which is where the story takes a big shift... but that's all I'll say for now. :P

I loved writing the fairytale! It was my favourite part of the chapter by far. Verity does love collecting stories, and I like how in the Potterverse any fairytale can have some sort of truth because it's all magical anyway.

We know from canon that Borgin likes to help powerful people and keep his own nose clean while still profiting, so those are very good guesses. :P

Aw!! Yay, that makes me so happy! Verity is one of my favourite main characters to write (sometimes even more than Tor) and I love reading about her as well.

Hehe, well being paranoid is always a good thing, right? Especially in mysterious stories!

I'm so excited that you like how I write the twins! I don't think I really measured the difficulties of canon characters when I began this story, so it's a real relief to hear that. The banter is quite entertaining to write. And I imagine the twins wanting to help one another flirt but also not being able to resist embarrassing them a bit - and I imagine them being even worse if one of their other siblings is trying to flirt with someone and they can gang up against them.

Hehehe. I knew that scene was coming for a long time and I had the morning after scene written a while ago, so I was excited to finally have it happen. The next chapter is going to be quite emotional and eventful.

Thanks so much for the wonderful review, Sian! You're the best! :D

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Review #11, by alicia and anne One for Sorrow

28th August 2014:
Hello! I am here for the review exchange! :D

I must say that I loved your first line, it was so intriguing and definitely worked in getting me hooked! I really want to know who died, how they died, when they died?

Oh no! It's Penelope! I'm glad that Sebastian is there for Verity.

Your descriptions are wonderful and you really got across the pain that she was going through and the numbness and I loved how it fit in with the mood of the weather. And how her magic is being affected by the state that she's in.

Ooo she works at Borgin and Burkes, that's unusual, I love it!

Oh no, Sebastian doesn't seem too happy about her speaking like that. :S I'm not sure I'm liking Sebastian, he's being too cold about certain things and I'm feeling suspicious of him, like he knows more than he's letting on and he cares more about how people would portray him instead of worrying about grieving for his friend.

I hope that she can perform magic again, although I'm hoping that a knight in shining armour comes and saves her and shows her how to be happy again! :P

I really really like this story and I can't wait to read more and see how it develops. An absolutely brilliant start! :D

Author's Response: Hi Tammi!! :) Sorry for taking so awfully long to reply to your lovely review!

Ah, I'm so glad you liked the first line! It really sums up this section of the story really well. I'm glad it stirred up some suspense!

I'm so glad you liked the descriptions and the effects of Verity's grief. I really love writing her character because she's so independent and introspective, and Borgin and Burke's is so fun to write.

Seb is a little cold, and he doesn't come across the best through Verity's eyes at this point. He has a certain way of dealing with grief that she doesn't quite understand and is a bit alienating.

Thanks so much for such a wonderful review, darling! :)

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Review #12, by nott theodore Trouble

14th August 2014:
Hi Jenna! Yay, finally caught up on another one of your amazing stories (which means just about twenty more chapters of others to go, right? :P)

I thought you wrote the opening scene of this chapter really well! It was interesting to read because I think that the reader almost had more knowledge about what was happening than Verity did, since she doesn't really know anything about the Order or what she was doing there with George, only that they're about to get into trouble. She'd have been fine if she'd taken Veritaserum, but George would have ended up spilling all sorts of secrets, which wouldn't have been great! I'm glad that Hestia was there as well to help them out and go and fetch Kingsley and Arthur when she realised who it was that the intruders were, because otherwise Dawlish could have caused an awful lot of trouble for them! It makes the incident fit really well with canon, too; if it had gone further, Harry and the others would have been sure to hear about it, but as it is, I can imagine that the Order would have kept it hidden from them.

You do a great job of portraying some of the more major characters from the series, even if it's only when it comes to small appearances. I thought Arthur in particular fit really well with what we know from the books, and the way that he kind of left the disciplining up to Molly :P Also the slip, when he almost mentioned Percy and then stopped himself from doing, worked really well to remind us of the rift in the family - obviously at this point we know more about it than Verity does, but she's able to pick up on a few things.

I absolutely love the way that you weave so many interesting stories and myths and legends into this story through Verity's interest in them! It's so fascinating to read about all of the different things and wonder how they might apply to her life and what effect they have on her, but also interesting to learn about and imagine!

Okay, I wasn't quite expecting Sebastian and Verity to go on a break so quickly after what had happened, especially when she said that she'd kept the fact that she almost kissed George under wraps, but I did think that something of the sort was on the way. I suppose that something like what happened in the Ministry would be hard to hide in the wizarding world, since a lot of people seem to have all sorts of connections to each other and news must travel fast, so it makes sense that Sebastian overheard it being talked about. Even if Verity says that she didn't consider it a date (I think she did though, a bit!), I felt kind of sorry when I heard that George was disappointed he hadn't been able to impress her like he'd been hoping to! I can understand why they'd go on a break though, and all of the grievances that were aired between them seem reasonable - I don't think it can be blamed on Sebastian solely, or Penelope's death. Both of them are partly to blame and just growing apart as they get older and do different things in their lives, but I think the fact you're showing that makes it much more realistic.

I'm glad that Christian has decided to try and help Verity find out more about what Penelope was doing and what caused her to be killed, but I'm really intrigued about what she could have been involved in! It sounds like it might be an organisation similar to the Order but it's obviously not that, and it's interesting that he physically can't speak about it.

Ugh, Scabior was so creepy when he came into the shop! You captured his character really well from that small glimpse we see of him in the Deathly Hallows. It's quite nice to see that there is a seedier side to the shop, and while Verity normally seems quite comfortable and quite at home with everything there, it's not that easy sometimes.

Hmm, I'm so intrigued about what Penny was doing! I love the way that you've brought the title in, with Magpie - I wonder if Verity will get involved in whatever it is they do? I'm trying to remember if I've heard the name Margaret Macauley before in this story, but I'm looking forward to finding out who she is!

This was another brilliant chapter, Jenna, and I'm looking forward to the next one now! (And hopefully chance to catch up on a few more chapters of your others, too!)

Sian :)

Author's Response: Hey Sian! :D You are so awesome for reviewing all my stories like this. I really don't know what I would do without you! Thanks so much for all the support. ♥

The beginning was definitely full of dramatic irony, hehe. I knew that Verity didn't even really need to know what was going on because the reader would be able to fill in the blanks, like you said. Yes, I imagined the Order would keep it quiet and probably try to forget about the whole incident while also cutting Fred and George out of the action for a while, so I'm glad it didn't contradict canon. :)

I was cringing the whole time while writing that scene because it was so awkward to get caught that way. I just hate getting in trouble and Verity was definitely quite uncomfortable, poor girl. :P

I'm so pleased you liked Arthur, since you're the queen of writing Weasleys. :P He's so sweet and funny, but it was fun to write him angry too. I'd say the twins would definitely get a stronger scolding from Molly, although seeing mild-mannered Arthur angry might be even scarier if they really warranted it.

