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Review #1, by newgenerationlover .

8th July 2014:
Wow. Just wow. I think that is the majority of my thoughts after everyone of your stories. So I'm not usually a Dramione fan. I'm not a fan of the changed personalties that lead to a happily ever after. However, with your stories, I see again why I liked the ship so long ago. You show both the good and the bad of the relationship. You show their weaknesses more than their strengthens, which they find solace in each other for, and to me, that is believable. The writing is so beautiful and your characters are so wonderfully human. I just love all your stories.
House Cup 2014 Review

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Review #2, by Dark Whisper .

20th September 2013:
Wow, this is extraordinarily well written. Your words are quite poetic and this story, their existence, is so very sad.

You've really captured serious depth and feelings. I think what broke my heart the most was that neither of them have opened their hearts. I can understand them not loving each other for awhile as they figure things out. But honestly, I hope it happens eventually and these two can go beyond needing each other to actually learning and choosing to love each other.

That poem... wow!

Excellent writing. 10/10
Dark Whisper

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Review #3, by Kacie .

20th August 2013:
Wow that was fantastic. Just great

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Review #4, by DracoFerret11 .

17th July 2013:
Hello there! I'm so glad I found this splendid story. :D So, let's go over things:

Plot: This was beautiful. I loved the idea that they don't really "love" each other, but they still need each other. There's something poignant about that. It's really amazing to think that something so beautifully chilling can come out of something so sad. I really loved this. Every time Draco left, I was wondering if he would come back and admit his love for her...but it isn't that easy, is it? He doesn't love her, and she doesn't love him. But they'll be together because they need each other. Brilliant.

Characterization: I love how you portrayed Hermione and Draco. They were very realistic to me. The fact that they're so afraid and that the war has hurt them both so much...that was spot-on. I think you did a wonderful job of showing what an effect it had on them and how broken they both were.

Emotions: I think the place where you clearly excelled in this was in your portrayal of emotions. This was so haunting and wonderful. I could really feel what they were much sadness and loss and confusion. I really enjoyed this.

Interactions: I think the best part about this is that you admitted that they weren't in love. They need one another and things are easier when they're together, but they're not in love. I think that's amazing. This wasn't a "destructive" relationship, per say, but it wasn't something healthy for them either. They're broken, but sometimes they fix each other.

Style: AHH! I don't even know how to tell you how much I loved your writing style. To semi-explain, I'll tell you I'm favorite-ing this when I finish this review. I think this was brilliant. It's one of my favorite Dramione one-shots ever now. :) You did a wonderful job of capturing the situation and turning into a really lovely story. Fantastic.

So, overall, this was wonderful. I'm really glad I read it. Great, great job.


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Review #5, by Broken Butterfly .

15th July 2013:
Thank you for your submission to the No Happy ending Challenge. This is really well written. Flow and word choice really awed me in this and are the highlights of the whole theme, and plot is right behind it. I really enjoyed reading this and it was sad but it flowed so well that the sadness is beautiful.

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Review #6, by blue2 .

2nd July 2013:
Wonderful - a very mature and thoughtful piece. Very well done you.

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Review #7, by magnolia_magic .

31st May 2013:
Hi! magnolia_magic here with your review...finally. Needless to say I've been procrastinating a lot. But I'm here! I'm so glad you requested this...I really enjoyed reading it :)

I'm sure this is nothing new for you to hear, but I'm in awe of your beautiful writing style. This piece is so lyrical and gorgeous, and you have so many great lines of description. I was completely immersed in this story from the very beginning, because the imagery and language is just so haunting. I especially love the second section, at the part when Hermione is describing her guilt while looking at Ron's picture. It was all so striking, but that part just really got me for some reason.

This piece is just so very emotional, and I felt swept away by it; I felt real pity and sadness for these characters, without fully knowing why. It's a true gift to be able to conjure real emotion in readers, and this piece definitely did that for me. I can't applaud you enough for that!

Like I said, I think this is a beautiful, artful read, and you did a stellar job with the style of it. I also think your characterization may have suffered just a bit because of that. For me, this story could have been about absolutely anyone; the fact that it's Hermione and Draco is a minor, almost irrelevant detail. It just depends on what's important to you: if you want to make these characters seem real, then by all means flesh them out. I would have loved to see something that made these characters distinctive; in fact, that was the one thing I searched for as I was reading that I didn't find. How did their relationship start? What drew them to each other? How have they changed since Hogwarts, and how are they the same? Deeper answers to questions like that could add a lot to this piece.

