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Review #1, by patronus_charm The Interview

12th July 2014:

This chapter was really great for learning more about Mia and I actually really did enjoy learning everything about her. Her story with her nana was really touching and it was nice to see how much she meant to her. I canít help but wonder what happened to her though as she wasnít mentioned in the other two chapters. It seems as if she doesnít want Aidan to have the sort of deprived from joy childhood she had with the way she was going to buy him a train and it was interesting to see the cause and effect of it all there. Also, the thing about being called Mrs was really interesting again!

Ew, that woman who interviewed Mia was horrible. I just want to throw things at her so much right now (ha, this is reminding me of BTF as I did always want to do that to a few certain characters there too :P). But, aw, Claire was actually so sweet and I really love with the way she saved Mia and just wanted to make her feel good again and gave her a job. I can see how this links to Oliver so itís all very exciting! ♥

But anyhow, Jami, I miss you!! I hope these reviews encourage you to come back as that would be fab, and yeah, I need to know what happens to Oliver and Mia! :P

House Cup 2014 Review!

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Review #2, by patronus_charm Boys Will Be Boys

12th July 2014:
Hi again Jami!

Aw, Mia is such an adorable mum! I really loved how she had to bribe Aidan to clean his teeth if he could do something Quidditch related because 1. That is so true for all kids and kinda bad how true it is too :P and 2. That just makes the whole Oliver thing even cuter. I really liked seeing Mia as a mum though and just having to struggle dilemmas like wanting to please her son as she never would have the money for Quidditch tickets usually, but then her moral conscience too. Gah, I feel as if Iím not expressing myself properly but you wrote her really well in my opinion! ♥

I really like the fact that you made Oliver stay a Quidditch fanatic and make him crazy about the sport still because he could have fallen into depression and just want to give up after the war but you made him carry on and drive all of his energy into this and I really liked showing there can be a positive end to things.

Whoo, onto the next chapter!

House Cup 2014 Review!

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Review #3, by patronus_charm A Chance Meeting

12th July 2014:
Hi Jami! I couldnít stop myself from sneaking back here :P

Wah, I loved Oliver he was so cute and adorable and so Oliver! ♥ You just had everything right when writing him from the happiness about everything which he always seemed to have, the mention of the old team and how he still cared for them which was so sweet, and then the horrible memories of the war. You wrote those so well especially the one about Colin (my heart was breaking inside) that they really did make me tear up.

Aw, Aidan was so cute and you wrote him so well as I could imagine me doing the same if I met my idol. Oliver was so sweet about it too, especially as he had that injury too and everything was just so sweet and I loved it. Ooh, Mia sounds interesting though and I really liked how you made her a single mum as it made it a little different from the norm. I canít wait to see what happens!

House Cup 2014 Review!

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Review #4, by jessicalorewrites The Interview

30th March 2014:
I can't believe Malory treated Mia like that in the interview! But at the same time I think it accurately portrays the current economic climate in the UK, so hats off for that.

I really love Claire oh my gosh and I just love the idea of Oliver not being an only child. I really hope Mia ends up working for Claira :D


Can't wait for the next chapter!

- Jess x

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Review #5, by SilentConfession Boys Will Be Boys

15th October 2013:
Hey Jami!!

This is lovely. I love how you've written Mia and Aidan together. They seem so natural as mother/son and it's really neat to see them together. It's too cute. Aidan is the perfect little boy and so keen on learning and reading. It's adorable and i can hardly handle it. He reminds me of one of the students in a class I TA for. You've got that part written perfectly. So many tiny details that perfect like packing his rucksack or falling asleep as he's reading.

I really like Mia and how she deals with her own dreams and that of her sons. It's clear how much she loves her son that she's willing to put aside the things she loves in order to give him roots and a life. It's really great to read a single mum story where these issues are actually being dealt with.

I also really liked the Oliver portion of it and thought that he seems like the Oliver we know from the books. I think it's lovely too that he's coach, I think he probably suits that role better than a player even in the way you've written him. He's still hard, but secretly really pleased over all the teams successes. It was really sweet to watch his sister come as well and it gives us an idea of where the rest of the story is going as i'm thinking the interview is going to be at the sisters shop. It will make their futures intertwine in a realistic way.

Keep up the great writing. I have absolutely nothing bad to say about this. It's really a well put together chapter and the writing is very easy to read and it flows quite well. :) Sorry for taking ages with these reviews!

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Review #6, by WumpsQuill The Interview

30th August 2013:
Ooo...can't wait for the next chapter! Yay for intertwining character plot lines :) And yay for getting more Oliver next time? I hope so anyway.

Author's Response: Hi there! I'm so sorry about this late response, but thank you SO much for this review!!

