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Review #1, by WizardsOnlyFools Piecing it Together

19th November 2016:
A very entertaining chapter as per usual! REALLY glad it wasn't Mr. Rando, haha. A very interesting development. Perhaps a prelude to a REAL Bribus relationship?? :D

I'm confused though. Brielle said that she was now the only one of her friends not in relationship (loved the potato analogy, by the way). Was this an exaggeration on her part or am I missing something with Leslie and Fred?

And a Potter heirloom charm...? Kinda, maybe?

Thanks for the update! Looking forward to more. :)

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Review #2, by Violet Potter 434 Piecing it Together

16th November 2016:
hey this is gunna be a short review because I've got tone of revision to do before tomorrow

but yet again I loved you and the chapter as per the usual

I love how you write all the characters and all the humour and sarcasm you put in

lots of love

from me xxx

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Review #3, by AbraxanUnicorn Piecing it Together

15th November 2016:
Yay for the return of Brielle! I totally love her :) I'm so glad Al has lots of respect for her and didn't take advantage of her when she was drunk.

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Review #4, by WizardsOnlyFools Biscuit Birthdays

5th November 2016:
I just found this story a few days ago and I'm so glad you were able to reignite your inspiration to complete it. It really would have been a shame had you not returned to this fantastic story with all of its absolutely INSANE (and I mean that in the best possible way) characters.

Brielle is sooo completely and utterly crazy...and I absolutely love it! I love how she can go from cringingly awkward to proudly self-confident in a matter of seconds...while eating everything in sight. All of your characters are so entertaining, from the overly-dramatic and daft-headed boys to the frightening sass-masters, who are the girls. I kept on thinking that there was no way they could get any more ridiculous (at least, in a way that wasn't repetitive), but you gave me a constant supply of face-palms and laughter with their witty banter and outrageous situations.
I'm someone who enjoys a bunch of filler in stories, especially when the characters are so well written, so I didn't mind any of the chapters where the plot didn't advance. Also, maybe it's just because there wasn't much of it or maybe it's just because Brielle's quirky personality overshadowed it, but I was glad that the story (so far, at least) hasn't been very drama intensive. I don't mind a bit here and there, but some stories I've read sort of just drown in it after awhile, so I feel like yours has a great drama/light-hearted ratio. I feel like the Bribus relationship has progressed very naturally and all of the side stories like Dom's friendship and Amelia failing off the team fit nicely into the main plot.
I was disappointed after the New Year's party when it seemed like Brielle was just going to avoid everyone, but loved all of the little interactions with the Wotter's that made her see the truth. She can be spacey sometimes but she's too intelligent to continue ignoring plain old common sense. That chapter where she earned Dom's friendship back was particularly heartfelt and emotional, despite all of the death threats and jibes haha.

I'm glad to hear that you found a college that really suits you and where you can hone your writing skills. Like you, I'll love HP until the day I die, though I prefer to read rather than write, so it's been awesome reading your take on the continuing HP legacy! You do fans of the series proud and I look forward to any future stories you come up with, in addition to checking in for the closing chapters of this one. :)

Thanks for being an amazeballs writer!!!

Author's Response: It makes me so happy to know there are still current/new readers out here that are discovering stories everyday! I am really glad to get back to writing and have been missing it for awhile.

I am so glad you appreciated all of my wonky characters! Each of their personalities have kind of fallen in to their own as I've written this novel! I was always worried about my fluffy fillers not fitting in nicely with the actual plot and sometimes I felt like I was forgetting the plot but for a new reader to appreciate and feel like everything fits in well is so great to hear!

After the downfall of New Year's it was for sure harder to write without all of her friends with her which is why those interactions were so crucial!!

I am so happy to hear that! I am an avid reader as well and always looking for new novels to read so if you have any good recommendations let me know in the next chapter review!

Thank you so much for taking time out of your day to write such a thoughtful and meaningful review! Readers like you keep m e going!

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Review #5, by HarryGinnyLove88 Biscuit Birthdays

30th October 2016:
Well, what can i say is that i absolutely love this story. Its funny and awesome and i hope you write soon.
By the way how mzny chapters are left in this story??

Author's Response: Thank you so much!!! The next chapter is waiting validation and there will be less then five more chapters to go depending on how I space it all!

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Review #6, by because i write Biscuit Birthdays

28th October 2016:
I literally sat down and read this in one sitting. It's funny, witty, unique, and entirely too easy to become enthralled by! I love your characters :)

Author's Response: Oh my gosh, thank you so much! It means a lot to hear that from a new reader!

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Review #7, by AbraxanUnicorn Biscuit Birthdays

27th October 2016:
I found this story yesterday evening. I've been glued to it since. I LOVE Brielle and the dialogue is hilarious!! I've even overlooked spelling and grammatical errors (and I'm a pedant when it comes to those things) because the plot line has been so damn good!!
Looking forward to updates :)

Author's Response: Oh my gosh - I LOVE NEW READERS!!! I, of course, love my oldie dedicated readers but to see a new reader after writing this story for over a year is crazy to me I love it!!! My spelling and grammatical errors are going to be the death of me - hopefully, once I'm done I can go back and edit everything!