Writing the myths and little stories that cross Verity's path is so much fun! I love thinking up ways to tie in stories and how they influence her and come into the shop.

I felt that it was time to split Verity off from Sebastian. For a long time they stayed together out of convenience but I felt that once they made the first step of going on a break, it would be easier to separate emotionally and physically, at least for now. I feel like the perspective of the story skews the relationship in Verity's favour, but she hasn't been trying the hardest to be a good girlfriend to Sebastian either, so I'm glad shows.

Hehe, I see George as thinking that Verity is a lot more hardcore and wild than she really is. He thinks that because she works in a dark arts shop and is really independent that he needs to impress her by being really wild, when really she'd probably be impressed by him showing her an old antique book or something. :P He's starting to catch on a little more, though.

Christian definitely has some ulterior motives for helping Verity, and he was involved in something mysterious even if Verity hasn't quite figured that out yet. I'm glad you liked Scabior, or at least how creepy he was. There definitely is a darker side to the shop which Verity sometimes overlooks because she loves it, but it is ultimately used as a tool by the Death Eaters so that has to be accounted for as well.

Thank you so much for an amazing review, Sian!! :D

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Review #13, by nott theodore Secrets and Mysteries

13th August 2014:
Hi again, dear! (Unfortunately another phone review so plenty of typos in store!)

Ah, I can't believe that Verity didn't even realise the connection between Christian Haynes and Penny at first when the death of her best friend has been playing on her mind so much! It's frustrating but very believable - at least Haynes hadn't realised the connection either so he didn't really have time to prepare himself for the meeting!

Sebastian is kind of annoying at the moment, and I can understand why Verity is getting so frustrated with him. When he was talking about Midas it was so mean, although I love the mythical reference with his name because I think his fortunes will change soon, with,the Weasley twins investments and stuff. I can't blame him entirely, though - I get the feeling that neither Sebastian nor Verity is really that interested in the other person's problems anymore, and I can imagine the relationship will just run its course.

Hmm, the conversation with Christian was really interesting! I can't work out what Penny might,have been involvws in that brought about her murder, so I'm looking forward to finding out. Maybe the people Christian gets in touch with will be trouble for her though?

I loved the frustration with Judah that's coming through in this chapter too because I,can imagine that prompting the move to the joke shop. Drey is really fun and I'd like to see more of her in the future. It made me laugh that Percy had left her his information!

I love the way you write the twins in this, they're so in character! But George has taken a massive risk taking Verity there and I can imagine both of them being in trouble with the Order as well as the Ministry now. The moment between them was so cute though, and this was another great chapter!

Sian :)

Author's Response: Hola!! :)

It is frustrating! In a way it would be the last person to expect was involved somehow because it's almost too convenient how he showed up, so I'm glad you found it believable.

He is annoying, isn't he? Sebastian is a bit of a snob, but the kind which roots from being insecure about himself as a teenager. I'm glad you liked Midas though and are rooting for him. :P And yeah Verity makes Sebastian out to be annoying but at the same time she's not always the nicest to him either, so it runs both ways. They both could be trying harder.

The new chapter that I'm about to put up with have some sneaky hints about what Penny was involved in, though not necessarily why somebody would want to kill her for it. There will definitely be some tricky people.

I'm glad you liked Drey! It was pretty funny, Percy took a bit of a shining to her as they say. :P We're definitely going to be seeing a lot more of her.

I'm so glad you find the twins in character, I'm always so worried when writing them! Yeah, George is being a bit too reckless and he does have to face consequences. I imagine the twins as being a little too daring sometimes and this is one of those moments for sure.

Thanks so much for yet another fantastic review!!! :D ♥

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Review #14, by nott theodore Two for Joy

13th August 2014:
Hi Jenna! Okay, this is a phone review so will probably be shorter than normal and have typos in, but I wanted to leave one!

I was really happy to see the title of this chapter as it meant that there was more chance for things to start looking up for Verity here, which they did a bit and I was pleased about that! I think I was happiest about the way her magic is actually slowly returning to her so she might be able to do more in the future.

Hmm, I'm not sure what Rumple's thinking, letting a couple of Muggles move into a magical building in a magical area. It certainly doesn't seem like a great idea but I'm intrigued to see what happens with them, and if there are some potential disturbances now,that they live in the same building!

It was quite nice to see a bit more of Verity with Sebastian in circumstances that are slowly returning to normal. Their relationship seems realistic and believable and yet I can see them growing apart, and understand why Verity would start having feelings for George as well.

I love the way that you described the Irish night at the pub, especially with all the music which is so beautiful. I was expecting George to be there with Fred, but not for Percy to turn up with friends too, so it was interesting to see the way that you portrayed their fight.

George was so cute here! All the flirting was quite a nice lift from the misery Verity has been feeling so far and it was cute to see the way he was disappointed to find out,she had a boyfriend. I'm excited to see how their,friendship/relationship develops, but glad she doesn't easily believe George about Voldemort. I think a lot of people probably didn't because it was easier not to.

Seeing all of the tension between Verity and Judah makes me wonder if she'll leave the shop voluntarily to work with George, or be pushed out and lose her inheritance and half of,the business.

The ending was great! I expected Verity would have to do a lot more to,find Christian Haynes but now I'm wondering what she'll find out from him and why he's friends with Judah, which isn't what I expected when I learnt about his connection with Penelope. Great chapter, and I look forwsrd to reading the next one!

Sian :)

Author's Response: Hey Sian! :D Woohoo I am really excited to respond to your Magpie reviews because the newest chapter is about to go up and reading these is a great refresher for earlier chapters. :P

I love how every time you say it's a phone review it almost ends up being longer than usual. ♥ hehe.

Things are getting a bit better for Verity! The story really did start out in a bad way but she's starting to find herself a little more and realize the positive things in her life.

Rumple is completely money-motivated and desperate to rent out that flat, even though it will probably lead to trouble and possibly get him in trouble with the Ministry. :P I was excited to move them in and see what might happen because there will definitely be some trouble.

I'm glad you liked seeing her relationship with Sebastian and why they're together in the first place. I felt it would be realistic for them to be growing apart but still have some good and normal moments too. Of course, at the moment she finds her new crush a little more fun than her old boyfriend but that felt right for the place where their relationship is at the moment.

