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Review #1, by DracoFerret11 UATW

14th July 2013:
Hello there! Nice story! So, let's go over things:

Plot: Yay Dramione! I love them. :) I really wish this story had been longer. I could definitely see this drawn out into a longer fic and showing everything they went through leading up to this. I thought it was interesting that Harry was gay. I would have enjoyed reading about how he came out to his friends and family.

Characterization: Well! I really loved that Lucius was actually the one to be accepting of Draco and Hermione. That's an unexpected twist, but I really liked it. :) I'm glad that Hermione stood up for herself to the Weasleys. She deserves to be happy and they should understand that. And Draco was really kind to her. I would have loved to see more of their relationship. You did a great job!

Descriptions: I think this is another place where you could have added more to the story. I would have liked to see more about how things looked, sounded, felt, smelled, etc. It would have brought me into the story more.

Emotions: Again, if this story was a bit longer, you could have showed more about how Hermione was hurt by the Weasleys' rejection and how she dealt with that. And maybe how she was shocked that Lucius accepted her, etc. And more Draco/Hermione love! :D

Overall, this was really sweet. If you ever choose to expand it, I would love to read more.


Author's Response: Thank you for your review.

I might try and expand this at a later date, but the moment I've finished with it.

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Review #2, by nikki UATW

10th May 2013:
Hey did u know that this story is officially the 80,000th story on this site? ;) Congrats!

Author's Response: WOW Thanks! I rarely come onto the site/forums anymore (I still love them though) and I just update my stories when I remember.

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