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Review #1, by Rose The Building of April Storms

20th February 2015:
Great Vhapter. Can't wait for the next one.

Author's Response: Thank you. The next chapter is being worked on so hopefully it will be up soon.

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Review #2, by amelia_rose_pond April Showers

2nd February 2015:
Please don't give up on this story! I love it all- the characters, the plot, the relationships, the drama... all of it! I know it's only been a month since you last posted, but you are really good at it, so I want to make sure that you haven't started the doubt that! So, in conclusion please, please, PLEASE keep writing!

Author's Response: Don't worry, I will never abandon this story. I am actually working on chapter 14 right now, and I hope to have it finished soon. These chapters just take a lot of planning and outlining to write and that is why it takes a while to get them posted. Thank you so much for the review and for reading. I am so glad that you like the story, and don't worry I will continue to write this story.

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Review #3, by Blossompuff The Building of April Storms

25th January 2015:
This story is so well written, the characters are incredibly developed and well-rounded and the plot is fantastic. I'm dying to read the next chapter! And poor Rose, I'm properly gutted for her. She's so sweet and she deserves so much!

Author's Response: Thank you so much for the compliment. It means a lot to know that the story is well developed. The next chapter is halfway done, so hopefully it will be up soon. That's what I love about Rose is that she is so sweet that she doesn't see that she deserves so much more. Thank you so much for the sweet review and for reading.

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Review #4, by dracodarlingxx The Building of April Storms

22nd January 2015:
Bloody hell.
You've really outdone yourself here.
I cried. I quite literally cried at the end of this chapter and it's all your fault.
It was well-written. The emotions came through. The description was perfect. I've never cried at a story before and I didn't think the first time would be for a fanfiction.
I guess you're the exception.
I hope to God that Scorpius buys that owl for her. Scorp's always my favourite character, and I love him to pieces but he made Rose cry. And in this fic, that's is just NOT OKAY.
Please please update soon.

Author's Response: I can't say that I'm not happy to know that you cried. Obviously I can't comment about Toggle, but I will say that Scorpius is not alright with Rose giving up the one thing that she really wanted, even if he is mad at her. Yeah, making Rose cry in this story isn't exactly an easy thing for me to do. She is just so sweet, it's like kicking a puppy, it's just makes you cringe to think about. Although I think that this argument was needed. Anyways thank you so much for the review. I have half of the next chapter finished so hopefully it wont be too long until an update.

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Review #5, by AriesGirl40 The Building of April Storms

9th January 2015:
I cant remember, is Christmas coming up?? that owl would make a lovely gift for a broken hearted girl. The story just keeps getting better and better

Author's Response: Christmas isn't comming up but Rose's birthday is. If you ever get confused about where the story is I always label the chapter with the month were in. So right now it's April. Besides it not being Christmas, Toggle would be a lovely present for a broken hearted Rose. Thank you for reading and reviewing.

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Review #6, by amelia_rose_pond The Building of April Storms

2nd January 2015:
Hey, I am absolutely LOVING the story! Great characters, really interesting plot, and I'm really interested in seeing what happens with the whole Scorp/Rose/Marcus triangle! However, I am a little confused. The story updates say you added a chapter today January 2, but it's not showing up. I'm not sure if that's really your fault (it really probably isn't) but I was wondering if you knew why?

Author's Response: I am so happy that you love my story. I have a few interesting things planned for the Scorpius/Rose/Marcus triangle, so those will be coming up soon. As for your question I do have an answer. The last chapter new chapter that was validated was on December 22nd. However I went through and saw a few mistakes in the chapter, so I reedited them and reposted the new chapter, and that was validated on January 2. Even if the chapter isn't new, because the story has been worked on it is considered updated, so that is why it is giving you an updated January 2 marking. As for the next chapter I am working on it and I hope to have it up soon. Thank you for reading.

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Review #7, by Phoenix_Feather49 The Trickiest Day in April

29th December 2014:
AH! Damn girl everything went down in this chapter, didn't it? I think it was Rose's turn for a bad day- Scorpius ended up having a (debatable) good day by having a good old snog with the very passionate Dominique. Rose on the other hand...

I think I like the sound of Goliath Plath actually, maybe Rose should give up on both of her hopeless boys and set her sights back on Goliath! I love those little snippets between just the friends; that scene between her and Cathleen was really well written, realistic and sweet.

I also loved the scarf giving bit. I think it's really powerful and definitely revealed a softer side to Marcus- he just wants a bit of affection. Of course, as we see later in the chapter, it comes over a bit too possessive but it was a tender moment between the pair. It was excellent actually, the whole one PDA moment a day was very funny and classic Rose- it helps give another dimension to their relationship.

Now I find Quidditch scenes really hard to write (ironic right with my new story!) but I thought that was great. How Gryffindor won was great, really intense and exciting. You felt Rose's worry. And even though Marcus was very unfair in Rose's eyes, oh man is he onto something. Damn, that favourite freckle is causing all sorts of problems for poor Scorpy.

Rose was great in the argument between her and Marcus. I hate it when characters take it lying down but I thought you did a really great job of making sure Rose got her side across and didn't let Marcus walk all over her. She was definitely right to walk away but I really enjoyed that scene. Really important, I'm looking forward to seeing how you take that forward.

Now Dom and Scorpius. Obviously I have a little insight ahead of this scene ;) It was great all the same however, I thought it all played true to the characters. Very clever but poor Rose and Scorpius there! How incredibly awkward. Although I suppose it's a taste of her medicine really- Rose is dating Scorpius' arch nemesis and cousin, so why shouldn't he do the same with HER cousin and contest for Head Girl? It's symmetrical! Dom's smug reaction to Rose's discovery was perfect, I loved it.