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Review #8, by The Justice League Biscuit Birthdays

26th October 2016:
So glad your back!! Great update!

Author's Response: Thank you so much! So glad you're still here!

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Review #9, by Violet Potter 434 Biscuit Birthdays

26th October 2016:
how can you think we'd of abandoned you?

sure i wasnt there when you first started the story, but I like to think I've been here a while.
And unless the rest of her birthday includes everyone falling off a cliff and dying, please believe when I say I'm sticking around for good

this story is amazing, and too good to leave

and I'm kind of ashamed to say that I now need to get go back and edit part of my newest tory cause I realised how much of it is similar to yours
-apologies, I'll change it and then add a little note in case there's still parts you feel are too similar xxx

but this story is amazing as I was saying- I kinda proved it by wanting mine to be like yours-sorry again

its so funny, I love how sarcastic Brielle is- and how food centred

hope you manage to write more soon and that we maybe get another story ;)

*subtle hint*
*subtle hint*

love you and Brielle lots

Author's Response: Oh my gosh - I can't believe you're still here and reading! It makes me so happy to see a familiar name up there in the reviewing section!

So glad to hear that! I don't think anyone will be diving off cliffs in the near future as long as I'm the one behind the laptop writing hehe

Oh gosh, don't worry too much about that! I mean, they do say something that copying is flattery or something like that - right? As long as nothing is in ill intention or word for word copied then I really don't mind at all!

Never apologize!! I will have to check out your story and show it some love as you've done for mine!

I'm loving your subtle hints!! All I can say is that my writing will never come to an end so you expect some more wacky tales from me :-)


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Review #10, by AlexFan Puppy Dog Eyes

28th April 2016:
I have so many chapters to catch up on in your story because I haven't been keeping up in the fanfiction world lately. I didn't expect to come back to a chapter like this. That ending is wild (and I'm glad I don't have to wait for the next chapter!)

I love Lily, that girls is so smart. I admire a person who knows exactly how to get their way, and the fact that she can cry on cue is pretty impressive as well, she should consider a career in acting.

Bri was so determined to stay away from Albus and all Lily had to do to convince Bri to see her brother was give her The Look. To be honest I don't know how Bri managed to get over there, a bad stench and an unclean room would've convinced me to stay even farther away than before.

Harlem shake is probably the most original way I've ever seen someone describe their heart beating like and yet I understand completely what you mean. BUT SERIOUSLY THAT ENDING THOUGH OH MY GOD I CANNOT BELIEVE ALBUS JUST SAID THAT AND BRI IS JUST THERE LIKE MCEXCUSE ME WHAT IS HAPPENING.

Author's Response: I, myself, have not been keeping up in the fanfiction world either. I'm planning on finishing this story within the next few months and was so happy to come back to a review like this!

Lily is a fun character to write. I really do love her tons. Very mischievous and calculating she is.

Bri is pretty tough but even tackling the sixth year boy's dormitory is a hard thing to do! She's strong

I always try to leave a good taste for the ending - i'm glad you liked it! My heart is always harlem shaking :-)

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Review #11, by Lobelia Sackville-Baggins Hurts

10th January 2016:
*sniffle* I miss you. Come back. COME BACK!

Author's Response: I'm a horrible person and don't deserve someone as dedicated as you. I am back to finish this story (like I've said before) so please don't kill me. I love your dedication to this story and all your beautiful reviews you leave me

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Review #12, by harrypotterlover1234 Victory or Vicotire

16th December 2015:
Woah. The end of the chapter was a shocker😯😯 I.first thought it was Dominique in the office

Author's Response: I'm glad you liked it!

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Review #13, by Cynthia Trusted You

16th December 2015:
THIS CHAPTER WAS AWESSOME. I k ow u have seen my review like a trillion times but I really love the story 😊😊

Author's Response: I hope to see your reviews a billion more times! Thank you so much for leaving a review!

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Review #14, by Cynthia It's Kind of Christmas

15th December 2015:
I love this story. I dont want it to end . This is like the first book I read with enough chapters for a strong reader like me

Author's Response: Ah, I'm so glad!

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Review #15, by Lobelia Sackville-Baggins Hurts

10th December 2015:
XD Happy holidays!

Author's Response: happy holidays to you! :-)

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Review #16, by HarryPotterLover1234 Just say Yes!

6th December 2015:
I think BRI and Albus would be a good couple. Also Leslie should just say yes to Fred! Maybe he would start liking her.

P.s. sorry if my last rating was a 5/10, I accidently clicked preview without putting a rating

Author's Response: I love your thoughts and ideas! Thank you!

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Review #17, by HarryPotterLover1234 Dates Wanted

6th December 2015:
I love this story. At first I.wasnt so sure about reading it but I.put it in my favorites anyways. If you have any stories I'm gonna go check them out 😍. I finally found a story with more than 12 or 13 chapters that I love. The others are usually too intense or not my type.

Author's Response: I'm glad you like it! It really means a lot to read reviews like this!

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Review #18, by Lobelia Sackville-Baggins Hurts

23rd November 2015:
no, my baby no, why did you leave me...
please, please come back! I'll give you chocolate, I promise!