♥ Jami

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Review #7, by Chivalrous The Interview

29th August 2013:
I'm so excited to see where this goes! I love Mia and Claire! Also one of my best friends is named Claire, so I feel attachment to her! Aha! This was brilliant, I can't wait till the next update! :)

Author's Response: I really, really need to get back to this story! Thank you so much for this review!!!
♥ Jami

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Review #8, by Cirque Du Freak A Chance Meeting

15th August 2013:
I don't know whether you knew of my love for fluffy Oliver/OC's before pairing me up with you, but ahdgsahfgafha I'm so glad you did. I turned into a messy puddle of utter Mr Blobby goop after reading this fluffiness. If there is one pairing that I could live with having all the fluff in the world it would probably any minor character/OC and you so happened to have me read Oliver/OC after just finishing reading another one and asjhsahsasuaiha so in love. Okay enough splurgeyness (':

I'm wayy too happy over the fact that you decided to pick up on this time of Oliver's life - usually you get the AU's where Harry doesn't exist or the veering into AU where Harry and Voldemort and basically anything remotely serious is there in the background no larger than a 0.8 point of paint. So I'm definitely excited to see what you do with this considering it's got the grief and the experience of war settled into this - you've established prominent characters that will definitely be in this already like Fred, Angelina, Mia, Aidan and maybe even some other old faces, too.

You've also given Oliver the shoulder injury which I think is also expected seeing as Quidditch, or any sport for that matter, is a short-term profession primarily because you need to be in absolutely fantastic shape to keep going at it as well as being careful enough not to get injured in the midst of it. Especially a game like Quidditch players are not likely to last long, but I do find it cute that you've made him Manager of the team and I also really like the whole interaction between Oliver and Aidan and the fact that they're both end up being interested in what takes place behind the scene instead at the forefront. It's like Oliver is learning to appreciate the processes that make the big things happen in the first place - lots of character development squees on my end.

Obviously Mia is a huge question mark at the moment other than the facts: single mother, probably has a demanding job especially in the summer if she's more socially frequent in the winter, Aidan is school age so he could be going to school? Tutored by family? Does Mia have any family? What's the kind of reputation she has? Obviously not a good/non-existent relationship with Aidan's father. Questions, questions!

I can't wait to go on to the next chapter! Thank you so much for pairing us together, because I do love your work and I never quite have enough time to ever read the longer works.

Returning very soon I hope!
Hannah ♥

Author's Response: Hi lovely!! I'm so happy you like this far!

I'm a canon-holic, so I didn't want to write anything that would clash with that or with what we know was going on in the world during Oliver's school time. I also really enjoy writing adults more than teenagers, and having a single mom was something I've been wanting in a story. then Oliver fit perfectly as her counterpart! I didn't know you were an Oliver fluff fan, but that makes me even more happy I paired us!! To be honest, I did so because I've been wanting to read more of your stuff, hehe.

I'm excited you like Oliver's new position!! Honestly, I had enough of writing quidditch matches through a players eyes with James. I mean, how many ways can you describe someone chasing after a Quaffle?! So I figured getting to write the matches from Oliver's eyes, just as emotionally involved but seeing the whole thing, would be more fun. And his personality always seemed to fit manager/coach really well. You know, that micromanaging side he has :P

I'm so excited I got you curious about Mia!!! I really wanted people to have lots of questions about her, and am hopefully going to pace myself with answering them through the story :P!

Thank you so, so much for this awesome review. Please don't thing, because this response took so long and I haven't been to your story yet, that it's anything to do with lack of excitement. I'm going all around the country visiting family right now, so things are just crazy. I'm so excited to head over to your story, though, and really happy you liked how this started!!!

Thank you so much, Hannah! ♥


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Review #9, by Athene Goodstrength Boys Will Be Boys

15th August 2013:
This cheered me up so much last night. It's just so CUTE! Your relationship with little children and their parents is so evident here. Mia's combination of patience and exasperation feel so real, and I love seeing Aidan push his boundaries but ultimately be a good little boy. I can imagine it would be hard for Oliver not to fall in love with him, too!

This bit was maybe my favourite moment:
""Your rucksack is packed for school tomorrow?" Pause.
Mia listened as he fumbled around for a few seconds before he called, "Yes!" " ...Sooo cute!

This mixture of magic and muggle in Aidan and Mia's life is so interesting, and I'm keen to see where it's going. I like the way you introduce it - Aidan's mismatched pyjamas. Oh, the cuteness! I love how accepting he is of his dual life.

I like the contrast between the end of Mia and Aidan's section, and the start of Oliver's - to go from warm, cuddly bedtime to action, velocity, noise... I kind of feel like Oliver's going to shake up their happy little routine!

Claire is so funny - she's just as obsessive as her brother, just about her bakery instead! Haha! You're making me wonder about their parents :P

You have such a good handle on Oliver. He's so recognisable from the books, but you've managed to grow him up a bit. I'm glad he's come to see that rewarding them at the end will help! Although naturally, he's still got to be a bit nuts - " Bridget, his Seeker, looked like she might faint any second. Perfect." Hahaha!

