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Review #1, by krc101 Good-Byes

19th December 2015:
The story started off really good and I had a lot of great expectations. But then it started to get weird and the writing was just okay, more sub par as the story progressed. The spacing was annoying. Dialog was repetitive, the story started to lose my interest and fell flat in some areas.The snubs were repetitive and not well planned out. The very bare bones of the story is actually okay but the organization, dialog, and character development was poor. I loved the first chapter and a few later ones but the last one was really horrible. It does not fit in with the story and it makes its dramatic, and not the good kind. Her decision to lose her virginity on the train- bad decision, and to leave to "save the family" - is another bad move and totally uncharacteristic. I would not recommend this story nor would I want to read it again. That is really sad because I really wanted to like this story.

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Review #2, by dracodragons The Slytherins

10th February 2015:
Quick question, is rose an only child? The first chapter says that she bids farewell to her little brother but the second chapter says that she's an only child. Did I miss something?

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Review #3, by Penelope Griffindor Parties and Slytherin Friends

29th November 2014:
Loving this story so far :)) love how scorpius is nice not just a pretty face :p

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Review #4, by oldershouldknowbetter Good-Byes

24th June 2014:
This has been a wonderful story and a real pleasure to read. I have been excited every time a new update came in and read them all eagerly.

The plot has moved along a not too well trodden path. It starts in a reasonably well defined spot: Rose is a Griffindor; Malfoy is in Slytherin; Slytherins are the enemy. Fairly standard stuff. One slight wrinkle is that the Malfoyness and Slytheriness of Scorpius doesn't matter at all to Rose - it doesn't even enter onto her Radar; she's hardly ever spoken to the boy. I've seen it before but what elevates this story above a lot of others is Rose's character.

Roses's character ... ahh ... the driving engine for everything that occurs. It's is such a good take upon the character of Rose. If you have a super smart Rose, as most people do, and good at Quidditch, again as most people do, then you must give her other character flaws or she becomes too much of a superwoman and hence stale and unbelievable.

It's great and clever that the two flaws you've given her are not really flaws in the true sense at all.

Her first flaw and shown to good effect in the first chapter is that she hasn't really paid much attention to much of what has gone on around her (that doesn't directly effect her schooling that is). So when she is paired up with Dee in the first chapter, it's a matter of so what. It means that there is a whole new world of friendship for her to explore and this drives the first half of the story.
This flaw is also the reason why she views so harshly James' later treatment of her . She trusts James a lot, not just because he is an older, respected cousin (almost an older brother to her), but mainly because she doesn't/hasn't paid attention to peripheral stuff and she relies on him (almost too much) to guide her way through the world.

Her second flaw is that she trusts too easily, again not really a flaw, but we know that it will have consequences if she misplaces her trust. It is this flaw that drives the second half of the narrative.

The emotional roller-coaster that you have put poor Rose through - and your loyal readers too, I might add - has been steep and full of curves and treacherous. Not that it hasn't been enjoyable, but (like a good roller-coaster) some parts are better in the remembrance thereof and not when we were actually experiencing them.

This chapter is a good summation and conclusion. You've allowed time to pass; within which nothing much has happened of too great an import to the primary and secondary characters. This allows the tumultuous events of the previous few chapters to stabilize.

The future is upon them all and you neatly summarize what everyone is going to do and provide enough of an emotional subtext that makes everything not only a good fit but also the right choice for each of the characters. You especially touch upon Albus and Dee and their relationship. It is, in quite a few ways, the counterpoint to Rose and Scorpius' relationship - fast and frantic versus long and slow and tender.

Rose has come along way but there are somethings still raw and tender. But by the end of this chapter, though, we feel that the sun has come out and there may be a better day on the horizon for our wonderful, trusting, capable Rose ...

... until she gets the letter.

I wondered how you'd make a sequel anything different from the normal usual fluffy guff (not that I mind fluffy guff let me say). But to have your heroine rush off for mysterious, poorly explained reasons was a good one.

She leaves for all the right reasons and they have to remain completely secret and it's all very believable, but ...


