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Review #1, by Andrearosef15 The Tiebreak

14th July 2014:
I LOVE THIS STORY!! Please keep updating :)

Author's Response: Thanks so much!! I'll try its hard for me to write so often because I am swamped with so much work this summer. But I'm trying!!

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Review #2, by R Katie's Secret

26th January 2014:
Absolutely loved this chapter. Adored the cliff hanger at the end, I can't wait for the next chapter! Really good story and great character development! I think I prefer Fretie to Frellie (haha) but wouldn't mind either.

Author's Response: Thanks so much for reviewing!! I'm glad someone liked this chapter, I'm still not sure how I feel about it. I have such bad writers block for this story right now. I think I'm going to try and make Frettie happen, but I usually don't plan ahead...terrible habit!

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Review #3, by Andrearosef15 Christmas Surprises Part 2

23rd August 2013:
Glad you are writing again :)

Author's Response: haha thanks!

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Review #4, by Navera Christmas Surprises

18th August 2013:
Oh! I like getting to see the relationship between the two girls. I also really like the insight about why Angelina is so obsessed with Ellie winning the bet and beating Oliver. I can't wait to see what happens when the twins get over to Ellie's house, I'm sure it will be good. I'm really excited to see what all the boys put her through to get her to quit and what the girls do to get her out of her shell.

Thanks for writing! Keep it up! :)

Author's Response: Thanks so much for the review! Personally I love the four girls and their relationship (to come in chapter 6). I based their relationship of how my sisters and I act, sometimes we're the best of friends and other times we hate each other.

Chapters 4 and 5 were more background info to clear up a lot of confusion. Chapter 5 should be validated soon! Thanks again for the review!


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Review #5, by Andrea One Mistake and A Bucket Full of Regrets

6th August 2013:
KEEP WRITI!NG! I love it :)

Author's Response: haha thanks! I just got back from vacation so I'm all frazzled. but the next chapter should be up soon!


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Review #6, by Potter_is_life One Mistake and A Bucket Full of Regrets

22nd July 2013:
AMAZING! sorry I didn't get to review the last chapter but I'm totally team Angelina for the bet but honestly Oliver is so sexy I might switch hahahaha I love the twist you've added between Oliver and Alicia I can't wait to see how the rest plays out! Update soon!

Author's Response: haha thanks so much for reviewing!! I love Oliver too, that scottish accent is incredible. There's an even bigger twist with Oliver coming in the next chapter. It's almost done, well, halfway done but it should be up this weekend or early early next week.

Stay tuned!!


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Review #7, by luvinpadfoot One Mistake and A Bucket Full of Regrets

21st July 2013:
I really enjoyed this chapter! Especially at the beginning with Ellie at the party. I liked that she shocked Oliver and the rest of the boys. They seemed like they needed a good shock. I was kind of glad she got scared and left, it seemed more her than being able to handle everything all at once.

I wasn't so sure about the ending. The last thing in Ellie's POV was that she didn't care about the bet and that she was done, but then when Oliver offers her a way out she doesn't take it. That might be something that needs a bit of explaining, or at least an additional note or something. It felt kind of out of place.

Not sure how I feel about multiple POVs either. They're interesting and add to the story and you definitely write the characters well, but with so many different POV characters it's sometimes easy to lose sight of the main character, which does seem like it's supposed to be Ellie. It's her story after all.

I have one question about Oliver/Alicia. How was that blackmail? It just seemed a bit confusing and I wasn't exactly sure how it became blackmail. It seemed like Alicia had done that kind of thing before.

Not entirely sure how well the two teams chose their judge. It seems like Alicia has been pretty easily swayed into helping both teams, not to mention the blackmail. Or maybe she's so wrapped up in both that she has no chose other than to be unbiased.

The bet looks like it's bringing out the worst in everyone so far. They're still all friends, but it's kind of turned from teasing into war. The boys are blackmailing and using their friends and the girls are, well, I'm not exactly sure what the girls are doing, but it doesn't seem too positive. I'm hoping everything turns out okay in the end, because I could see this getting ugly.

And I dunno, I'm kind of wondering why Elllie stayed friends with these people for so long. Especially the guys seem really mean to her, particularly in that in six years they never once paid her a compliment. I hope nothing bad happens to her because she could get in a lot of trouble if she "becomes a color" the way they want her to.

Okay, that got really long and rambly, but I hope something in there was constructive criticism. There's a reason I probably shouldn't be leaving reviews at three in the morning! Maybe I should take a leaf out of Alicia's book and go for a walk instead, haha.

But this was a really great chapter and I loved it all! I'm really looking forward to the next one and finding out what Ellie has to do next to start proving she's a color. You're such a great writer and I love reading this story so much. Can't wait for the next chapter! :)

(I just previewed to post and realized how long this got. Uh... Sorry about that. Kudos if you actually have the patience to read all of this.)