I really enjoyed the chapter: really exciting and fast paced but also some really nice hints for what's to come. I can't wait to read more about how Rose and Marcus handle the fight and what happens between Rose and Scorpy now. And of course, I'm looking forward to how Scorpius carries out his task. The "She's just jealous" from Dom about Rose was a nice touch- that's exactly what he has to do to Dom isn't it? Irony!

See you again soon :)

Author's Response: Oh, trust me we aren't even close to everything going down. Rose is in for a few bad days. Debatable is the right word for this situation. Funny that you picked up on Goliath Plath. I have played around with him entering the story. His characters is very refreshing. I like the part with Cathleen too. I think that it shows that although Rose is mature, she is still a teenager. I love doing things with Marcus, it doesn't matter what but I can usually make him seem either completely genuine and self conscious or having an ulterior motive. I think it helps make his character a bit more mysterious. But have you ever considered that the only reason Marcus played it possessive was a spur of the moment idea because he saw Scorpius looking. Yeah Rose is not a fan of PDA, but the fact that she even kissed Marcus like that in public and liked it says a lot, although i'm sure she will stick to her ideals about kissing is private. I seriously burst out laughing when I read that line about Quidditch being hard to write. That fist ch. of your next story is gold on the quidditch writing. Marcus isn't dumb. He's been poking at a Rose/Scor relationship since ch.1, the difference is that now he likes Rose so it is no longer a joking matter that he can use to annoy Scorpius. I think Marcus has noticed that Scorpius is seeing Rose in different way. Before Scor was always defensive about his friendship with Rose but he didn't like her so Marcus would joke to get under his skin. Now Marcus realizes that this is a thing and it is a threat to him. Of course Rose doesn't see any of it so she thinks Marcus is being ridiculous. That'll change soon enough. Rose being mad is always fun to write in this story because she doesn't get mad. But I wanted to show that as calm and collected as she is, she has temper and she stands up for what she feels is right. The thing with this story is that I always have to find ways to make sure Rose's side gets across. She is so in the dark about so much that I think it's easy to forget that her observation of events IS going to be different/skewed. Unfortunately, Marcus is her first boyfriend so she probably will give him a second chance. First are always the worst. You do have more insight than anyone else ;). That scene was so hard to write because in being true to their characters, Scor and Dom have NOTHING in common. So making them want to kiss was hard, and thats where the whole she can sort of resemble Rose thing came into play. A lot of people think that it is fair that Scorpius dates Dom because Rose is dating Marcus, and I agree to an extent, except that Socrpius actually doesn't like Dom. It would be different if he did and maybe justified but he doens't and he's not going to either. Dom is a mean girl she's going to stay one. But regaurdless Rose does need a bit of a reality check into whats going on because she took Scorpius at his word when he said that he was fine with her dating Marcus so shes in for a rude awakening. Of course Dom would be smug. This chapter really was a turning point for everything that is to come in April. Lots of Drama. Let's just say that the way Scorpius carries out the task is a bit unexpected to even him, not that he will mind too much. In fact I think he will really enjoy it. I love that last line, Dom is so conceded. Anyways thanks for the review, hope to hear from you soon.

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Review #8, by Ashand The Building of April Storms

22nd December 2014:
How does Scorpius figure he betrayed her? Everything he said was absolutely true! Rose is being a hypocrite. He feels the same about Marcus as she does about Dominique but yet she gets mad at him for lying about being OK with Marcus when she lied about being OK with Dominique? She makes no sense!

Author's Response: Trust me it didn't take Rose but two steps for her to realize that she was being a hypocrite, and trust me when I say that Rose's nature is not taking that fact very well. But I added that scene in to show that Rose isn't always perfect, she does have bad days, and she can occasionally be a teenage girl. I also think it is important to note that Dominique is also a sensitive subject for her especially at the moment, so she already wasn't thinking clearly to begin with. She was hurting by Toggle and I think she wanted someone to blame (another thing that feel a bit upset over in the next chapter).
Scorpius sees that he betrayed her in two way, the first is that he hurt her feelings, which is something that he had promised himself that he would NEVER do, reguardless if he was in the right. The second is that they are essentially having an argument about him dating a girl who he DOSEN'T like. This whole argument is based of something that is pointless to his life. That being said he does have a point.
Now for Rose, in her defense Rose honestly believed that if Marcus could change then Scorpius could see past it. She believes that if anyone can change then they can get a fresh start. That's just her personality. But the thing is (and this is something that will be discussed in the next chapter but has only been hinted at until now) Scorpius doesn't want to see Marcus change. He wants him to stay this horrible jerk, and that does make a difference in her being with him or not. Although Marcus is a tricky character there are parts of him that have changed, now whether or not that change stays is debatable. Also Rose did say that she would break up with him, something which she has full intentions of doing if Scorpius asked (Something which Scorpius couldn't offer her). Rose can be a bit naive sometimes, subconsciously she understands that Scorpius doesn't like Marcus (as explained above the nature of her personality wants to believe that Scorpius can accept him), but when it comes to what Scorpius says, she honestly did believe him when he said that he was fine. As far as she knows Scorpius has never lied to her but about being fine (which she just now realized, not back in march), and to her that was why she lied to him about being fine because she knew it was wrong of her to disagree. Now that she knows the truth she is going to have a bit of a harder time being with Marcus the way she was. I don't want to say she was MAD at Scorpius for lying, I think she just doesn't understand why. When Scor lied it was during a point where Rose and Marcus' relationship was in a early stage, a point where breaking up with him wouldn't have been a big deal. She doesn't see/know that the reason why Scorpius lied was so she wouldn't be hurt by him telling her not to date the first boy whose ever really shown an interest in her. He lied because he wanted her to be happy, I just don't think Scorpius expected to fall for her too and make him regret the fact that he told her to be with him. Also I want to note that Rose lied because Scorpius lied. If Scorpius hadn't told her to be with Marcus, then Rose would have expressed her concern about Dom way back when they first started dating. This is all a continuous circle that is about to come to a halt. Anyways thank you so much for reading and reviewing. I hope this helped.

