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Review #1, by Kelly All Seems Normal . . .

28th October 2013:
Cool! I really like the idea, but perhaps you would consider developing remus' character past his current gooey affections? Additionally, I am honestly hoping that you choose to continue this fic... Goodbye James, Hello Derek is my favorite Lily/James fic! Im sure that this could take its place. I especially like the angle that you are writing from; Lily's perspective is great!

Author's Response: I'm glad you seem to like it. Sadly, I've seemed to have lost my spark for writing it. I have Chapter 2 already 3/4 written, but I don't know if/when I'll finish it. But on a side note, I do have a humorous Marauder story planned for when I have more spare time. Thank you for sharing your thoughts about this story!

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Review #2, by ginnys twin All Seems Normal . . .

11th May 2013:
Bess as the seeker, I like it. Even though Cho was a seeker, no one seems to right girls as seekers in fanfiction. I also like the idea of Remus having a girlfriend.

The one thing that doesn't seem believable to me is that Katherine would have followed Remus in their first year, I would change it to second or third. Also, I was wondering how the girls would know about their animagus forms when James and Lily aren't together yet. I realize they could also know about the animagus forms because of Kat and Remus, but I would suggest going a bit more in depth about that.

Overall, I like the originality and can't wait for the next chapter. I am now going to check out that story about Derek Gardens.


Author's Response: Really? No one else puts girls as Seekers? But it makes sense to me, because girls are usually lighter and slimmer than boys. Bess is either my second or third female Seeker in fan fiction. Oh well. On another note, this is my first story where I start out with Remus already having a steady girlfriend. I'm really happy for my favorite character!

Sadly, there is a whole lot of back story that I just couldn't manage to squeeze into this first chapter. I did the best I could though. But I can see your point about Katherine discovering Remus's secret. I promise, I'll go more into details about the Marauders' secrets in upcoming chapters, when the main plot of the story really comes to light. This chapter's role is to establish all the characters before the problem becomes obvious.

I'm glad to hear you like this story. Chapters two and three are already planned out, so I'm hoping the wait for an update won't be too long. Thank you so much for being this story's first reviewer!

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