I loved writing the scene at the pub! There will definitely be more because it's a really fun atmosphere to write about. Hehe, Percy. I just can't resist throwing Percy in. He's just the perfect catalyst for drama.

The flirting is so fun to write! While of course George wants to be Verity's friend too he's still attracted to her and senses that she likes him too. I agree, it would be easier not to believe in Voldy but also kind of frightening to. And why should they believe, if there had been no signs (that they knew of) for years?

Christian Haynes is definitely an important character who appears conveniently in Verity's life, whether by fate or coincidence or something else. I'm so glad you liked this chapter, thanks so much for the great review!!! :D

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Review #15, by nott theodore Londoners

7th August 2014:
Hi Jenna! I was just looking at the last review I left on this story and realised that it's almost a year ago now! :O That's just so awful, I'm so sorry! Hopefully I can start catching up on some of these chapters while I have a bit of free time (it would be really helpful if you could slow down your updating, just for a bit :P)

This was a really lovely chapter to come back to! Verity's been having such a difficult time recently and even though things are far from resolved for her - there's probably a lot worse to come - it was nice to see some change in parts of her life and things starting to look up for her a little bit!

I really enjoyed the opening of this chapter when we got to see a little bit more about the friendship between Verity and Penelope when Penelope was alive. Obviously Penny's death has had such a massive effect on Verity at the moment and she's grieving a lot, but it's really nice to get a glimpse of some of the aspects of their friendship. It was so lucky for Verity that Penelope was there for her when her mother died, because at that time you need a friend, and I think that really helped to show just how strong their friendship had been. But because of that, Penelope's death is only going to hit her even harder, not only because they were the same age, but because Penelope had been the one who supported her through the other difficulties and for Verity to be missing her as well now is just going to be even worse.

Aw, that line comparing Penelope to Persephone was just amazing! Obviously your description and writing is always brilliant, but I loved that allusion and the way that it worked with Penelope's death and showing just how much of an impact it had had on Verity. The emotions that it evokes are really strong and that shows how Verity's feeling too.

Your descriptions of London were really amazing in this chapter too. I know it's one of your favourite cities and I think you definitely did it justice by making it sound so beautiful and highlighting all of the different places that there are to go, especially away from the touristy spots.

When it comes to Verity and Sebastian's relationship, I kind of feel like it's not just a matter of what's happened recently with Penelope's death and them leaving school and getting jobs, but that maybe they're just changing and growing apart as they do so - maybe their relationship has run its natural course? I can see it coming to an end fairly soon, especially with the way that the cracks were really showing when Verity was just getting so irritated with the different things that Sebastian was doing, and of course George is starting to creep on the scene as well (since Verity didn't want to run into George when she was out with Sebastian, there are definite feelings there, even if she's not sure about them yet!). I wonder if they'd have carried on as normal or if Penelope's death is going to be a sort of catalyst for change in that way.

Having said that, I did really enjoy reading the section about their date and day out in Muggle London. It's nice that they can still do something like that without being worried about what's happening in their world since the war hasn't really come to the forefront yet, but the descriptions of the places that they visited were great as well. I'd never really thought of all the different wizarding artifacts that might accidentally turn up in Muggle shops, especially old antique places and things like that, so it was really cool to see Verity going through the different products and finding things that she could buy for the shop. She's definitely got a great business mind and I can see her doing really well when she moves to the Weasleys' shop too.

Haha, the episode with the landlord and the downstairs neighbours made me laugh :P I felt quite sorry for Rumple, to be honest, because that woman definitely gave as good as she got!

I thought the Scottish guy who sort of followed Verity into the shop was really creepy and I thought you did a great job of writing his accent, because I was hearing the tale told in that voice as I read it. It's strange, but I've actually read something about Burke and Hare recently, so seeing them included here was really cool! I love the way that you incorporate different tales and legends into this story, even if this one was rather gruesome!

Hmm, I wonder what Dawlish was doing going to the shop? I loved the way that Verity used his approach to get a cheaper price for the wallet, although I was wondering whether Dawlish was actually there to check anything in the shop or if he had an actual purpose, like speaking to Verity about the murder.

Ooh, that ending was quite dramatic and I wasn't expecting it - I'm not sure what's going on with the book, although it reminded me of the book that Terry and Tor used to communicate... I'll be back soon to read more!

Sian :)

Author's Response: Hey hey!! ♥

Don't be sorry at all! After all I took way too long to get to answering your amazing review! ♥ This makes me really want to hustle and get the next chapter of this story up because it's been sitting half-written on my computer for ages. :P

Things are definitely looking up for Verity a bit! Penelope and Verity offered a lot of support for one another and losing that is hard for Verity, as well as mourning Penelope herself. Penny's death reminds Verity of her mother's death and not having her friend as a support system while grieving now is quite sad for her.

Ah, thank you! ♥ I'm so glad you liked that line! Verity is one of the more poetic-minded characters that I've written as a narrator.

Hehe, I'm so glad you liked the comments about London! Ah, I just love it so much and writing about it really helps me to remember my love for it. :P

I think you're completely right about Verity and Sebastian's relationship. It was a little iffy for a while and they're together partly out of habit. Verity is definitely crushing on George a bit and frankly he tries to impress her far more than Seb does so it makes sense that she would be feeling a bit conflicted. :P

I'm glad you liked the date! It was the sort of comfortable thing that they would do together and I wanted to show that they are very close and do get along. Verity's interest in the shop is one of my favourite things about this story and I really liked writing that section.

Hehe, I'm glad you liked the scene with the neighbours! Flat drama is always funny and I imagine that when you throw wizards into the mix it's even better.

I'm glad you thought the accent was done well, I was a bit worried! Writing accents is so tricky and I had an idea of his voice in my head and really wanted it to sound right. The Burke and Hare story is pretty awful but definitely makes good local lore and is relevant to the shop so it fit quite well.

Dawlish is pretty sketchy at this point, and Verity's unease around him is definitely relevant. :P She has pretty good instincts when it comes to people and I quite like writing creepy Dawlish, haha.

Thanks so much for the wonderful review, Sian!! I really appreciate it!! :D ♥

(Just realized that I put SO many hearts in this response, hehe)

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Review #16, by patronus_charm Trouble

9th April 2014:
Finally here!

Ooh this was a really interesting chapter! I loved the start of it, it was so dramatic. I really hoped their cloak would be one like Harryís and couldnít be summoned but I guess it not being part of the Hallows does make it less likely :P Gah, Dawlish, I always hated that guy, though I canít help but fear for Verity that heís only going to go out of his way to annoy her even more now. Plus, the fact he saw that Umbridge had it in for George certainly doesnít look good, so weíll just have to hope everything works out for them.

