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Review #1, by Shinicha Eight

31st August 2014:
Hi :) I just finished reading the prequel to this - and really loved it, just like starving artists it had great characters - but i'm a bit worried to start loving this one in case it might never be finished. so i just wanted to ask you whether you're still on it..? :) thanks~ :)

Author's Response: Hello!! Ooh, I'm sorry it's taken me so long to respond to this - I've got no excuse, I;'ve just neglected my reviews for so long! I don't want to officially call this abandoned, because I still have notes and there's a chance I'll complete it someday, but I'm very busy since starting my third year of art college and I wouldn't say hopes are high of me finishing it! But thank you for asking, and I'm glad you enjoyed the prequel! :) ♥

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Review #2, by patronus_charm Eight

10th August 2013:
I adored this chapter and it was definitely worth the wait! ♥

I really adore your Lucy! She's so perfectly normal and relatable that I can't help think I would be doing what she does. For some strange reason I find it cute she's a gardener, I'm not sure why but I'll roll with it.

I had a feeling that Scorpios staying over would end badly and I couldn't help but feel a little glad that it did. I mean, it wouldn't be them if it went well, as I can still clearly remember their first kiss!

Yay more Flora scenes and we got to find out what was really going on with Albus! I'm already irrationally disliking Graham. The names just a bit grey to me so I can imagine he will be too. And thats totally not a biased thought! :P

Dun dun dun, what's happened to Scorpius? The settings so bleak and horrible it added even more tension to the scene. Then Draco's reaction was perfect and had me cracking up, in a slightly guilt-inducing way.

Oh well, another great chapter even with the tinges of guilt! ♥

Author's Response: Awh, thank you! :3

Heh, gardener!Lucy is actually transplanted over from another fic of mine called How to Draw Almost Anything. I haven't written it in a while, but the Lucy character in that was a lot of fun to come up with so I kind of...shoved her here too.

Hee, not at all! I think there might be a little more on Flora and her new beau in later chapters - sorry to say it isn't as doomed as you might hope ;)

What happened? In a nutshell...Scorpius /might/ have died again. Or, nearly. Because he's essentially kept alive by magic, he has to have 'doses' of it now and again so it doesn't run out, and, in this chapter, what with missing his hospital appointment, he'd simply run out of life force and had begun to shut down. Lucy got him to St Mungo's in the nick of time~

Thank you so much for reviewing! You're an amazing reviewer, always giving some really insightful feedback as well as being genuinely very nice - I think I saw you up for best reviewer at the Dobbys, actually! I missed voting but I sincerely hope you win :3 ♥ ♥

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Review #3, by AlexFan One

16th July 2013:
I never got to finish Welcome to Blunderland (obviously that's a huge mistake considering some pretty awesome stuff seemed to have happened).

Scorpius sounds so empty, seeing things through his point of view, he seems almost emotionless. Everything he sees and everything he does is made to sound almost boring. He doesn't have any reaction to the things happening to him.

For someone who's writing in firt person present point of view for the first time, you're very good at not switching between past and present. It's very difficult to do and I know lots of people who have trouble with it or slip up (guilty).

I don't think anyone or anything can keep Flora from being happy and cheerful. Even though it sounds like a curse practically deformed her face, she's so cheerful.

Anyway, this was a really interesting first chapter and now inked to go finish reading Welcome to Blunderland so I can be caught up on everything that's happened.

Author's Response: Hi! Thank you for coming to review :3

Ooh, thanks for saying so! I must admit that I really did struggle at first getting my tenses right, so it's a relief to hear that. I'm glad it's worked! And that's a really interesting view of Scorpius' voice - I'm going to try and develop that more throughout the story now you've pointed it out.

Thank you so much for your comments! :) ♥

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Review #4, by intothether Four

14th July 2013:
oh Oh OH.
Give me a moment to fully comprehend what I just read.

Well, that certainly was a plot twist. And also nothing like what I was expecting. It did sound impossiible in the beginning, bringing Scorpius back from the dead. But then I accepted the information given before and went with the flow.

What i don't understand is how Albus found the stone in the first place. Harry could have dropped it anywhere in the forest floor. The probability of Albus finding the right one is that of one in a million.

Also,isn't what Albus is suggesting- Using the Hallows to fight- going against what his father decided all those years ago?

I'm not exactly sure how I feel about this so I'm just going to read on.

Author's Response: Yeah, it is a bit of a plot twist! I only fully worked it out /after/ I'd finished Blunderland, which is a bit lame, and this sequel partly came out of a need to fully explain What Had Happened To Scorpius.