Loved this. So cute, so lovely, you're really setting up these characters as interesting and with depth but also just so adorable I want them to be happy :)


Author's Response: You're giving me two wub Sarah reviews!!! AH!

You think I'd be sick of kids after so much time with them, but apparently I'm not because I'm having SO MUCH FUN writing the relationship between Mia and Aidan.

Awww I love what you said about Oliver going to shake up their routine! That's what I'm counting on, mwahah! And yes, I figured obsessive pushy nature would be a fun thing to have siblings to share. Hehe. Poor Mia isn't going to know what hit her soon!

Thank you for making me so happy and warm and fuzzy with your sweet reviews! I'm so excited I'm finally replying to them, because it's put such a huge smile on my face!


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Review #10, by Harry and Ginny The Interview

13th August 2013:
poor Mia! she had to had a job interview with a crazy old woman! though I'm glad that this Claire is asking Mia if she would like to have an interview with her... can't wait to read more!^_^


Harry and Ginny

Author's Response: Hi darling! I'm so excited you liked this chapter! I'll poke myself and get the next chapter finished up, i promise!

Thank you so much for reading and reviewing!!!

♥ Jami

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Review #11, by Owlpost68 The Interview

13th August 2013:
HAHAHAHA. Noooww I understand that comment :)
Now, I did love the chapter, but unfortunately there were quite a few typos and some that are words, just not quite the right ones, like though, and thought etc..

You're definitely getting into more of what her past was like, which is really interesting. I can't understand how you do it, introducing just enough to wonder where the rest of it is. Why her grandmother insisted teaching her, where her parents are, and how Aiden came to be

I thought that Oliver was going to have some part of getting her the job in the bakery, but I'm glad he didn't, that'd be too much for her to accept. Plus, I find it funny that him and his sister have that same personality of doing things on impulse. I loved that connection!

All in all, very nice chapter, and easy edits :)
Great job!!

(P.S can't wait for this weekend when the sequel is up!)

Author's Response: Hi darling! I know I already mentioned this in a comment, but yeah, I think I have this chapter mostly sorted out now :P Thank you for bringing it to my attention!

I'm so excited you liked the similarities between Oliver and his sister!! At first I wondered if I was making her too pushy/impulsive, then figured... hey, she is related to Oliver Wood, haha!

Aww I'm so excited that I've made you curious about her past!!! I want to find a good balance between getting her out there, and not just dropping a ton of information on you. If that makes sense :P

Thank you so much for another awesome review! I'm so excited you enjoyed this chapter, and hopefully i'll finish the next soon!!

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Review #12, by Athene Goodstrength A Chance Meeting

13th August 2013:
Jami! How is it possible that I haven't actually R&R'd this? I thought I had! Well anyway... it's SO adorable. You write lovely warm fluffy fluff. I really enjoyed this initial portrait of Oliver. Although it's clear that he is very much an independent man, we can see that this isn't because he's disrespectful or cruel towards women (as the tendency often goes in writing a single man with things on his mind other than falling in love) - in fact, it's clear from his friendships and the way he treats Mia that he likes and respects women, and they appear to like him too ;) The fact that his obsession with Quidditch is what keeps him out of becoming invested in a relationship is absolutely perfect - Wood has always been crazy about Quidditch to the point of mania, but outside of that he always seemed a very nice, normal guy. I love your stance on his career - he always seemed more of a manager/coach in the books than a star player anyway!

The way you write Mia is very good - she's quite enigmatic, in a protective sort of way, and you make us want to know more about her, in the same way that Oliver wants to know more! And Aidan is really sweet and I could hear his lovely childish enthusiasm... d'aww. I found it interesting that Oliver took an instant liking to him, but referred to Freddie (argh, just double-checked - he's Fred in this :P) as a 'runt'. Although I suppose that could just be a boy's term of endearment! Speaking of boys, that line about him being only twenty-nine made me snort after our conversation/my rant last night!

I really love the set-up in this. It's not all thunderbolts and love at first sight... sure, there's attraction, and interest, but Oliver has other things on his mind at the moment and I love that. You make fluffy romance feel really refreshing!

The descriptions and dialogue in this are great - I really felt I could envisage the scene. I love Oliver's face. Yum face.

Oh, and the old Gryffie Quidditch team getting together and hanging out is such a lovely idea. The way you have Oliver correct himself from 'dead bodies' to 'dead children' is really striking and gut-wrenching, amidst all of this lovely warm fluffiness! You. You're good.

I wonder what Misty means about Mia coming in during the cooler months... kind of an odd thing to notice (or maybe I'm just really not observant. No maybe. I'm not.)

I love this story! Can't wait to read on.

Author's Response: I have a Sarah!!! HI!

I'm so happy you like my fluffy warm Oliver-ness! I really like the writing adults, and relationships that have to form with two people who didn't grow up together/didn't start out together young... the sort of thing where it isn't dating young hten stepping into adult world together, but two adults deciding to try and make something work. Did I make any sense just now? I'm on vacation, I don't have to make sense!

