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Review #1, by kcool Blueberry Pie

13th December 2014:
This was cute :) Excited for the next chapter :) Merry Christmas in advance fellow Indian.

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Review #2, by JustanotherHarryPotterfan3816 Blueberry Pie

7th December 2014:
You. Are. Amazing.
This story is amazing.
B is amazing.
End of review.


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Review #3, by Lobelia Sackville-Baggins Blueberry Pie

3rd December 2014:
Okayyy, no more sugar for me...
And Bri? You might not want to destroy Al's manhood. Something tells me that you'll have need of it in the future.
And that, ladies and gentlemen, is about how vulgar as my humor gets. Savor it.
And really, is it that unreasonable? I mean, they ARE getting married and having children, and since Amazon doesn't deliver babies yet.yeah, time to move on.
I am SO glad! Time for fight for Dom! WHOHO! You know, for some reason, this site always cuts out extra letters once the comment is posted, so that probably just looks like "whoho" right now. *sigh*
Louis is the best, isn't he? The absolute best.
And I love how Scorp just rolls with it and is all "hiya, Betsy!" And the other two cringing at "is that was Rose Weasley is into?" made my day. HAH!
I wish you a speedy upload and a wonderful life!

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Review #4, by Celeste Blueberry Pie

2nd December 2014:
OMG yes such an adorable chapter. Oh yeah they will be friends again. Thank god. Poor Dominique I feel sorry for her she had such a bad time finally got a friend and a dumb girl comes along and ruins it by lying and being a jealous Pratt. Gah.

'It all honesty, though, Louis is my favorite. Donít tell anyone because it will start a full-on war but there is something about him that I just love. Heís so freaking weird I love it!! I wanna frame him and put him in my room. A talking Louis portrait.' This I love this paragraph the most because I whole heartily agree and also would like a Louis so sign me up for one please. So adorable.

Can not wait for the next chapter.

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Review #5, by Commander Beckett World War Weasley

27th November 2014:

So I just polished off your story in a day. LOL. I'm hooked, I can't wait for you to update it. AND OMG, I like how your story deviates from the Wotter norms.

I hope BRIBUS happens, I ship them so hard. >.<

Albus is such a ...turd. And I can't wait to see how Brielle and Dominique get their friendship back.

I really LIKE this story. :C Please update it when you can! :D

Author's Response: Wow!

That's a lot of reading you must have done. I'm so glad you're hooked! That's a really nice thing to say, it makes me feel great as the writer. What are the Wotter norms? Haha - perhaps I just wasn't aware of them but regardless, thank ya!

We all ship them, girly! It's a hard and difficult ship. *sigh*

Albus is a beautiful turd though. That will be in the next upcoming chapter(s), so get ready!

Thank you so much! An update is waiting for validation rn!

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Review #6, by Celeste Victory or Vicotire

25th November 2014:
Oh this chapter now makes the other chapter make more sence.
Hah I love Scorp and adore James and Freddy. Also Louis I love how you have written him. Where can I get me one Louis. I need one in my life.

Anyways awesome chapter!

Author's Response: Yeah, I figured it would help, haha.
I'm glad you like them! Louis is one of my favorites! When I finish IT I'm thinking of writing a Louis/OC story.

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Review #7, by WottersAreHotter Victory or Vicotire

23rd November 2014:
No!!! I wanted the next chapter :'(
I was definitely a bit confused when the last..or should I say next chapter, started but I didn't think too much about it! When are you gonna be posting the 41st chapter??

Author's Response: Aw, I'm sorry!
Next chapter coming very soon - it's being validated rn!

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Review #8, by madness World War Weasley

17th November 2014:
This is such am amazing story, even if everyone is more than a tad crazy! Looking forward to an update :)

Author's Response: So sweet! Thank you!

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Review #9, by Celeste World War Weasley

11th November 2014:
Aw I feel so bad for Dom poor girl. Jeeze I'm supprised Teddy is with Victorie after all that. Ahhh well her friends were horrible for doing that. Yeah Bri fight for Dom do it do it do it. At this point I don't even care if she ends up with Albus aslong as her friendship with Dom gets back in track I am all good.

Author's Response: I would like to start this off by saying I posted the wrong chapter and there is a chapter that goes before this that I just submitted so hopefully it'll be up soon!!