I'll clarify about Albus - he found the stone by simply looking, over and over again, trawling through the forest. I really need to go back and edit Blunderland so Albus' unhinged weirdness becomes a little more prevalent, but, essentially, in the context of this story he became obsessed with the Hallows legend around the end of his fifth year and began to obsessively research it, so possibly asked his Dad a lot of questions about the final battle and read up on eyewitness accounts to try and find the exact location, then just trawled the place in his invisibility cloak looking for it. I reckon that magical objects in the Harry Potter verse might actually be sentient in small ways because they're imbued with magic, so the stone might have resisted dirt/soil and not been buried. I know that's a vague explanation, but it's what I imagined happened for this story!

As for your second point, yes, it is exactly the opposite of what Harry wanted, but Albus isn't necessarily a carbon copy of his father. I think I tried to write him that way in the beginning, but he isn't at all! In my next generation headcanon, the Potter children were all rebels in some form - the pressure put on them as 'Harry Potter's children' would be enormous, and the feeling I got from the epilogue was that James was the prankster but Albus was the 'good' son. So I figure that's an extra level of pressure. Albus, by the time of this story, has become just a little unhinged (I'm going to elaborate on that later in the story) and whilst he has good intentions vis a vis mending society, he's taken all the wrong steps to get himself there. Does that make sense?

Anyway! Despite the plot twist, I hope you can still enjoy this story, and that I can clarify some of this for you in later chapters! Thank you for reviewing ♥

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Review #5, by intothether Three

14th July 2013:
When I read this story, I can picture everything perfectly in my mind. Lucy's jars, Albus's wallet lying turned over, the orange streetlights thowing patterns on the floor, and for some reason, I find it calming.
The story has such a slow pace that for once, I'm actually enjoying how leisurely we're proceeding instead of rushing into the plot immediately. I'm still not sure about what the plot is though. Up till now it's been keeping in the shadows. With the exception of the imminent Scorpius/Lucy pairing that is.
The last few lines are truly beautiful.

Author's Response: Ah, thank you for saying so! I find it quite calming to write; it's a bit of a break from some of the more frenetic things I've been writing lately, so the slower pace suits me.

There's not much of a plot, I'll confess. I think it's more of a character development story, you know, just about Scorpius coming to terms with being dead. But no, I'll confess that there isn't really a plot, although I promise I've got it planned right up to the last chapter!

Thank you so much for reviewing! ♥

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Review #6, by Elphaba and Boyfriends One

5th July 2013:
Hi, Elphaba here with your requested review! :)

First of all, I didn't have any trouble following the story despite not having read the one that precedes it. It seems like an interesting twist on the zombie genre so far. At first I wondered what had happened to Scorpius, because his condition is so strange, but I gradually gathered that he died and was revived by a defibrillator-like spell gone wrong.

I found your description of Scorpius's resuscitation intriguing though (intentionally?) vague. It pulled me into the story immediately, making me want to find out what had happened. I like that his condition unfolds gradually over the course of this chapter, rather than spilling out all at once.

I'm finding your writing style and the first person narration fascinating. I like that Scorpius's voice is bluntly self aware and tinged with a slightly bitter sense of humor. Lines like this made the chapter a pleasure to read: "I am so impossible it's a wonder that I haven't already collapsed into my own event horizon."

I don't know whether his voice was similarly sarcastic before his death, but it seems to fit with having been bullied. I find it refreshing that he was weak and wore glasses, and was apparently not a little copy of Draco.

After Scorpius said, "There is little similarity between the two," I began to wonder what had changed for him, beyond the obvious? How will his "life" develop now?

Flora seems like an interesting character, though I don't know much about her yet, and I hope she that she will develop further in this story. While both of them were likely firmly established in the last story, I hope that they will continue to grow and change in this one.

I'm definitely hooked enough to read another chapter! :)

Author's Response: Hey!

Ooh, that's good to hear! I hoped people who weren't acquainted with the original could still enjoy this, so I'm glad it was easy enough for you to follow - I may reconsider scenes with Flora, though. She was the narrator of the last story, so I haven't done much to explain her character in this one!

I'm glad you like the style! I have written in first person before, but it's been a while since I'd tried present tense and it was a little hard to get used to. It was especially odd trying to squeeze into a very specific voice, so, wheee, I'm glad you like it! He was a little sarcastic and conceited in the last story and, yes, I do love my bespectacled woobie Scorpiuses c:

Ooh, thank you for picking up on that! It's difficult to draw a comparison between the two halves of his life because the last story was written from another character's perspective, but I hope I can pull it off - I will bear that comment in mind when working on later chapters and try to bring it back at the end.

