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Review #1, by AlexFan Detention in the Dungeons

28th January 2014:
I'm here with your fourth review! I'm doing this last one as I go so I'm scrolling up and down through the chapter.

The first thing that I noticed was that you said Ginny grabbed the books that she would need for the day and then headed down to the common room. But how can she know which classes she has on the first day if she doesn't have her schedule, which she got during breakfast? It's just something that I noticed.

It was so sweet of the older students to wait up for Ginny, I got the impression from the books that Ginny didn't really hang out with Harry's friends in the older grades but it's so nice everyone taking care of her anyway and making sure that she's safe. It's still so weird to think of a Colin as a Sixth Year, for some reason in my head I still remember him as that little kid that kept following Harry around when he was in his second year.

I think what Ginny is taking as Dean treating her like a child was just him being a gentleman. I hadn't expected her to get so angry with him for just opening the door for her. The boy was giving up his spare time just to make sure that Ginny got to class safely.

That punishment sounded brutal though, I felt so bad for Ginny. I honestly can't believe that they allowed whippings back as a form of punishments for students that were given detention. And by the sounds of it the Carrows didn't hold anything back when punishing Ginny.

No one will hear you scream, but you can try if you like. She let go and backed away, her haunting laugh echoing around the unforgiving dungeon. Tie her up, Amycus. This is going to be fun.

That part right there gave me the shivers. There were so many insinuations with the way that you left it off right there. It let your reader imagine a whole list of punishments that the Carrows could've had ready for Ginny. It's amazing how well the power of imagination works in the favor of authors in a story. You didn't even have to tell your reader's exactly what Ginny had to go through, you let us picture it in our heads.

Great job on the chapter!

Author's Response: Good point with the books! I'll have to go back and change that. I'm so glad that I asked you to read this one. Lol. It's been a bit since I worked on it, and I have big plans. +]

I figured that there had to be some bonds between them, I mean, not everyone was nice to Harry when he first started telling them all the truth, and now he's on the run. I'm sure he was happiest with Ginny, and it would've been obvious. Like you, I like the idea that they're looking out for her now that he can't.

Yeah, I feel bad for Dean. The way I figured, she was upset at everyone, and would most likely be more prone to take her frustrations out on him than anyone else.

The punishment. I figure, they know that Ginny knows whats up. They don't have to hold back on her to save face, and the twins most likely looked forward to trying to make sure she never wanted to cause a disturbance ever again.

I'm glad that you liked this chapter! Thank you so much for everything you've pointed out. Now I can go back and edit what I've got with some idea of what I'm doing. +] Haha!

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Review #2, by AlexFan Reckless Endangerment

27th January 2014:
Woah, this chapter was just . . . WOAH! This chapter was intense! I definitely didn't expect all of this to be happening as soon as Ginny arrived at Hogwarts. I thought it would've been at least one day before all of the trouble started and everything.

I don't know how I feel about Snape, for some reason, everything he said just doesn't feel like him. I know that he has to say it and everything but it just didn't sound like something Snape from the books would say. I don't know how to describe it. Not to say that the scene wasn't brilliant, because it was, I had my mouth open in shock. I couldn't believe that they had actually resorted to using the Imperius Curse on Ginny, I shouldn't be surprised because they're death eaters after all but it surprised me nonetheless.

I kept rooting for Ginny to fight off the Imperius Curse though, I wanted her to fight it off so badly but then she kind of knocked herself out and I was like "Okay, that's cool too you know).

I loved the scene at the end with McGonagall, she's a strict woman and she's not known for showing a lot emotion often but I love how you brought out the side of her that she usually keeps hidden, the side of her that really cares and wants to protect her students from the evil. That last line though where she told Ginny she could be a miscreant she just couldn't get caught, I loved it because it reminded me of McGonagall in the fifth book.

My advice to Ginny would personally be to do it but make sure that she didn't get caught.