I'm so happy that you like Mia and Aidan!! I'm excited to get more time to work on this, because I really feel like they could benefit from having Oliver in their life. *insert fluffy hearts* hehe.

I wasn't sure how much to give to the second war in this. I mean, it had to have influence Oliver. He went back to fight, he carried a dead child's body... I like the idea of it all bringing them closer together after they were able to start healing again. I have a softy heart!!

THANK YOU my lovely ♥ You know how much I love your reviews, and now I miss you want want to huggle you ♥

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Review #13, by SilentConfession A Chance Meeting

13th August 2013:
Hey Jami!

Lovely first chapter. I really loved how you constructed this and introduced us to Oliver. I really like your Oliver. I don't read many of him actually and I like how right off I already feel like I know him a little and can understand him as well. You really did well with seamlessly weaving in some of his backstory into this so that we get a sense of him but not making it so over the top that I get bored and start to wonder why you're giving me all the information now. I loved that. I liked also how you've added bits about the war and how it affected Oliver and how he's grown from it. The image of Colin was especially gripping for me.

I like how this is an older version of Oliver. Really, an older version of everyone. Not many stories deal with this era and it really sticks out to me that you can really just pave the way and create something here that's new and exciting. I like the way you've described things here as well. There is a very subtle touch here but it paints a really lovely picture and I really do feel into the story like i'm in this small, dark cafe as well with knitting older woman. It makes me laugh a little thought to imagine Oliver coming here to do his Quidditch planning. He seems almost out of place but it would be a good place to hide from fans.

I'm curious about Mia and how closed she seemed. You had a lot of really nice touches of showing us exactly what she was feeling and how she was responding to Oliver. A lot of authors can have trouble with that but I think you did a great job with not just telling us what's she's doing but really putting that emotion behind it. I really can't wait to see her character development and I think there are really exciting things in store for her.

Aiden is cute. I don't think anyone would argue with that. He's bubbly and outgoing and a little outrageous but I really like him. He's also different too because he's more interested in the people behind the scenes which is really different for kids. He's really sweet and i'm curious to know what role he plays in the coming chapters. I'm guess a lot and that may be how Oliver steals his way into Mia's life.

I don't think i have anything else to say! I did enjoy this though, it was sweet and lovely but I loved how you mixed the backstory in and some of the pain involved there but also added this element of hope and light. I know I have troubles with that and I like how you've shown all these characters moving on from the war. Really lovely job Jami, I'm glad I was able to read this! :)

Author's Response: Hi darling!! I'm so sorry this response has taken so long! I'm on vacation right now visiting family, and really trying to focus on spending time with them and not let my HPFF obsession control all :P

I'm so excited that you like my Oliver! I haven't read much about him, and so I sort of had a blank canvas with no previous head canons interfering. I really love this adult age, as well, and wanted so much to do a story about a single mom. But I'm not crazy about writing next gen, and didn't want to go that far into the future, so yeah. Adult Oliver era just fit :P!

Awww your compliments about using small touches to show what Mia's feeling instead of telling are putting such a huge smile on my face! I'm so excited to see what you think of the chapters that deal with more of her!

Aidan will definitely play a huge part in the whole story. He and Mia came first, and I Mia won't be a person to ever let someone try and use her kid to win her over, so her wondering if Oliver's trying to do that might cause some issues.

I'm so excited you liked this first chapter, m'dear!!! I'm so behind on everything HPFF, but I can't wait to get over to review the new chapter(s?) of ATG! Thank you SO MUCH for stopping by to review, it's put such a huge smile on my face!!!

♥ Jami

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Review #14, by Owlpost68 Boys Will Be Boys

4th August 2013:
nooo where's the next chapter button???
sigh.. oh well, I'll just have to wait patiently for the next chapter... HA lol..
oh, and I forgot to tell you, last chapter I think it was the part he first met Mia, that cracked me up lol, there might have been others, but definitely comparing her to a brand new racing broom... lol :D
I love this, and hope to see more soon!

Author's Response: Hahaha aww!! I'm sorry! Is it weird being in a story of mine without having 30 more chapters to click through? :P!

I'm happy you liked that part! Oliver's so much more fun to write than I thought he'd be!

Thank you so much for another review, and I WILL get the next chapter up by this evening!

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Review #15, by Owlpost68 A Chance Meeting

4th August 2013:
I can't believe my luck at finding such a wonderful author who happens to like all the same characters I do, and get so detailed about them like I do, I'm just. I'm absolutely thrilled :D
I'm in love with this story and it's only just started. I can't wait until we're in the thick of it :)
great job!

Author's Response: Hi lovely! Awww haha yay!!! I really wanted to write a more adult story that had the chance of a happy ending *cough, unlike Marauders, cough* so Flight of the Heart is that for me!
I'm so excited that you like the start of this! I promise, I'm very close to being finished with chapter 3!!