Arthurís cameo was lovely and I really enjoyed seeing him there, and I do hope we get to see more of the Weasley family as time passes. They made such a funny trio and even though it was meant to be a serious situation as they got caught breaking into the Ministry, they still all had their little banter going and that just lightened the mood. Aw, they were just all so cute and thatís all I can really say :P

Whoo, theyíre going on a break! Sebastian was rather creepy in that section, though I think it may have just been the comment about snogging which made me think that, as itís making me wonder who heís got his sights on and whether heís been having an affair or not. Ooh, I really hope this brings George and Verity closer too as that would be so sweet and I would really love for that to happen.

More information about the secret society! And a secret book too! I canít decide which one will be more interesting as I imagine the first will shed more light on Penelopeís death and perhaps which side she was really working for. Then with the book it could be linked into that or it could be linked into George as I have a feeling it might be from him.

A great chapter :D


Author's Response: Hola! :)

Hehe, so much drama! I wanted to make that whole scene quite awkward for Verity, and just to show how unlucky she is. And Dawlish definitely has his eye on Verity, and not in a good way. I felt that Dawlish and Umbridge would be cronies (or at least fake friends :P) and so he would follow her pretty loyally and hate those she hated.

Aw, I'm so glad you liked Arthur! Writing the Weasleys was quite intimidating but I enjoyed it. Arthur is one of those characters who is quite light-hearted and easy-going, but of course he has his passionate moments as well, so I enjoyed balancing his parental figure with his lovely, teasing Arthur-ness. His fatherly concern for Verity was very important as well.

Yes! Sebastian is creepy and moody, but we're seeing him through Verity's eyes and she's quite sick of him and being a little mean. After all, she did kiss somebody else, and Seb isn't strictly a bad guy. But I'm excited to post the next few chapters so you guys can see what happens as well! :D The drama is far from over.

Ooh, I love your theories about the book. I've been carrying this chapter around in my head for a while when working on Camp NaNo but replying to this review is making me excited to post it.

Thanks so much for the amazing review, Kiana! ♥

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Review #17, by Rumpelstiltskin Trouble

8th April 2014:
Dawlish *grumble grumble*.

Perhaps I should have begun by saying hello (hai!)...

Anyway, poor Verity can't get away with anything, can she? Well, she DID sneak into the Department of Mysteries (and kissed George), but I'm going to blame everything on Dawlish due to his natural ability to be a vile person. She thinks she can trust him because he's an 'authority of the law'? Eheheh...she's so wrong. As for George, well, he does have a bit of a reputation (specifically tying himself to the Ministry through the fun-tastic exit of Hogwarts during Umbridge's reign). Luckily for the pair of them, Arthur and Kingsley work for the Ministry.

So, they are free and clear from the Ministry, but George still has to answer to the Order now (that can't be a delightful experience...), and of course Molly (which is equally frightening). It's not so terrible to want to call their little break-in to the Ministry a date. She's been having relationship issues, and it may be natural to want to look elsewhere (though, she should probably end things with Sebastian first). AND it's George, well, you know.

Verity hasn't met Molly, has she? Haha, George has good reason to fear the wrath of Molly Wealey ;). Good old Borgin... I love that he expected her to bring something back from her escapade (or at least attempt to).

Aw, Sebastian's a bit of a scaredy-cat, isn't he? That amuses me :D. Oh gods, he knows *covers eyes*. Of course he knows, he has connections! Just tell him before he questions you about it! Do it! Wow, evidentily I crack under pressue. Anyway, taking a break sounds reasonable and logical. Wait, why is her relationship reasonable and it because there's some strain in this relationship? Yes, yes I think so! (I'm just really excited that they're taking a 'break'.) Aaand, she glanced into the tower. I think that she subconsiously doesn't want that relationship to work out... *cough*. I may be biased though, because, GEORGE!

At least Christian is being mildly helpful, and I'm overly curiuos about what happened before Penelope died. Hopefully, we'll get some answers for that soon. Ha, Judah's trying to ask Verity on a date.

Scabior's a pleasant fellow, isn't he? Verity handled that very well, and I'm assuming, in her trade, she's used to shady and unpleasant customers. I would have told him where he could have shoved the hand of glory...*ahem* which is why I'm not in customer service.

Ending on a mysterious storybook is mean! This was awesome! I can't wait for more!


Author's Response: Hai! :)

Ugh, Dawlish, I know. He actually makes an excellent mini-villain though, since he's just so useless.

Verity, if you haven't noticed, tends to have things go wrong and get herself into awkward situations. Haha, but she did let George lead her into mischief here. They really got lucky with getting off the hook, and it's a good thing Kingsley was on call to save the day with Arthur. :P

Haha, George really has a good scolding in his future, poor guy. He just wanted to impress Verity with how adventurous he is. I'm glad you approve of her relationship choices when she leans towards George - I feel like it's only natural considering her strained relationship with George.

She hasn't met Molly yet! But sometimes soon, perhaps. And yeah, I just love Borgin. I feel like in the books he was so much creepier but I like the Verity-Borgin relationship a lot.

He is! But I don't blame him, I would be terrified of the ghosts as well. And oh god, yes, that scene was SO awkward for me to write. I was just cringing the whole time for both of them. Haha, I'm glad you like the decision to go on a break, and I'm excited to post what happens next with all of that. And yes, George. ♥

He is! For now... and I'm excited to tell the readers what did happen with Penelope! It's this big convoluted plot but it's quite fun and crazy. Oh dear, Judah would never be voluntarily nice to Verity. :P But who knows!

Ah, Verity does have some experience with these shady characters. She has a cool head on her shoulders and she's good at keeping a good face for customers, but she also has been quite lucky so far. Haha, agreed! Customers are evil, and Verity's are often actually evil. Dark Marks and all.

Thanks so much for the brilliant review!!! :D

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Review #18, by Rumpelstiltskin Secrets and Mysteries

20th February 2014:
Can I do some Sebastian hating? Maybe just a little? Okay, here goes (and I do it as lovingly as possible). All Verity is looking for is a little sympathy for the chaos she's dealing with at work, but does Sebastian come through? Nope, he's all 'this place is a dump regardless' (or something to that extent). Then, she's all smiling (most likely dreamily) when she tells him that George walked her home from the pub, aaand he doesn't even get jealous!

*Cough* Sorry. I'm done now. So, the Midas joke was pretty awesome. Actually, I'm absolutely in love with it! It's going on my quote wall! I'm running out of wall!

