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Review #1, by LisaK Chapter 18: Mr. (Chuck) Norris Plays Quidditch

22nd December 2017:
Since it's been almost 3 years, I assume this story is discontinued? It's always been one of my all time favorites :(

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Review #2, by alexaemd123 Chapter 18: Mr. (Chuck) Norris Plays Quidditch

8th June 2016:
Well I love your story so much! I haven't been able to stop reading it! I need you to continue soon! Like really soon, because I need to know what happens!!! The plot is just so good and I completely love this!! I'm obviously a fan now! Keep up the incredible story!!

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Review #3, by Crescent Moon  Chapter 18: Mr. (Chuck) Norris Plays Quidditch

6th February 2016:
I'm loving this story so far. I really like how you've made it different to the usual pregnant ScoRose fics and I really can't wait to see where you take it from here.
The whole story's been really funny but this last chapter had me in stitches! So so good! I love Chuck!
I love it, can't wait to read more.

Author's Response: Ah! Thank you! It's been a long time since anyone has read and reviewed this far into this story!! I'm so glad you like it so far! Although this story is going to get a major rewrite this summer, so hopefully you'll still like it then! *crosses fingers*

Chuck is definitely one of my favorite characters to write - and you'll certainly be seeing him again soon!! :D

Thanks for R&R'ing!!

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Review #4, by Chain Of Love Prologue

26th January 2016:
Hi there you, dear author, I’m one of Cupid’s minions (ahem lovely helpers) and he sent me here to spread the love this Valentine’s day by leaving some reviews for deserving authors. All he asks is that in exchange for my hard work, you pay it forward and leave at least one anonymous review of your own on a story that is under appreciated. You can ask them to pay it forward or simply leave a review and move on continuing is entirely up to you.

Now on to your review:

I thought this was a great start to your story. It sets the scene really well. I have to admit I'm not familiar with the show HIMYM but I might have to binge watch the entire series on Netflix now.

I like how this is a next-gen story as there are so many different ways you can write this it makes me interested to see where you take it. And how you tell the story of how Rose got pregnant. I will definetly have to come back and continue reading this in the future.

I've got to leave now as Cupid has struck another HPFF member with an arrow and I must attend to them.

Lots of Love Lizzie, and again great job!

Chain Of Love

Author's Response: Well hello there! This is such a nice surprise! Thank you so much for stopping by!

I'm so glad that you liked the start of this! This story is going to get some pretty massive rewrites in the future - hopefully before 2016 is up - but the core of the story will essentially stay the same!

(And you should *totally* watch HIMYM... it's hilarious and pretty freaking amazing)

I hope you come back soon, and thank you so much for reading and reviewing!!

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Review #5, by krazyboutharryginny Chapter 8: The Ultrasound

17th December 2015:
Hi Lizzie! It's me again! I'm here for the Red vs Gold review battle in the CR, and I'm joining you on Team GOLD!

I said this in my last review, but I totally love the relationship between Scorpius and Rose. It's so lovely and supportive. He's already such a huge help to her with this pregnancy and I imagine having him onboard will continue to make things easier as the story progresses :D (although... I could be wrong... /worries).

Awww, poor Roxy with her crush on Xander. I wonder what will happen there?! Cause it seems like he really likes Dom :(

Rose's scars got to me on a personal level unfortunately. I suppose we'll be learning more about that later in the story. I'm glad that Scorpius and Madame Bones left it alone when she asked them to, though.

I loved that Madame Bones was actually using a machine to perform the ultrasound. I like to think that the Wizarding World would pick up and adapt some Muggle technology after the second war, and I love when I see stuff like that in stories :D

I'll review the next chapter soon! Great work, Lizzie!


Author's Response: Kayla!

Yay! You're back!

Mwahahahaha. Yes, Rose and Scorpius do have a wonderful relationship... but I won't lie, there are some troubles ahead. :)

Ah, Xander... Unfortunately in the rewrites I'm doing for this story, I'm not sure how much of Xander's storyline will actually make it through. :( Don't worry though, he's not going away completely!

Rose's scars are DEFINITELY a sensitive subject, and a pretty big hint that not everything is as it seems in Rose's life. Where they came from and what they mean will come out eventually.

I wasn't actually sure whether or not I should include a machine for the ultrasound, but at the same time I couldn't come up with any spells that made sense for it, so I'm glad that you like that inclusion! I totally agree that the wizarding world would've begun incorporating Muggle technology into their world after the war though... it just seems like something that would come naturally after enough time.

Thanks again for R&R'ing Kayla!! :D

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Review #6, by krazyboutharryginny Chapter 7: Who's the Father?

17th December 2015:
Hi Lizzie! I'm here to leave you a gift review for Gryffindor Gift Tag :)

It's been a REALLY long time since I left a review on this story, so I decided now would be a good time! I love this chapter because it's so centred around the close friendship between Rose and her friends. It's so clear how much they care about each other and I love it so much :')

I also really love how you've given all three of them distinct personalities and they aren't Mary-Sue-ish (for lack of a better phrase). Lots of fics will have one friend who's loud and sassy and sleeps with everything that moves and another friend who's shy and quiet and terrified of boys. It gets kind of tiresome after a while. But you totally didn't do that here, which is awesome!

I also think Scorpius is really sweet, and I'm glad this isn't one of those teen pregnancy fics where the father is some immature, irresponsible bad boy who has to be basically forced into being involved with his child. Instead he really cares about Rose. It's so refreshing!

Also... I may have already said this, but I love mac and cheese with ketchup :'( I won't eat it without ketchup, in fact. I didn't realize that was a weird thing!

Anyways, great chapter! I'll read the next one soon!

Happy Holidays!

Author's Response: Kayla!