Just as things were going so well too, especially with Scorpius. I know, I know - it makes for a better sequel, but still ...

And in Damian you have a villain whose threats you don't take lightly. He is the sort to have a plan in place to take effect immediately if his orders were not obeyed. It wouldn't be surprising if he'd bought a muggle gun and was training it on Rose's house. And if she'd come downstairs with the letter and shown it to her dad ... bang!

No, it is quite believable for her to act as she did, especially coming off the mental and physical torture he put her through - she truly believes him capable of anything depraved and underhanded.

So a wonderful end to a wonderful story. I simply cannot wait to read the next story. No literally I cannot wait, it's already up and I'm off to read chapter one now.

See you there.

Author's Response: This was a breath of fresh air to read. Seriously, you've really looked into every detail of my characterization of Rose. She's almost too perfect in the beginning (and naive). That's why I chose the title, People Change. Because it's a journey for her, for all of them really. And at the end she's different (Who wouldn't be going through all that). I love drama, I love roller coasters, so putting Rose through all the loops and curves was fun and exciting to write (hopefully to read as well).
Damian to me is a true old-school villain. He really can't be anything but evil and he enjoys watching people suffer. I just didn't feel right killing him off so quickly like I did with Darius or Vervain, that's why I chose to continue this story with a sequel. I truly appreciate you sticking through this story from the beginning to end and writing this beautiful review. Hopefully the sequel doesn't disappoint.
You're a star,

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Review #5, by Teddy1993 The Slytherins

24th June 2014:
Good chapter. It was interesting to see the first conversation between Rose and Scorpius and I like how you write from different POV's.

Author's Response: Thank you, hopefully you enjoy the rest of the story.

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Review #6, by Paddlewaddle Good-Byes

22nd June 2014:
Wow, I didn't expect Rose to leave at all. Just as everything was going so well :( MY FEELS~ I hope you put up the sequel soon! and honestly, fantastic first story!

Author's Response: Thank you so much!! I know the ending is a bit of a downer, but it leads right into the sequel. I have the first few chapters of the sequel done so it'll be posted this week.

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Review #7, by Jahleesa Fighting and secret meetings

22nd June 2014:
I love this book! do a sequel!

Author's Response: The sequel should be posted this week! I'm so glad you loved it.
Thank you!!

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Review #8, by BetterThanFirewhiskey Safe

7th June 2014:
So I may or may not have teared up a little when Rose hugged Dee, but altogether well done :D I'll be sad when it's done :)
Any chance you'll be uploading this onto fanfiction net? just that then I can have it on my app and read it on my phone whenever I want :)

Author's Response: I've never been on fanfiction net but I can look into it. It's nice to know I'm not the only one that feels a connection to the characters (Even though I write them). Hopefully you'll enjoy the sequel I'm working on!!
Thank you,

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Review #9, by Teddy1993 Back to Hogwarts

7th June 2014:
I liked this first chapter. I usually don't read next gen stories and the only one I read so far was when Albus and Rose were in their younger years at Hogwarts. I like that they are older here. The story is definitely off to a good start.

By the way, I liked the fact that you mentioned some familiar names besides the Potters and Weasleys.

Author's Response: Thank you! I hope you keep reading and continue to review.

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Review #10, by Not logged in no1britishHPfan Breaking Point

1st June 2014:
You just put the biggest smile on my face with that reply, I cannot wait for the next chapter ahh and it's in the validating line thingy woo yeah !

Author's Response: The sequel is started and first chapter up! Hopefully you're still reading my story!

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Review #11, by no1britishHPfan Breaking Point

31st May 2014:
One word: wow ! This is one of the best and most addictive fanfics ever please update soon !

Author's Response: Thank you! The next chapter is in the queue so look out for it! It should be posted in about two days.
P.S. You just put the biggest smile on my face with this review!

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Review #12, by BetterThanFirewhiskey Breaking Point

29th May 2014:
They're out! Thank god :D I'm so looking forward to the next chapter this was so good! Thumbs up for you!

Author's Response: Thank you, so glad you're loving it!

