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Review #1, by Irishseeker it was always her

24th August 2014:
I've never really known whether I liked Rose and Teddy as a couple but this adorable fanfiction really has made me liked them more. Great writing and I like the repetition of the "Of course Rose. It was always Rose."
Great one shot!

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31st May 2014:
Lovely and different.
Of course. :)

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Review #3, by monstrosity it was always her

28th January 2014:
Hello! Here with your requested review!

Thank you by the way, for being the first person to request a review. Also, thanks for writing this beautiful story that I had such a nice time reading! I must admit, I've already read this one some time ago and I'm glad that you requested a review for it. Now I have the excuse to flail, not that I needed one in the first place.

I love the theme of the story. It shows that life is all about chance. Things are not always the way they seem to be. Usually that motto is used in a negative way, so it's nice to see you take a positive spin on it.
Ah Teddy, the person who thinks he has everything under control. Oh, the poor, blind fool! He's such an innocent guy, though. Never really questions why he's doing the things he does for Rose. It's practically involuntary which goes to show how oblivious he is to his true feelings.

I've to admire the character of Rose that you've created. I'm so used to people portraying her as this mini-Hermione with more swottishness and less bravery. This Rose is like a breath of fresh air and just the kind of person I feel that all girls should aspire to be. She seems like the kind who doesn't care what people think. if she loves something, she'll do it, no matter how quixotic it seems to everyone else. I love that kind of attitude and I think that might be the reason why Aunt Muriel was fond of Rose. Aunt Muriel is known to never take anything lying down and Rose seems to share that quality.

Victoire has an interesting role to play. She's not the stereotypical good-looking, dangerous heart sort of character. Instead, she's rather perceptive and wants to love a man whom she known loves her back 100%. It actually makes me feel bad for her, not because Teddy doesn't love her, but because being someone that beautiful comes with a price. You don't know whether someone loves you for who you are or because they are supposed to.

Ginny was actually my favourite character in this story. She sort of plays the part of a reader (like me) in a strange way. She sees things before any of the other characters do, which is the case in most readers. We see things from everyone's perspective, make our own judgements and are always on the lookout for any suspicious plot twists.

Moving on from your wonderful characterisation, I must say that your writing style is equally impressive. You flow through the ages so elegantly. Everything just falls into place, ties up and that's some skill that not many authors possess. I did spot a couple of grammar/spelling errors out there, but it's nothing too major. I'm sure you can fix them with a quick read.

Anyway, this is a great story to read. Thanks so much for requesting a review!


Author's Response: After reading your review the first time I went back and read-through this one-shot. I definitely spotted that need for editing. I admit that is a weakness of mine - posting before I do a good edit. I'll go back and fix it when I get a chance.

I appreciate your taking the time to leave this for me! And am so happy you liked it. I've never been a fan of Teddy/Victoire, not from the moment I read the epilogue. However I do like Victoire so I try to portray her in a positive light regardless of how I feel about her relationship with Teddy. I wanted them to have a gentle ending, not for one or the other to have cheated or for there to be some massive blow up.

I like Teddy paired with either Molly or Dominique as well but for some reason I just always picture him with Rose. But the nature of their relationship, converse to his relationship with Victoire, means they didn't fall in love at a very young age. And so while Teddy has cared about her for years he just never put her in that light until Victoire pointed it out for him.

This story was originally supposed to be a novelisation, but I was writing it a time when I didn't think I'd be returning to HPFF to write anymore, for several reasons. I wrote this one-shot as a summarisation in a fit of nostalgia last spring, wanting to get the story out even if I couldn't, and didn't, have time to write a novel. Now, though, I'd like to revisit the idea of the novel because there is only so much one can put in a one-shot and there is much, much more to Teddy and Rose's story.

One of those things being Ginny. I always thought Ginny in the books was a very perceptive and understanding person. Her approach to loving Harry, the way she was with him, was so special and gentle. And of course she's also a Weasley so she's not afraid to say something or do something to push someone along. She's one of my favorite characters.

Thank you for such a wonderful review!

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Review #4, by 1_madeline_3 it was always her

13th May 2013:
I don't think this couple would ever work...but you did make it work. :) It was cute and well thought out.

Author's Response: Thank you.

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