Author's Response: I totally get what you mean with Snape! That headmaster's speech was ridiculously difficult to get through. My reasoning was, yes, he's trying to play a part, but he's just as uncomfortable being headmaster as the students are with having him as headmaster, though you're right. It is off, I just can't figure out how to fix it. Lol.

I thought that was the most logical way for Snape to handle the situation. Here he is, giving a speech to students about how he's there to help them, and won't harm them, and isn't the enemy when Ginny stands up and contradicts him. If he goes all public with "how dare you..." or any kind of immediate punishment, he's proving her right, and making himself look bad. But if she walks out, to outsiders it's just that one Weasley girl with the bad temper upset because her boyfriend is gone lashing out at the new headmaster and then walking out. That's what I was going for anyways. And then, I figured if a full grown wizard like Barty Crouch Sr. took a lot of time to throw off the imperius curse, it would take Ginny awhile too. Then I remembered the first time Harry fought against it, and how he wasn't really able to just pull himself out of it. He struggled against it and then the pain of running into the table brought him out of it. I figured at least making her legs stop was something the headstrong and slightly aware Ginny could accomplish. +]

I'm glad that you liked McGonagall! I tried so hard to make her in canon, and I'm glad that you think I did well.

I'm glad that you've liked it so far. Can't wait to hear your take on the last chapter. +] Thank you so much for this. I've been waiting for someone to tell me how to improve this. +]

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Review #3, by AlexFan For the Love of Mudbloods

27th January 2014:
Hello, here for your second review.

I'll just start off with some CC that I noticed early in the chapter. The format of the story seems really cramped together and it makes it look a lot more daunting than it really is. Personally, I would suggest fixing the format to make it easier for future readers but you can definitely choose to ignore that. Another thing that I noticed was that you mentioned Ron was at home with dragon pox when really, he was "at home" with spattergroit which is completely different than dragon pox. And I also noticed that you wrote Ginny's name as "Ginerva" instead of "Ginevra," it's not a big thing but it's just something that you might want to fix if you're trying to keep the story as canon as possible.

I also wouldn't have expected Bellatrix to give up on torturing Ginny so quickly, even if Ginny doesn't know where Harry, Ron and Hermione are. I suppose though, Bellatrix realised that the trio wouldn't have told anyone where they were going specifically because of this reason.

But wow, they really get right down to punishing and torturing people these days at Hogwarts huh. I felt so bad for that little girl though, she sounded so tiny and I just felt really bad that someone had told her that she wasn't worth much just because of her blood status. I just hate to think that there were little children attending Hogwarts who might've actually been told that they weren't right or that they're less than someone else just because of their blood status. Can you imagine what that would do to a child? It was really great of Neville and Ginny and Colin to welcome her like that though, I wouldn't have expected any less of them.

But anyway, great chapter and I'm off to the next one!

Author's Response: Yay!! CC!! I've been waiting for some feedback like this, oh my gosh, thank you! I'll go back and reformat it so it's a little better paced. And I'm glad you pointed that out, both the spattergroit and the Ginevra, I prefer to be as close to canon as humanly possible, and I wrote this before I found out about Harry Potter wiki. Lol

I figured with Bellatrix, it was more of Ginny's insolence than looking for information. If since she fed her a story, if it was a lie, it could be followed up on with another torture session, and if it held up, why waste her time with a blood traitor? At least, that was my reasoning.

Yes. I wanted it to be immediately known that Hogwarts was going to be different. I figured that with the regime having taken over the ministry, their next step would be to brainwash the kids, kinda like this book I read when I was younger. (Really wish I could remember the name.) They already controlled the government body responsible for the well fare of children, and the adults were too busy being oppressed to storm Hogwarts and take back their kids. The most effective brainwashing would be on the first years. Get them to turn against each other, and take the fight out of those who would be abused when they're eleven and avoid a whole new generation of rebels later.

Yay! 2/4 good to go! Awesome.

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Review #4, by AlexFan The Gloomy Train

27th January 2014:
This is the first of four reviews! Sorry for taking so long to get to your prize but I'm finally here now!