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Review #9, by Paula Rodrigues The Building of April Storms

22nd December 2014:
I LOVE IT!!! I'm so mad at Rose right now, how can she blame Scorpius for dating Dom when she is the one dating Marcus even knowing Scorpius HATE him, she knows it bother him and act like she doesn't. I feel sorry for her as she may have given up one thing she really wanted for someone else. Is nice seeing Rose mad and jealous, naive people make me so angry, but I really like her. I can't see Scorpius breaking Dom's heart but I think he will. One think I really wish would happen is Dom breaking Marcus' heart. This chapter was like your Christmas gift to me. Me trying to write I review is mine to you. Merry Christmas and a wonderful 2015! (english is not my native language and I'm also terrible review stuff, I'm trying my best here because you really deserve it. Thanks :)

Author's Response: Bare in mind that Rose usually doesn't get angry when something happens she usually keeps her mouth closed, or looks for some way to turn it into a good thing. This was the result of her having a bad day and Dominique saying just the wrong thing at exactly the right time to make Rose explode. Not that she isn't confused by the relationship but in usual circumstances she wouldn't blurt it out. As for her disregarding Scorpius' feelings. To some degree she isn't acting. In march when he said she was fine, she believed him, she took him for his word, and she was under the impression that Scorpius would eventually see the change in Marcus too. Rose is such a positive thinker and she tries so hard to find the light in anything that couldn't help but feel that Scorpius would try and do the same, and maybe if Scorpius hadn't started to have a crush on her, he would be a bit more open too. Keep in mind that this all happened right before he started seeing her as more than a friend. When he said it he knew that Marcus was the fist boy to show her attention like that and a part of him felt that he could endure it for her, but if he'd have liked her then... I'm sure that that conversation would have gone very differently. It's nice to occasionally write Rose as mad and jealous, it shows that even though she is really sweet and kind, that she is a teenager and occasionally she can act/think like one. She isn't perfect, she just tries to be the best self that she can be. Giving up Toggle was hard but she knew it was for a purpose that she was proud of. The fact that she didn't tell Dominique that she was the one who donated the rest of the money (to me) really shows her character in that she doens't mind doing things for others and then seeking a benefit in it. As for her naiveness, I will say that I do think that Rose has a good understanding of the world around her. She doesn't just willfully believe that everyone is always honest with her, but Scorpius was an exception. She believed him for his word because what reason would he have had to lie to her(keep in mind we know a lot more than she does) so by default her experience is skewed. That being said she is catching on to things a little bit. Like in the last chapter when Cathleen said maybe your jealous, Rose understood immediately what Cathleen meant because she has noticed Scorpius being very popular among the girls lately. I try not to think of Rose as naive because they annoy me too, I try to think of her as hopeful but she does have an understanding. For Scorpius to actually break Dom's heart that would mean that Dominique would have to like him enough to get hurt. Dominique may actually begin to like him, but that is as long as Scorpius does as she wants the second he tries anything else...Well it wouldn't be pretty, and not the least bit heartbreaking. As for Dom breaking Marcus' heart, I do have some little things planned down the road, but i don't think it will result in much heartbreaking. I love my Christmas gift, and I am so sorry it took me so long to respond, I've just had a lot going on. I hope you try more often to leave reviews, you English was fine, and I understood everything you said. This wasn't terrible. Reviews don't have to be this long in depth analysis of the chapter. In my general experience just saying good work keep it up is enough to keep an author inspired to write more. (Not necessarily in my case because I love writing fanfiction) But reviews really do persuade how much a person puts into a story, if they feel that they are doing all this work but no one is reading/care then the thought does occur that is this a waste of time. That's just my personal opinion on why reviewing in general is important, it doesn't mean anything about this story... it will be finished with or without reviews :)Thank you so much for reading and reviewing. I enjoyed responding to it.

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Review #10, by dracodarlingxx April Showers

28th November 2014:
To be honest, I don't really view what she's doing as leaving. I kinda saw it more as a holiday in their friendship? Just a break to get some space?
Scor and Dom's last 'dark' kiss was sexy:) sounds like an interesting relationship and most of all i love that (at the moment?) neither of them are in the relationship because they like each other :')
I think I may cry for Toggle. I want Rose to buy him so so badly because if she doesn't he'll be sad and I don't want him to be sad because he is just the most adorable owl ever! but i know she had to do what she did
p.s. loved the bit about the rose

Author's Response: I don't think she is leaving at all. I think she is confused and that she wants to talk to him. I'm not sure she is liking all this changing, but I don't think it would affect the way she looks at him.
You're the first person to call that kiss sexy, but I agree a little bit. I think this is the first kiss that they have had where Scorpius was really into it. Yeah they do not want to be with each other. Scorpius more so than Dom.
Yeah Toggle is so much fun to write and he will be making an appearance in the next chapter. At the moment Rose is always going to choose others over herself which is a good thing and a bad thing, because it can occasionally hurt her.
I only have like two more scenes that I need to write in the next chapter and then I will post it. Thank you so much for the review and I'm glad that you liked that part with Rose.

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Review #11, by Paula Rodrigues April Showers

12th November 2014:
I love it. When I'm reading it makes me mad, sad and happy, I feel like I'm in the story. Thank you very much for this, is better than tv (thats a lot coming from me). English is not my first language and I'm terrible reviewing stuff, so I'm trying my best to let you know you are making I great job and I wish it makes you happy knowing this.Thanks

Author's Response: It does make me happy to know that. Thank you so much for making the effort to review, it means a lot to me. Trust me there is a lot more drama to come before April is over with. Anyways thanks again for reading and reviewing. I'm so happy to have a 100 reviews! Thanks for getting me there.