♥ Jami

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Review #16, by onestop_hpfan18 Boys Will Be Boys

10th July 2013:
I liked this chapter even if it was filler. Fillers are always my favorite because we get to see more of the characters in their environment without the plot getting in the way. I mean I love your plot so far, too, but I'm one of those readers that pay closer attention to characters than plots. After all, the characters often are the ones driving the plot.

I also like how interconnected you've bridged the characters together without them knowing it yet. I'm assuming Mia's interview is with Oliver's sister. That's an excellent way to ensure that Oliver's and Mia's lives intertwine with one another. I can't wait to see more interaction between the pair of them. And Aidan is adorable. Anyway, another great chapter, Jami! Keep up the amazing writing! The only critique I have is to make sure you proofread more carefully because I noticed quite a few typos in this chapter (whereas the previous chapter I didn't notice any, or if I did they weren't as noticeable). Also, some words were clearly supposed to be other words. I also noticed that you used 'then' when you should have used 'than' somewhere. A tip in remembering when to use each is that 'then' is used when talking time (something following something else in chronological order); and 'than' is used when comparing/contrasting two things in a sentence. Other than that, I have no other feedback. I'm still interested in this story to keep reading and I hope you update soon. (:

Author's Response: Hi again!! I'm one of those people that thinks there can pretty much never be a filler unless it's just a character sitting there in silence, because -- like you said -- character drive chapters are the best times to get to know them better. Especially in a story like this where it will be mainly character driven.

Hmmm you might be right about Mia's interview being with his sister Claire ;). maybe! Aidan is probably my favorite part about this. Well, that and the fact that it's just him and Mia. Single mom's, who are interested in really giving their children a solid base, tend to have such a special relationship with them.

Ugh I'm the typo queen. I always think I caught them all, but then they just stay hidden in there :P. Then/than usually happens when my brain is going faster than my fingers (we/be happens a lot that way as well, and i have on idea why!) I'll do another read through and see if I can comb out the rest of the errors! Thanks for pointing them out! I'm *think* I'll be posting the next chapter by Sunday :)!

Thank you so much for another awesome review, and I'm so excited that you're enjoying these characters so far! I'm on pretty shaky ground in this era, so your feedback has been absolutely awesome to receive!

♥ Jami

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Review #17, by onestop_hpfan18 A Chance Meeting

9th July 2013:
This was a great first chapter. It's always nice to read a post-hogwarts story and especially one that includes Oliver Wood. There are so few Oliver stories that interest me and this one is definitely one of them. You've hooked me in. You've always done a great job getting Oliver's characterization right and how he might be as an adult after Hogwarts.

I also like Claire and can definitely see Oliver falling for her. And Aidan is adorable. Kids are always cute in stories and are generally great matchmakers for a single parent. Anyway, great job so far! Looking forward to reading more (:

Author's Response: Hi there :)! Thank you so much for stopping by! I really wanted a story that I can work on that I know I can give a happy ending. My Marauders one has me wanting to just sit there and pout sometimes, so having this and thankfully getting characters who don't have to all die at the end has been a huge relief!

I've never really read an Oliver story, so I'm excited that you think I have his characterization right!! I think I'm going to has a lot of fun getting to focus on an adult cast!

Thank you so much for this awesome review! It was such a lovely surprise! ♥ Jami

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Review #18, by Chivalrous Boys Will Be Boys

8th July 2013:
I love this one! I can't wait for the next update! :)

Author's Response: This is one of my newer stories! I'm so happy you like it! I need to, and will hopefully update this weekend. I'm a few chapters away from being finished with my Marauders novel, so that's stealing all my attention at the moment!

Thank you again for another amazing review ♥

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Review #19, by ShadowRose Boys Will Be Boys

3rd July 2013:
Hi Jami, I'm back again!

So much fluff, it makes me so happy. :)

I really liked getting to know Mia and Aidan more in this chapter. I love seeing the way that Mia behaves around her son, because it's very different from how she behaved with Oliver, and it really just shows how much she loves him. I like the whole "bargaining" thing she does with Aidan, because, in working with kids, I know that that's often the only way to get any sort of response!

The part you included about Aidan struggling to combine both the Muggle world he goes to school in and the wizarding world. It's definitely a difficult topic to explain to a little kid, especially when children have this tendency to want to tell everyone about everything, and don't understand where to stop, so having her explain this to Aidan is a great scene. I feel like that's such an important part of raising a magical child, but it's so often glossed over, that it made me really happy to see it here.

I love how you've built on Oliver's character from what we know from the books. He's still very into his Quidditch, but now that we're in his perspective we see that he really cares about the players, not just the win. I really loved the part where he talks about training them so he doesn't have to lose any of them, because that is a huge factor in professional sports, and the fact that he cares for his players that much speaks volumes about his character.

This was a really brilliant chapter, characterization-wise. I like that you've sort of introduced both Mia and Oliver in their own separate worlds before you start to combine them - it's a great way to get to know each of their characters!

Overall, I really enjoyed reading this, and I'll definitely be keeping an eye out for new chapters!