Thank you so much for your comments! ♥

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Review #7, by patronus_charm Seven

5th July 2013:
Yay we get to see Fauna again, I really enjoyed her reappearance even if she had changed. I suppose it is going to happen, though I donít want to leave school now in case my friends turn into corporate minions, or even worse, if I do! That conversation between her and Scorpius was so stilted; it was almost as bad as an Albus/Scorpius conversation. I thought all the zombie/death jokes and puns were really entertaining so I donít know what Fauna was complaining about!

I was naÔve enough to think that all the anti-muggle attacks were going to be over ever since the thing at the Ministry happened, but I was sad to see I was wrong. It made sense the more I thought about it because things like these never seem to die down. I thought the Blood Defence League was a reference to the EDL and Iím glad it was brought up, because it really explores an important issue in both muggle and wizarding worlds.

Woo there was a daisy roots mention! I really liked that, and I could almost feel Scorpiusí silent hope that it hadnít been damaged. Ooh I forgot to mention it earlier but Iíll say it now, but when Fauna was asking about Lucy it did make me crack up because she acted like she almost didnít know her which was odd considering they were in the same dorm so itís making me wonder whether there is something more or not.

And we got to see Albus too which was great. I liked seeing his resentment towards the party line as it was nice to see that he was still a bit of a rebel. Though that may just be me because Iím a sympathiser of anarchy at times like these! Yay for Guardian reading though I donít listen Radio 6 as I prefer things like Spotify though Iím left wing so thatís two out of the three!

Another awesome chapter and I canít wait to read more! ♥


Author's Response: Wheee! Thank you for reminding me to include Fauna, I rather shamefully had forgotten all about her :L I suppose Fauna would have had a lot of exposure to zombie jokes in her final year of school and, well, a joke tends to only be funny the first time...

Baww! I feel like my attempts to drag socio/political issues into fanfiction can be a bit hamfisted, so I'm glad you like the parallels between this story and RL. Our society does kind of pinwheel between 'good' and 'bad' and I don't think the HP verse would be any different. Given that I've mostly grown up in a recession, I can't help setting all my stories in recessions! Interestingly, the resurgence of the zombie genre is meant to be playing on current general fears about the disintegration of society so, welp, I guess this story is more topical than I intended.

Hee! Here I think the case is just that it's been a year or two since the bunch of them left Hogwarts and they've been a little out of touch since - Fauna might suspect the existence of /another/ Lucy in life ;)

Spotify is awesome! I tend to flit between that and radio 6music, I'm one of those sad people who actually pays for spotify (it works out relatively cheap if you've got an NUS card) so the ~good tunes~ are pretty much never off in my flat!

Thank you so much for your reviews! It's so good to hear what you have to say ♥

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Review #8, by patronus_charm Six

26th June 2013:
I actually had half of this review written and I meant to finish later but it seems to have disappeared so if it sounds weird at times itís me calling it back from my memory!

When Scorpius was trying to apologise to Lucy I was just sitting there thinking awkward turtle hoping that would diffuse the tension between them. Gah I felt so bad for him as he was already quite socially awkward before becoming a zombie but since then it seems as if he has it even harder. This explained it all really Ďthe words malfunctioned on my tongueí.

Ok this line made me crack up so much ĎĎI want to be able to touch you,í I say.í I felt so bad for him then and I could close my laptop lid and run away from it all but he had to remain there feeling stupid. The idea of Gardnerís Balm is rather clever and now I can over them in a safe environment.

For some reason the fact that there are thestrals in the wood really made this chapter a whole lot better. Itís just one of those really minor things which I just canít explain but it left me smiling while reading the rest of it.

The amount of tea references in this chapter already made me really happy and then there was this line ĎThe best thing we can do is brew a pot of tea.í I think I died of happiness at that point. Now I want tea but thatís probably not a good idea since its gone midnight. Decisions, decisions.

The way Scorpius got when he thought Flora mentioned Lucy was brilliant. I know this is only a short story but I donít want it to end because I wonít find out what happens to them and whether they end up living the rest of their life together and being a slightly weird couple but never breaking up. Yeah I thought about their possible future a little too much :P

What? I did not see that coming! At first I thought Albus was a bit of an idiot deciding to go into the woods and bring the stone back as itís a lot more trouble than itís worth but if he hadnít there would be no Scorpius for Lucy to live happily ever after with. Gah, Albus saved his life! I never saw that coming at all. I know there must have been some weird magic involved but I didnít expect the stone to play a part.