Aw, I know it's all a bit rough but I'm glad you like everything! Dommy will be coming back (:

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Review #10, by Lobelia Sackville-Baggins World War Weasley

8th November 2014:
Okay. Now that that's over with...
Seriously, though. Go you. Go Bri. Go Dom, and even Go Victoire for acknowledging how wrong she was and doing her part in protecting her little sister now, no matter how messed up things got before.
I wonder who's in the army? James and Freddy, I imagine, and Leslie and Amelia, obviously. Louis, I bet -- he'd want to help his sister. And even though I wish I could say I was confident about Al being in the army just now...I'm not. Not at all. But he will be one day, I'm sure of it. Perhaps this is what it will take for everything to be resolved. No clue how, but Al and Bri will find a way.
And are strong. You are all strong! People, you are all strong! Do not let nasties whose names have been modified (read: improved) by Brielle Patil get in your way!
I am actually jumping up and down right now. That has to stop.
but now. If you'll excuse me, I have a long essay to write. Darn it, Mark Twain!!
Just kidding. Love you, sir!
Love you!

Author's Response: Have to start this off by saying I posted the wrong chapter - ugh. There is a chappie before this that I just submitted which will be posted as the correct chapter 39 hopefully soon!!
Haha the army is being enlisted right now!
Good luck with your essay girly!!

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Review #11, by happyanon World War Weasley

7th November 2014:
FINALLY. well I said finally for many reasons. One, AN UPDATE. Two, the story behind Vicky and Dom catfight. And can I just say, Victorie is one Class A bi-tch. Who does that to their 11 year old sister? That's so effed up. Like wow seriously.. damn. I feel sad for 11 year old Dominique having to go thru all of that.. its heartbreaking. Im glad Brielle is gonna fight for Dom now. Hope for more updates to come. Xoxo

Author's Response: First off, like to start by saying I posted the wrong chappie by accident! There is one before this that I just submitted that will be approved within the next four days as the correct 39th chapter so look forward to it!

I can't agree with you more! It really is! Now we all know what Dom really went through. An update is on it's way!

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Review #12, by Fonzzx World War Weasley

7th November 2014:
Ok so I'm ECSTATIC at finally finding out what Victoire did, but I'm a little confused as to how Brielle ended up in McGonagall's office in the first place. At the end of the last chapter she and Louis had detention but there was no mention of them being sent to McGonagall.

Author's Response: First off, like to start by saying I posted the wrong chappie by accident! There is one before this that I just submitted that will be approved within the next four days as the correct 39th chapter so look forward to it!

^^ So that should help explain what happened! Totally my bad I didn't realize until I read this review that I had messed up so sorry!!

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Review #13, by howdoyounotlikeit World War Weasley

7th November 2014:
I didn't expect that. At all.
I was expecting a one to one conversation between Mr. Potter and Miss Patil.
But damn...
The thing about this plot with Dom and Victoire is that it's believable.
An older sibling would do anything to get the attention back. Trust me, I would know.

Now is Dom a 6th year or a 7th year? Because she lives in the 6th year dorm but didn't fail a year. I think.

This chapter hit me where it hurts. IN THE FEELS. I almost started to cry. I'm not a crier.

I think Dom and Brielle would be great as friends. Again.
Their personalities fit somehow and Dom needs to bring her barriers down.
Plus, Brielle needs an unbiased Wotter family member when she and Al starting doing whatever they will be doing *insert smirking emoji*

Oh yea a correction. This sentence:
Dominique has been hurt enough in her past to not take a friendship for granite
"granite" should be "granted"
It's nice to know that people like Jenna existed before Jenna #notactuallynicetoknow
I apologize for the hashtag.

Peace and Love kiddos.

That didn't feel good.

Peace and Love kids.

Author's Response: First off, like to start by saying I posted the wrong chappie by accident! There is one before this that I just submitted that will be approved within the next four days as the correct 39th chapter so look forward to it!

Oh my! That would be an interesting convo!!
Yeah, I know, I'm the middle child so we always fight to get noticed haha.

She's a seventh year that lives in the sixth year dorm!

Stop!! Please don't cry, girly.

They will be soon. Hopefully.
Yes, I agree!
Haha - I'm dying.

Oh my! You are totally right, haha. My bad.

Thank you so much!