Ah, thanks for stopping by! It's definitely an excellent Christmas gift!

The dynamic Rose and her friends is actually one of the most enjoyable things to write about this story. They're all so different yet they get along really well - it's something that I've definitely experienced with my friends and I really wanted to show that. I'm glad you liked it!

Oh Scorpius. He's so idyllic at the beginning of this story. I really didn't want him to be portrayed the way that a lot of other Scorpius' are, so he's almost too good to be true.

But later on (in the chapters I haven't posted yet) there will be some pretty difficult stuff that will come along regarding Scorpius. He may or may not have some skeletons in his closet. *Cackles evilly*

MAC AND CHEESE WITH KETCHUP IS THE GREATEST THING EVER! It's really not that weird, in my opinion, but I've gotten a lot of comments on it before, which is why I decided to make it a thing with Rose. It's definitely a combo I haven't seen anywhere else.

So don't worry, you're not alone in loving mac & cheese with ketchup.

Anyway, thanks for R&R'ing Kayla! I really appreciate it!!

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Review #7, by Alice Chapter 18: Mr. (Chuck) Norris Plays Quidditch

9th September 2015:
I think i'm going to stop checking...

Author's Response: Alice!

I'm so sorry that I haven't updated this in such a long time! As it says in the description, this story is under renovation, so I'm working on some major edits on the plot and fixing up the chapters that are already up.

Hopefully I'll have them finished up soon so that I can keep moving forward with this story!

I hope that you'll come back and check this out once I've made some updates!!


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Review #8, by cocopops Chapter 18: Mr. (Chuck) Norris Plays Quidditch

17th August 2015:
Please update ASAP! :)

Author's Response: Hi cocopops!

I will definitely try to update this soon, but as it says in the description, this story is under renovation, so it may be a while before a new chapter is up as I'm making some pretty major edits on the current chapters and changing up the plot a bit.

I do hope you keep reading once it gets updated!

Thanks for reviewing!

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Review #9, by TreacleTart Chapter 12: Twins, Tales, and Twiggy the House Elf

10th August 2015:
Hello Lizzie!

I'm here for the Gryffindor Red vs. Gold Review Battle! Go Team Red!

It's been far too long since I've read any of this lovely story, so I'm quite excited to be here.

Oh dear! Trouble certainly is brewing. Alice and Ava are up to no good and I think a lot of people are going to be hurt because of it. If Alice likes Fred and Fred likes Alice, that's going to put a large amount of strain on Fred's relationship with Albus...or at least that would seem like the logical conclusion.

And then poor Mark..getting dumped by his girlfriend's sister. I think that's pretty sad and I'm honestly disgusted with both Ava and Alice for participating in it. Regardless of why you fall out of love with someone, you should always have the decency to give them an honest break up. I really, really don't like either of them after this.

I noticed in your author's note that you weren't sure about Twiggy. Well, let me reassure you then. I think he's adorable. A little strange? Yes, but aren't all house elves just a tad bit strange if we're keeping it 100. I like him and how he fits in the story and I think it's really cute that he's so attached to Scorpius and Rose.

As usual, this was another good chapter! I'll be back to read more as soon as time permits!


Author's Response: Kaitlin!
Hehe, don't worry, this story is going to get some serious overhauls as soon as I can spare the time, so things might be different when you get to the next chapter. :)

Oh, the twins. They certainly are a bit of trouble, aren't they? They come off as so sweet and innocent, but they make a whole mess of things before too long.

Twiggy has definitely grown on me since I first wrote this, so I'm certain she'll be making more appearances than she already has!

Thanks so much for R&R'ing!

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Review #10, by Hillary Chapter 18: Mr. (Chuck) Norris Plays Quidditch

14th June 2015:
Did you give up on this story?? You really should continue it

Author's Response: Hillary,

Nope! I haven't given up on this story! But it will be going through some serious editing this summer before I continue with it, so there may be a few changes here and there!

I'm hoping to have all the editing done by the time September rolls around, and then I want to finish the entire story by the end of the year! So look out for updates! Things should start moving along soon!

Thanks for reading though!!

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Review #11, by Dr. John Hamish Watson Chapter 14: The Halloween Party

31st May 2015:
Hello again most beautiful, talented assembler of words! - and welcome to the last of my Spring Secret Santa reviews
I'm saving the last few chapters to review them using my actual user name.
Thank you for letting Hugo be part of this. I often miss him in stories about Rose and Scorpius and I very much appreciate his presence, and the way you write him to be just like his father in many ways, and then so very different in others. He actually has the courage to ask Laura to dance.
James loves Lia. I always knew that, it was clear from the moment you introduced the characters.
Rose realizes the potential problem here, but it seems to be too late. The only hope now is that Lia enjoys being with James and doesn't end things. That would safe him a lot of heartbreak and - let's face it - we all don't want any Potter male to be heartbroken anymore.
I absolutely love how you have Rose realize James' feelings. There is something about your description that makes this moment really special, almost like I can hear him laugh and feel the same worry Rose feels. The parallels to Harry and Ginny only made this scene more powerful.
Scorpius is always there when Rose needs him - almost instinctively. I love that about him. Wow, I'm impressed that he can tell Ava and Alice apart when their close friends (and boyfriends) seem to have trouble with that. He really pays attention to detail.
So much drama in this chapter again. I don't even know what to say.
So Mark punched Fred, but he actually was with Alice, not Ava. Jellybean really has cravings at the most inconvenient moments. Lia deals with them all just fine, she is one scary woman.
Al (finally) breaks up with Alice, who really deserves it. Poor Fred doesn't know what hit him (well, except for Mark's fist) [sorry, that was a terrible pun].
Rose is right, the girls should have dealt with everything in a more responsible, grown up way.
Yours truly
John H. Watson

Author's Response: Dr. Waston!! *sobs* I hate to see you go!!!

