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Review #1, by cranes113 Midnight Teachings

25th August 2013:
aw, that's so cute! great story :) I've finally found an author I like who ships James/Lily! I love the way he says shut up right before kissing her because that's exactly what I imagined he'd be like. I love it :D

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Review #2, by RosieQueen Midnight Teachings

15th June 2013:
Hello! So I am really enjoying your stories. You have great potential as a writer and I think you could go very far if you wanted to.

I am actually quite shocked that you don't have a lot of reviews! These days on HPFF it's like you have to advertise your stories if you really want reviews, unfortunately. :(

If I were you, I would request a banner from TDA. If you scroll down you will see three rectangular icons under fanfictionworld, you will see an icon that says "the dark arts." Go there and request a banner, it will definitely help you get more readers.

Also, you can create an account on the forums, where you can communicate with other authors on HPFF. When other authors will start noticing you, they will read your stories.

Hope this helped!


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