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Review #14, by Lobelia Sackville-Baggins The Weasley that Could

2nd November 2014:
I'M HERE, I'M HERE! I'M SO SORRY, BUT THIS IS THE FIRST MOMENT I COULD SPARE! This review is going to be uncharacteristically short, so I hope you can find it in you to forgive me.
HOLY SHIT, RUN, BRI, RUN! Lol, "you were there the whole time?!"
All my love to you and the whole gang. I know, I know, I said the review was going to be short, but not THIS short! But I don't think I can manage. I hope you understand. I just wanted to make sure you knew that I hadn't abandoned you.

Author's Response: I just updated, you lucky ducky! Hopefully it'll be validated soon! I don't mind a short review as long as I get to hear from you girly! I know - a marauders map. They are so daft sometimes. Byyyeee! Loved hearing from you girly. Hope school is treatin gyou well! xx

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Review #15, by dracodarlingxx The Weasley that Could

31st October 2014:
The chapter looks fine :)
Bloody hell, I miss Al. He's honestly such a sweetheart - a moody, sassy, slightly arrogant sweetheart, but still brilliant. AND BRIELLE KEEPS RUNNING AWAY (but I understand why, cos come on, if a guy broke my heart like that, I would be no where near as awesome or brave as she's being). You know, if he really wanted to, he could corner that girl. But I guess she's honestly got the legs of a cheetah.
And Brielle is so back to her old self :) except for the lack of Al. She needs Al.
And Al may be beautiful, but Louis is the number 1 honey.
please update soon x

Author's Response: Thank you! :)
I know I miss writing the funny Al so much. He is such a wonderful guy and I can't wait to write him again. She really is pretty fast, ya know.
Al is the reason for everything.
I love Louis as well! I'm thinking of writing a fanfic for him once I finish this one up, which will sadly be soon. Would you like that?

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Review #16, by Celeste The Weasley that Could

25th October 2014:
Ever since I started this story and dom was first mentioned I've really wanted to know what happened to her in her first year.

Can not wait for the next chapter.

Author's Response: Just posted it!


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Review #17, by easy2500 The Totem Pole

24th October 2014:
hey I hope you don't mind but do you mind if you tell me who the cast on the story so far I got naya for brielle Logan lerman for album joe Jonas for James but who is jenna greengrss

Author's Response: I've changed a few so here ya go!
Naya - Brielle
Logan Lerman - Albus
Francisco Lachowski - James
Lilly Allen - Lily Potter
Julia Johansen - Rose Weasley
Lasse Pederson - Hugo Weasley
Ava Jogia - Fred Weasley
Frita Gustavvson - Dominique
Wynston Shannon - Louis
Freya Mavor - Jenna Greengrass
Liu Wen - Leslie
Barbara Palvin - Amelia

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Review #18, by howdoyounotlikeit The Weasley that Could

21st October 2014:
These chapters honestly bring me happiness. Like seriously.

I love how he just stood there the entire night waiting for her. That's real dedication yo.

I think that Al loves her though. You can feel it in his words and actions. Or that's just excellent writing from you.

I really hope they talk out what happened with Jenna (they won't let me say her name... :'( ). Because that is clearly a source of tension between them. And honestly I hope that Jenna has a tragic event occur to her because NO MERCY FOR THE WICKED.

I really like how close Brielle is to Louis now. I feel like that it shows that she accepts him and that she gives him permission to date Amelia. Which is really important, well to me.

And to be honest, I would have the same reaction as Brielle if someone told they loved me. LIKE WHY WOULD YOU DO THAT? IM A STRAIGHT UP HOT MESS.

I think I wrote some of your lines for you. hahaha jk lol.

Peace and Love Kids.

Author's Response: Aw that is so sweet!

Always dedicated!

You bring me life, haha. He does love her, trust me. I am the writer, after all ;)

NO MERCY AT ALL!! They will talk, I think. Maybe. Hmmm. You'll have to wait an see haha.

I love writing Louis and he was only supposed to be a minor character and developed into one of her best friends. I love it.



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Review #19, by howdoyounotlikeit Puppy Dog Eyes

19th October 2014:

Seriously though, this chapter was great. I love the end despite what was said above.