Author's Response: hahahaha, i did read the whole thing, in fact i read it twice!

In the beginning I didn't want Ellie to change completely, because honestly where's all the fun (and truth) in that?

I have to say don't worry! EVERYTHING will be explained in the next chapter (which I'm currently writing). The blackmail, what changed Ellie's mind, what the girl's are planning and the strong parts of the friendship do come out in the next chapter.

Bets never turn out good. Someone always gets hurt and it either fizzles out and never ends, or it just get worse and worse as time goes on. (At least from my experience).

I hope I covered everything, but if I didn't I apologize, I just woke up so it's a little early for me. Thanks so super much for writing a review!! Next chapter should be up really soon.


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Review #8, by luvinpadfoot Colors

16th July 2013:
Ooh another great chapter! In fact I liked this one even better! (Sorry this is late, I sometimes forget to check when my favorites have been updated. And while I'm in parentheses I need to apologize for thinking her name was Jessica. I don't know why I thought that. It's obviously Ellie.)

I'm really liking this story a lot! Ellie's really interesting, for all her friends think she's not a color. And the other characters are just as vivid. I'm looking forward to more of Wood and the twins, I'm sure they'll try to sabotage her somehow.

I like the tripping in heels bit. That was funny and so, so true. Everyone's done. We just all hope we've done it privately haha!

I'm interested to see how Ellie is going to get to Alicia's definition of a color- and who she's going to hook up with. Maybe some Ellie/Oliver is in the future? Maybe that's just me making stuff up. It'd be interesting though.

I'm really curious to know what happens at the party! It sounds like it could be exciting to say the least. Please don't keep us in suspense for too long! It's just torture, I want to know what's happening with Ellie and the bet!

I'm definitely Team Ellie. Just to prove that people can be whoever they want. And I'd have no problem with what the boys would have to do if they lost. ;) Granted I'm only reading it, but still.

I really do love this story! It's so good and you're such a great writer! I'm really looking forward to the next chapter!

Author's Response: Thanks so much for the review!! haha and i'm sure we've all had that embarrassing moment where we face plant in heels, i know i have.

i'm not really sure whats going to happen between Oliver and Ellie. Idk if i want them to go somewhere or not. You'll see in the next chapter exactly what women mean to Oliver and idk if i should have him change or not... choices, choices.

haha i also might change what the boys have to do if they lose, but i don't have any ideas unfortunately. :(
you have any??

now i'm only waiting for the next chapter to be validated, it was rejected once for fowl language, go figure right? but it should be up pretty soon!!


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Review #9, by Navera Colors

11th July 2013:
This has been very enjoyable! Thamks for writing. I am defantly on Team Angelina and Ellie! I like how you have made the school a little edgier, makes it a bit more interesting. Please keep writing! I am really looking forward to seeing Ellie become a color!

Author's Response: Haha thanks for reviewing!! Next chapter's almost done!

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Review #10, by Potter_is_life The Bet

23rd June 2013:
LOL this is hilarious I love how well you've created the characters and kept JK Rowgling's characters It's so good! OMG I can't wait to read the next chapter

Author's Response: Thank you so much! I'm working on the next chapter but I'm stuck in a writers block. Hopefully it'll be out soon!

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Review #11, by luvinpadfoot The Bet

9th June 2013:
Ooh, that's rather ominous. I wonder what trouble Jessica gets herself into trying to make her friends consider her a color. I hope things don't get too bad, although it already seems like they do. I'm really excited to know more about them and what happens!

The Gryffindors all seem really intense. I can't believe they treated Jessica like that, especially since she's supposed to be their friend. I feel so bad for her and I kind of hope she meets some better friends as the story goes on.

I love the whole idea of people as different colors! That's really creative. (Granted I disagree with the premise of Jessica not being one, but the idea is great.) I hope that continues to be a running thing.

All the characters seemed really vivid. Even the way you classified the Houses seemed based in truth, although exaggerated slightly. I like the way you're playing on stereotypes, that makes it a really interesting read.

The bet was a bit scary. I hope Jessica and Angelina don't end up having to streak across the grounds. They'd probably get in a fair bit of trouble for that. And why do I suspect that someone's going to try to bribe Alicia in her decision? Haha!

I can't wait to see more of all the characters and what trouble Jessica gets into. I've really enjoyed this first chapter and I'm looking forward to so much more! :)

Author's Response: YAY! My first review on this story! Thank you so much for reading!
Things won't get too too bad, just very interesting. The Gryffindors are a rowdy bunch, but that's why we love them. We all live by stereotypes, no matter how much we try to deny it. We'll learn throughout the story which stereotypes are true and which aren't! thanks again for reviewing!! (btw her name is Ellie not Jessica, sorry if I made that unclear :/)

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