I liked the beginning of the story, it definitely pulled me in. I've never read a story that told what Ginny's sixth year must've been like so this is new for me but I love where it's going. I like how you pointed out the differences between the previous years that Ginny had attended Hogwarts and her sixth year. The quiet talking on the platform, the fact that everyone seemed to be avoiding Ginny as much as possible, it really made it clear that things were different than they used to be.

I loved your characterization of Molly as well. You made her sound really tired and worried but you still managed to keep that motherly feel about her. The part that I loved most about Molly was how she started on her usual tangent about eating the sandwiches and doing well in school like normal before she realised that things weren't normal and as they always had been.

My favourite character is definitely Ginny so far. I love how you showed that she was still hung up over Harry even though she doesn't really let anyone see it. That's the kind of thing that Ginny would do, she would probably hide any of her feelings that she didn't want people to see so that they didn't think of her as weak. I love the amount of fire that's in her as well and especially the part where she socked Pansy in the face. The entire time that Pansy kept running her mouth I was just like "don't you be talking smack about my Harry Potter!"

My favourite line was definitely Luna's at the very very end. She just sounded so calm and not at all flustered. You would've thought that Luna would've been a little bit surprised by what happened but she didn't even blink an eye. Then again, this is Luna Lovegood, she's probably seen a lot stranger things happen.

Anyway, looking forward to the next chapter!

Author's Response: I'm glad that the beginning is interesting, and not a bore. As far as Molly, she has always come very naturally to me. I'm glad that you liked her. I loved Ginny in the books. I was outraged when her actress in the movies couldn't deliver the spit fire performance I was waiting for, and figured I could do her some justice in this. Lol

I was a little scared to write Luna, but I think she turned out alright, if little chatty. +]

I'm glad you liked the beginning!

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Review #5, by Mrs.L.Longbottom Detention in the Dungeons

23rd January 2014:
This is a great story and a brilliant idea! Pleas continue with it! This is just a note and by no means a criticism. but Seamus' father was the muggle not his mother. you know how it goes "Me dads a muggle, Me Ma's a witch. Bit of a nasty shock for him when he found out." Which is of cause said in his adorable accent

Author's Response: I'm glad you liked it! This is the only comment on the last chapter, and I'm really happy you read all the way through. I do have the next chapter planned out, and should be posted in a few weeks. Thanks for pointing that out! I'll make sure to change that.

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Review #6, by LightLeviosa5443 The Gloomy Train

17th January 2014:
Hi! I'm here for the BvB review battle!

I really liked this chapter. I've always kind of wondered what Hogwarts was like while Harry was roaming the country in a tent with his two friends. I mean, I think everyone has. I really like the start you've given to the story. It flowed really nicely and was completely believable.

I love Mrs. Weasley, she's just perfect. I can totally see her sitting on the couch clutching her clock beside her self. I also really love Ginny. I love that you've written in her love for Harry, that you've shown how much she misses him and how she's coping with it.

This chapter was really nice, I think you have a great start to a story here!

xoxo LL

Author's Response: Thanks! I'm glad you enjoyed. I did work pretty hard on making everyone as in character as possible.

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Review #7, by maraudertimes Reckless Endangerment

11th November 2013:
I really liked this one! So much butt-kicking Ginny! :)

There was only one mistake that really stood out to me, though: "... our return students..." I think it should be 'returning'?

Other than that, really top-notch. Absolutely amazing! The fact that you incorporated the uncontrollable magic when the characters were younger really brought the great Queen's version (and shall I say true account of the story) into yours and made it feel like a veritable part of the HP universe, and not so much a fic.

The fact that Ginny didn't know what a microwave was (and called it a micron-waver) really spoke to her pureblooded-ness, even if she tries to distance herself from it, but I thought the hilarity of the situation of the Creevey's and Lillian joking about blowing stuff up in them balanced that out in the sense that sure Ginny might be a pureblood, but her friends are full blown muggleborns who blow things up in microwaves!

Question for you, the author though: have you ever blown something up in a microwave? ;)

Okay, last thing. I really loved this part: "Half an hour later, when the two apparently love-struck prefects were done snogging each other's brains out..." I don't know, it just made me crack up!

