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Review #1, by Azrael38 Does it Happen to Everyone?

9th February 2014:
Oh that's so sad but so Harry and Hermione. As a Harmony shipper, this is the cold reality that stares me in the face whenever people write stories where H/Hr leave their respective Weasleys and get together. They would never do it, even though their love is more true and real and forever than any other couple's. Very, VERY well done.

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Review #2, by Paul Does it Happen to Everyone?

3rd October 2013:
Wow, this is just so sad. I don't really know what else to say. I hate that they don't end up with the nice and tidy happy ending, but this just fits. WEll done.

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Review #3, by BluebirdBrigade Does it Happen to Everyone?

15th July 2013:

Totally adored this, so sweet and such a beautiful story. Although I'm not a Harry/Hermione fan, I though the way you made the story your own was really awesome and unique. I think Teddy really found strength in Hermione and I seriously loved that section between Teddy and Victoire that was sooo adorable and omg, he was gonna kiss her - how sweet.

I love how motherly Hermione is towards Teddy, it was was so lovely to read and I could see it playing out in my head. I'd just point out that at one point Teddy refers to Rose as his cousin but he's not cousins with any of them but he could be an honoree cousin :P

Great job!

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Review #4, by Harveyboy Does it Happen to Everyone?

10th May 2013:
Loved your one shot. It was full of feelings and emotion, happy and very sad. Your writing style is good too and I will definitely look out for more stories by you...well done

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