Accidental love confessions are the best. Especially when the other person doesn't like you back or someone messed up. *ahem* Al *ahem*. Sorry I had something in my throat.
Amelia and Louis should really get together. Like ASAP.
How did you come up with the name Amelia? Did you imagine her like Amy from Doctor Who?
Live Long and Prosper.

Author's Response: I love this review!
You are honestly so sweet and I love reading such nice things like this!! I don't knw how or why but I've always loved the name Amelia, haha.

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Review #20, by syd Puppy Dog Eyes

12th October 2014:
you can't leave me hanging like that... just read your whole story this weekend. can't wait for an update! xx

Author's Response: I have another chapter ready to go in the que right now! So glad you read the story - I love doing that!

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Review #21, by Ginga Puppy Dog Eyes

12th October 2014:
I'm sorry Lisandro should say Lysander, my phone auto corrected and I didn't notice!

Author's Response: It's oka! y

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Review #22, by Ginga Puppy Dog Eyes

12th October 2014:
loved this chapter! wish Brielle would make up with Dom!
was it just me or did Lisandro and Brielle have a bit of a connection? ;)
anyways looking at forrward to the next chapter! :)

Author's Response: They will eventually - it's just slow.
Haha Lysander and her did but I don't see anyone like that romantically in the future.
Thank you!

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Review #23, by harrystiles Puppy Dog Eyes

11th October 2014:
I've been waiting so long for a chapter and this definitely did not disappoint!! I love the fight at the end, I was really curious as to how Scorpius was feeling about everything so I'm glad that's cleared up. I just wish Albus and Brielle would sort their crap out :(

Please update soon lovely! x

Author's Response: I'm so glad you liked it! Glad you got that all cleared up with Scorpius. I feel like everyone would

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Review #24, by happyanon Puppy Dog Eyes

11th October 2014:
Tskkk see these wee little teens should not go around doing the dirty. It leads to this. Hahahaha but Im really happy Brielle is slowly getting her sparks back. :) im really happy you updated. Been awhile. I hope to read more from you. Xoxo

Author's Response: Very true! Thank you so much! xx

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Review #25, by Lobelia Sackville-Baggins Puppy Dog Eyes

10th October 2014:
I read this in the university library -- I tried to observe decorum, I really did, I promise!
I always love it when the characters hear conversations that they're not supposed to. Makes me feel like a leather-wearing spy. Hush, I'm living a fantasy...full of leather. And Pavel Chekov (the new one). Yes, I know I'm strange. But what can I say? Sweet, nerdy, awkward, attractive boys do it for me, ya know?
Back to Potterverse we go.
Lily's got some damn good puppy eyes -- I need to take lessons, NOW! I bet she learned them from Ginny. OMG I bet Ginny uses her puppy eyes on Harry all the time and Harry is just so sweet and adorkable and he just starts doing whatever she wants without realizing it. And then one day he sees Lily doing the puppy eyes, and gets super creeped out because she's exactly like her mother. Hey, Harry once said that Mrs. Weasley's eyes were just like Ginny's. I wonder if Mrs. Weasley has good puppy dog eyes...
BUT HE FREAKING SAID HE LOVED HER! I cannot be the only one excited about this!
I cannot wait to see what happens next. Please tell me you've got another chapter in the que! Please??!!
That whole scene when Albus keeps on talking and Scorp looks over and sees Brielle reminded me of a scene from a Bollywood movie (for someone who hates most Bollywood movies, I certainly do make a lot of references to them...maybe because the ones I do like have a lot of reference-able material) called Kal Ho Naa Ho.
Glad to see Jenna's last name hasn't been changed. Someone should charm her quill to write Bri's name for her instead of her actual last name whenever she tries to write her name. I can easily see Amelia doing that. Or Jamsie.
Anyway, I have to go to class soon. Darn you, E.T.A. Hoffmann. I'd read Potterverse over you any day.
Can't wait to see Bri pull out the sass!

Author's Response: I missed you!
Hearing convos you aren't supposed to hear are the best in stories. They just are for some reason.
She may charge you for the lessons, not gonna lie.
HE SAID IT I KNOW!! You are not the only one, trust me, I am as well.
I do have another chapter in the que but I literally just put it in so cross your fingers for a speedy approval and no bumps!
You watch a lot of Bollywood movies, oh my.
That is such a clever idea! you're always full of so many funny ideas, I swear, I need you to whisper little ideas to me while I write.
Thank you as always!

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