Christian is super shady! He gives me the creeps, kind of like Dawlish. The society is also really shady. Gosh, I can't decide if they may have been involved in Death Eater activity or were acting against that sort of idea. Whatever they were involved in, its mysterious enough that Verity is of course going to investigate! How could she not? Maybe she could tell me when she figures it out! ;)

I also love the spinning wheel! You're always throwing some mythology or fair tale essence my way! Well, I'm sure they're not directed for me, but I'll pretend because they never fail to excite me! :D

O.O Oh Verity! Don't cry! Okay, well it's understandable why she would be crying...there's a ton going on right now. Where's George? He could make her feel better. Drey seems to be doing the trick for now, anyway. Heheh, poor Percy. Being the responsible type, of course he ended up paying...poor guy. Those twins are trouble-makers ;).

Speaking of. Hooray for adventure! I love that Verity is going on said 'adventure' with the twins! Oh goodness, they're sneaking into the Ministry! They can't just sneak into the Ministry! Well, they *can* but that doesn't mean that they should! *Covers eyes*

No, wait, KISSES! *SQUEE* Hooray! They kissed! I mean, she probably shouldn't be kissing George while she's still dating Sebastian, but KISSES!! :D

Uh-oh! Gah! You can't end the chapter there! :( I'm so excited for the next one!! Where is it?



Author's Response: Hello! :)

Oh of course, Sebastian totally deserves some hate here. You have him spot on with how he doesn't see that Verity needs her to agree with him. He's taking her for granted here, but potentially not for long if he finds out about the events at the end of the chapter... :P

Hehe yay for Midas! :) I'm so glad you liked it.

He is super creepy! So is the society... well, there's more to come about that in the near future. It's quite fun coming up with it, I'm excited to reveal more to the readers. Verity would have been a detective in another life, she really wants to find out what happened to Penny!

Yay, I loved the idea of the spinning wheel! :D It's so fun, tying in mythology and little stories to the shop, and I love how you enjoy them!

There is! George would be a good shoulder to cry on indeed. :P Hehe, I know, poor Percy! Ah well, he could probably afford it and does deserve it a little bit.

George's attempt to impress Verity was bound to backfire in some way. :P Muahaha *evil author laugh*, I've had this planned for ages so was so happy to finally have it out.

Kisses! :D Kisses that might get somebody in trouble later, but I'm glad you liked them! :)

Thanks so much for the brilliant review, next chapter will hopefully be up in the next couple of weeks! :) I loved this, you are an awesome reviewer! :)

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Review #19, by patronus_charm Secrets and Mysteries

12th February 2014:
Ah, I have so many things of yours to catch up on and one night to do it in so letís get ready for a review bombing session!

Yay trouble in paradise for Sebastian and Verity. Ok, a little mean as obviously it makes Verity very M rated word off with him, but yeah, that can be forgotten about once she finds George and they realise theyíre made for one another :P He was just so ew and aggravating in the beginning of this chapter with the smoking and being mean to Midas, and just have that general Iím so cool look at me attitude. And yeah, he made me really angry. :P

I really liked how Penelope made that link for Verity to find him and it just makes me wish I could have seen her alive because she sounds so cool with the underground work and secret clues, like the perfect best friend for Verity really. Hmm, what to make of Christian though? At first I was just like I want to see more of him as the whole Penelope leading her to him was really cool, but now I have a feeling there might be something more to him with the nonchalant air when talking about the society (or it could be a test, I havenít finished reading the chapter yet!). Either the way the mystery surrounding him is great!

Drey was great! The perfect sort of character really as she was just so real and lovely and I wanted to see more of her. At first I thought she might be Tonks with the whole wotcher thing, but in a way her really cool characterisation made up for it as she was similar to Tonks with her liveliness. I think it was just the mix of things in her personality with the compassion by leaving school to look after her mother, and then the madness with the way she left the bank for the pub. Sheís just exuberant, and a fantastic character to study as there are so many layers to her!

Ahahahahah, Fred and George were perfect and then he took her on guard duty and was just going to die because their banter was perfect and they were just getting along so well. Then the way they nearly kissed. I was just like awefdowejf, seriously, I did not know how to cope. Then the ending Ė so dramatic! I really canít think her favourite Auror could be but I have a feeling you might have hinted to us beforehand, so I will have to wrack my brains!

Such a fantastic chapter :D


Author's Response: Hi Kiana! :D First of all, you are so awesome for review bombing me. I remember signing in on that day and being so excited to see all the reviews, and really meant to reply before then but essays got in the way. They always do. :(

Anyway, thank you! :) I'm so excited to be writing this story again and getting this feedback is really lovely and helpful.

Hehe, Verity and Sebastian aren't very good at not having trouble, even if it's just minor passive aggressive trouble. Verity is sensitive and Sebastian is tired of tiptoeing around her, and so these types of scenes ensue. :P I'm glad you're leaning towards team George however! Ugh, it made me angry writing about it as well, I'm glad that irritation came across!

Aw, Penelope is so sneaky! I really love writing her mystery and I'm excited to really get into it soon in upcoming chapters. There will definitely be more flashbacks to Penny at Hogwarts as well. :) Hmm, good idea to be suspicious about Christian. There's definitely more to him than meets the eye, and he's a lot of fun to write in all his sneakiness and vague answers.

Yay, I'm so glad you like Drey! :) She and Gemma are just so funny to write. She is rather Tonks-ish now that I think of it! I'm excited for the readers to see more of her as well as she does have a specific role to play in the story. :)

Hehe, I'm really happy you like the twins. :P They're so nerve-wracking to write but I do love them so. Ahh, I know! Verity's favourite Auror is a bit of a sarcastic statement on her part, if that gives you any clues. Although the Auror is a favourite of mine because he's quite clueless.

Thanks for the brilliant review, Kiana! :D I really loved it, and getting your feedback is so encouraging in getting the next chapter finished and posted! ♥

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Review #20, by lindslo2012 One for Sorrow

10th February 2014:
Hi there!
Just wow... this was REALLY good.
I loved every single sentence, and you are very good at writing detail- something I wish I could get a little better at. :)
This is a very good start to your story and although it is sad it tells your story and plot very well. I enjoyed it! I think I am going to come back and read the other chapters when I have time.
Until next time,

Author's Response: Hi Lindsey! :)

Wow, thank you so much! :) I'm so happy to hear you like this story. I've recently returned to focusing on it a little more and getting this positive feedback is really encouraging and lovely.

I'm glad you liked the description and the sadness, and that you're interesting in reading on! :D

Thanks so much for the lovely review!

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Review #21, by Rumpelstiltskin Two for Joy

1st February 2014:
Oh goodness, read the last chapter of FotT, or the newest chapter of Magpie (I had to flip a coin)!

