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Review #1, by nott theodore okay.

18th July 2013:
Hello! I'm back for some more of your lovely writing and more of James and Lily!

I have to commend you for choosing this moment to write about because I've never seen it written about before in fan fiction, and it's so easy to avoid the awkward truth. Harry was a teen pregnancy and probably unplanned - after all, I can't imagine two people like Lily and James planning to have a baby during the war! I think you conveyed the sense of shock that they felt on receiving the news really well; pregnancy is far into the future for the Potters at this point, until they hear this news.

I loved the fact that you used the second person, as it allowed me to get inside James's head and understand what he was thinking and feeling, but at the same time there was this detached quality to the narrative, reflecting the sort of shock and disbelief that James is feeling.

Despite the fact that the horror and danger of the war was present throughout this story, as the Potters realise that they're bringing a child into a war-torn world, there was quite a lot of humour infused into this one-shot, which made me feel like it was really James and Lily. The moments when James is enjoying her embarrassment about being asked certain questions is so funny, and I really enjoyed it.

This was a really lovely one-shot, and I'm definitely going to be looking out for more of your writing in the future!

Sian :)

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Review #2, by BluebirdBrigade okay.

18th July 2013:
Jess, why are you such a good writer? Fancy giving a poor plot-starved girl some ideas on how to be so fantastically awesome at writing? ;) This was such a haunting Jily oneshot and admittedly, while it did kind of take me by surprise - I totally and thoroughly enjoyed it. It is definitely one of the best Jily one shots that I have seen in a really long time. Thereís no denying that I thought the writing here was fab.ul.ous. Great job, I loved the way the story just completely flowed together and itís structured so incredibly well and really thought out how to bring in the tone of the story. I love the way there wasn't any dialogue - I think that added to the sincerity of it and it just felt like someones deepest inner thoughts, which is a difficult thing to do and you did it so realistically. I absolutely love the way youíve made this story your own with your style and your almost poetic language. I was just like, Ďoh the feelsí most of the time. Seriously, such a beautiful story and no grammar or spelling mistakes too so awesome job! I reckon this would be a fabulous story to podcast. It was so alive and I just found myself getting more entraced. Absolutely beautiful!

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Review #3, by missclaire17 okay.

18th July 2013:
Hello! I'm here reviewing my OTP!
I never really liked reading in second person because since when I learned how to write, I was taught to never write in the second person. HOWEVER, I think you did a marvelous job because you really managed to get me inside James's head and I can imagine him thinking and doing all of the things you were writing about. Marvelous job with the second person!

The bits where James just feels like pregnancy is something that is in the FAR FAR future and it sounds like a disease waiting to happen to people was really funny because though I never thought about it, I suppose that is how pregnancy is always been like to James, or any other almost-twenty year old man.

I also liked how James found humor in Lily having to pee on a stick but there there were the serious parts when James thought how they were just two "scrappy young kids who got married because youíre young and in love and afraid of dying in a losing war before you had the chance to show it." I really like how you managed to put all the reality of the war into this one-shot, in a moment that is so bittersweet because both James and Lily knows that having a baby in a time like this is just remarkably dangerous, but at the same time, the two of them are about to start their own family, and that is just something that will make them so happy.

I think you did a MARVELOUS job writing this; I see very few James and Lily one-shots focusing on Lily discovering she's pregnant. AWESOME job! (:

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Review #4, by navyfail okay.

25th May 2013:
I never thought of the moments when James and Lily found out that they were going to have a kid(Harry!). And I most certainly didn't think if they would be happy or sad.

This is a very cute and magnificent one-shot. It shows that scary feeling of finally growing up and realizing that soon you are going to be responsible for a kid. With that war going on, it adds to the tension.

I usually don't read fiction that is wrote in second person since I find that the 'you' gets repetitive. In this story it didn't seem like that though. It flowed naturally. :)

I also liked how James kept repeating, "but then again, she might only have the flu." Because that is what we do when we aren't ready for something. We try to convince ourselves that what we think might happen is an impossibility. Kudos on that!

One thing I would like to see more is the setting. I didn't see many details about their surroundings but then maybe I just missed it. :P

It has been months since I have read a story with Jily. So thank you for making the experience lovely.


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Review #5, by Mysterious okay.

18th May 2013:
beautiful is the only word to describe this! unbelievable!

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Review #6, by 1_madeline_3 okay.

18th May 2013:
So James/Lily are my favorite couple because we know so little about them. I usually only read about then in their school years, not after. Only because it makes me so sad that they won't have that eighteens with Harry. It's just heart breaking. But anyway I loved this little story. I don't always like second person, but I felt like this really fit. So 10/10. It was great. :)

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Review #7, by patronus_charm okay.

11th May 2013:
I saw that you had a Jilly one-shot and I couldnít resist it, and Iím so glad that I couldnít :P

Second person POV is so hard to pull and make it effective, yet you managed to do it. I donít the story would have been what it was if it had been written from a different POV. I donít what it was but you somehow felt more connected to the story and as if you were James and you were experiencing the exact same thing, and even first person POV wouldnít have done that.

Iím really glad that you made James nervous before finding out the results. I always wondered how Harry came about, because he was conceived during the war so I doubt that it was a planned pregnancy, so his thoughts of wondering, and perhaps even hoping, it was just the flu were really realistic and authentic.

I really liked how they had to go to a muggle doctors to find out, because I feel a lot of people forget that Lily does have muggle heritage, and this reinforced the fact. I do feel a little sorry for James, because I think most people in his position would think it was weird just going there for something like flu, but as Lily knew it made complete sense and I thought it was really lovely.

I really liked your depiction of their relationship too. It was sweet, romantic, yet not perfect. I could sense there were a few flaws such as Lily keeping James out of the know until she was certain, and James not entirely about it all, and that made it really realistic. It was just lovely really and exactly how I imagined them to be during the war.

That was a really great one-shot and Iím really glad that I read it :)


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Review #8, by AlexFan okay.

10th May 2013:
I can totally imagine James freaking out about this and this sounded just like him.

The writing in this is definitely a lot different than some of your other stuff but I still love it nonetheless. I love how you added in little bits of humor throughout the thing even though the entire one-shot has a sort of serious feel to it.

A lot of people think that Harry was an accident because what two newlywed people would plan on having a child in the middle of a war. I'm kind of starting to agree with them.

Anyway, awesome job on the one-shot!

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