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Review #1, by SunnyWitch The Effects of Firewhiskey

16th June 2013:
Ooh, hey, I'm on a reviewing spree. :3
Miss me?
Ooh, fluff... precious...
Yeah, eh, creepy moment. Now, onto more important things.
I love Sirius. Just... love Sirius. Ugh. We would be best friends. We would pull pranks.
Okay, there's pretty much nothing wrong with it (eh, thought it was time I went all ninja-ho, right?), except for that I find it confusing (or maybe it's just my brain that's mucking things up for me? Ugh stupid brain) when you have the other person reacting to someone's speech straight after, on the same line.
"Good choice, James."

"I - I - I don't, what is, why are you - " I groaned, smiling in spite of myself.

Do you see what I mean? Yeah. Just a little thing.
Anyway, back to good things. I. Love. Fluff.
I. Love. This.
You displayed James' and Sirius' friendship exactly like I imagined, and Lily...
I don't think I've ever really read a fic with her swearing so much!
Anyway, you should siriusly (see what I did there?) continue this. Maybe make it into a Short Story.
Pretty, pretty please?
Cheers, SW.

Author's Response: SUNNYWITCH! MISSED YOU SOO MUCH! *squeezes you so hard your head almost explodes* Oops, sorry. Anyway, on with replying!
I love Sirius too. Siriusly. We could be best friends as well. Or know, when he was younger.
Hmm, with the speech thing...basically, I just have it that you're reminded with a name.
I can see where you're coming from, but I think it's just you. No offense.
Yeah, I brought out a new side of Lily, which kinda reminds me of...well, me. And I reckon this is exactly what kind of friends James and Sirius would be. They'd be the crazy best friends, Remus would try and keep them under control, and Peter.would sit there, covering his head and praying not to get hurt. Sorry Peter, but it's true. Well, not really sorry, you evil rat-man!
I don't think I'll be continuing it. There's not enough scope to continue. I finished it without an intention of keeping it up, so the story is basically concluded.
But I might do more Lily/James stuff, if you insist.
Cheers, Phoenix Quill :D

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Review #2, by kristyhes The Effects of Firewhiskey

22nd May 2013:
royal pain in my ass..yeah.. i dnt think i ever saw it that much in my life lol.. i think that it was very funny and kind of new and refreshing compared to other james/lily stories.. what i like the most is your illustration of lily-specially all the swearing coz this girl usually never swears!! i really had fun reading it and i absolutely loved it!! now i think i will go see if you have other stories and maybe i will read them :)
So until next time, see ya
~ kristyhes ^_^

Author's Response: Thanks! I wanted to show a side of Lily that no one had seen before, and apparently, it worked! I would love it if you read my other stories (one of them is on Sunnywitch's page since it's a collaboration story).
Cheers, Phoenix Quill :D

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Review #3, by unknownhorcrux The Effects of Firewhiskey

14th May 2013:
God how I love fluff.
I found this so funny - just Lily's swearing and 'RPIMA' - it had me in stitches. And it was made even better for the fact that I really can imagine this happening - I think you got the characterisations so perfect. The idea of James hiding a great person beneath his arrogance has always really appealed to me, and I love how Sirius was just there watching it all go on and laughing at them :)
A really great story - funny and smart - I really enjoyed reading it!

Author's Response: Thanks! This was my first Marauder fanfic, so I just sorta went with what seemed right, and this happened. Seemed to work out.
Cheers, Phoenix Quill :D

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