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Review #1, by miluv To Wonderland

1st September 2013:
This was so good! Keep it up:)
xox, miluv

Author's Response: Shall do. Just finished my first day back to education and my brain is already fried. Urgh! But new chapter should be up soonish- thanks for reviewing! :)

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Review #2, by ECM To Wonderland

1st June 2013:
I love it! I really like that Alice keeps referring to wonderland, it actually reefers to the title and so far keeps the theme, which so many other stories don't! Keep the good work up :)

Author's Response: I keep on worrying that people don't really like the references, but thanks for calming me on that! Carry on reading (and reviewing) please :D

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Review #3, by Chortling Hippogriffs! Home

30th May 2013:
I like! But isn't Neville's age a little old for it to fit with JK's '19 years' part? I think it's only like four years, so no worries. Anyway, I really like, and shall carry on reading (when you update)

Author's Response: Thank you! I'll have a look at the age, though it might take a while- holidays mean no maths! But I'm glad you like it, and keep on reading! (love the name btw)

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Review #4, by miluv Home

23rd May 2013:
love this, update asap! to be honest I decided to read something bc id been suffering from writers block and then I came across this and was immediately intrigued. Hun, your writing is amazing already, I can't wait to see how it'll develop. Not to mention, my plot bunnies have come back after reading this :D thanks loads for that haha. You're brillo-pads and so is this:)

Author's Response: Aww. Glad to be of service! Updating after Bulldozer- keep on reading and reviewing!

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Review #5, by slightlyobsessedwithfanfiction Home

23rd May 2013:

Can i just say... i'm already hooked! This is really good and it's only been one chapter! I already added it to my favorites :P

I like the narrator's voice. She's very, i don't know how to describe it, ... different? But good different don't worry! But there is something i'm not sure i understood: are we supposed to have understood what the fight between Albus and James is about? ... is it about Alice??? :O I like where this is going.
By the way i loved your sort of introduction: comparing the characters from your story to the ones from Alice and Wonderland. :) I can already tell i'm gonna love the relationship between Ally and Albus.
Ok... i should go... i have an exam tomorrow and i still have to study (it 11:40 PM)!!! How dare you influence me this way! You have distracted me and now i will probably fail!!! Shame on you!! :P
haha, oh well.

You're really talented and i can't wait to read more! Please update soon! When do you think you'll put the next chapter up?

A new impatient fan :)


Author's Response: I shall be updating hopefully by Wednesday, so not too long. The reason the fights are going to be sort of revealed next chapter, but carry on unraveling- you're not meant to understand it yet. I absolutely love writing as Alice already, and I'm so glad you like her too! Keep reading! (and good luck with the exam!)

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Review #6, by marauderfan Home

23rd May 2013:
I like the narrator's voice. You add in a lot of details and the little things make the story rich (like "Wizbook" - haha. Even the wizarding world has to catch on to that muggle fad)

Not sure where the story is heading so far but it seems interesting. I hope some background info will be provided in subsequent chapters.

Also, a minor canon issue regarding the A/N - Neville's wife is Hannah Abbott, right? I thought she was supposed to be the same age - after all she is mentioned as being in Harry's year at Hogwarts in the books.

All in all this is a great start! Looking forward to more.

Author's Response: I'm really glad you liked it! I'm actually really excited for the plot- it's hopefully going to be super twisty and stuff. And yes, I know that they're meant in the same year, but I thought it would be a bit too weird if she was having a kid at 46. I also preferred the idea of Neville finding someone who didn't know who he had been in his early years. Don't ask me why. It's just a funny little thing I do. Anyway, love that you liked it, and keep on reading!

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