Your reviews make me smile like crazy! I dunno if I can handle not seeing any more!!
[Although I definitely wouldn't mind you making an appearance, Anja!]

Sadly, Hugo's appearance is kind of sporadic until the end. Then he sweeps in on his sickeningly happy magic carpet and help Rose like some sort of brotherly Prince Charming. (Wow. Where did that even come from?? I dunno where I come up with some of this stuff... sorry!)

James and Lia, sitting in a tree...K-I-S-S - oh wait. PLOT TWIST.

Yeah, I'm not going to tell you anything else about those two.

I've always loved the idea that James, who may seem so different from Harry in so many ways, he even LOOKS different than Albus and Harry, but there's a part of James' personality that Al will never quite have. I think emotionally, he's very much like Harry. He falls in love once, and never fall out.

James just acts on those feelings very differently than Harry does.

I could gush about Scorpius for DAYS on end. But I'll leave it at, yeah, he's absolutely perfect. I want one. ;)

*starts humming a show tune* Don't you love the DRAMA?!?!?!

Drama, especially bad drama, is so true to teenagers. And since I'm no good at ACTUAL drama, I figured I'd write a story about Teenage drama. Much easier. ;)

Don't apologize for the pun. I love a good pun! And that was a good pun!!

Thanks again for all of your reviews Dr. Watson!! You definitely went above and beyond with this challenge and I feel kinda bad, cause I reaped all the benefits! I mean, 15 REVIEWS??? That's amazing and I'm SO GRATEFUL for every single one of them!!

You are absolutely amazing, and I hope you'll come back (talking to you Anja) and keep reading!! :D


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Review #12, by Dr. John Hamish Watson Chapter 13: The Hogsmeade Date

31st May 2015:
Hello Lizzie
I can really understand Rose's reasoning here, I've never even thought about how the post-war kids would be raised that way, but it does make sense.
I like that Valania gets the OK to go crazy at school.
Rose really has a neat way of waking the other girls up. I hope they don't find out it was her. She'd be in serious danger then.
Ohhh, they did figure it out. Well, now Fred knows about the date - and I cleverly devise (from all the caps lock) that he isn't too thrilled about it.
Dom is so cute sometimes. She seems infatuated with Xander.
I'm glad Albus and Scorpius have discovered some common ground and actually found something to talk about.
I love the code name. I think Jellybean is a really sweet name to call your baby before it is born.
Scorpius set up the greatest date ever here. [ how are the chances of him taking me out on one?]
Please don't change the chapter endings. I love all the fluff! You're right they really are so adorable.
Yours truly,
John H. Watson.

Author's Response: I got the idea of having all the post-war kids having that element of being raised and encouraged to enjoy being young because it's really true to real life! When there are wars that are so big that huge amounts of the population go and fight, or are majorly affected by it, those affects get passed onto their children as well. After WWI the roaring 20's were some of the wildest times in history - how could that not be an after-affect of the war?

The same goes for just about every major war that's happened in the last century.

Yeah, it seems a bit odd, but how else is she going to learn the consequences of her actions? Rose and Scorpius aren't going to wish away all her wrongdoings in order to protect her. They'll make her face it head on, just like they had to. Especially while she's in school, because it's safer to make mistakes there than it is in the real world.

Rose does have a pretty strong Weasley steak to her. She likes a good prank every once and a while.

Albus + Scorpius. BFF's in the making. 'nuff said.

Ah, the fluff. I think my inner cheese factory has merged with my inner cotton candy factory. It's the only logical explanation.

Thanks for R&R'ing!! I really love all of your reviews!!

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Review #13, by Dr. John Hamish Watson Chapter 12: Twins, Tales, and Twiggy the House Elf

31st May 2015:
Wow, Rose is really being sneaky here. You know what they say about eavesdropping? You might end up hearing something you don't want to know.
Alice's plan won't work. Now I can guess who the punches are going to be aimed at, and I already know who's going to break up. I'm prepared for the famous Hogwarts Halloween party.
Wait, what? Ava really does like Albus? I didn't see that coming. I guessed some other things, but that just seemed so out of the blue before. I like that you took me by surprise here.
Alice should definitely think about what she's suggesting. She's going to hurt Albus, her sister, and Fred (who I'm guessing is the guy she wants to go with). If Albus knows Ava agreed to this, he won't want to go out with her. What about Mark, though?
Oh, Ava wants Alice to break up with him for her? That's really not nice. It might just be the worst idea yet. I love all the teen drama here, and I have to say it's great that Rose and Scorpius are still doing ok. Nothing seems to have gone badly for them yet.
I like that they can really talk to each other easily. Rose trusts him, and that makes them strong for when times get difficult.
Like telling the parents, for example - when is that going to happen?
The happiness of the little elf made me smile - a LOT!
This is such a perfect scene, how do you come up with that?
It's good of James to heed Rose's advice and apologize to Lia, but he's probably gone a little over the top again. He really needs to cool it.
Your questions about Twiggy: I love him. Odd is always good. Rose might need to call him for helo in the future. I really wouldn't mind reading about him some more. He is such an authentic character.
Yours truly,
John H. Watson

Author's Response: Oh Rose. She just takes this information and does nothing with it though... it's kinda sad actually... I shake my finger at her in anger sometimes.

OF COURSE their plan won't work! It's like the dumbest plan ever, right??

But writing the party was absolutely hilarious. Or I'm just really sadistic. Either one.

Poor Mark. He really gets the short end of the stick here. If I didn't -spoilers!- then I might feel bad about what happens to him.

Twiggy is one of my favorite characters. She'll pop up ever once an a while. (Sorta like Linus in the last season of HIMYM - 'Thank you Linus' - is a line that Lily repeats a ton in the first part of the season. It's hilarious.)