So, all in all, amazing job. Kudos to you!!! Please update soon, won't you? And feel free to request this story in my review thread once you do update it. I would love it if you did that :)

Lo :)

Author's Response: Wonderful! I'm glad you liked it, I've been working pretty hard on it.

Thank you! I hadn't caught that. I've got a chapter in the queue, but once it passes and the wait time is a little shorter, I'll update.

I have only exploded hot dogs in the microwave. Lol. +] I was one of those responsible children trying to make sure all the little siblings didn't blow things up in the microwave.

I would love for you to continue reviewing! I've got 7 pages of the next chapter written, about 3000 words, and still haven't addressed the main conflict of the chapter (OOPS!) but my alpha beta reader (the wonderful hubby) says that everything has a point and a place, and it doesn't really drag, so I'm planning on keeping all the content. I'll be sure to ask you to watch out for that when I request the review, just to make sure the story doesn't start to drag.

Thanks for the review, and I'll be leaving you some feedback on the second chapter of animal in the morning. (It's getting pretty late here.) +]

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Review #8, by maraudertimes For the Love of Mudbloods

11th November 2013:
Poor Lilian/Lily!

But yay for Ginny still being awesome and a troublemaker. You've really characterized her like the books and she's *so* awesome.

I just can't with how amazingly awesome and what a butt-kicker she is. I think I'm in love with her. Okay, that's an exaggeration... But I can totally see why *Harry* would be in love with her.

Kudos on this. I didn't see any mistakes apart from the Collin/Colin one, but as I said previously, not a big deal.

I honestly cannot express how awesome this chapter is. It makes me want to go out and kick Death Eater shins too!

Lo :)

Author's Response: I'm glad that you got the shin kicking thing,I was worried that I was a little too vague on that point. I think I'm a bit in love with her too, either that or I just wish I had her gall, and her hair... mostly her hair. +] Thanks for the reviews!

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Review #9, by maraudertimes The Gloomy Train

11th November 2013:
Sorry for the outburst, but YES! I love how this happened. Of course, physical violence is never the answer kids *shakes head violently while simultaneously giving you winks and thumbs up*

I honestly loved this. Ginny is the super cool butt-kicking Ginny from the books, and Pansy got what was coming to her. I'm intrigued about Colin Creevey (also, just pointing out it's one L in his name, but that's not too big of a deal) since I haven't really seen many fics where he's featured even a little bit. Also, Luna was perfect, as was Pansy (even if I hate the pug-faced little... I'm not going to finish that.

Anyways, it was super awesome. And the fact that Ginny pulled a move her older brothers would have done just solidifies her Weasley-esque characterization.

I'm super excited for the next chapter!

Lo :)

P.S. Pansy TOTALLY got what was coming to her, and thank you for making it Ginny who delivered it :P

Author's Response: You're welcome! Pansy did get was coming to her, and really my inspiration for writing this is to correct people's view of Ginny being a push over and awkward. She had so much spunk in the books, and I think that the actress in the movies wasn't really prepared to take on that role.

Thanks for bringing that up, I hadn't realized! I'll make sure to correct it in the following chapters. +]

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Review #10, by lindslo2012 The Gloomy Train

11th November 2013:
What a great chapter I will be reading on. :)
This is the first fanfic that I have read about Ginny's sixth year and it is beautifully written so far! :D

Author's Response: Thank you! I hope that you continue reading!

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Review #11, by SkyEcho The Gloomy Train

3rd November 2013:
Great idea for a story - I'm looking forward to reading about all the things we didn't "see" when Harry, Ron and Hermione were away. Your writing has me hooked :)

Author's Response: Thanks! I'm glad you like it. Keep checking in for Chapter 4!

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Review #12, by Cannons The Gloomy Train

24th October 2013:
WOW - that's not surprised 'wow' that's a 'wow, that was seriously good 'wow'!

this was awesome, I'm sad because there are only two more chapters after this one though. Pansy got what she deserved and to do it in the 'muggle' way even better.

