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Review #1, by Hats For House Elves Sometimes

8th May 2014:
beautifully written, capturing everything about the progression from strangers to lovers in one chapter. Unique perspective of the classic James and Lily get together story. Straight in my favourites.


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Review #2, by erised713 Sometimes

16th August 2013:
That was really cute! I liked how you followed the progression of the relationship but I'd like to know whose pov the story was from. I loved the descriptions too, they were quite poetic. Anyway, I appreciated that you reviewed my story so quickly so I thought I'd repay the favour and review one of yours. I especially liked the part about giving people hope, good job!

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Review #3, by lovethepotters Sometimes

11th June 2013:
I love the idea of this one-shot! It's so nice to see how the relationship between James and Lily turns from hate to love :) very cute!

I absolutely love these lines: "They donít even roll their eyes, because, believe it or not, you give them hope. Hope that anything can happen. Hope that love can happen, even in a world so consumed by hate." I think it encapsulates the James/Lily romance perfectly!

Just one thing: it gets a little confusing sometimes when you keep switching between first and second person. Try to stick to one voice in the future. Just thought I'd offer a suggestion :)

I know what it's like to be starved of reviews, I'm sitting in the same boat :P would you mind reviewing my story: A Pot of Lilies? It would be much appreciated :)

Once again, well done on writing this this one-shot :)

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Review #4, by brownie Sometimes

18th May 2013:
whose POV is this? mysterious, lovely.

Author's Response: James' , but simply changing the names it could easily be any other couple :)

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