I'm glad you liked Twiggy! Don't worry, she's definitely going to make a reappearance!! And she'll play an important role during one of the saddest moments... :(

Thanks for R&R'ing!

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Review #14, by Dr. John Hamish Watson Chapter 11: A Plan of Catastrophic Proportions

31st May 2015:
Things between Fred and Lia are more easily fixed than I thought they would be, but I'm afraid the others won't be dealt with that fast.
Rose's idea is much better than Lia's. Well, no it actually isn't because she's also messing with other people's feelings here, but if my guess is correct, she believes that Lia and James actually like each other and that she can get them together that way. Operation X could end up either hurting James badly or making both Lia and James very happy.
Hugo's dance lesson is so sweet. For Hugo, Laura seems to be exactly what Hermione was to Ron.
Oh, Rose is the devil incarnate here, playing James like that. HOW can he fall for it?
There's actually lots of valid advice in what she tells him, and I'm sure Lia actually does like him, so maybe James will listen for once and actually be a gentleman.
So Rose really didn't know James likes Lia? I bet Scorpius did, he's much more observant. It's a little unfortunate that she didn't know, but things can still turn out ok.
Yours truly,
John H. Watson

Author's Response: Fred and Lia are one of those platonic relationships that don't change. Like, ever. I hate it when relationships like those get over complicated with feelings *shudders* and stuff. I think it's perfectly reasonable for a guy and girl to be friends like that, AND survive something like this without too much changing. I've seen it before, but I've never seen it written that way.

Operation X is stupid. (I mean that in the sense that they're stupid for even considering it, not that I'm stupid for writing it. I'm a genius, OBVIOUSLY. -- just kidding)

Yeah, just know that Lia and James have a very tumultuous relationship.

Hugo and Laura are DEFINITELY like his parents. (You'll get to see more of him in the next novel I'm writing - The Family Business. - It's a fun one.)

Rose realizes her mistake pretty quickly, but she's not the kind of person who'll interfere. She'll give advice, but she's a pretty hands off person when it comes to dealing with other people's problems. Unless she's asked, of course.

You'll see what I mean VERY soon.

:D Thanks for R&R'ing!!

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Review #15, by Dr. John Hamish Watson Chapter 10: The Wrath of Lia

31st May 2015:
Chocolate really is a great substance to use for bribary, although Sherlock prefers a good Scotch.
That's a lot of people in on the secret. I'm not sure if it can even still be considered one. At least the pregnancy secret is better kept. I'm still wondering who the father is. I really want it to be Scorpius but there's just something that doesn't feel quite right about it.
Hmm… two break-ups - I bet I know who we're talking about.
Rose might need to eat something else for a change - that reminds me - I still haven't tried Mac and Cheese with Ketchup.
Bless Dom. Men - myself included - always seem to temporarily go deaf when women talk about periods, especially if those woman are related to us.
Potter men seem to generally have a hard time with the ladies while growing up, but they always end up with the perfect woman once they get over themselves, so James probably only has to stop being a prat.
It's a good thing Rose and Dom know Lia so well, she really sounds quite dangerous here - far to intimidating for me.
I love how mature Albus is compared to James. At least he tells James that he's out of line.
Ohhh, that plan Lia has sounds potentially disastrous. Alice won't like it one bit if Fred dates Lia. James will be devastated, Albus will be confused and Lia and Fred both wouldn't be happy. I'm a little scared of Lia right now.
I really don't like her plan. It will backfire badly, I know it.
Oh, Lia, you ruined so much without even realizing. James, Fred, Alice, Albus,… so much collateral damage for a moment of glee.
Yours truly,
John H. Watson

Author's Response: I dunno, I think half a dozen people in on a secret vs. a giant castle of students is still a secret. Plus, Rose knows that none of those girls (plus Scorpius) wouldn't give anything away.

Actually, Lia and Dom are the only real weak links, since they can be bribed. *looks around shiftily*

You're getting warmer...

Hehehehehe. I had a pretty big group of guys that I regularly hung out with in high school, vs just two girls (me and one other), and whenever we wanted to talk in private, we'd just start talking about period cramps. Worked like a charm. EVERY. TIME.
(until one of the guys got over it, but we liked him)

I'll admit, Lia terrifies me sometimes. Well, most of the time. She's got a lot of personality, huh?

Yeah, Lia's not big on consequences. It'll get worse before it gets better.

(sigh, sorry my responses are getting shorter! I don't want to give too much away, and I stayed up far too late last night, so I'm fighting a pretty big migraine as I'm writing this)

Thanks for R&R'ing though! I really do LOVE it!!

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Review #16, by Dr. John Hamish Watson Chapter 9: Quidditch Tryouts

31st May 2015:
Here we go again…
Rose is really freaking out for no reason here. What does she even mean by 'get hurt like last time'? Does that have something to do with her scars?
[I love scars in stories, they are always a good way to introduce background stories]
Scorpius is so sweet and brave. I really like the way you write him. [That speech… Just… AW]
He really sets a good example for his children. It will be interesting to hear what happened to make him almost break Rose's heart. I'm just as curious as Valania is.
Scorpius actually reveals what area his father works in (Surprise, surprise… it has to do with banks). Of course, Sherlock already knows about Draco's job. There's the 'Oh, please' again. (After a lot of mushy relationship stuff… things are still going great, which makes me even more scared of when they are going to go downhill)
All my time with Sherlock and his brother Mycroft has taught me one thing: It's always good to have blackmail material, but having to actually use it should definitely be avoided.
It's good that James opens up the possibility for more reserve players. That way, he diverts the attention from Rose without actually knowing it. I knew Scorpius could do it, it's great that he now has a spot on the team. I hope it won't take up too much of his time.
I love Val!
The dentists again? Really?
Yours truly,
John H. Watson

Author's Response: Hmmm. You're getting warm with the link between that line and the scars. I can't say anything else!