Oh boy and we begin the chapter with some Rumple, which, of course means self-insertion. Yes, thank you! I love that he (I) doesn't even take time to remember his (my) tenant's names. Well, I suppose that he (I) just care about their money :D. I found it funny that he (I) let Muggles move into a magical apartment building, in a magical neighborhood. Surely he (I) can't be serious!

The old Scotsman returns! Too bad Verity hadn't been there to intervene, although it's probably better that she didn't have to interact with him. Heh, Verity on an adventure to find valuable objects would probably not work out so well until her magic stopped being finicky.

Every time you intertwine Penelope's memory into the story, it reminds me of how much she's probably on Verity's mind, most of the time. So many little things remind Verity of Penelope, which is how grieving really works. I remember when my father died, the smallest of things would remind me of him (or maybe it would give me an excuse to think about him). Anyway, I found the correlations (even if they would be seemingly otherwise insignificant to her life) that she makes between certain things and Penelope to be realistic (and lovely).

I love how she begins to confide in Borgin about her uncertainties about (basically) enjoying herself so close to Penelope's death. His answer made me chuckle, and then his queries on whether she had somebody more appropriate to talk about those things really made me laugh. I like Borgin, he'll be my buddy for now.

"I tell Sebastian, voice hinged with as much sincerity as Professor Snape offering to help the House Elves bake cookies" -- Just, oh my goodness. That really made me laugh. I think that I'll forever have an image of Snape baking with House Elves in my mind.

Sebastian doesn't seem all that much fun. Maybe it's just a biased judgement because, hey, George Weasley ;). It just seems like someone like Verity (who pretends to be a famous Muggle while she's all dressed up, and then trips :p) is a little different than Sebastian. She seems fun, and he seems...not-so-much fun.

The dynamic of Verity being able to distinctly tell the difference between George and Fred is brilliant. Percy, his royal pratness. :D

Oomph. Verity shouldn't feel bad for having forgotten about Penelope for a moment. I mean, yeah, the way to keep a person living is by remembering them, but she shouldn't feel guilty for thinking about herself once and a while. I completely understand why she does, but it may just be part of the reason why she hasn't been able to use her magic properly -- she can't let go. Of course she can't, losing a friend is tragic, and this is all apart of the grieving process. :( Oh the feels.

It has to be irritating, being known as Sebastian's girlfriend, and simply not Verity. I had a bit of that in my life -- always somebody else's something, but not just me. Now I'm me ;), and 'me' is fantastic :D. Erm. I've become side-tracked again. At least Percy recognizes her as Verity.

They charged the drinks to Percy's tab. Heheh, poor Percy. Gah, Verity, listen to George about You-Know-Who! Listen!

Judah is a little bit off, isn't he? Hm. I don't think I like Judah very much as a person (as a character, he's fantastic, of course).

"Sidelong flirting" is perfectly okay, I think ;). Another lovely chapter!


Author's Response: Hi Rumpel! :D

Yay, I'm so glad you picked this one! It's so nice to get feedback on this story and lets me know I did the right thing by focusing on it again. :)

Hahaha, after your review on the last chapter I knew there had to be some more Rumple - perhaps he should think about changing the spelling of his name? :P Sadly all he cares about is money and he definitely saw a chance to make some with the Muggles, though of course who knows how that might turn out...

Haha yes, the Scotsman is just the creepiest. I couldn't bear writing him again so I let Borgin deal with him. I know, poor Verity. She would probably get shut up in a tomb and not able to get out or something if she was out hunting for them.

I'm glad you're liking the little reminders of Penelope and how much Verity has been focusing on her through the little things in life. It's really hard for her, but she is starting to realize that she needs to keep living her life while staying true to her friend. Oh, I'm so sad to hear about your father, but I'm glad I'm doing justice to portraying the grieving process. It's always so hard but I'm relieved it feels realistic.

I'm glad you like Borgin! He's a real favourite of mine in how crochety he is but he does care about Verity a lot. He's sort of like her beloved but grumpy uncle who doesn't really know how to give advice to a 20-year old girl.

Haha Snape baking cookies, I thought that was a great image too. :P I'm glad you liked it.

Sebastian and Verity are definitely in that odd place where they've grown into very different people than they were at the beginning of their relationship. We are seeing him through Verity's red-tinted glasses but he is being a bit of a brat so far. Verity is a lot of fun and I'm glad you think so! :D

Hehe, I'm so happy you like the Weasleys! It's rather intimidating writing them since they're such wonderful characters. I have a bit of a soft-spot for some Percy the prat as well. :P

Feels. :( I know, it's really not fair but there's nothing else she can really do but keep living the way Penelope would want her to. I feel like she's very lonely and guilt-ridden right now, though she doesn't quite know why she should be guilt-ridden, poor girl.

YOU are fantastic! :D I'm really glad you found that relatable though, that's just what I was hoping for. Being known as somebody's other would be so irritating, especially for Verity who is quite independent and unique, even if she isn't the loudest person in the room.

Haha poor Percy, but he does deserve it a little. :P And yes, Verity is in denial right now, but who would want to acknowledge Voldy when they had the option to live in ignorance?! Well, that sort of makes sense. But George is definitely going to try and help her see reason, and he definitely doesn't have an ulterior motive, nope, no way. :P

Judah is very... "Knockturn Alley brat." That's the brand I've given him. He's entitled, but in a sort of underworld kind of way.

Yay for sidelong flirting! :D I'm so glad you liked this, thanks for the brilliant review! I loved it! :)

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Review #22, by toomanycurls One for Sorrow

1st February 2014:
Review swap!!! I think you read my mind - I was going to post a review swap post. :)

This was quite the chapter for sorrow! :( You write Verity's grief is a way that pricks at my own grief exerpeinces which makes me feel you've done an extremely good job bringing her to life. I love how her thoughts float in and out of the narrative. That detail gave the chapter a slightly unfocused feel that deep loss can bring about.

Her identification as a collector of memories and ghosts was quite a chilling image for this chapter given how she's remembering Penelope and their friendship. The story she collects from the old man is quite fascinating. I wonder what power/use she finds in them to pay such a premium to know something so personal. Having Verity say her story begins where Penelope's ends is a beautiful way of showing how interconnected they were as friends.

Oh but inappropriat stories always come out at funerals. I think it's quite endearing that she recalls the story of them skinny dipping. Just a guess - was it one of the Weasley twins that tried to clap? I imagine that Dumbledore's gaze would be a bit steadying at a funeral. I can't imagine how it would be as muggles to have a witch daughter who was killed by magic. The horror it must have inspired in them...