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Review #12, by AriesGirl40 April Showers

8th November 2014:
I thought I saw a make up between the two. Maybe not the perfect one, but their talking. Dom stirred something up. Maybe Rose should expect a surprise guest at her party this year? Im proud of Rose for giving up her savings. The plant is important to someone, and she can always save some more. Keep up the good work. You kept me interested the whole chapter.

Author's Response: It wasn't really a make up, it was more of an i'm not mad at you from Rose. But they have only had one talk so really things are still a bit strained for them. Dom always loves to stir up trouble. Maybe she should, I guess you will find out in the chapter after next. Of course Rose would do something like that. Unfortunately it isn't that simple when it comes to saving up more. She knew full in well that by giving up her savings she was giving up Toggle and that she probably wouldn't be able to get him back. Thank you for reading and reviewing. I'm glad that you felt that the chapter was interesting.

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Review #13, by Guest April Showers

7th November 2014:
I'm finding it a little hard to understand why Scorpius is dating Dominique when he doesn't like her

Author's Response: Well he's with her because of the bet. The task is to make Dominique jealous over him, in order for that to happen Dominique has to actually start liking him. Being with her is and convincing her that he likes her is really the only way that is going to happen. Anyways thank you for the review.

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Review #14, by Anon The Trickiest Day in April

29th October 2014:
Rose has no right to be angry when she is dating the person that Scorpius despises most in the world. Scorpius has absolutely nothing to apologize for.

Author's Response: Rose doesn't really get angry, she may be upset but it's not for Scorpius dating Dominique. In fact I would say that she handles it pretty well and on some level I think she understands that she doesn't have a right to be mad at Scorpius because she is dating Marcus. As for Scorpius apologizing keep in mind that Rose asked him if it was alright, she told him back in chapter 6 that is he truly wasn't okay with her dating Marcus then she would break up with him, and Scorpius said that it was alright (even if he didn't mean it). So for Scorpius to say sorry it's because he knows that this is going to do damage to their friendship, but unlike Rose he isn't going to ask her if she wants him to break up with Dominique. So it is a little bit different. Anyways thank you for the review and for reading.

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Review #15, by Phoenix_Feather49 A Hint of April

14th September 2014:
Hello! So I sent you a quick message on the forums (I hope it sent okay!) and explained why I'm so useless and broke my promise of reviewing quickly YET AGAIN. To sum up: college.

I couldn't tell that there had been 11 drafts of this chapter, and if you could, it meant it only seemed even more refined! I don't know what you're talking about, I really enjoyed this chapter. Yes, admittedly, it is a little filler-y but not all chapters have to be or can be constantly filled with drama. It gave us some interesting hints of what's to come and gave time for some points that needed to be made.

ROSE just realise that Scorpy's head over heels for you please! I think her thinking it was an awkward confusing teenage moment was very believable and so very Rose. For someone so clever and usually perceptive, she can sometimes be a bit thick-skulled. However, I think that if there was ever another hint again, then she'd have to re-evaluate and rethink this situation...

Poor Scorpius- this year just hasn't, isn't nor will be his best year! You know it's bad when even Albus Potter notices something is up and is a bit pitying. Speaking of Albus, I do like his character. He's a very relatable character and funny but does have some obvious, typical teenaged-boy-syndrome faults.

You were definitely right about the little flashback scene about how they met: I loved it! It was so sweet and I could completely imagine mini 11 year old versions of Scorpius and Rose meeting like that. Perfect! I also love that fruit so I totally relate the pear of them (oh gosh, that pun is actually really embarrassing, sorry).

THE WHOLE DOMINIQUE THING IS COMING TO A HEAD I CAN FEEL IT. I can smell the tense and anticipation in the air and I cannot wait to read the next chapter!! I feel like Raven is plotting something evil, and I might be completely wrong but I'm guessing that she might suggest that Dominique get inbetween Scorpo and Rose? Hey, it might make things easier for Scorpius with the whole getting Dominique so then he can make her jealous thingy. Judging by the next chapter's info anyways...

I've got all of my back-to-school-super-fun-let's-see-what-you-can-remember-suckers tests done now, so I should be more regular with my reviews. Although you need to add more chapters other wise I'll have caught up D: !

Another thoroughly enjoyable chapters, I haven't got anything to criticize or suggest really. I actually thought the grammar and spelling etc was pretty much perfect and I really got into the flow of this chapter. It was a really lovely chapter. See you soon!