[I know!! I don't even know where it comes from!]

It's getting to the point where I can't even make comments without leaving spoilers!! ARGH!!

You're right on just about everything, especially the need for blackmail. It's how you survive in families.

Dentists are very opinionated about the effects of reviews, what can I say?

Keep reading!!

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Review #17, by Dr. John Hamish Watson Chapter 8: The Ultrasound

31st May 2015:
Once Rose starts having to expand her clothes, other people are bound to notice a difference, too. She's going to have to tell her parents soon.
So there's more teenage girl drama coming up… Apparently Roxy likes Xander, too.
Xander would probably be in danger if either George or Fred found out about Roxy liking him. Weasley men are far too impulsive. They all kind of need to be taught to keep their temperament in check a little.
Scorpius is so sweet again, making a fool of himself to keep Rose's secret safe.
The healer internships really were a good excuse. I'm glad they thought of using it again.
The 'supposed father of the baby'? I might have to ask Sherlock to take a look at this story. Rose is hiding something, isn't she?
Where are the scars from? I really want to know.
I have often heard that in the first ultrasound, the heartbeat is much more fascinating than the picture. I can't speak from experience, of course, as my patients in Afghanistan were never pregnant women.
It is perfectly normal that Rose and Scorpius are immediately captivated by the sound.
Nothing has gone 'downhill' in this chapter, so I'm a little afraid of the following one.
Yours truly,
John H. Watson

Author's Response: *Mumbles to myself* "No spoilers about Rose, don't give any spoilers about Rose. Or Scorpius...No more spoilers!*

Personally, I like some good ol'fashioned teenage drama. It makes me glad I've grown out of it. And makes me feel a little better about my life as it is.

Xander will always be in danger from the Weasley family. (DANGIT Another spoiler!!)

If Sherlock read this story, I'm sure he'd see it from a mile away. Don't show it to him, please!!

That's absolutely true. Most people aren't all that interested in the first picture, but the sound... that's just amazing.

About the going downhill... it's one thing to jump off of a cliff and fall so hard and fast that you know exactly what is happening before you hit rock bottom.

But it's another to slowly climb down that cliff, not realizing how far you've gone until you're at the bottom.

Take what what you will from that. ;)

Thanks for R&R'ing!!

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Review #18, by Dr. John Hamish Watson Chapter 7: Who's the Father?

31st May 2015:
Hello Lizzie!
That is an interesting food craving right there. I have never even thought of Mac and Cheese with ketchup of all things (I might have to try it, just so I know what it tastes like. Have you tried it?)
Dom's dating habits are interesting as well. It's good that she gives Xander a go. This betting thing is really more extensive than I first thought. It's kind of disturbing and it would be really weird for Dom to come back and find out that her two best friends just bet on her.
Dom and Lia are now both thinking that Scorpius is the father. I'm still confused about that. Is he? Well, I'll find out soon.
One should never try a pregnant woman's food. (I know I said I was goning to - we'll see)
So Scorpius IS the father? Or are you messing with me again?
Wow, Scorpius is such a great guy. [It seems that I really can't stick to the character I chose… I just have to say: Is there a mail-order for guys like him? I want one!]
Oh, I knew it wasn't going to stay nice and sweet all the way. Val is right, keep going Rose. I want to know more.
Yours truly
John H. Watson

Author's Response: Dr. Watson!!

I think I've finally got the self control not to reveal anything else in this response. Hopefully. I've been giving out spoilers left and right these days!!

I LOVE Mac & Cheese with Ketchup. It's one of my favorite things to eat when I'm feeling wacky. It's sweet, and cheesy and tangy all at the same time. The important thing to do is to make sure you don't over do it on the ketchup, and MIX WELL. It's sort of like having tabasco sauce on one noodle but nothing else. Just. No.

FYI, I've never been pregnant, so I think I can safely say that M&C with Ketchup isn't a pregnant woman's food.

Dom and Xander... hmmm... yeah, that's an interesting relationship. You'll see what's happening pretty quickly. Next chapter I think.

Hehehehehe. Keep questioning. See if you can figure it out. ;)

[I would like one of him as well. There should definitely be a mail-order version of him.]

Keep reading! And keep reviewing!!

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Review #19, by Dr. John Hamish Watson Chapter 6: Betting and Quidditch

31st May 2015:
Finally Valania again. I missed her. I was wondering when she'd interrupt her mother.
They are quite soppy, aren't they?
This is interesting, so Lily ends up with Mark, we already established that Alice will end up with Fred, which leaves Albus and Ava? Can't really see that happen. Oh, and James and Lia? They would be so great together.
I like the betting system they have going on.
I should try that with Sherlock - In fact, I shouldn't. He would win all the time. Maybe Mrs. Hudson would be up for it?
There is nothing like a good tickle-fight sometimes 
Good thinking of Rose to check about Quidditch with Madame Bones. I'm sorry to hear that she won't be able to continue playing, but I have to agree. Quidditch sounds like a really rough sport from what I've heard and the main priority should definitely be keeping the baby safe.
Dom is a little overbearing again, but Lia may be picking up more than Rose wants her to.
I love that Rose and Scorpius can communicate so well! I'm really not a friend of misunderstandings, so it's really good to see them talk things out.
James reacts pretty angry at Rose's request, even though it would actually be good to pick a whole reserve team in case someone got injured. Since none of them is Harry Potter, chances are they can go through a whole school year without needing to see Madame Bones.
I like Lia a lot! She really does pay attention to her friends, it's impressive how much she notices. She's tough, too, so tough that she can actually scare James into doing something he doesn't want to do. I wonder if there's more behind that?
It's just like Rose to still be cheeky in a moment like that. Her comment about how she got pregnant really suits her character very well.
I don't really know what to say to that ending. Isn't Scorpius the father? I thought he was. I'm confused now. It might be embarrassing for Rose, but it might also be good for her to talk about what happened.
Lia and Dom really are great friends. Every girl needs someone like them in her life.
Also, I know this Chapter was posted a while back, but since you mentioned it in your AN: Happy Birthday.
Yours truly,
John H. Watson

Author's Response: Dr. Watson!!