You have really captured the hostility and the darkness that shows the war is still going on!

Your writing really is incredible, you had me captivated from the first paragraph.


Author's Response: Thank you! I'm glad you liked it. Keep checking back in for more chapters! I should have a banner for it pretty soon, hopefully. And thanks again for letting me know what you thought!

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Review #13, by loveinidleness For the Love of Mudbloods

3rd October 2013:

Ive just found your story and Im already addicted. You have an exquisite writing style and I clicked from chapter one to chapter two without hesitation. I love the way you stick to the third person writing style that J.K used but you still manage to quickly build an intimate connection between the reader and Ginny (Im taking notes).

I really admire your characterisation especially as I think Ginny is a hard character to take on. In the original books Ginny is so pivotal but we dont know her as much as the golden trio. As a result, when you read Ginny Fanfic she is often disconnected from the girl we knew in the books or she even becomes a red-haired Hermione. Especially by setting it during the Hogwarts years you gave yourself a real challenge but I really felt like I knew your Ginny.

I love your Colin Creevy. It gave me a jump when he joked with Ginny because he is so strongly associated with COS in my mind I sort of forgot he grew up and is Ginnys age. Although it stopped my heart for a second because I know whats coming. I think its a wonderful character to use and youve written him perfectly. (Can he still have a camera though? It might be a nice little throwback)

Of course Ive only read two chapters so I dont know how youve planned out the plot progression but I was wondering about the character growth in Neville. Even though he proves himself at the end of HBP that was still Harrys adventure and Harry saved the day. Neville hasnt been in a leadership position and yet from the very beginning of your story we see him be brazen, assertive, confident and even aggressive (in a good way of course). I totally agree that this is who Neville becomes but as a reader I would love to see that growth in Neville from a brave soldier in the DA to the leader, his realisation that he can stand in for Harry and he can do it well. By showing more uncertainty and worry in Neville early on, it will make his journey even more inspiring and engaging as he becomes our heartthrob hero :P.

This is of course just a suggestion and if it doesnt work with your plot development of course ignore it. It really is a tiny thing.

The flow and pace of your chapters work really well and youll have to let me know when Chapter 3 is up!

Also sorry about my lack of apostrophes they are coming up as I’ve so to prevent confusion ive just excluded them.

Author's Response: Hi there! I was confused for a bit, this piece of mine hasn't gotten any attention in awhile, I didn't realize people were still reading! I do have a few more chapters planned out, and after seeing that someone was waiting for an actual chapter 3, I've started the first draft. It's a bit longer than the others, but some pretty good stuff ensues, that's for sure. I do have a character progression planned for Neville, and he will be a bit hesitant to take the leadership role at first. (Just a tiny spoiler...) He isn't going to want to be the leader first, Ginny is of course the first one that will pop into mind. Her character just doesn't have the drive and patience to be the leader of an actual organization, I love her, I do, but Ginny charges into action on impulse too often in order to be put in charge or something. Her double-or-nothing attitude is a bit risky for most. She'll start a rebellion with her reactions, but as the catalyst and not the mastermind.

Anyways, chapter three will probably be edited tonight, and then posted tomorrow, so we're looking at about 1 week before it goes through validation and what not. +] Noticed you said you were taking notes, if you ever need a beta reader, let me know!

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Review #14, by Peevesie The Gloomy Train

18th May 2013:
I really liked this, you seem to get the emotions exactly how I'd expected them to be when thinking of Ginny leaving her Mum - which was really nice to read.

I did notice some typos, but honestly I can't point them out because I got so drawn in by the way in which you'd written it, I've forgotten where they were.

I loved the way you brought Colin and Dennis to life, it was really nice to see them with a little more to do - I've always had a soft spot for Colin's character for some reason and I think you did him a great justice in the way you've written him.

Author's Response: Thank you! I love getting a response. I hate sitting back and biting my nails while the views climb. Chapter 2 is coming as soon as it gets validated.

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