Author's Response: Well I am glad that you couldn’t tell, but seriously this chapter was the worst and part of the reason why was because I wanted to do so much more in it. It was originally supposed to be combined with the next chapter, but it was just too much. The problem was when I took out the parts of the next chapter, it wasn’t long enough and it was just a mess. I don’t think it is my favorite because it isn’t very plot moving, yeah it has some stuff on Dom, but that was added in more for length than anything. I do think it gives some background details though so I enjoy the flash back of the little 12 year olds.
Well keep in mind that Scorpius and Rose really haven’t spent a lot of time together so the only moment where she even saw a sign of Scorpius feelings was on his birthday. She doesn’t have a whole lot to base his feelings off of, so she isn’t going to see it. It make take another two moments for her to rethink her/Scorpius’ feelings. I will say, not in the next chapter, but the one after next there will definitely be a key defining moment that will changes some things.
Poor Scorpius, yeah not going to be a good year for him. It will probably one of the longest, most stressful years of his life. As for Albus, I think he has a heart of gold, I think he means well. I actually love the teenage boy aspect. I think my biggest problem with Fighting Temp was that I made them (for the most part) a bit too mature, so I really wanted to play up the teenage aspect in this.
Funny enough that scene was actually so much longer. I loved writing little 12 year old Rose, and I think it was a large part of that first meeting that Scorpius realized that this was a girl who was going to dramatically impact his life in one way or another. I think I removed the line, but I at one point I wrote “he knew that she was going to be something big, even then.” Which to me is a nice thought, but I think removed it because people might think it meant that he thought they would end up together, but he didn’t. It was more about how he knew Rose would be a special person to him, as a friend.
Yeah, it was supposed to come to a head this chapter but.., yeah, didn’t happen. Hasn’t Raven already suggested that? It might make things easier for Scorpius with Dom, but it might not help his situation with Rose.
Hope school is good. I know I need to write, but seriously the outlining process for the chapters of this story is ridiculous. I have so much I want to do but I have to keep to the months and I don’t and wont spend ten chapters on one month that just seems to slow. I think April is coming out at like 6 chapters and I’m trying to get that down to more of five. But I do hope to have ch. 12 finished by this week.
Yeah the grammar is good because I got a beta.
Thanks for reviewing. Until next time.

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Review #16, by Phoenix_Feather49 A Birthday Whish for March

31st August 2014:
So guess who THOUGHT they had posted a review (when it had actually timed out and not saved) and then went on holiday for three weeks with no wifi? Yep, this girl. Jeez, I got back the other day like 'oh EarthsTrueGreen hasn't replied to my review, how strange...' and then realised that hey! I hadn't posted one. Wow. Even I'm astounded by my stupidity sometimes.

You were very right- this chapter is a cracking one! Oh, Rose is such a wonderful character. I wish she was real just so she could give me inspirational and motivating speeches like does Scorpius. I think that that's quite sad though too- she picks out what is good about Scorpius and is desperate to make him see his qualities yet still can't see her own. She's doing exactly what she tells him not to. I think that's why Scorpius is so good for Rose- the way he doesn't even need to hesitate to tell her that she is great is so sweet and felt real and true. I liked that conversation between the pair: it showed how well they do know each other (or at least how well Rose knows Scorpius) and how well they fit.

Buttt it only makes things so much more tense- what'll Rose do when she actually finds out what Scorpius is doing. In fact, what will she do when Scorpius seeks out Dominique? I can't wait for that.

Random interruption- bro, you had an appendectomy?? What? (I only just saw that in another A/N for Confronting) Are you okay, how are you doing? Hope you're okay!

Annnd back to the story. Albus get your rubbish together and be supportive. I can't stand people who dump their friends for relationships so Albus, I say to you, stop being an idiot and talking twaddle to Raven. Poor Cathleen though with the whole daddy drama. I loved how Clark's first priority was their inheritance! Well, if I thought my father had gone nutty, I would probably check my money too...

BUT THAT LAST SCEEENE. Oh gosh. I stopped breathing, seriously. Rose has definitely had a pretty big awkward moment- I'm not sure whether she might have had a hint of a thought about how she feels for him or whether she's guessing about how he feels about her. I'm not sure that that made sense in words but whatever, it's tense and exciting. Scorpius, you are smitten and stuffed.

I very much enjoyed this chapter and promise to review quickly this time! As for your offer about messaging on the forums, I would actually really appreciate it, thank you. I could really do with someone just to throw ideas around with if you had time or the energy.

SO 10/10 for a jampacked chapter! See you again soon.

Author's Response: I was wondering what happened to you. Just the other day I was like Pheonix hasnt reviewed in a while. Regardless, I hope you had fun on your holliday.
I thought you would like the chapter, a lot of Scor/ Rose moments. I feel like every time I say this I am being full of myself, but I love love love writing this Rose, she is so different and she thinks so differently. That is Roses flaw, she sees the greatness in everyone else but herself. The thing is, if she did realize her greatness I think it would make her come across as less selfless. She is all about other people, that she really doesnt have time to think about herself, and Im sure somewhere in her head she reasons that to spend time looking at her good qualities is a proud thing to do, which she would frown upon. She is sort of doing what she tells Scorpius not to do, but in all honest Rose really does have no idea what she wants to do with her life. She is very lost in that area, and it is probably making her feel a bit inadequate. Rose and Scorpius are a good balance in that way, he does have a much higher opinion of her than she has of herself. That being said it can be a flaw, like when he saw Rose and Marcus snogging, it really threw him off.
You want tense, wait until the actual chapter when Rose does find out. Their situation alone is already going to be drastically different, but that is a while off. Luckily you wont have to wait as long to find out about the Dominique thing.

Yes I had an appendectomy, it sucked, but not near as much as the appendicitis itself. Im feeling much better and have recovered. So yay!
Well Albus is a teenage boy, and he does care about Cathleen so it may not be so bad. I think Cathleen just feels like all these things are happening to her all at once and it is getting out of hand. I had never considered that the scene read as Clarks first priority was their inheritance, because it wasnt. Im sure he cares, but that was actually meant as something funny, that was said by Marcus dad, because Cathleen and Clarks dad is marrying a 24 year old and that implies a lot. I mean Im sure Clark is relieved but he actually wrote Marcus dad (a close friend of their family) to see if their father had lost his mind.