I really liked her background information on Sebastian and the hints that he may not be as fond of muggles/muggleborns as others. His thoughts that being a pureblood or at least halfblood makes them immune from Death Eather trouble is quite believable and shows why so many are indifferent to the rise of Voldemort or his followers.

You've created such a fascinating story! I'm excited to see how Verity becomes entwined with Fred and George. Your use of imagery in this is uniquely beautiful and slightly haunting. I look forward to reading more!


Author's Response: Hello! :)

Ah, this chapter was very sorrowful. :( I promise the story gets a little happier, though there is that dark undertone throughout. I'm glad you found her grief realistic, and the way her thoughts seemed unfocused. That is a little the way Verity's head works regardless, but it was definitely accentuated by her grief and confusion.

Chilling is just what I was hoping for! Due to her personality and line of work Verity is quite the collector. I see her as a very good listener who doesn't like to talk much about herself, unless it's in her own head. She has a very good memory and is very observant, unlike characters like Sebastian who are more self-centered in a way.

I'm glad you found the funeral believable, and I thought it was sweet though quite sad as well. Ah, yes, Dumbledore would be quite reassuring. I know, I feel so sorry for Penelope's parents and how horrific it would be since they have no real way of protecting their daughter or themselves from powers they don't understand.

I'm glad you liked the portrayal of Sebastian as well. He's quite an interesting character for me to write since Verity knows him so well and they know all about the other's bad qualities which are brought to light. Sebastian isn't evil by any means, but he is a lot less binary good-or-evil as Harry and his friends. :P I like your explanation of being indifferent about Voldemort, and how people could have not wanted to get involved if they weren't directly being targeted. I imagine that would have been the case with many.

I'm so glad you like it so far, and are asking questions! :) I've recently sorted out some confusion I had with this story and have been working on it, so it's lovely to see your thoughts on it. Thanks so much for the amazing review! :D

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Review #23, by patronus_charm Two for Joy

27th January 2014:
Yay, a new chapter :D

I really liked how we got to explore the normalcy of Verityís life as it was so interesting. I totally get what she means about having muggles moving into the flat below her and it will be interesting to see how that works out. I have a feeling that there might be something more to it. I really like her interactions with Borgin because itís interesting to see how a supposedly dark shop and man can just go about their business and moan about normal things. It makes me almost wish we got more of these perspectives in Harry Potter rather than everyone whoís friends with Harry is good and everyone is probably bad.

There were so many cute moments when Verity was getting ready such as her waving at the photo of Penelope which was a nice nod towards her friend and then how Sebastian zipped up her dress. It just makes me wish that she and Sebastian could be happy together. Then I get all confused because when she went to the bar and saw George I wanted them to be dating so I donít know what I really want right now :P Iím glad you introduced Fred and Lee though and I hope we get to see more of them throughout the story.

Aw, George and Verity had such a cute moment together with them talking and her sort of leaning into him and then the stupid Percy had to turn up. I never thought of them seeing each other in those in-between years but it makes perfect sense and I really like that twist. Then Midas mentioned her dating Sebastian and I was just uh oh George may just get a little angry, but he seemed a little too preoccupied which was a good thing. Woah, I blabbered away there, sorry about that!

Ah, when she spoke to Percy I was just praying that nothing went too badly but I liked the fact she could be sort of nice to him as it shows that theyíre not all prejudiced against him. I rather like him as a character so I hope he makes more appearances. Then her following heart to heart sort of thing with George was just so cute. They really seem to fit together, more so than her and Sebastian at times, and Iím really excited to see how they progress.

Gah, he asked about her boyfriend, gah heís going to prove to her that Voldemort is around, gah this is so exciting. I really hope thereís another chapter around soon because I really do love this story!


Author's Response: Hi Kiana! :D

First of all, thanks so much for leaving me this awesome review, I was so excited to see it! :D I was a little worried people would have forgotten about this story due to my neglect so this really means so much. :)

I'm really glad you liked seeing Verity turning back to her ordinary life! Haha, you're right to be concerned about the Muggles, and living in an all-wizarding neighbourhood is a recipe for trouble. I'm glad you like seeing a different side to Borgin and the shop as well - I agree, the books do have a lot of good/bad binaries. Borgin sort of falls somewhere in the middle, as do many characters in this story - he cares about business first and foremost, it just happened that most of his customers tend to be on the darker side.

Aw, I'm glad you liked her getting ready! I feel it's important to show how ordinary her regular life with Sebastian is, and how they are quite comfortable with one another. Haha don't worry, I'm a little confused too and so is Verity for that matter! :P There will definitely be more of Fred and Lee. :)

They are so cute and flirty, eh? :) I love writing their semi-awkward moments together. I'm glad you liked Percy's appearance, this was one of the first scenes I thought of when planning this story and even came before Verity working at Borgin and Burke's (which is one of the most important things about the story!) so it was great to finally write it.

Yes! Verity doesn't really know about what happened with the Weasleys and she has known Percy a lot longer than George. I quite like him as well, both in his pompous and jerk personalities, but I think he's a fantastic character. Aw, I'm so excited you like Ver and George together. I like writing their more serious interactions as well as the flirting and goofiness.

Eek, yes! If all goes to plan the next chapter should be quite exciting. I really don't want to abandon this story as I have been so I hope to get another chapter up soon. :)

Thanks so much for this, dear, it was really lovely and encouraging and really motivates me to get going on the next chapter! :D Thanks for the beautiful review! :) ♥

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Review #24, by Rumpelstiltskin Londoners

29th December 2013:
I'm here for our review swap (finally)!

I just want to mention how beautiful the first couple of lines are! Typically, Spring is the season of rebirth and resurrection. In stories, it is usually a time for hope after having faced a treacherous winter (figuratively and literally). I love how you spun this concept so that Spring is a tumult time of year for Verity instead of an optimistic time.

Furthermore, the allusion to Persephone was amazing. Not only did it add some poetic depth to the paragraph, it further reveals how much Penelope meant to Verity. On a slightly unprofessional note, this is so exquisitely heartbreaking! The fact that Penelope was with Verity through the time when Verity's mother died, being a rock for her as a dear friend, further emphasizes that notion. Now, it seems Verity seems to be losing everybody that she's cared about. Her mother is gone, Sebastian is becoming distant, and Penelope is dead as well.

This line, "...until I found the shop in Knockturn Alley and demanded Borgin give me a job..." reveals a great deal about Verity's character. She's a strong person; she HAS to be if she's facing so much agonizing loss.