-ShadowRose (Taylor)

Author's Response: Hi Taylor!! Thank you so much for returning for the second chapter!

I'm so excited that you're liking what you see of Mia and Aidan so far! I've really wanted to write about a single mother for some time. I guess working with kids is bound to translate into my writing eventually :P. And single mom's often has a really special sort of devotion, and I'm just so excited you're enjoying them so far ♥

I hate glossing over things. I think it's why my chapters end of being so long usually, haha. And showing that it isn't all fun and games to be a magical child in a muggle world is important to me, so I'm really thrilled you picked up on that and enjoyed it!

Aww thank you so much Taylor for all your amazing compliments. I've read this review way too many times (actually I just read it last night again trying to get inspired for chapter 3) and it gives me warm feels each time I read it ♥

Thanks for an awesome exchange!

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Review #20, by ShadowRose A Chance Meeting

28th June 2013:
Hi Jami! You know, I've actually been planning on reading and reviewing this when I got the time, so it really worked out well that I get to review this. :)

I really like how you've portrayed Oliver in this. He's older than he usually is in FF, and it really shows in his personality. He still has a grasp on his Quidditch-obsession, but it's a bit toned-down, and mixed with the memories of his past. You do a really great job of combining both his previous personality and how he was affected by the Second Wizarding War, which is pretty difficult, and something a lot of authors can struggle with.

Oh gosh, Aidan. The funny thing is that one of the kids I worked with in a summer camp last week was named Aidan, and the two are so, so similar. They're both really bubbly and really into their sport of choice (for your Aidan, that would be Quidditch, and for mine, gymnastics, haha).

Mia's character is interesting too, even though we really don't know all that much about her next. She's obviously got quite a backstory, considering that she has a son and no husband, and the mention of her husband closes her off. I'm really interested to see how you develop her storyline in the future.

I really liked how you mentioned Fred's death in here. To be honest, I'd never really thought about how it would affect Oliver, but now that I think about it, the two would have known each other for quite a few years thanks to Quidditch. Oh gosh, and when you mentioned him carrying Colin's body after the battle - that was a really excellently placed detail that really added to the effects that the war had on him.

Overall, this is a really great start, and I'm excited to read the next chapter!

-ShadowRose (Taylor)

Author's Response: Hi Taylor! Writing more of an adult story was what I had set in mind when starting this, and Oliver fit the bill perfectly! I didn't want to veer into next gen, but really didn't want to use any of the main characters. I'm so excited that you like how i've portrayed him so far!!

I didn't want the first chapter to go buy without the hint of how much he's gone through to be okay, and I'm happy you felt like it I combined his past and present well! I sort of went on a tangent with the section of his war related thoughts :P

Aidan was my first idea for this story. I spend so much time with kids, that I guess they were bound to leak through into a FF eventually :P. And that's adorable that the little one you worked with was into gymnastics!

Thank you so much for this sweet review. This story is still on sort of shaky waters for me... I'm used to threading tragedy into any sort of fluff, so this is new territory!

I'm so happy you're liking it so far! Thanks again ♥

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Review #21, by academica Boys Will Be Boys

24th June 2013:
Hi Jami! Back to read some more for the exchange!

You did such a great job with Mia's characterization as a mother. I've spent a lot of time working with kids this summer and I've noticed two big themes: you've got to be willing to bargain with them, and you have to entertain a lot of prying questions. I loved how gracefully Mia handled Aidan because it showed that she's perfectly resilient and capable even though she's raising him mostly on her own. The bond they shared was really palpable as well. I can already tell that poor Mia has some baggage and it will take her a while to feel like she can trust Oliver, especially with Aidan as part of the deal.

I really like Oliver as a coach, too. You get the sense from the series that there are many different kinds of Quidditch coaches, some good and some not so good. Oliver doesn't go easy on them, but he genuinely wants to reward them and celebrate with them when they try their hardest (and even more so when it pays off and they do well). I think that sense of balance is great and it definitely rings true with how I think of Oliver from canon, so really wonderful job there.

This was a nice chapter just to set up some characterization. It's good that you're not rushing into the pairing right away--not that I'd expect you to, given your skill with storytelling. It'll be interesting to visit again sometime and see how goes the course of Oliver and Mia's courtship.

Thanks so much for doing the exchange with me! I had a lot of fun and I hope you did as well! (And thanks again for both of your lovely reviews!)


Author's Response: Amanda! Hiii!

I'm so happy you liked Mia's characterization. Yes, I'd agree completely with those two themes. Sadly, those are both things that so many parents struggle to understand! I think that's why I've made Mia so attuned to Aidan and given them *just* each other -- single moms are usually the ones who understand their children as people and not just mini dictators.

Spending so much time with kids sometimes has its downfalls, like I want to pull my hair out by the roots then strangle myself with it, but at the same time it's fun getting to understand the little creatures :P.

Making Aidan part of the deal has been the most fun for me, and I hope will end up challenging what Oliver thought he previously wanted.