Almost gave you cardiac arrest didnt it. It was a pretty big awkward moment for Rose, but I doubt it is going to make her realize what she feels for Scorpius. Keep in mind there is no previous feelings there, she hasnt been pinning for him for years or anything, so for her to realize how she feels would imply that there was already an inkling of an idea, which for her there wasnt. And she certainly isnt going to be guessing about his feelings, because as far as she knows Scorpius still just thinks of her as a friend. If anything she will see Scorpius as someone who could be more than a friend, but even then she will probably deny the idea because she is reasonable and they are so close as friends. Now Scorpius, yeah he has a growing problem.
I wouldnt offer if I didnt have the time or energy, maybe you can even help me out a bit. Just message me whenever you find the time, I tried to message you but I couldnt find your phoenix feather49 name. Anyways my name in the forums is the same on the site (spelled the same with the same capitals) so yeah whenever you get the time, I look forward to hearing from you.
Thank you so much for the review, been doing a lot of writing lately. Unfortunately the next chapter isnt my favorite it feels a bit fillerish but it does have a nice scene about how Scorpius and Rose became friends. SO I cant wait to read your opinion of that, and the chapter after that, there are a few scenes that youre going to enjoy. Thanks for reading.

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Review #17, by Alexa The Trickiest Day in April

13th August 2014:
This is such a good story, I love how Rose is portrayed in a way that is different than she usually is and that her relationship with Scorpius is a good one instead of them being enemies. I really hate what Marcus is doing though and I hope he doesn't ruin their friendship. Please keep writing!

Author's Response: Thank you so much. I already did the whole Rose and Scorpius being enemies thing, so for this story i really wanted to do something different. As for Rose and her character i'm really glad that you like her and feel that she is different. Thank you for the review and for reading, working on the next chapter now.

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Review #18, by dracodarlingxx The Trickiest Day in April

9th August 2014:
oh god.
what just happened?!
i understand how dominique is alluring; she's confident and gorgeous, but really scorpius?! i like how you explained the kiss by him pretending she was rose, and i understand his POV because he seems pretty lovesick, but god, scorpius. and poor rosie. poor baby rosie. i can't even begin to predict what will happen in the next chapter.

please update soon xx

p.s. you know the bit before the quidditch match with marcus and rose? it seems like he genuinely likes her, and i'm not sure whether that's a lie and he's just acting or he actually has feelings for her, because if he actually has feelings for her than i'll be sad when she eventually ends up with scorpius (she will, right?!) even though scorpius is my baby and i love him to pieces even though he's being a desperate lovestruck idiot at the moment :D (great chapter xx)

Author's Response: Scorpius is so out of it at the moment that he is really not thinking straight. I always felt that Rose would somehow play a big role in his kiss with Dominique. As for Rose's reaction, knowing Rose you can probably expect that she will handle the situation to the best of her ability for a while.
I am working on the next chapter now.
Marcus is a complex character, I do personally think that he really likes Rose, but at the same time, he doesn't mind using her as a prop in his games. Don't go feeling bad for Marcus yet, there is a lot of story left. I will agree that he is being a desperate lovestruck idiot, but it will calm down a little bit in a few chapters.

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Review #19, by AriesGirl40 The Trickiest Day in April

5th August 2014:
Marcus is going to have his throat stomped on by Rose for attempting to change the rules for her dating him. That's what I think. Good chapter!

Author's Response: This review made me laugh. I'm not sure Rose could actually do something that violent, but i'm sure she is not happy about what Marcus had to say. Thank you so much for the review.

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Review #20, by Sharvi The Trickiest Day in April

2nd August 2014:
Gah, what is life? This is turning into such a mess and I really cannot wait for the next chapter! WIll Rose stay calm about the fact that Scorpius and Dom were snogging? Or will she become cooler towards Scorp? How will Scorpius explain himself? Will he stop being with Dom in order to make her jealous? Will Rose finally realize that she might have wanted to be the girl Scorpius was sucking neck of? (lol!)

So many questions! And not enough answers!

I have to say, I loved the tactic that the Gryffindor team used to win! It was really superb! And I will talk in exclamation marks for no apparent reason!

And then Rose goes on to basically act like a worried girlfriend to Scorpius after that trick he pulled. Oh, and when she thought that Scorpius was a nonnegotiable part of her life- I swooned!

Oh, and I really loved how at the end Scorpius compared Dom and Rose after thinking that he could kiss one to make up for the other.

And what happened when Scorpius and Marcus were eight? Was it the fact that Marcus would get the company? Or something more?

I dunno why but reading Marcus being nice to Rose makes me sick. If I wasn't shipping ScoRose so hard it might have been sweet and beautiful, but it wasn't. Because Marcus never went to eat pears in storms with her, and spent all that time talking about clocks. WHY ARE YOU DOING THIS TO ME?

Anyhow... I really really really hope that you can update soon (no pressure or anything, I just love this story so much!) Until next time! =)

Author's Response: Rose is in for a few surprises. CI doubt that she will realize that she wanted Scorpius to be sucking her neck, (lol), but she is about to see him in a different light. It might not be a good one though.
I thought that would be a fun way, I had to make Scorpius be apart of it somehow, and I made my life hard by already naming him a chaser way back in the beginning of the story. But it worked out well, and who knows it could have brought Albus and Scorpius closer together. (Bonding moments, swoon)
I wouldn't say that it was a worried girlfriend worried, I think Rose was just plain worried. As for Scorpius being a nonnegotiable part of her life, well duh. I honestly think that if this bet hadn't had come up and started to stir up all this trouble, that Rose would have found herself comparing every guy that she ever dates to Scorpius and it affected her relationships, but never actually moving past that friend zone with him, at least not between now or the next ten years. The same with Scorpius for that matter.
I thought the comparison between Dom and Rose would be a good way to start off the task. I think Scorpius just wants a release from all of this pumped up frustration that he has, and he tried, succeeded for a short amount of time, but ultimately failed.
All will be revealed. Scorpius not liking Marcus isn't just because of the company, Scorpius didn't find out about Marcus getting the company until he was 14. But some other things have happened. See Marcus and Scorpius don't seem to have much regard to one another, even Rose and Dominique love each other although they don't like one another, but Marcus and Scorpius don't seem to even have that. Their is something that happened when they were young that made Scorpius stop and believe that Marcus was a jerk, now I will say that eight is a young age and sometimes things can be perceived differently and be misunderstood.
You are the second person to say that about Marcus and Rose. I'm not sure if I meant for the moment to be sweet in my head. All I knew was that I wanted to have a scene with Marcus before the fight that he and Rose had. I didn't want to just do the game and immediately the fight, because Marcus hasn't been in the past few chapters. I also wanted to show the way Rose feels about Marcus, I somehow think it is important to reinforce the fact that Rose really is clueless when it comes to Scorpius' feelings, yet there is apart of her that does care about Scorpius over Marcus. Anyways if that came off as creepy then I guess it works because I'm all about the Rose/Scor moments too.
I am going to work on chapter 12 right after I update for Confronting. Unfortunately I can't say that it will be fast, for some reason this story honestly takes forever and a day to write the chapters for, partially because I have the whole year planned out in my head, along with the events that need to happen in each chapter, and organizing them into a readable, not random format just takes forever and then some. But I am getting better, the last chapter only took two and half weeks and then my beta edited for a week, so maybe it might be up sooner. Thank you so much for the lovely review, I enjoyed responding to it.