Another awesome chapter and Iím already looking forward to seeing Fauna ♥


Author's Response: Awh, no worries! Thank you so much for your reviews, I really like hearing from you!

Awkward turtle is very appropriate for that situation :P the poor boy can never catch a break, really. The Gardener's Balm does come back into play later! I came up with the idea when, er, well, I've been salvaging a big cactus back from the dead lately, and I had to take it into the shower to clean all the dust & cobwebs off it...even rubber gloves couldn't stop the spikes from scratching me, so I was wishing for /something/ to protect me from them, haha!

Go ahead and have some tea! It is never not time for tea.

Awh! Hopefully, by the end of this story, I can clarify what sort of future the characters have for you. At the moment, it could go two ways, and I still haven't decided which one to pick. Watch this space...

Yes, that's what happened! It's why Albus was so secretive and moody at the end of Blunderland - he was spending his spare time researching the Peverell quest and searching for the stone in the forest. And once he found the stone (probably around the chapter of Blunderland where Flora found him in an empty classroom) he just kept it safe in his pocket, and, well, lucky he had it when he did.

Thank you so much! ♥

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Review #9, by patronus_charm Five

19th June 2013:
I honestly thought Scorpius was going to bring back his mum with the beginning bit then, and then with him asking Draco whether he wanted to keep it or not. I was getting quite excited because when they used it in the book it was pretty cool, and his mumís death seems to be still effecting them so it would have been interesting to see.

Ah Scorpius and Dracoís relationship is so cute! I think itís due to their limited conversation which makes them cute. Iím not even sure why. It was just the way Scorpius silently observed his dad and saw that he was overworked and he cared for him even though he didnít say it and it filled me with fuzzy feelings.

I didnít think Draco would be able to cast a patronus, Iím not sure why but I think it may be a little bias creeping in due to him being a Death Eater at one point. Iím not really sure what to make about Albus and Floraís patronuses either, but Iíll just choose to ignore the whole predator/prey thing going on.

I liked the throwing the stone away scene, as it was really cute when Draco congratulated Scorpius. Ah I donít think Iíve ever called Draco cute before, what have you done to me? :O I guess itís mainly because in Welcome to Blunderland I didnít get the impression those two had a good relationship but seeing it here shows that they sort of do.

Bahaha! Scorpius went to his dad for help with romance problems? I cracked up far too much at that one. I think it was this line ĎHe shakes his head. ĎUnbelievable.íĎ which is what really made it! I do hope Lucy does forgive him as I never really expected them to be together, but now they are they just fit really well.

Another amazing chapter ♥


Author's Response: Ah, it's interesting that you thought that! I didn't plan for Scorpius to bring his mum back in any of the drafts in this fic - from what it says in the books, it sounds like those who're brought back from the dead solely by the Resurrection Stone are more like ghosts than anything, and I think Scorpius and Draco would know that and thus decide not to bring Astoria back. The exception in Scorpius' case is that the turning of the stone coincided with, essentially, the magical application of a defibrillator, and as in some cases of hypothermia actual brain death comes /after/ clinical death, the two coincided a little too neatly. God, I need to get out more...

No, I didn't think Draco could cast a patronus either, and I think JKR might have said something about Death Eaters being incapable of patronus casting - I know Draco's not /evil/, but he doesn't really have the willpower or the ~goodness~ within. Also, oh my god, that thing about Albus and Flora's patronuses was meant to be an inside joke - I totally forgot to delete it when I proofread, I'll be sure to go back and take it out now!

Lucy turns up again very soon, so watch this space!

Thank you for reviewing :3 ♥

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Review #10, by patronus_charm Four

13th June 2013:
Woo another chapter! Looking back on it, I kind of review bombed you and probably should have spread them out more instead of leaving them all over about three days :P

I feel bad liking the fact that Scorpius isnít best friends with Albus, because it would be a lot easier for both of them if they were. Iím among the guilty of making them best friends, but this wayís a lot more refreshing and cool.

I had a feeling that Lucy and Scorpius were going to kiss and Iím really glad that my predictions were right. I think it was the frequent mention of hands and palms because they featured quite a bit in the paragraphs leading up to the kiss, and thought it was a bit because not many people donít tend to focus on them so much. Then their stilted conversation beforehand was so awkward but cute ♥

Even though it was meant to be all romantic, I preferred your ending with Scorpius electrocuting Lucy with his hands as it was so him and fitted his adorable ways really well. Then he went and did a runner and left poor old Lucy just standing there. I canít wait to see how this continues, due to them being possible even more adorkable than Albus and Flora.

