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Review #1, by Rt Chapter 18: Mr. (Chuck) Norris Plays Quidditch

29th March 2015:
I give up on this.. I check like every week. It's a complete let down😒😒

Author's Response: Aw! I'm SO SORRY! I know I haven't updated as frequently, but don't give up on the story! I'm absolutely going to update within the next two weeks, since spring break is upon us, and I don't have to work! YAY!

Thank you so much for R&R'ing though, I really appreciate knowing that there are people who read and like this story! Check back in a few weeks and I hope you'll keep reading when I do update!


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Review #2, by HappyMollyWeasley Chapter 1: The Weasley Clan

26th March 2015:
Hi! This is Molly with the review from the Gryffindor review exchanges.

This story is great so far! Im impressed by how quickly you got my attention, and how the story keeps me absorbed.

Scorpius and Rose are cute together, and they seem to love their daughter dearly. I also love how you tell all those details about the Weasley's. It's strange though that Val didn't know about how the Malfoy's and Weasley's used to despise each others...

Just as I thought that there's a bit too much background about all the cousins and relatives, Val's pointing out that to Rose. Well done on that! I like how Val's questions helps the story move forwards.

This is an amazing start, and I can tell that you're a talented writer too!


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Review #3, by randomwriter Prologue

21st March 2015:
Hey there Lizzie :) Who doesn't like free reviews, amiright? Well, I'm leaving a review for everyone from the Quidditch team and a bit of a thank you, and I'm here for yours! :)

So, I'm a huuge fan of How I Met Your Mother, and I love, love , love Rose/Scorpius. I write them and read about them obsessively, so it's no surprise that I was drawn to your story.

Now, this chapter was a bit short, and I understand that it was only the prologue, and was meant to be just a sneak-peek, so it makes sense that you didn't overload us with information. That being said, a little bit of description and detail wouldn't hurt ;) Nothing to give away more plot, of course!

I know we're barely into the story, but I'm already looking forward to your take on their relationship. As I mentioned, I absolutely LOVE this pairing, and they seemed so sweet together here, but I'm sure it wasn't always that way, so I'd like to see how they started out and all that ;)

I did see some errors in punctuation and phrasing. In some sentences, I felt that you could have conveyed the same thing better with a different word, but of course, that's my nit-picky side going at it.

I'd like to say that in spite of that, I really thought that this was cute and it certainly caught my eye. It flows really nicely, and it makes the readers want to read on, which is always a good thing. Great job, Lizzie! ♥ And thank you for being a stellar team mate!

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Review #4, by Dobby The House Elf Prologue

19th March 2015:
Hello there, Miss. Tis I, Dobby. Dobby the House Elf. I is wandering around the stories of the great and noble Quidditch team of Gryffindor. Gryffindor is being the house of the greatest hero of them all; Harry Potter. Is you knowing that Harry Potter is playing Quidditch when Harry Potter attended Hogwarts? And what a most wonderful player Harry Potter was, Miss! Dobby knows Harry Potter would be most proud of your team, win or lose, Miss!

Dobby is liking this story very much! Dobby is now wanting to know of how Miss Rose - Daughter of Harry Potter's friend; His Weezy - met Miss Val's father. Dobby is very interested. Dobby thinks Miss did a lovely job with her writing and Dobby is wanting reading more. Miss Rose is having a wonderful family. Miss Rose's husband is being much better than his father. His father was... was... Erm! I'm sorry, Miss! Dobby is still finding it hard to speak ill of his old Masters!

Dobby must go! Dobby is being needed now and must leave so he is not needing to iron his hands! Goodbye, Miss! What an honor it's been!

-Dobby The House Elf

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Review #5, by alicia and anne Prologue

13th March 2015:

As you can probably tell... I am excited about reading this story. :D

Oo she's been resisting telling her daughter the real way she met her father? I wonder why? I am so excited for this! And I can't wait to see how they both got together. :D

I am so so excited, especially because you wrote such a hooking and brilliant prologue! I'm going to favourite it right now so that I can read and review the rest! :D

Author's Response: AH! Yay! I'm so glad you're excited about this!

I've got the biggest grin on my face right now!

I hope you like it! It's got some interesting twists (in my opinion.) :)

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Review #6, by LillyMay Chapter 18: Mr. (Chuck) Norris Plays Quidditch

21st February 2015:
I keep checking back to see if you updated yet. I'm so anxious for the next chapter! Great story! :D

Author's Response: AH! So sorry I haven't updated yet! I Promise the next chapter will go up in the next week or so! I'm working hard on it now!!

Thanks for R&R'ing!!

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Review #7, by Rahi Chapter 18: Mr. (Chuck) Norris Plays Quidditch

19th February 2015:
OMG! I have not laughed so hard in a long time:) I love you for writing this and hope you post the next chapters soon!

Author's Response: Yay! I'm so glad you liked it! I'll most definitely have the next chapter posted in the next week or so. ;)

Thanks for R&R'ing!

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Review #8, by Rt Chapter 18: Mr. (Chuck) Norris Plays Quidditch

12th February 2015:
Aah!!! When's the next chapter coming!!??! I need it now!

Author's Response: Soon!! I promise!! I'm almost done with it!!

Thanks for R&R'ing!!

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Review #9, by rt Chapter 18: Mr. (Chuck) Norris Plays Quidditch

2nd February 2015:
Amazing!! although i do know that mr.norris was a little out of place, it was still hilarious!! please update!! Dying for the next chapter!!

Author's Response: Awe thanks!
Yeah, I figured he was a little bizarre when I threw him in, but at least he provides some good comic relief!

Thanks for R&R'ing!

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Review #10, by Lilly May Chapter 18: Mr. (Chuck) Norris Plays Quidditch

22nd January 2015:
Great chapter! I liked getting a glimps of what the parents are thinking from the letters.