Sorry about the sappiness. That's all from my inner cheese factory. Every once and a while I lose control and it takes over and writes all sorts of cheesy scenes between adorable couples. It's a real struggle.

Ah, the couples. Those will end up changing just a tad. Sorry, can't spoil it for you! But know that of the three (we're not counting James and Lia, they're a whole other bag of cats), ONE will survive.

'Cause I'm not dramatic or anything.

I could totally see you and Mrs. Hudson betting on different things Sherlock would do. It'd be hilarious.

Yeah, having her play Quidditch while pregnant just wasn't going to happen. I didn't even want to put it out there.

Dom is always overbearing. ;D
And Lia is smarter than most people give her credit for! It's why she gets along so well with Fred!

"Since none of them are Harry Potter, chances are they can go through a whole school year without needing to see Madame Bones." -- I just about died. That's hilarious. I'd never thought about it that way!

Lia DOES have blackmail material on James, and she DOES use it to get what she wants. And yes, it will be revealed. At some point.

Hehehehe, her comment is actually something that I kinda came up with so that it fell along the lines of "Just trying to ease the tension." - 'cause I'm not very good at high tension scenes.

Nope. Nope. I can't talk. No more spoilers. *Zips up lips*

*Unzips a little bit to be heard* THANK YOU! My birthday is coming up pretty soon actually, so I'll take it as an early present. ;)

Thanks for R&R'ing Dr. Watson!! I love reading your reviews!!

*Zips up lips again*

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Review #20, by Dr. John Hamish Watson Chapter 5: Gossip

31st May 2015:
Hi Lizzie,
So the food cravings start. It will become more easily noticeable from here.
James should really think before speaking, especially to Lia. Good work from Lily, calling him out on acting like an idiot.
So Lia is jealous? (I love this guessing game) I knew she and James could be a good fit.
I'm glad Rose makes Lia and Fred work out their differences. Fred has a hard enough time as it is, watching Albus and Alice together.
Oh, Dom, you've got it all wrong. Fred should be with Alice, and Lia with James. I have no idea where that leaves Albus, though.
Ava has got it right! Wow, she's in a hurry. I bet she's gone to find Alice. Maybe Alice really does like Fred too and only started to go out with Albus to force Fred to do something. In that case, I feel sorry for Albus.
Oh the drama of being a fourteen year old girl… fortunately I have never experienced that [or have I?] but I have had the pleasure of knowing a few lovely women at that time in their lives. It's not a pretty phase - Lily just proved that.
[Right, leaving Doctor Watson again. AW! Scorpius just asked Rose out!! Rose should definitely go with the YES-screaming part of herself!
YAY! She does! She said yes!! *happy dancing*
right…. *clears throat* back into character again]
Scorpius is being pretty mean teasing Rose like that. He must have really frightened her. One does not joke about such things.
The ending of the chapter is adorable - wait that's so not what John Watson would say! (sorry)
Yours truly,
John H. Watson

Author's Response: Dr. Watson! [and occasionally, Anja!]

You know, it's funny how all the signs for something could be right in front of you, and EVERYONE is missing them. *Shrugs* What can I say? It'll take a while.

James will NEVER EVER think before speaking, if I have anything to say about it (which I don't. He's a very stubborn guy).

Sorry! No more spoilers from me!! *Zips lips shut* ! *Unzips lips* Okay, I just have to say that you're guesses are definitely in the HOT category! *Rezips lips.*

*Unzips lips again* Ugh. That's not working for me! I'll have to try something else.

Yes, Lily is in an absolutely atrocious age, and it'll only get worse.

[I know!! Aren't they absolutely ADORABLE???]

Nah, I think Scorpius' joke was perfectly hilarious. He's a funny guy sometimes.

Thanks again for R&R'ing!!

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Review #21, by Dr. John Hamish Watson Chapter 4: A Close Call and a...Kiss?

31st May 2015:
^Hello again.
It's so good that Rose and Scorpius talk more. That way she has someone who knows about everything she's going through.
I'm not surprised that none of Rose's friends noticed anything yet. As Scorpius said, they aren't looking for it.
I laughed so much at Scorpius' reaction to what his father does. "Oh, please," is such a great reply. I seem to recognize it from somewhere ;) .
He is also quite good at distracting Rose by changing the subject.
Potions would be an interesting class for someone who is extra sensitive to smells.
It's a good decision to tell Ron and Hermione (and Draco and Astoria (?)) by the tenth week. I hope they don't reconsider.
It was quick thinking on Scorpius' part when James came to the Hospital Wing. A healer internship would be a plausible reason for them to be there, and could also be used as an excuse for further appointments.
James' excuse for being there isn't as thought-out as Scorpius' and Rose knows it. The real reason for James' presence in the Hospital Wing really shouldn't be funny, but it is very amusing.
Scorpius is doing the right thing again. I'm still convinced that he is in love with Rose, but she seems to be oblivious.
[Ok, I really can't stay in character right now. John Watson would never say what I have to say here, so excuse me while I become myself for a second.
AW! They are SO ADORABLE together! Scorpius is CLEARLY in love with Rose! I knew it!!!
I have an idea what his "Number One" could be. I'm guessing it's pretty much exactly what happened next!
Anyway, becoming John Watson once more…]

I really should stop taking notes while reading the chapters. It makes my reviews very long. (sorry)
Yours truly,
John H. Watson

Author's Response: Dr. Watson,

I absolutely adore the fact that you're a HIMYM fan. Whether or not you'll ever find out what Scorpius' job is yet to be decided. But it's fun teasing you all in the meantime!