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Review #13, by BetterThanFirewhiskey Taking Chances

25th May 2014:
This story is just so good! Just finished catching up, poor Lily! They're gonna blame Dee, aren't they? The people who already don't like the Slytherins I mean :(

Author's Response: I know, poor Lily. I can't say too much but you might be surprised at how they all react. Well, some of them anyway. Ah, I'm giving too much away. So glad that you're loving the story though.

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Review #14, by paddlewaddle Waiting for Silence

30th April 2014:
I marathoned the story thus far in 5 hours and I in so much awe that I have nothing to say but PLEASE UPDATE. HOLY CRAP. THINGS ARE SO INTENSE IM NOT SURE HOW MUCH LONGER I CAN HANDLE!

And I really hope this kidnapping brings all of Rose's family and friends closer. Their love for her is the one thing that ties them all together to try and look for her and also accept each other as people who arn't the same as their last name suggests :)

Author's Response: I'm so glad that you love it. I promise to update as soon as I can. I feel like things have escalated quickly and I wasn't sure if people would like that or not. So I'm happy to hear that isn't the case for you. And I won't say too much but this whole experience is definitely going to change some views and relationships. Thank you for reviewing and hopefully I hear from you in the later chapters as well!

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Review #15, by AriesGirl40 Taken

30th January 2014:
Whatever turn you are making, it sure got interesting quick :) I liked it.

Author's Response: It's nice to hear that people like where I'm taking this story. I wanted to make a story where people couldn't stop reading it. Hopefully, I've accomplished that so far. Thanks for sticking with it :)

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Review #16, by Guest Taken

29th January 2014:
Great new chapter! Can't wait for more!

Author's Response: Thank you! Hopefully you've read the new chapters I've posted.

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Review #17, by kTDOTC Taken

29th January 2014:
I love this! Please hurry with the next chapter!

Author's Response: Thank you, I'm glad you like it. I just put the next chapter up, hopefully I won't disappoint you.

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Review #18, by scosefan First Date

25th November 2013:
Please continue as soon as possible!! I stayed up all night to read the story! I couldn't concentrate in school cause I was wondering what's gonna happen next
I live in Germany btw :) why did you move??

Author's Response: I love that you were addicted to my story especially since this is my first ever fanfic. I had to move because my husband is in the Army and we move a lot. We lived in Germany for three years and are now living in the U.S. again. I loved Germany though and miss it A LOT!! The next chapter is up so look for it!! Would love to hear from you again :)

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Review #19, by kTDOTC First Date

18th November 2013:
I get so excited whenever I see that this story has been updated! I LOVE it! PLEASE update again soon!

Author's Response: Thank you! I love that you love it. I just added the next chapter, so look for it! I love the reviews, they mean a lot to me!

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Review #20, by kTDOTC Trust Me

23rd October 2013:
Great story! I'm excited for the next update!

Author's Response: Thank you! I just put the next chapter up, hope you like it!

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Review #21, by AriesGirl40 The Attack

29th September 2013:
I think you made the chapter work, so I think you can relax and breathe.
New player in the mix, interesting...

Author's Response: Thank you, I tend to be a perfectionist sometimes. Darius definitely becomes a key character.

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Review #22, by kTDOTC The Attack

26th September 2013:
So great! Update again soon!

Author's Response: Thank you, the next chapter should be up later today!

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Review #23, by goldensnitch_1997 The Quiet one

15th September 2013:
upload soon love it and I hope scorpius and rose get together real soon

Author's Response: Thank you! I just posted the next chapter, I'm sorry I've been taking forever!!
Soon, I promise, they'll get there!!

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Review #24, by kTDOTC The Quiet one

13th September 2013:
Great update! Can't wait for the next one! :)

Author's Response: Thank you! The next chapter should be up this next week, just finishing the last few touches!

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Review #25, by Midnight spark New Friends

12th September 2013:
Loved it, but what's all these spacing? It made it really annoying to read!

Author's Response: This chapter spaced everything really weird, I think I fixed it with my other chapters though! Once I'm done with the story then I can go back through and do the edits :) glad you still liked it though!

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