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Review #1, by WumpsQuill Hufflepuff's Are Strong

30th August 2013:
That's so sad about Remus and Freya. And they were just starting to become really good friends. Can't wait for the next chapter!

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Review #2, by Marauderette Hufflepuff's Are Strong

18th July 2013:
This is a great story! As a Hufflepuff, I love how Freya is defying the stereotype of weak, loser Hufflepuffs. However, I do think you could show more of the relationship between Freya, Felix, and Anna and the Marauders (show not tell). All in all it's good and I can't wait to read the next chapter!

Author's Response: I'm glad you're enjoying the story. I get anxious to whether I'm portraying Freya in the right way, so she's not too over confident but she's not weak.

Yes, I do need to work more on the relationships between them all, especially Anna and Felix. Okay I'll work on that in the next chapter.

Thank you for that comment, it really helps :)

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Review #3, by Lottie Not a normal Hufflepuff

15th July 2013:
In the first chapter you talked about Freya's mom being an Auror and her dad working with potions..earlier in this chapter she had a dream about playing quidditch when she was younger with her parents..none of this would have happened if she was a muggleborn. Get your story straight.

Author's Response: I'm glad you pointed that out. I'm getting the story sort of mixed with my own feelings, for example, when Freya is in the library.

I was trying to get across what I'd be like if I were at Hogwarts (reading everything there is to know about the wizarding world) but that would link to being muggleborn and I obviously forgot that Freya isn't muggleborn.

I've edited it now. I need to get in to the habit of fully checking that everything spot on, I know.

Thank you for pointing it, much appreciated :)

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Review #4, by Clover Curiosity can lead to dangerous situations.

6th July 2013:
update soon !! I love this story and I like were it's going :)

Author's Response: Thank you, I will get onto writing the next chapter soon :)

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Review #5, by Char Curiosity can lead to dangerous situations.

26th June 2013:

I really love this story! I was wondering if you had a beta reader, because if you didn't and you wanted one, I would love to be one for you.

Freya is such a great character. She is developed very well, and is also original. She is relatable and lovable. I love her relationship with the marauders. I hope you update soon!

If you want me to be your beta, pm me on hpfanfictionforums, if you have one. My username is Pensieve Princess.

Author's Response: You've made me so happy! I'll contact you now. Thank you so much for loving the story, I wasn't sure if people were which is why I haven't updated for a while. I shall carry on seeing as you've inspired me :)

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Review #6, by LilliBeaumont18 Journey to Hogwarts

18th May 2013:
Finally! Some one who appreciates the awesomeness of Huffepuff. Love the plot, please hurry with next chappie.

Author's Response: :D Thank you. I know! I don't understand why people think lowly of Hufflepuff, they're just awesome as the other houses.

The next chapter is being validated at the moment, so it should be up soon :)

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