OH! That reminds me, I totally need to add a scene with her in Potions class somewhere... *think think think...*

Don't worry, the parents find out, ahead of schedule actually. It's an interesting scene.

I find James to be absolutely hysterical. He's such an all around idiot.

[ANJA I'M SO GLAD YOU BROKE CHARACTER TO SQE OVER THESE TWO ADORABLE PEOPLE!! Yeah, Scorpius is pretty predictable though. But his "Number One" doesn't happen that night. SORRY!]

Don't even worry about the length!! I LOVE long reviews! I means that when I write an even longer answer back, it isn't over the top! :D

Thanks for R&R'ing!

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Review #22, by Dr. John Hamish Watson Chapter 3: Fred's Got a Secret

31st May 2015:
Hello Lizzie!
John Watson here, again.
James and Mary? That's a relationship that doesn't sound very harmonic. I wonder if he wouldn't be better off with Lia?
There are so many relationships here, I hope Rose and Fred don't feel too left out. Ava and Mark, and Albus and Alice seem to be good together.
HOW did Fred Weasley become a Prefect? George must have been so disappointed.
On second thought (after reading on a little), maybe he IS George's son after all - fiercely loyal, protective and always up for a prank. Percy must be right. Fred could only have become a Prefect as a payback for what George put the teachers through in his time.
I feel really sorry for Fred now. Pining after someone secretly for so long must be very hard for him. Albus should probably have noticed what Fred felt for Alice before asking her out, but Fred should definitely have been a little braver and asked her out first, then he wouldn't have to suffer now. He kind of brought this upon himself.
Theoretically, Rose is right. Fred should just get over Alice. However, I speak from personal experience when I say that this is just not possible.
HOW can Fred get away with so much in class?
A talk between Rose and Scorpius could be interesting. Maybe he'll tell her how much he loves her.
Yours truly,
John H. Watson

Author's Response: Dr. Watson!!

Good to see you back!

Ah! James and Lia. You're heading down the right track with that one! They're relationship will be pretty prominent in this story, as their relationship is pretty heavily affected by Rose's pregnancy.

I don't think Rose feels left out. She's got Scorpius. Whether she admits it or not at this point.

Poor Fred indeed. Of course, he's quite unlucky in love. Things end quite badly there...

Hehehehe, Fred as a Prefect. I think I did that JUST because I thought it was funny. That, and I didn't like Albus as a prefect. It bugged me.

Fred's a secret genius. That's how he gets away with everything. Like, Hermione-level genius, but with a Fred & George-level pranking personality. It's quite a lethal mix.

Thanks for R&R'ing again Dr. Watson (Anja!) I love all of your reviews and am SO glad you took the time to stop by and review so many chapters!!

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Review #23, by Dr. John Hamish Watson Chapter 2: The Hospital Wing

31st May 2015:
Good day, Lizzie!
John Watson here, coming to tell you how great your writing is once again.
I'm sorry i left you waiting for so long! There was an emergency I really had to attend to.
Madame Bones reacts just the way I would want her to. Rose needs kindness and support, not being yelled at or punished (I guess Ron will take care of that anyway).
And Scorpius - Of course he does the right thing and tells Rose he'll be there for her. I wouldn't have expected anything else.
As a doctor, I know that crying and sleeping can sometimes be the best way to handle emotional distress. Madame Bones is handling this so well, making sure Rose receives the time she needs.
Rose is doing really well, too. Of course the pregnancy comes as a shock to her, but she's dealing with it. She's already decided to keep the baby, which is great.
Wow, Dominique can be a little overbearing, but her friends seem to be used to it.
The cracker Rose ate is a legitimate excuse for now, but the morning sickness won't just stop so Rose might have to come up with something else if she doesn't want to tell her friends immediately.
I'm glad that Scorpius knows about the pregnancy right from the start, because it would be very difficult for Rose to tell him if she found out on her own.
I'm guessing even if it was only a one-time thing for Rose, there's more to this for Scorpius. He doesn't strike me as the kind of guy who would hook up with someone at a party.
Professor McGonagall handles the news well, too. I wonder how many pregnant girls she has encountered at Hogwarts during her time there.
I hope Rose doesn't take too much time to tell everyone about the pregnancy. The reactions to news such as this always seem to get worse the longer the secret is kept.
Yours truly,
John H. Watson

Author's Response: Dr. Watson!! (Although I guess the secret is out now... Anja!)

Your reviews are all so sweet!! I love your reactions to everything! It makes me feel all warm and fuzzy!!

Mmm, I dunno how much yelling or punishing will happen to Rose. At least, not yet. The same applies to when she tells people. Sorry, but it'll be a while. She doesn't let it spill for quite a while.

I think I've painted Scorpius as an almost too-perfect guy, but as of right now, he'll stay that way for quite a while. In all honesty, he really IS the perfect guy. I think I just got tired of reading teen pregnancy stories where the guy is either a jerk and it takes forever to convince him to be there, or they're absent, or just don't care.

So I wrote Scorpius as the guy who knew from the start and won't go anywhere. :D

Thanks for R&R'ing Dr. Watson! I must be off to answer more reviews! (most of which are YOURS btw. THANK YOU!!)