Also the part with Chuck was funny, but really random and doesn't seem to fit in. Although maybe it will in the future.

I'm very excited to see what happens next with Rose and Scorpius! Update again soon! Although I can't seem to get any of the follow links to work so I'll need to figure that out.

Author's Response: Thanks! I really appreciate reviews!!

Yeah, you will definitely hear more from the parents coming soon, as you may assume, they're differing opinions cause a bit of a hassle for Rose and Scorpius!

I guess Chuck is a little bit random. I think I just wanted to include something really lighthearted and funny in the story. Although, Chuck will definitely be coming back. :D

Thanks for R&R'ing!

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Review #11, by LillyMay Chapter 17: The Parental Units

22nd January 2015:
Fantastic story! I'm so excited to see what happens next!

Author's Response: YAY! Thank you! I'm glad you're liking it! I'm a bit fond of it too...

Thanks for R&R'ing!

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Review #12, by Jaye14 Chapter 18: Mr. (Chuck) Norris Plays Quidditch

22nd January 2015:
This story is awesome!! This chapter and Chuck, hilarious!!

Author's Response: Thanks so much! Glad you liked it!! :D

Thanks for R&R'ing!

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Review #13, by AriesGirl40 Chapter 18: Mr. (Chuck) Norris Plays Quidditch

17th January 2015:
Your right, this turned out to be a very funny chapter. I enjoyed it alot!

Author's Response: AWESOME! Thank you! I'm glad it was as funny as I'd hoped it would be. :)

Thanks for R&R'ing!!

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Review #14, by Fonzzx Chapter 18: Mr. (Chuck) Norris Plays Quidditch

17th January 2015:
This is one of the best things I've read in a long time! GO CHUCK!!!

Author's Response: THANK YOU!

Yeah, I think Chuck is pretty awesome too. :D

Thanks for R&R'ing!

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Review #15, by SilverPatronus Chapter 18: Mr. (Chuck) Norris Plays Quidditch

16th January 2015:
OMG That was one of my most fave chapters!! Haha, everyone thinks of Quidditch scenes but yours had a fantastic twist! EPIC!

Author's Response: Hahahah! Thank you!

I'm not the greatest at writing Quidditch scenes, so I figured I should do something a little different. :D

Keep R&Ring!

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Review #16, by Roo Chapter 17: The Parental Units

15th January 2015:
I love love love LOVE this story! what's gonna happen!?!?!?!?!

Author's Response: You're just gonna have to wait and find out then huh? :D

Thanks for reading!

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Review #17, by rt Chapter 17: The Parental Units

13th January 2015:
wait,... is this it?? i really love this story and you're writing style. PLEASE update or i will die of suspense!!!

Author's Response: Don't worry! The update will come soon! Promise!
Thanks so much for your review! I makes me so happy!!!

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Review #18, by aiko Chapter 17: The Parental Units

8th January 2015:

Author's Response: YAY! Can't wait for you to see the next one!

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Review #19, by aiko Chapter 10: The Wrath of Lia

8th January 2015:
This is the best one yet!! AWESOME JOB! WOOT!

Author's Response: Ah, you make me smile! :D Thank you!

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Review #20, by Aiko Chapter 3: Fred's Got a Secret

7th January 2015:

Author's Response: A! THANK. YOU. SO. MUCH.

I hope you like the next chapter! ;)

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Review #21, by red_rue Chapter 16: Mint Chocolate Chip Ice Cream Nights

5th December 2014:
Okay, okay, I've calmed down from my last review but I still need MORE!!! Sorry, calm, I'm totally calm. I love Roo she's too cute! BUT WHO IS THE FATHER??? And how many kids do Rose and Scorpius have?? Also I love mint chocolate ice-cream so, good choice there! STILL I NEED MORE ANSWERS PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE, PRETTY PLEASE WITH MINT CHOCOLATE CHIP ICE-CREAM AND SPRINKLES AND GUMMY BEARS! Anyway, continue the good work!!!

Author's Response: I was having a really bad day...UNTIL I READ YOUR REVIEW! Thank you so much! You're too sweet!

Hahaha! I'm glad that you're liking it! Stay calm...or might be a while before you find out who the father is...:D

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Review #22, by KT Chapter 16: Mint Chocolate Chip Ice Cream Nights

2nd December 2014:
That didn't answer anything! D:

Author's Response: Hehehehehe :D

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Review #23, by kristyhes Chapter 15: Cassandra Gersemi

6th November 2014:
Well first let me tell you that it's the first review i've written since last year and i just had to cuz your story is really good and i absolutely love it.
Now my reaction after reading this chappie:
Huh? What? How? I dont understand.. How? Wait is that why she cried when Dom and Lia asked if Scorpius was the father? And you didnt elaborate on it? Omg but who is it?
Wait- what about Val??? How will she react to this??!
Im waiting for the update cuz i really need some expanation now...

Author's Response: Mmmm I like your theories...but you'll just have to wait and see I guess. :D

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Review #24, by red_rue Chapter 15: Cassandra Gersemi

2nd November 2014:
WHAT?! WHAT IS THIS MADNESS?! I'M SO CONFUSED AND WORRIED AND QUITE POSSIBLY FREAKING OUT BECAUSE WHAT? WHAT?! WHAT? I WAS NOT EXPECTING THIS!!! OH MY MERLIN WHAT IS GOING ON? On another note, I love, love, love this story and I really really would like to (I NEED TO KNOW) know what happens next :)



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Review #25, by scaddell Chapter 15: Cassandra Gersemi

17th October 2014:
What? Who? How? When? why?

Author's Response: Because?

Don't worry. The next chapter is going up soon, I promise!

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