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Review #21, by house elf The Trickiest Day in April

30th July 2014:
Ugh Marcus is horrible and aggressive and plain nasty. Even when he's sweet to her something doesn't feel right. I hope he and Rose don't make up... :p

I do love Rose and Scorpius' friendship/relationship, they have the sweetest moments which feel so genuine

Please keep writing and update soon! :)

Author's Response: Knowing how Rose is, I can't say that they won't make up. But I do think that an argument was good for them. Rose needed to see some things, and although Marcus was a jerk was he wrong to be upset about what happened. Looking at the situation from his perspective it had to have made him uncomfortable.
As for the Rose/Scorpius friendship, there are more moments to come April-August is full of them. Thank you so much for your review, I always look forward to them.

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Review #22, by VeronicaOlivia The Trickiest Day in April

30th July 2014:
I am completely addicted to this story, in an extremely unhealthy way. Please update soon! I can't bear to wait too long to find out what will happen! =]

Author's Response: That's a good thing. I really am trying to get past this once a month updating, this story just really does take a lot longer to write and plan, partially because of all the events that are happening in it. Anyways I will try to update sooner. Thank you for the review.

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Review #23, by peacock33 The Trickiest Day in April

30th July 2014:
Thanks for another great chapter. I have to admit that at this point I don't really see why people are cheering so much more for Scorpius for Rose, because no matter how supposedly good his heart is, actions are what really matter. And his actions so far and what it looks like he is going to continue doing make him pretty terrible and probably just as bad as Marcus by the end of all of this. And I have to wonder why he dated Raven. It doesn't say too much about his judgment or taste in girls if she was as selfish and mean then as she is now. And his hooking up with Dom doesn't speak well for him, especially as it didn't seem to be about the bet as that didn't seem to cross his mind at all in this chapter (unless I missed it).

I don't know why, but at this point even though I can see how bad Marcus is, I prefer him and find Scorpius to be annoying, boring, and hypocritical. So I'm interested to see how you will make him worthy of Rose as he seems to be getting worse not better. Sorry if that's harsh, but I do enjoy all your other characters, especially Rose and Marcus.

I'm enjoying the drama along the way, but can't stop thinking about how and when everything is going to be revealed. I think that when everything comes out, Rose will be more upset by Scorpius' actions. Not to say she won't be upset with Marcus, especially if they are still together by that point, but it seems like you are trying to show that they have such a strong, deep and longstanding friendship, that when she finds out how much Scorpius has used and hurt people and violated her trust, it will be really devastating and jarring and possibly make her question everything she previously believed and doubt herself and ability to judge people (basing this off my own personal experience when someone close to me lied about something big). And I have no idea why she would want to be involved with either of them, so I'm interested to see how far you have have both boys take it and how you can keep Rose sweet and forgiving without being a pushover and too naive and enabling.

So many interesting characters and I can't wait to see how they all deal with everything.

Author's Response: One thing that I have learned over the course of writing this fic is that the story isnt so much about the Romance between Rose and Scorpius, but their friendship. Yes Scorpius' actions bad and im not going to lie apart of him will stop feeling so guilty about the bet. It has been three months he isnt going to keep fretting over it. He knows its bad and that he is wrong but it would be really annoying to keep reading a story where he is constantly worrying about how guilty he is and still continuing to do it. The Skylar incident was bad enough to make Scorpius realize that no matter what Marcus has planned it cant be worse than what he did to her. Also his attention is moving away to Rose more so than the bet. But it is mentioned in the conversation about the toad and he thinks he rather be mind consumed with the bet than thinking about Rose. He doesnt feel guilty for doing this to Dom, he doesnt like her I will say he will never be as bad as Marcus, he will carry guilt with him and he will make some choices that might cost him the bet, but Scor knows right from Wrong. Marcus doesnt, he is told it by Rose. As for Raven, there is a story behind that. Like most girls they behave one way when trying to get a boy to like them and then completely different when they are dating the boy. Raven was no different and you will learn more about that in either the May or June month. As for Dominique by this point in the story he is so frustrated with his thoughts of Rose that he can's think straight. Dominique was a parallel to Rose, a girl who he could picture as being Rose and who wanted to be with him. Honestly all he was thinking was that he needed a release and it backfired. He did mind in the second to last paragraph when he realizes that Dominique is nothing close to Rose. You prefer Marcus because he is making an effort to change in the opposite direction as Scorpius. The problem is that Marcus is very controlling and he does do things to stake his clam on Rose, which is not good for her at all. I sort of agree with you about Scorpius, annoying yes, Hypocritical sometimes, but boring? If you review again please explain why you think that because I am not interested in having a boring main character. Trust me drama is to come April-August is nothing but drama, and you will see some better changes in Scorpius towards the end of this month. Unfortunately the reveal isnt going to be for a while. I will say that Roses reaction wont be a positive, but I personally think what I have planned is actually going to work. Like I said I have learned that this story is more about friendship with the possibility of something than the actual romantic relationship with another person. Thank you so much for reviewing, it made me think.