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Review #24, by nott theodore Chapter 1: The Weasley Clan

24th May 2015:
Hi again, Lizzie - here for another Red vs. Gold Review Battle review!

Ah, I was all ready for the story to properly begin this chapter, but this just left me with more clues and hints about what happened and there isn't much which is clearer, so I'm definitely going to have to read on at some point to find out. It's almost like you're teasing us with this chapter, letting us know that there's so much more to find out and vaguely hinting at it, but at the same time not really giving away too much. It's clever writing, but also kind of frustrating for me as a reader :P

My only criticism for this chapter would be that some of the information, particularly with the switch between narratives, gets a little bit confusing, and there's a lot of it to process all at once. I'm sure that it's necessary for a later point in the story, and we need to know about all of these characters, but at the same time I think you could maybe work all these differences and ages etc. into the narrative a bit more smoothly, so it doesn't feel quite so much like you're just giving us a lot of information at the beginning. It wasn't impossible to follow, or anything, and I can understand why you did it - the fact that Rose says all of those people are really important to her story is really sweet - but I think if you were to edit this chapter you could maybe include it a little more gradually and smoothly. That's just a personal preference, though!

I really like the fact that Rose and Scorpius are telling this story together, in a way. I know that's something I mentioned in the last review but I do enjoy knowing that there's a happy ending here, whatever we're going to see them go through - so all the different things that happen to them are clearly going to be worth it, since they're happily married now. It was also really sweet to see the interaction between them; they're clearly still in love, but also a couple who've matured in their relationship and been together for a long time, which fits what we know about them so far.

It's really nice to see Valania getting to interact with her parents as well, here, and seeing the relationship between them. I think you've captured the family dynamics really well here, and that's only going to improve through the story as we see more of them. The split narrative works really well for that.

And so many little hints and details here... I'm so curious about what happens next! I'll definitely be back to try and find out soon!

Sian :)

Author's Response: Sian!! You're back!! YAY!

Oh, Godric, I have SO MANY problems with this chapter. In my defense, I wrote it when I was still a teenager, back when I had NO idea how to write very well. Or knew the power of subtly weaving information in without overwhelming the reader.

So yeah, you're absolutely right about ALL the points you made about the info in this chapter. They will definitely be edited and *hopefully* flow a little bit better when I update this. Which should be sometime next month, actually.

I will admit, Rose and Scorpius' relationship with each other and with Viv (her name is gonna change) is VERY heavily reflected off of my own parents' relationship and my relationship with them. It's one of those things where I'm truly fortunate enough to take the "write what you know" concept very directly in a parent-child relationship.

Sadly, answers to questions don't come very quickly in this story. You get little bits and pieces here and there... but I will warn you, it's gonna take a LONG time for Rose and Scorpius to get their happy ending.

Thanks so much for R&R'ing!! I hope you stop by again soon!!

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Review #25, by nott theodore Prologue

24th May 2015:
Hi Lizzie! I've been meaning to come and read this story for a while - the title intrigued me even before you became more active on the forums and I realised it was you that had written it - and so I'm here for the Red vs. Gold Review Battle!

This was only short, but it was definitely an interesting introduction to the story. I like the concept that it's inspired by - I love the TV show - and so I was intrigued to see how you're going to use that and adapt it for a fanfiction story about Rose and Scorpius. I'm glad that you're not just copying the storyline from the TV series and you've obviously come up with your own; it's been a while since I read any stories about Rose and Scorpius, so I'm interested to see how you do this!

I think it fits really well that Rose was kind of hesitant about telling her daughter the story of how she and Scorpius got together at first; it would explain why the story hasn't been told before now, or at least for details of it to have trickled through in conversation, and for Valania to have some sort of idea about how her parents got together. It also fits because we get the idea that there was something forbidden about this romance, which works with the Weasley/Malfoy pairing, as we know their families didn't get along (at least at the start) and the idea that Valania wasn't exactly planned.

One detail that I liked was the way that Scorpius was there to tell the story with Rose, and that they were telling it together - it makes it different straight away from the story that's told in the TV show (I'm still refusing to watch the finale because it got leaked to the UK before I actually got chance to watch it, and I'm angry at the thought of it). It's going to be interesting to see the two different perspectives on their romance, and especially the way that the two of them tell the story differently and yet together.

I'm really intrigued about how they got together, too. I think there's a lot of potential here right now; Rose and Scorpius are quite a common pairing, and I've read quite a few pregnancy stories featuring them, and I'm interested to see where you take this and how you make this different from some of the clichés that are around.

Sian :)

Author's Response: SIAN!!!

You have no idea how excited I am that you R&R'd this!! I really admire your writing, so it's kinda like having a celebrity critique your work. PURE AWESOME.

You're a HIMYM fan too!! YAY! I love it when fans of the show read this story, because, as you mentioned, the plot really doesn't have much relation to the show itself, but it's jam packed with quite a few inside jokes here and there. ;)

When it came to writing this story, while the initial idea came from the TV show, the only thing I really wanted to take from it was the idea that a parent was sitting down to tell their child a story. The real thing, bad and good, laying all the cards on the table for their child, which can be a terrifying thing to do!

Well, that and the fact that the title kinda has to do with one of the plot twists.

Until the season finale (UGH. Hated it. I just ignore the last bit of it and enjoy the rest. The moment Barney and Robin said "divorce" I was done), the fact that the mother was never present and joining in and adding her two cents here and there always bugged me. Whenever I hear the story of how couples get together, half the fun is watching them bicker over the details. Which get more ridiculous as time goes by.

And since I didn't plan on killing off Scorpius, he just had to be included.

I'm so glad you liked the start of this!! Here's to hoping I managed to avoid all those cliches!

Thanks for stopping by and reviewing, Sian! I really appreciate it, and I hope you'll keep reading!!

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