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Review #1, by darkkid The Yule Ball

20th July 2015:
Slytherin House Cup 2015

So I've only ever read one other Ernie fiction and he wasn't very nice it is so this was very refreshing to read!

I love the nerves everyone is feeling about the Yule Ball. It's a once in a lifetime event, I'd be curious is they weren't frightened just a little bit! I really like this! And I like the innocence of the whole story overall!

And I like the comments about Harry - he was absolutely hopeless! I love when stories that the trio attended at least mention them and you did!

So great! Love this one!


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Review #2, by Iellwen The Yule Ball

9th July 2014:
Hey Kayla!
In the name of the House Cup 2014, I review thy story! :D

So I was drawn to this specific one-shot (which is good because I just simply didn't know which one to choose first^^ YOU HAVE SO MANY INTERESTING LOOKING STORIES!!! I'll just have to stalk your AP ;) ) because of the To Kill A Mockingbird quote, especially because the quote you got is simply awesome :D
I'm not a guy, but even I feel uncomfortable around groups of girls, so I can totally relate to Ernie ^^

I love that you used the Yule Ball as the setting because I just love the nervousness the student body went through as they were looking for partners and I think you've expressed Ernie's nervousness very well!
Also, I love that you brought forth that pompous side of his Hufflepuff self xD

Justin is such a good friend, helping Ernie get a 'date' (I'm not sure, does the Yule Ball can count as a date? ^^' Anyway) and pushing him to act before it's too late!

I also love that you added descriptions about the other dancing couples, that you didn't just focus on Ernie and his going to the Yule Ball with Eloise, because I feel that set the plot in an even realer, credible light.

The interactions between Eloise and Ernie were really cute and the perfect amount of awkward ^^

Indeed, I very much enjoyed reading it; I love reading calm pieces from time to time, it's good for the soul!! :)


Author's Response: hehe, I don't mind if you stalk my AP ;)

Haha, yeah I'm a girl but I get very scared when I have to face a pack of young teenage girls! I don't know what it is about them, but they're terrifying, haha!

Yes, the Yule Ball of course counts as a date! :P

Thank you so much for this lovely review! I'm so glad you enjoyed it! :D

- Kayla :)

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Review #3, by PhoenixPulse The Yule Ball

12th May 2013:
Oh, you just got to love Ernie and his dorky little self! Do'oh. I feel like running over and pinching his cheeks! Ickle Ernie and Eloise, you wrote them perfect for each other. :)

You did a great job portraying him as the pompous twerp we all love him for. So good job on that.

I really liked this piece. Very light-hearted and not too drawn out. I think it was great!

Author's Response: ehehehehehe hey thar

I'm glad you liked it! I really loved writing Ernie as a pompous twerp! :p

Glad you liked it, Pearl! :D

Thanks for the review! ♥

p.s. I'm going to read and review your new one-shot (another Barty one!!!) as soon as I do my homework. So that might be a few days. :p

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Review #4, by Siriusly89 The Yule Ball

8th May 2013:
Hi! Siriusly89 here, reviewing (as you may have guessed!)

Thank you so much for entering my challenge!

The beginning was rather sweet, you know, Justin asking Ernie’s permission to take Hannah to the Yule Ball and whatnot. Eloise wouldn’t happen to be Eloise Midgeon would it? Gah! Yay if it is! I love when really minor, minor characters get included into things, it makes me so irrationally happy!

Oh! Your use of the quote was just wonderful! It was so weel thought out, and it flowed nicely with the rest of the piece. You really did your homework, as you chose a person who speaks quite, well pompously, and a bit old-fashioned in the books, and the quote just fit him perfectly! I’m not sure how much sense that made, but I loved it anyway, that much you can be sure of!

Eloise’s response, “That’s nice”. That one line, ah, it has me rollin around the place laughing. So funny.

“You look ravishing”- such an Ernie-ish thing to say. He’s just so darn entertaining, I’m going to go on a hunt for more pieces with him in them (or perhaps you could write more Ernie fun? *hint hint*) I’m joking of course, but I’m not saying I wouldn’t love it if you did ;)

The comments on the dancing, especially Harry, because lets face it, he was a bit hopeless. Nope, scratch that, very hopeless. The boys decision not to say how pretty Hermione looked was a good one in my eyes!

Ah, the ending was just so innocent! This one shot was just so sweet and fluffy! I’m sitting here just ‘awhing’ at my laptop like a loon, but I don’t care.

A brilliant piece!

Author's Response: Hello!

Thanks for making that challenge! I really like all of your challenges, haha! We have the same taste! :p

Eloise is Eloise Midgeon, yes. :) I think they'd just be adorable together! :D

Oh, I know. If someone has put minor characters in their fic I just get so happy! I don't know, I just like that they've been included. :p

At first when I saw that quote, I tried writing a Founders era but that just ended horrendously. I don't think I'll ever be able to write those types of fics! So I was thinking about dropping out but I really liked my quote and then Ernie popped in my head, so I'm glad you liked the use of it! :D

I literally sat there for about five minutes trying to work out how she'd respond. :p

Ernie is entertaining. I loved writing him! I think I may write some more of him, and if/when I do, I'll make sure to let you know. ;)

Harry was an awful dancer, and I felt like everyone would have had a bit of a giggle about it. :p Boys can lack common sense at times, but Ernie and Justin were pretty clever about that type of stuff, in my opinion. ;)

I'm so glad you liked it! You're so sweet to me! ♥

Thanks for the AMAZING review! :D

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