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Review #1, by Violet Potter 434 Coincident

6th November 2016:
this is me reading your other stories now the others finished

I really liked this one, tho yet again more epilogue please

like seriusly


from me x

Author's Response: I am writing more just not about Cora and James. I think I should start writing Al a story!!

But thank you, read and review them all if you like, it would be gratefully appreciated.

Thank you so much you are fuelling my confidence right now aha.

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Review #2, by ruthdobble Coincident

26th May 2014:
I really like this story, it was sad but it was hopeful. It was very good :)

Author's Response: Ah I'm glad you liked it! it means a lot, thank you so much for reviewing!!

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Review #3, by Snitcher101 Coincident

25th August 2013:
.wow.. it was awesome!!! best short story i've read so far. and james being the cause was unexpected!!love it!

Author's Response: Awww I'm glad to hear it! Thank you for reviewing means a lot!! :-)

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Review #4, by free elf 25 Coincident

11th August 2013:
I like the ending. Short and simple, nothing overrated or exaggerated. However, I've gotta ask- a) How did James' ex's cope with him redating less than a day after dumping them both and b) how's Al feeling about that? Other than that, I really liked the story, especially the main plot it had, as well as characters.

Author's Response: awww thank you and to answer your questions a) I don't think James actually did have any feelings for them, he kind of just got to the point where he was just using them both as a distraction about what he'd done... Also they didn't actually get together straight away it was before he left Hogwarts but they were just good friends comforting each other at the end of this bit.

and b) Al was just the best friend I described (as well as Rose), he was happy for both of them. He was a more of a friend to help her
through everything than a boyfriend.

I hoped I cleared everything up, if not just ask aha :)
thank you for reviewing, sorry it took so long to get back to you!

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Review #5, by LoonyLovegood11 Secrets

21st July 2013:
AHG! It's so short, I need more!!
It's his fault the she put in the wrong ingredient into the potion, I didn't see that one coming. That is going to postpone the beginning of the imminent relationship they will end up having.
I am loving this story so far, especially James actually. He is so sweet and kind and caring. You seem to have gotten his character spot on in my eyes something that a lot of people fail to do and I applaud you for that.
Update soon xx

Author's Response: Ahhh I'm so happy to hear it! And I apologise for the shortness I'll try make the chapters longer! And I thought of it ages ago I was like oh my god that has to happen ahhah and I'm struggling with this story because I can't decide between James and Al hahah and I'm glad you like James and my interpretation of him it makes me happy! Thank you for reviewing means a hell of a lot and I'll try update soon promise thank you again!!!

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Review #6, by AccioTeddyLupin Secrets

18th July 2013:
holy crap. next chapter right now.

Author's Response: Ok ok I'll upload as soon as I can!!!

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Review #7, by Loop Maybe I'm Not Alone

14th July 2013:


Author's Response: ahh!! I'm glad to hear it. It's true Al is adorable!! I shall update soon promise!!! Thank you for reviewing again! :-)

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Review #8, by Loop You Can't Forget Everything

14th July 2013:
Hi Ho!

Great Chapter! I really love the character (her depth, reactions etc)! I'm loving to look forward to where this is going!


Author's Response: Aw yay Im happy to hear it, she's one of my favourite characters to write about aha I shall update soonish! Thank you for reviewing!!!

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Review #9, by Loop No One Can Out Run Their Past.

15th June 2013:
Wow! This incredibly interesting!
I love the depth of the character!

Please continue the amazing work!

(Ive found the need to put exclamation marks after everything to emphasise the greatness of the chapter hahaha)

Author's Response: awww! thank you!! (I'm doing it too! haha)
I'm glad you find it interesting, I'll be uploading a new chapter soon! So it should be with you with in the next week or so... So don't worry I am continuing with it! Thank you for reviewing it means a lot!! :D

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Review #10, by golden_seeker No One Can Out Run Their Past.

12th June 2013:
I really enjoy the mystery behind the characters in this story, please update soon!!

Author's Response: Aww I'm glad to hear it! And I'll do my best to upload the next chapter as soon as I can! Thank you for reviewing! :-)

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Review #11, by looneylizzie No One Can Out Run Their Past.

2nd June 2013:
Ooh. My my I'm seriously intrigued! Please, more please! :D You've created such a fascinating character so early! I'm so curious to see what else is in store!

Also, I'm a bit of a Grammar Nazi, and I love your writing style! Keep going!

Author's Response: I'm glad to hear it! And I apologise for the grammar I am trying to work on it haha I have the next chapter written its just uploading it so hopefully it will be with you soon! Thank you for reviewing!!! :)

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Review #12, by Sarah A You Can't Tell Anybody

23rd May 2013:
Hi I just read this and I think you should totally continue it

Author's Response: aha don't worry I plan to! It's in my short list of things to do! thank you for reviewing means a lot! I should be uploading a new chapter soonish, so just keep a look out for it aha :)

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Review #13, by hannah You Can't Tell Anybody

16th May 2013:
Make it longer and I will worship you
I love it!

Author's Response: ok ok! I will, don't you worry! I shall upload something soonish! thank you for reviewing means a lot!! :)

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Review #14, by Rosemarie Bloom You Can't Tell Anybody

15th May 2013:
please do another chapter it was a great opening.

Author's Response: I plan to! I have a few ideas to where the story will go its just writing it haha hopefully the next chapter will be with you soon though! Thank you for reviewing!!!

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Review #15, by Lisa You Can't Tell Anybody

15th May 2013:
Hey - I thought it was really good - and I would read another chapter for sure. I'm interested in who the other characters are!

Author's Response: yay thank you! I am definitely going to write more to this story, it just may take a while to upload, but I've got an idea to where its going, and don't worry she'll be revealed in the next chapter (hopefully) but thank you reviewing means a lot!!

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Review #16, by Mrs_Black You Can't Tell Anybody

14th May 2013:
Loved it! Please write more!!! Xx

Author's Response: YAY! Thank you, I am going to turn it into a longer story, it just may take some time, I have some ideas to where the story is going though, expect a new chapter soonish aha thank you for reviewing! :)

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