The resurrection stone appears then! Iím not going to make any theories about what it might do, because the ending of Welcome to Blunderland was something I never predicted so I feel as if whatever I may theorise will be wrong!

That last scene left me really confused about Albus though. I was so used to seeing him as the nice person through Floraís eyes, but not itís from Scorpius POV itís left me all confused. Gah deciding whether heís evil or not is so hard!

I loved this chapter ♥


Author's Response: No worries! Your reviews were wonderful - I mean, very flattering (I blushed a lot) but really insightful too! Thank you for being such a dear and leaving them ♥

Scorpius and Albus were never meant to have an easy friendship in this fic, despite my headcanon being that the two of them had the best bromance under the sun - but there's still a bit of time left in this fic, never fear!

Also, glad you liked the kiss scene! I really hate writing any sort of romantic bits in my stories and tend to avoid them like the plague, so I just sort of blitzed this one in one go and didn't go back to edit - good to hear it turned out okay then (well, in terms of reception, I don't think electrocuting a girl and doing a runner can count as a kiss that 'turned out okay').

Ahh, all shall be explained more in later chapters! I did some proper ~research~ (a.k.a I went on wikipedia) so I have an actual part science, part magic explanation for the way Scorpius is, but knowing me I'll forget about it and never actually write it into the fic. But chapter six goes a little way to explaining the resurrection stone part.

Baww! Don't worry, you're allowed to like Albus. Scorpius is just a conceited idiot. A Word From The Author: Albus isn't evil in the slightest - just a bit misguided, and suffering a little with his thoughts at this point in the story.

Thank you so much for reviewing! ♥

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Review #11, by patronus_charm Three

3rd June 2013:
This story keeps on getting more and more mysterious. I really liked the idea of Scorpius working for Lucy as I always liked and she seemed to have this genuineness about her. I think the idea of her supplying the apothecary suits her perfectly. I feel as if her and Scorpius may be coming closer and I think itís nice. Thereís almost too much history between him and Flora for them to be as close again due to the kiss and everything which happened from it so itís nice for him to have a friend again.

One thing though, whereís Fauna? Weíve barely had any mention of her and it makes me wonder whether that kiss really did divide them so much and that theyíre not as close. Then again, this is only chapter three so sheíll probably pop up again sometime soon. I love the idea of him and Flora being flatmates though; itís just really nice to see that theyíre such great friends.

Ah the mystery about Albus is killing me. Maybe he is a criminal like Flora thought he might be in the last chapter due to him disappearing all of the time. Or maybe he has a completely different secret about him. I canít believe that thereís two things that have to be revealed to me, itís all too much. Iím really enjoying the darker tone this story has taken as itís really interesting and the disjointed style works really well as it matches Scorpiusí mind-set at this moment in time.

Iím eagerly awaiting the next chapter, and I just realised I wasnít even meant to be reading this until my exams are done. Oh well, itís far too addictive to just leave it there being unread!


Author's Response: I can never help but bring a Lucy into the story when a Scorpius is involved - actually can't resist - but, well, they don't call it an OTP for nothing.

Thank you for bringing her up! I'll admit that I literally just forgot about her character - I feel awful about it, and I've written a big all-caps note in my notebook to REMEMBER FAUNA and I am adamant she'll appear in chapter six or seven. I'll also raise, in a future chapter, Flora and Scorpius' friendship. And where Flora and Albus stand...

Plot twist: Albus is actually a bootlegger. I heard he killed a man once...

I'm glad to hear you like the style! I was very uncertain about it, so, well, good to hear I pulled it off for at least one reader~

Thank you! ♥

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Review #12, by patronus_charm One

3rd June 2013:
This chapter was pure awesome. I love angst, I love The Smiths, and so this story is amazing in terms of my loves! The banter between Draco and Scorpius is lovely and Iíve never seen them have such an easy and friendly relationship before but itís really lovely to read. If you hadnít noticed from all the others reviews I bombarded you with I may be a little bit in love with Scorpius.

Itís really exciting getting this from Scorpiusí POV because I always wanted to know what he was thinking throughout Welcome to Blunderland and now I get to. Itíll be exciting to see whether heís fully over Flora or not and how he feels about Fauna. Though you said this was darker than the prequel Iím hoping that there is still some romance on the cards. Though Iím fine if there isnít as Floral will probably still be around for me to enjoy.