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Review #24, by Celeste. The Trickiest Day in April

29th July 2014:
Such a good chapter.

Though it's obvious that Dom is the jealous one. I mean rose is going out with Marcus and all that. But probably for not much longer. I really can't even think of how to put I to words excatly what I thought of the chapter. Keep up the good work.

Author's Response: Yeah this chapter is the beginning of some serious drama to come. From April to August there is a lot of things planned that I am really excited about. Thank you so much for the review and for reading.

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Review #25, by Phoenix_Feather49 The Almost End of March

13th July 2014:
Holy moly, you're right- poor Scorpius really isn't having an easy time right now.

So it's been, what, three months since my last review? Oh gawd that's terrible. I'm so sorry! I had my exams and then I have my summer job which is a pain so I just haven't found the time to leave a proper review... Until now! I really hope you haven' forgotten me!

Dayum Scorpius, you've got it REAL bad for Rose now. But I love the "What if he simply kissed it softly and delicately, in the way Rose should always be kissed" bit because that really shows the gentle nature of Scorpius in comparison to Marcus' forceful natures later on when he kisses her in front of Scorpius. It really shows how much Scorpius cares for Rose and I really liked that touch.

How awkward was that meeting with Marcus though? Way awkward is the answer. I felt uncomfortable for them! The way he kissed Rose to prove a point to Scorpius was gross- fantastically in character- but still, well, yuck. I do kind of pity him though because he obviously is completely infatuated with Rose... But that kiss and territorial hug just shows how that infatuation is not particularly a good thing- perhaps a little unhealthy.

Poor Skylar- I feel terrible for her! That was the ultimate embarrassment... I'm just imagining copies of my diary being sent out from when I was younger... *Shudder*... I hope she's okay- I want Scorpius to talk to her so badly but he is kind of right- considering he's the one who technically did it, it would just be cruel. You're right- these are the sort of tasks that make Scorpius wonder and consider whether he can let himself become this cruel of a person in order to get the shop. It shows how much he loves the shop- which is kind of touching- but also perhaps how selfishly obsessed he is... I am staring to wonder where Scorpy will draw the line.

BUT YES FOR DOMINIQUE! I can't wait for this task! It should be interesting to see how he's going to manage to make her jealous... How is he going to win her over anyways? So excited to keep reading to find out!

NOT THE NINJAS! I know, I really need to get updating... I feel terrible. I've got a few one-shots I've been working on and about 4 longer projects and I can't pick which one to work on. I've got such awful writer's block, seriously. I'll have a burst of inspiration and write 3 chapters in an hour and then leave it for months because I have no idea what to do next! Ugh, maybe the ninjas are in need :D I am working though and thanks so much for your interest!

Anyways, another fantastic chapter. I'll move right on to the next chapter when I get home from work tomorrow!

Author's Response: Yeah it’s only going to get worse for Scorpius before it gets better. Of course I remember who you are, I was hoping that you hadn’t forgotten about me. I understand, taking summer classes myself so yeah schools awful, but I’m glad you finally found time, I love getting feedback from you. I would do the same for you if you, cough, cough, had a story.
Bad doesn’t even begin to describe it. Read the next chapter then tell me what he has. That whole paragraph is one of my favorites from the story. I remember putting that line somewhere else in the previous chapter but then moving it to this one. I thought that it would show a more gentle side to him than Marcus, sort of like he would do the same thing as Marcus, but his priority would be in treating Rose right, if that makes sense.
I think that Marcus felt a bit threatened by Scorpius in the moment, I mean her and Scorpius were in an awkward position. Glad you felt uncomfortable, that was what I was going for. Marcus isn’t above using someone to prove a point even if that person is Rose. Yes he likes her a lot but he also sees an advantage to being with her.
Poor Skylar is right, she is not done in the story. Scorpius will talk to her at some point in time, but I honestly just couldn’t have him be the one to see if she was alright. It would have been beyond cruel. I mean it’s weird because it did kill Scorpius to do it, but at the same time, he did do it. I’m going to be interested to see the response to latter chapters about Scorpius actions. Because as much as he wants the company and as desperate as he was in the beginning, that is only going to take his sympathy so far, and I think this is the chapter where his sympathy does change. Regardless of the fact that he felt guilty about Skylar it dosent change his role in the bet. I’m even torn on my opinions of Scorpius in this story, because I know he has a good heart.
Yeah Dominique is next so get ready for some Drama, April is a very plot pushing month.
I wont have to send the Ninjas if you would just post. FOUR projects and you cant pick one. UGGG. That’s it the Ninjas are coming. If it helps when I have an idea I usually try to plan out a scene that is pretty far into the story first, that way I can start setting up my plot to fit it. I realized when writing Fighting, that going chapter by chapter really was a mistake because it left a few continuity issues. So with this story I randomly had the idea of summer and what Rose, Scor, and Al be doing over summer, but I hate reading ff stories that are just summer because it feels so none ff, but that’s how the plot took on the whole one year aspect, and then I had the question of why a year, which led to about fifteen other questions and an outline. Anyways if you ever want to talk about your potential stories message me on the forums. I would love to hear your ideas and maybe persuade you into actually picking one and actually posting it!
Anyways thanks for the review, I’m excited to see what you think of the next chapter because it is a good, in my opinion.

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