But! If you want the whole thing (including the characters) to feel vague and hazy, then you've definitely accomplished that here. I see it as a matter of personal preference; I would rather be impressed by characters than style, but I know a lot of readers feel the opposite way. And this is the kind of writing style that's going to impress a lot of people (including me!)

One thing I really did like is the idea of fear that runs through the entire piece. It almost seems like their relationship starts as a way for Hermione to forget her fear, but by the end it has become a source of fear. It's a very sad outcome, and I think you did a great job with that idea. You clearly have a talent for angst :)

Thank you so much for requesting, and I apologize again for the wait! I really enjoyed reading this piece. Feel free to PM me if you want to talk further, and to re-request any time! Keep up the great work :)


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Review #8, by patronus_charm .

23rd May 2013:
♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥

This one-shot wow Ė it was amazing quite frankly! The complexities of the emotions both of them felt for one another was amazing. I think my favourite was Hermioneís mistrust of Draco. They were so intimate in so many ways, yet not in others. This line Ďrun away, don't let him in, lock the door and hide, never trust a snakeí really showed her confusion over the matter and how she loved him but what he did to her at Hogwarts still deeply affected her. Not many Dramione writers dwell on that so it was really great.

I liked the contrast you created between Ron and Draco. Ron being the person who provides sanctuary for her and the one who is normal and Draco is her more reckless side. It really was great and it showed how people viewed her differently. You reinforced that again with the mention of Harry and Luna and it showed how you never really know what people are like.

The structure of it was great too, as it represented how she remembered them as moments rather than a continuous thing. I got the feeling that her feelings towards Draco would always be fractured and never definite and that was shown there. I also liked it as I kind of gave us a full circle of their relationship and all the different parts to it, so I felt as if I really got to know them which isnít something I can say for all one-shots.

Both of them were so fragile and so real and you perfectly showed that even though people love Dramione it still has itís obvious flaws which people often overlook when writing it. That was an amazing one-shot and I canít stop being jealous of your amazing writing skills. If thatís the standard youíre at without writing for several weeks itís amazing!

-Kiana ♥

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Review #9, by confusedlover .

23rd May 2013:
very lovely.

this was beautiful and very inspiring. i am not really sure why, but the depth with which you wrote this is incredible and i enjoyed it very much. easy to read, but so very complex. beautiful. you did a fantastic job with this, keep up the amazing writing!

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Review #10, by Violet Gryfindor .

22nd May 2013:
Ugh, wow. There's so much I could say, yet it's hard to decide where to start because this story is just so good, beautifully written and artful in its characterizations. The style is engrossing, with just enough of a poetic feel to enhance the story and its tragedy - it's interestingly most poetic near the beginning, then as their relationship grows and begins to feel less satisfying for both of them, the language becomes harsher, less "romantic". Their relationship feels wrong, though not for any of the usual reasons I've seen in fanfiction, and this draws me further into this story - I kept going back to read and re-read the sections because there was so much there, multiple meanings and details to take in and digest.

Hermione and Draco "are weak and so terribly human", as you say at one point, and that's the perfect way to describe them here. Before that line came up in the story, I was admiring how realistically you'd portrayed them, making them very human and flawed. Their relationship makes sense in this context, and I liked how accidental it all was, how it just happened without either of them meaning it to. I really liked how you chose to make them broken, and how much this has changed their identity. They are not only broken in heart and body, but in mind and spirit - they're only fragments of their past selves. Another line that stood out was when Hermione thinks about others see her as the strong one, but inside, she's not strong at all. She's afraid, and this fear only grows as the story continues. Being with Draco is only a temporary fix, and it's not even that good a fix. She still feels lost, alienated, and the affair with Draco, though it will continue, will give her nothing.

One thing that stood out most - though it seems like most things about this story stood out to me - was how Hermione keeps thinking about the past, particularly Draco's treatment of her. She's still struck by the fact that his blood is the same colour as hers and that he wears Muggle clothing. She never changes her mind, not completely. What's most painful is when she forces her mind to imagine him as Ron. It's a very complicated relationship, in which Hermione wants someone who is as broken as she is, but she ends up with Draco, and she never quite comes to terms with that. She falls into a relationship with him, but she never falls in love with him.

I don't know how to deal with this kind of story and the series of emotions it evokes. The more I think about it, the more affecting it is, hence all of the rambling. It's brilliant how you put this story together - the writing, characters, and emotional power are astounding. You write Dramione like no other, but more importantly, you write people and relationships in a complex and incredibly moving way. Amazing work!

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Review #11, by DracosGirl012 .

22nd May 2013:
That was good! Good job!:)

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