Iím quite keen on Floraís idea of him pretending to be a zombie it sounds rather fun actually and I would definitely use that to my advantage if I was Scorpius. Even if he can potentially kill people Iím glad that the Slytherins are leaving him alone as it was bad enough having to read about it through Floraís POV but having to actually witness it through his own would be horrible.

Ah this was an amazing first chapter and I canít wait to read on :D


Author's Response: Angst! The Smiths! The two things I'm made of! So I'm glad it appeals to you too...

Ah, I'm glad you like Draco and Scorpius! I've always envisioned the two of them as having a difficult relationship but, well, your dad's your dad, you can forgive things quite easily. Besides, where else would Scorpius have got his posy intellectual bigheadedness from? There's more Draco and Scorpius interaction in chapter five - in fact, the /entire chapter/ is just the two of them - so I'm looking forward to hearing your thoughts on that.

I'll be sure to include those thoughts in later chapters! (In fact, I'm working on the scene in question right now). It is darker, but I hope it'll be more black humour than soul-crushing angst. An appropriate subtitle for this fic would be 'how many death puns can Julia make in 17,000 words or less'. The answer is /a lot/.

Thank you so much for returning to review, and I'm glad you like it so far! ♥

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Review #13, by intothether Two

24th May 2013:
Okay, this chapter was quite morbid. References to death, comparisons to death, metaphors for death, death everywhere! Lucy Weasley with a yellow bucket tho, that was something else.
And you just can't resist your Scorp-Lucy pairings can you? :D

I must say, hardly any fanfiction writers attempt to write first person from a boy's POV. So cookies to you for that. Probably got something to do with how this site is almost entirely composed of teenage Harry Potter fangirls. xD

I love the last two paragraphs, the descriptions of the land, his conclusion where he mentions the daisies. Beautiful.

Personally, I believe more than the plot itself, it's your writing style which makes your story special and so far, it's only getting better. :)

Author's Response: Well...what do you expect from a story about a zombie? :P

Fun fact: before writing this, I actually compiled an entire folder of bookmarks on my browser for this story - some pages were serious and about Hypothermia, others were not-so-serious and just, er, listed euphemisms for death. I'm trying to work as many in as possible, although I'm not sure how to shoehorn 'shuffled off this mortal coil' into the prose, haha.

Awh, thank you! It is a little difficult writing from a boy's POV. I don't actually think I've ever attempted it before - all my first-person narratives so far have been from the POV of a girl. Huh.

:3 that's such a lovely thing to say! I'm glad you're enjoying it, and thank you for leaving such nice reviews! ♥

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Review #14, by intothether One

14th May 2013:
Aaah, I've been waiting for this ever since Blunderland ended. And considering that I didn't review any of the Blunderland chapters, I'm going to make sure I review each and every one of these.

I've missed brooding angsty scorpius! Your version of him is probably the one I identify with the most. This chapter wasn't as overflowing with angst as you warned. I mean, he's entitled to a bit of extra angst considering he just died and came back, right? And then there's Flora adding some cheer by giggling and pretending to be a zombie.

I'm quite excited to find out where this will be going. Do we get to see Scorpius working in a kitchen somewhere in the near-distant future? As hinted in Blunderland, haha.

Also, I was wondering what 'Counting Daisy Roots' meant. Or is it something we'll find out later in the story.

Thank you for updating! :)

Author's Response: Awh, thank you! I hope to update at least once a week as I'm almost finished writing this, although my life is a little hectic right now so it may be a fortnight until chapter two is up!

I'm glad you can identify with him! I do enjoy writing Scorpius the most in any of my stories - so self-deprecating and miserable, he's basically me :P Don't worry, this fic gets very angsty as it goes on - shocking revelations about Albus and such to come...

Wait and see! :)

As for the title - Counting Daisy Roots is just another euphemism for death (similar to 'pushing daisies'), but there are some physical daisies in this story to come. Er. If that makes sense, haha!

Thank you for reviewing and I'm really glad you liked it! :3 ♥

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Review #15, by Rilla the Reader One

11th May 2013:
Amazing and eerily creepy. I enjoyed Welcome to Blunderland and was possibly the only person to not be rooting for Floral or Florp lol and wanted our plucky heroine to stand alone. Am looking forward to more of this!

Author's Response: Thank you so much! Yay, glad to hear someone was Team Flora :) I hope I can update this fairly quickly as I have most of it written~ thank you for reviewing! ♥

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