It is obvious that things aren't working out with Sebastian if leaving a dirty cup behind sets Verity off. Obviously, it is not just the cup that Verity is upset about; it is the principle behind leaving the cup unwashed. The little things that are annoying Verity about Sebastian over the course of the week further back my previous assessment of not thinking that Verity and Sebastian will work does the bliss she receives from having some time away from him. *Cough* I also find it interesting that she doesn't want to run into George while she's with Sebastian...just saying. :D

Their relationship did seem to improve after the brief break, which is nice. Something about the way Verity becomes overwhelmed by too much of his presence makes me think that they would be better as friends, however. They seem to get along fantastically as friends, but it seem like they might be suffocating one another in the long-run. I'm just speculating ;).

Hey look! It's Rumple! *Cough* Don't mind me, I'll just be doing some self-insertion as the not-so-generous landlord ;). I could do it-I'm not afraid of the intimidating and temperamental blond lady. Sorry, I'll get back on track now...

The Scot man is fairly creepy, complete with rotten teeth. Not to mention, he's carrying some shady objects, as well. I would like to take this time to comment on how fabulously you manage to create a variety of different characters, each with very distinct personalities that define them from everyone else. Since no two people are exactly alike, I think that this diversity is wonderful!

Ugh...Dawlish. I think I prefer the creepy man to Dawlish at the moment ;). Dawlish is super sleazy and I LOVE the way you characterized him (because I just really do not like him)! I'm glad his nose was injured...

The book was a bit creepy in its own respect, but became even more ominous when the last line appeared, addressing Verity.

You cannot end a chapter that way when there is no additional chapters to ease some of the suspense as to what is happening!! Okay, technically you can-it's not very nice though.

I hope you update this soon!! It was fantastic!


Author's Response: Hello! :) Ah, I'm sorry about taking so long to respond to this- I've been in a place with limited Internet for a few days. I wanted to make sure I had the time to respond to this amazing review properly.

I'm glad you liked the opening lines and found them beautiful! :) Yes, for Verity spring is a time of death and grief, showing how dark her life is at the moment. I'm glad you liked the changes of that imagery and how it reflected her situation.

I'm so happy you picked out the Persephone reference, I love tying in classical images and allusions and it seemed to fit perfectly. I like how you pointed out how it showed how precious Penny was to Verity. I know, Verity has been surrounded by an incredible amount of death, but hopefully in the coming months she'll be able to find love and support from other places as well. I'm glad you picked up on the tragic and heartbreaking attributes of her life.

Yes! Verity seems quiet because she's very reflective and isn't a natural leader, exactly, but she can be forceful and able to take life into her own hands. I'm happy you notice these little details and hints about her character- you're such a perceptive reviewer! :)

Haha yes, Verity and Sebastian kind of have a weary relationship which has perhaps been drawn out longer than it should. I see Verity as being quite easily irritated and liking her own space, but she is being a little hard on Seb as well. Haha yes, she may not have admitted it to us yet but I definitely think there was a reason for hoping to avoid George... :P

Haha it is you! Oh dear, well poor Rumple doesn't have an easy time of it with tenants like that. The blond lady is quite frightening, and it was never specified why exactly there was fire damage in the room. :P

I feel like spooky characters always seem more frightening with a Scottish accent for some reason, and the teeth help a bit as well. I'm thrilled to hear you like all these wild minor characters, and how distinct they are- I think Verity's life in Knockturn would be fascinating if not a little terrifying just because of all the colourful characters who swing by.

Dawlish is the worst, I just knew I had to include him in this story to make him even more ominous and irritating!

Ah I know! I really want to update this soon, I've just been so busy with all my other WIPs. I'm going to try and get it done soon though! Thank you so much for the incredible review, it was just perfect and helped me regain some inspiration in working on this story again! :D

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Review #25, by Rumpelstiltskin The Clearwater Remains

24th December 2013:
Why is it that you have entirely too many interesting looking stories when I still haven't made it completely through this one? :p Ah, well, I'll have to get to those later. I'm here from Review Tag, by the way.

This line, "But all of this, of the essence of Penelope will be forgotten in favor of her young beauty, the pretty, immortal corpse she left, forever frozen at nineteen. She is beautiful, but nothing else" definitely struck some emotions. I think it highlighted the mood of the scene, while Verity sat with Mrs. Clearwater with merely the memory of Penelope surrounding them. Furthermore, Mrs. Clearwater's inquiries on why the main motivations of Aaron's death (as well as the other connected deaths) were being withheld from the public emphasized just how
clandestine the impending war was. Also, Mrs. Clearwater's grief in combination with Verity's was very realistic.

I have to say, I really enjoyed Gemma and Verity's conversation. You not only did a fantastic job at portraying interactions between friends, but you also addressed the issues concerning Sebastian. I don't exactly think that Verity and Sebastian make a good pair :).

Ah, I see. So, since Penelope had basically began the relationship between Verity and Sebastian, is there a lingering connection to Penelope that will stop Verity from leaving him if she ultimately decides that they aren't fit for one another? Hm. Penelope and Percy sound like a lovely couple; I wonder how he fairs through all of this?

Bess' back story and all of the historical content was quite haunting (and very interesting), eluding more to the story's tone. Everything seemed to lighten slightly at George's arrival, however :).

Ah, George. He's just so...George. O.o I think I'm trying to say that you did a brilliant job at his characterization, is all.

Gah, this was such a lovely chapter! The last line left this ominous feel to the end...ooh, I wonder what will happen next!


Author's Response: Hi again! :)

Ah, well I'm glad you think I have lots of interesting stories! I'm actually really happy you've stuck to review this one as it doesn't have a great deal of recent feedback and these reviews help me think about getting the next chapter written at some point!

I'm pleased you liked that line and how Penelope's memory seems to Verity and her mother. Yes, even though Verity doesn't really know it yet the war is coming and Penny's death is only the beginning. I'm glad you thought it was realistic!

Wow, thank you! :) I'm glad you liked the scene with Gemma, it was one of the first bits I wrote. Yeah, Sebastian isn't such a bad guy, but there is definitely someone better for Ver out there. :P That's a good point about Penelope setting them up - I can't say for sure but Sebastian does represent a large part of Verity's history and connection to Penelope since they were all friends.

Percy shows up in Chapter 5 (if I ever get it posted! :)) His side of the story is far from over.

I'm so pleased you found it haunting and interesting! I based the story on a ghost story I heard and thought it would make a spooky and sad addition to the tone which is rather gloomy at times. And yes, George is a little ray of sunshine in the relatively dreary world of Knockturn!

Thank you, I find George really particular to write so hearing I wrote him well is the loveliest compliment!

Thanks for a wonderful review, and hope to see you back soon! :D

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