Author's Response: I miss you.
I'm sorry for leaving you.
I'm back - please forgive me?
I'll give you some chocolate!

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Review #19, by GalaxyDefender Hurts

7th October 2015:
Please please pleeeasse update. Like seriously I need the next chapter like I need my next dose of chocolate. And I am not kidding when I say that I need that. It's ridiculous how much I'm craving chocolate fight now. But you know what would make me feel better? AN UPDATE!

Author's Response: :-) an update you shall get then!

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Review #20, by red_rue Hurts

9th September 2015:
I love your story!! It's probably one of my alltime faves on this site :) I love the characters and the friendly banter, and just everything about it (and I've developed a liking for Harrison, I hope he shows up again). You've done a spectacular job! I feel a bit bad about Jenna after reading this, she just wanted to be loved, but still... she's not the bestest one ever. I think it's good that you showed her side of the story though, because people always have a reason for doing things, and knowing the why behind the what helps to understand the character a bit better. I'm super excited for Albus and Brielle to get together!!! They better get together! I have a feeling they will!! Also, the twerking cat was very funny, a+ for that haha :) yea, that's about it, I'm so sad that the story is coming to a close, but at the same time I'm excited to see how you end it :) keep up the great work!!
- red_rue

Author's Response: Thank you so much! This was such a thoughtful review! I surprisingly have loved writing Harrison - he's one of my favorite random characters!

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Review #21, by Lobelia Sackville-Baggins Hurts

8th September 2015:
*sniffle* so sad, y'all...
Wow. Jenna and Bri are never going to be best friends, I can tell, but I'm glad that got out of the way. In an awkward, painful sort of way. But still. PROGRESS. That's the theme of this comment.
So Bri is in love with a booty-poppin' cat illustrator, eh? THANK YOU. The rest of us have been over here like the villagers in the trailer for Kung Fu Panda 3, like OPEN YOU EYES, PEOPLE. EYELIDS ARE THERE TO BE OPENED.
And Bri is to mashed potato mountains like I am to noodles. Any kind of noodles, from anywhere in the world. But chicken wing breath?! I'm vegetarian, so I don't know if there is some significance to that. Is it a particularly awful brand of bad breath? Or does it just smell like chicken?
Also, I love Neville. Poor Nevvie baby and his plants. YES, BRI, HE'S BADASS AND DON'T YOU FORGET IT!
Louis and Dom are the best. All hail.
That's it for now, lovely, but I'll see you next time!

Author's Response: :-) your reviews make me smile

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Review #22, by MalfoyMannor Hurts

8th September 2015:
ughh stil so angry at Greengrass for everything she's done :(

sad that The Invisible Thief is coming to a close, I just hope Brielle gets a sweet ending, perhaps with Albus :P

I will forever love Brielle and her hilarious personality :P

Author's Response: a sweet ending with albus is most likely :)

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Review #23, by MalfoyMannor Mama Patil

19th August 2015:
I loved how Amelia yelled across the Great Hall to ask Louis if they were dating :P

plus Brille and her mom are just plain out hilarious :)

Author's Response: I really enjoyed that part too!

haha, i'm glad you enjoyed them :)

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Review #24, by Lobelia Sackville-Baggins Mama Patil

19th August 2015:
Ooooh, I love Mama Patil! And I love their dynamic, too.
I'm a sucker for vanilla-scented stuff. I actually make my own (heavenly) face cream out of coconut oil, vitamin e, and vanilla (and it has cleared up my skin like you wouldn't BELIEVE), but I quite like smelling like coconuts and vanilla. Makes me feel like a tropical cookie.
WHY didn't Bri take Albus up on his offer! I'da been like OKAY LET'S SNOG NOW. Okay, I wouldn't, but dayum, girl. I love how confident Al is. He knows, at this point, that it's just a matter of time. And so does everyone else XD.
I have an exam tomorrow, so I'mma cut this review a bit short. Love you to bits, and can't wait for more!

Author's Response: MAMA PATIL was a lot of fun to write! Her and Brielle were more of friends then a mother-daughter duo, in my own opinion.
I personally love either vanilla or mint.
I'm not creative enough to make my own so I just buy my stuff, I'm a big fan of lush for body stuff usually.
anyone that rejects ALBUS FREAKING POTTER is like immune to his charm I don't know how she does it. Al is such a cutie I love writing for the boys the most. They just fuel me haha.
Good luck on your exam!!!

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Review #25, by pinkpanther16 Smell of Freedom

8th August 2015:
I'm so relieved that you updated! I don't even care that this is a filler chapter, I'm excited that you're still writing this story. I'm so in love with it! It's one of my favorite stories on this site. And I'm glad to hear that there's more to come! I'm just glad you didn't abandon the story or anything, its the worst when you get super involved in a really good story and the author drops it. Not that you would do that! But I'm still here, still hanging in, and I'll be here when you're ready for the next chapter. :)

Author's Response: Aw! Don't worry, I am finishing this story out! I hate when people abandon stories so I would never want to be that person! I'm updating currently, right now.

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