I have SUCH a hard time trying to figure out HP Oliver, and am sort of just going on head canon, so I'm really excited that you think he fits your canon as well! haha! Did that make sense? :P

I always am afraid people are going to get bored with the more characterization driven chapters, so I'm really happy that you didn't seem to! And your compliments have really put a smile on my face. It's so much fun for me to know that you've been there reviewing and, hopefully seeing improvement, from the start!

Thank YOU for the awesome exchange! Your opinion is one that I really take seriously, so knowing you think these first two chapters were done well is such a relief ♥

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Review #22, by academica A Chance Meeting

22nd June 2013:
Hi Jami! Here to kick off my half of our exchange!

Gah, Oliver. He's so wonderful. He was probably my first Harry Potter crush (and then I met Sirius, ugh). I think he's really well suited for fluff and I'm excited to see your take on his potential match-up here!

Haha, he wants to indoctrinate George and Angelina's child early! That's typical Oliver :)

I really liked the way you threaded the emotion through the first few paragraphs of this chapter. You were dealing with emotions on both ends of the spectrum--pleasant ones related to the present and more painful ones related to the war--and yet you were able to move between them quite seamlessly so that nothing felt out of place. The imagery you used to describe Colin's body was especially heart-wrenching and powerful.

I really like this idea of Oliver's love interest being a single mother. It lends a sense of maturity to the story as a whole and his character individually and already sets this apart from the sea of other male character / oc stories that exist on the archive. I liked how you focused on the small details in their interaction, like the subtle changes in Mia's expression. It's nice to see her being appropriately guarded but not totally turned off to him, in terms of trying to at least be cordial for Aidan's sake. I'm sure Aidan will be a crucial part of anything that ends up developing between Oliver and Mia later.

Very interesting beginning! I'm afraid I don't have any critique for you, though that's a good thing :)


Author's Response: Hi Amanda! I honestly had no idea so many people liked Oliver. I kind of got the idea of Mia's half of the story first and knew I wanted this to take place post hogwarts but not next gen, and not with any of the main HP cast as the MC. So, Oliver just sort of fit really well. Seeing how many people like reading about his character, I'm considering myself lucky for choosing him :P!

I'm so excited that nothing felt out of place with the more serious emotions at the start. I wanted to establish right away some of Oliver's feelings toward one happened, and I think it would probably to be hard to think of them all hanging out without remembering a time when that wasn't as happy of an occasion. I still worry that I scared a bit of people off with the amount of seriousness at the start of a so called fluff, but oh well :P!

I've wanted to write about a single mother for some time now. More than anything I want to get myself back into more OF, and I thought this served as a good transition. It obviously is FF but there won't be as many already created characters.

I'm so excited you like the start of this, and thank you so much for this lovely review ♥ I was really nervous putting this up without Dan beta reading it for me, just because that other person saying, 'no it's not rubbish,' adds a lot of confidence for me. But again, I need to stand on my own two feet if I want to work on OF again :P!

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Review #23, by TenthWeasley A Chance Meeting

17th June 2013:
Jami! I've been eyeing this story for weeks now -- I even took peeks at your chapter image requests over on TDA -- and I'm pleased as punch to have an opportunity to pop over and review this for you at last. Oliver/OC was one of the first things to get me into reading fic, and I'm so glad to be reading one after such a long hiatus from it!

Right off the bat, I love your Oliver. ♥ Most of the Oliver/OC stories I've read in my time have been focused around him at Hogwarts, and I don't have a lot of experience with an older version of him (so you best watch out or this'll become my headcanon!). In a slightly sad way, I like the fact that he's been put off Keeping in favor of managing because of an injury. He is only twenty-nine, but the reality is that's pretty old for an athlete, and it seems a kind of natural way for things to have ended up. (I'm now paranoid because this sounds really familiar and maybe it's actually canon and I'm mixing up my canon with my fan fiction again. HELP.)

And oh my gosh, Aidan is to die for! SO adorable. :D I ship Oliver/Mia so hard right now, if only so Aidan can have Oliver as a stepfather and adore him forever. But now I'm curious about Mia's background, too -- where Aidan's father is, and why she keeps to herself, and whether or not she's going to fall in love with Oliver (which she simply must do, you know). Oliver was so sweet with Aidan, it should make any woman fall in love with him, period. Giving Fred and Angelina's tickets to him just so he could go to the match! Okay, he sort of had an ulterior motive, but he also just really seemed to like Aidan and if you can't tell by now, I am hardcore shipping that bromance. If it's a bromance at all.

I liked the way you described things in this story, too -- it wasn't over the top, which really made me happy because that seems to be a plague running amok in the fan fiction world, but it did enough so that I could see where your story was set and who it was about in my head. Which is, I think, very important for reading, and you did it all very naturally, so well done there!

I have nothing bad to say about this story. :D And I hope that I get the chance to review the second chapter for you before too long! More Aidan is much needed on this end of the screen. :) Great work!

