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Review #1, by SereneChaos Chapter 3

3rd January 2014:
Ah! This is so cool! I'm not familiar with Spooks, but I love the idea of aurors having to go to the MI-5 to be trained! You have such a wonderful light and airy way of writing--it really reminds me of JKR's tone of voice in the original HP books. Amy, Robert, and Julius are fun to read--though maybe the childishness between Robert and Julius is a little heavy handed. I wonder if it might get confusing later on having two Harry P's as the leaders of their defense agencies, but I guess there's not much to be done about that. Whatever the case, this is an awesome beginning and I'm excited to read the rest of this! Adding to favorites!

Author's Response: Hi, I'm glad you're enjoying the story. And you're completely right; two Harry P's is probably a bit confusing. It's certainly difficult to write, especially when they're both appearing in a chapter.
Thank you for reviewing. It means a lot!

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Review #2, by Lululuna Chapter 1

30th December 2013:
Hello! :) I'm here from Day 4 of the 12 Days of Reviewing Challenge on the forums!

I really liked this chapter and it makes me sad that your story hasn't gotten more reviews! I'm not familiar with the series you crossed HP with but so far I really like what you have and the mentions of the Muggle organizations only make the story more intriguing. I love stories which focus on Harry's career as an Auror and the dynamics of how the Auror department might work, and you did a really good job here of showing how Harry's job would involve a lot of stress and dealing with annoying employees. :P

The story of how Julius, Robert and Amy botched the operation was great and made me laugh. I'm excited to see more of these three as they seem like hilarious characters and I enjoyed watching Harry make them squirm. I laughed at how Harry decided Amy was from then on his favourite since she admitted they made a mistake, and how he compared the three to Hermione and Draco and other people he knew.

The Manchester debacle sounds very intriguing, and I'm curious to find out more about what's going on. The Death Eaters joining forces with Muggle terrorists is a really original and creative idea, and one that I think had a lot of potential. It makes sense how then both wizards and Muggles would need to cooperate to fight the threat as well.

The little details about the quill and Kingsley made me laugh as well, I loved how Harry said it was a Weasley product and he therefore couldn't do anything. :P I feel that with crossovers it's very important to maintain a genuine feel of the Potterverse, and you've definitely done that so far. Harry seems quite well in character as well, I enjoyed reading him and he seems to still have some of the frustration that he felt when being a leader in the books, and some of the self-doubt and sense of expectation which I imagine he would still have even after years of being a successful Auror.

This was a great and very well written first chapter, I'll try to drop by and give you another review sometime in the future! Well done! :)

Author's Response: First off, thank you very much for reviewing. It was quite a pleasant surprise to find such a lengthy one waiting for me. Glad to hear you think I wrote Harry well; it's a bit of a challenge doing a grown-up Harry, since we know so little about his life after the war.
It's nice to hear you enjoyed the story, it really is, and thank you for taking the time to review.

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Review #3, by Tanith Chapter 22

8th December 2013:

I just wanted to let you know that I am a huge fan of your story! :) You really stay true to the characters (I watch spooks as well) and do an amazing job! I usually don't read crossovers, but your story is really good and you came up with a unique and interesting plot, as well as complex characters (I really like the part when they start to realize that the world is a bit more complex than a simple black and white picture) -> can't wait for the next chapters :)

Author's Response: Hi,

That's really great to hear. I still don't know exactly where the idea for the plot came from, but I'm glad you're enjoying the story.
Thank you for reviewing! It means a lot.

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Review #4, by Steffanne Chapter 17

20th November 2013:
I was excited to see this story on fan fiction .com as well. I don't know why I didn't think to look sooner. It's easier for me to read via my phone on that website so look for more reviews there. Off to catch up on my new favorite spy team.

Author's Response: I'll be looking forward to that. And you're in luck, since I'm rather a few chapters ahead with this story on ff than here, because validating takes some time on this site. Thank you very much for reviewing!

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Review #5, by Steffanne Chapter 16

4th November 2013:
I didn't realize this was a wip until I was on the last chapter or I would have left a review already! I only know of Mi-5 from
Bond movies but you are mixing my two favorite genres in this story and I love it. As far as I'm concerned your doing a wonderful job building both the protagonist and antagonists' stories. Not every chapter has to revolve around our heroes, sometimes we need to know what those pesky villains are doing. I also like that you're addressing the biases held by both worlds. Don't leave us hanging to long,I need to know what happened to Julius.

Author's Response: I'll try to update as soon as possible and I am really glad you like it so far. There's quite a bit of research that goes into the whole HP world. As for the prejudices, I think it's only logical that they are there, since Muggles and wizards don't often cooperate at all and then there's the predudices of wizards about other wizards. Come to think of it, it is rather complicated at times.
Thank you very much for leaving a review. Next chapter will reveal what's happening to Julius, I promise!

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Review #6, by phill Chapter 16

3rd November 2013:
I am truly enjoying this. Keep writing :)

Author's Response: Thank you very much for the review! I most certainly will keep writing.

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Review #7, by Leonore Chapter 15

24th October 2013:
This is a really good story, and I haven't seen one like it. Having never read Spooks, I can't compare but you've thought it out well and it works. Well done, and keep writing.


Author's Response: I am glad you are enjoying it. Spooks is actually a TV-series, not a book.
Thank you for the compliment and for the review. It means a lot!

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Review #8, by teh tarik Chapter 1

19th August 2013:
Hello there! I came across this story while browsing the Recently Added, and while I haven't watched Spooks or MI5, I decided to give this story a shot, and I'm glad I did!

You've got a great start here, and some parts were absolutely hilarious. I do feel for poor Harry and his utterly incompetent bunch of recruits; this doesn't bode well indeed, that the top Aurors of the Ministry act like a bunch of pranking children! :P I think Harry might be a lot better off if he ditched his whole team (high scores or not) and hired more new recruits, though of course, training would have to be provided etc.

I really enjoyed Julius Burke's arrogance and coldness, and yet he still is childish enough to put itching powder in West's clothes :P And the part with Kingsley and the All Quotes Quill made me giggle a bit. I love the idea of that; it's so typically Weasley - just the thing George would do: gifting the Minister a prank item.

And that was a great ending to this chapter. I'm quite curious to see how things turn out, and how Kingsley and Harry will work around the Statute of Secrecy.

This is a wonderful and funny start! Your writing is very easy to read and witty; it really is a shame that this story doesn't have more reviews. Great work!


Author's Response: Hello there,

I am so glad you are enjoying the story and I sincerely hope you will continue to like it. The All Quotes Quill was just one such thing that found its way into the story without me having intended it, so I am glad you liked that.
Thank you for leaving a review. It means a lot!

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