Author's Response: Hi Rachel! I was so happy when I saw that you'd tagged me!

It's nice to know I'm not the only stalked at TDA. If I'm trying to procrastinate, I'll just scroll through banner requests and see if there's anyone i know requesting, haha!

Oliver/OC is oddly something I never gave much thought about. But then when I got the idea for this story, he clicked perfectly into place! And I'm pretty much in the dark with adult Oliver. I've never read anything featuring him, so this is definitely a new adventure!

Those were my thoughts exactly; twenty-nine is old for an athlete! Hahhah no you aren't mixing up canon with FF. Canon has like nothing about him, which was sort of scary! But I do that so much, wonder if something is actually canon and I've just forgotten :P.

Aidan is the whole reason I wanted to start this story. I'm not sure if I mentioned before that I work with kids, and they're something I know really well. I'm sure I'll start getting pouty when I finish up with my current clients and stop working temporarily, so I'm going to take out those pouty feels on Aidan :P.

I'm really excited that I opened up a nice amount of curiosity in this first chapter! I'm still a bit worried about it being too slow, but I guess sometimes that's unavoidable with the start. Hahah I agree that he did really enjoy Aidan and had an ulterior motive for the tickets. Men are sneaky... well, actually they think they're sneaky. At least they try :P.

Aww it makes me so happy that you like Mia/Oliver, Mia/Aidan/Oliver. I'm a sucker for happy endings, so I can't pretend like there probably won't be on here :P! And you know how depressing writing Marauders gets. We have NO HOPE for the majority of our characters, so having something to work on that has a chance of ending happy is definitely nice.

Knowing it felt natural but still gave you a good picture is such an awesome compliment. I've been finding my style over the past few months I think, and as fun as it is to write extreme sorts of descriptions in a story, it's not what I enjoy the most. I really like just trying to get a story to start playing out and keeping the reader focused, and honestly I just don't have much of a talent for really descriptive metaphors or similes. haha!

This review was such an awesome treat, and I can't tell you how happy I am that you enjoyed this first chapter! Hopefully you'll see my on your AP very soon! I've been trying to wait until I'll have time to give you good, long reviews. But I'm getting impatient and might just have to throw out that idea and instead squee for a few paragraphs then continue on, haha.

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Review #24, by 800 words of heaven A Chance Meeting

5th June 2013:

I thought I'd give your incredibly long and by the looks of it, well-written Jily fic a shot, but then I saw this, and I couldn't resist! It's hard to say no to Oliver Wood!

I really like the way you've depicted him here. He's older, and more mature, and knows what he wants from life. Obviously, his past haunts him, still, but he seems to be more balanced because of it, rather than down-right depressed.

Aidan was adorable. We didn't see much of Mia, but I'm looking forward to getting to know her a bit better of the course of the next few chapters!

This is such a wonderful start, to what could be a wonderful story!

Author's Response: Hi there :)!!

Awww haha well I can't say I'd have been disappointed if you'd have started that, but I'm even more excited that you chose this. It's still so new to me that any feedback I can get is really appreciated.

I like what you said about Oliver being more balanced because of it. That's what I want -- to show that though the war impacted him and everyone, it didn't ruin him. If anything it gave him a good sense of the importance of maintaining relationships and leaning on your friends and family.

The next chapter is a Mia and Aidan on, so if we end up running into one another again through tag I'll be excited to see what you think of them :)!

Thank you so much for your lovely compliments!

♥ Jami

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Review #25, by ValWitch21 Boys Will Be Boys

30th May 2013:
Hi Jami! I'd forgotten to add this to my favourites and so I didn't see there was a new chapter immediately. But instead, I'm reading this from my computer, which means I can leave a review!

And gosh, you have no idea how much this chapter made my day. It was exactly the dose of fluffiness and lightness I needed, so thank you so, so much for writing this &hearts

Mia and Aidan are adorable. I love reading about children in fanfic, even though they tend to be overdone or satirised, but you, of course, you make Aidan perfect. This story makes me want to waffle on and on, but I won't because I have, can you guess? Homework! I can't wait to read about the Quidditch match (which you will, of course, be writing about in detail, won't you?) and to see what plot twists you have in stock for us.

Also, I really hope this is going to be fluffy throughout, with no cliffhanger displays of angst. I don't think I can handle that and The Steps to Insanity and Before they Fall and Hazardous (which you totally need to update, by the way) -- I think my fangirling capacities might implode.


Author's Response: Hi m'dear ♥!!!

I'm so happy I could give you some light and fluffies ♥ And that's such an awesome compliment about Aidan! I really, really love writing kids. I haven't gotten to except in OF, so having a FF with a younger child in it is really fun for me.


This one will be more of a fluffy story. Of course it will have serious moment, but nothing BTF or StI territory. Umm. Hazardous. I'll try to get my mojo back for that, I promise! And can I just say that I want to hug you to death for reading so much of (all?) my stories?

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