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Review #1, by Rrrrrrr Meeting

20th September 2013:
Nice! A couple mistakes and repetitions but overall, a good read :)

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Review #2, by Flaming Seeker The Only Way

26th May 2013:
sooo, i dont really understand why it's dangerous for them to be together... From what you've written so far it doesn't sound like every night she has a panic attack from not drinking blood, or whatever. It seems to me that she lives a pretty normal life, for a vampire human thing.
I liked this chapter, just again with what i said before. i might be missing something with her vampire urges, i mean i am blonde so it happens sometimes. lol.

Author's Response: The main thing is that when they get passionate, she can't control her urges at all. It'll pop up later on. Once a vampire gets those feelings, they lose the human tendencies. That's when it gets a little dangerous. Does that make sense?

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Review #3, by Flaming Seeker Warmth

22nd May 2013:
wow a bet, that makes things interesting. i think you should incorporate something else into the bet, not just money. that way its a bigger loss than just cash, especially since Draco's got tons of it. i'm really excited for the next chapter!

Author's Response: I was actually thinking of adding something later keep reading! Right now, I'm just trying to decide what that is. I have one idea ... but I'm worried it might be a little too much. When you read those chapters, you can tell me what you think. Obviously, I talk too much :P so thanks for reviewing and I'm glad you liked them .

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Review #4, by Flaming Seeker Temper, Temper

22nd May 2013:
Dayyyuummm half vampire? I was not expecting that!! nice twist :P i can't stop reading this story, its kinda terrible, you better update quickly. lol

Author's Response: Yeah, that's how this story started for me actually. I have a thing for Draco and vampires. : ) I'm writing chapter five right now and I plan on submitting it tomorrow, so it should be up soon. Thanks for reviewing,you make me want to write faster : )

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Review #5, by Flaming Seeker Messy Introduction

22nd May 2013:
So sorry i couldn't review when this first came up! IT's really good, and someone's got a dirty little secret. :X hahaha this is really good! I'm excited to read the next couple of chapters.
BTW i'm loving the blondie nickname, its hilarious

Author's Response: Yeah, I'm super glad you've read them. I thought that maybe I had lost a reader :(
I'm glad that your enjoying them. Keep reading and reviewing, it makes me want to write more : )

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Review #6, by tessa Warmth

19th May 2013:
it's really good update soon please

Author's Response: I am working on the next chapter now and should have it up soon. Thanks so much.

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Review #7, by Lady of Tears Messy Introduction

13th May 2013:
I thought you had just the right amount of suspense on what exactly Kaila's "condition" is. I thought you handled that revelation very well. You didn't come right out and say it, but we gathered up the clues as we read. I liked that. I thought Kaila has very good characterization for an OC. I also liked that she turned down the chance to come to Hogwarts; that made the whole situation more believable to me.

I would just watch out for some run on sentences. I liked it this chapter a lot.

Author's Response: Thanks for taking the time to not only read my second chapter but to review on it. Thats an awesome thing to do and I really appreciate it. I did the reveal tha way because I know when Im reading something, its super boring just to be told it. Run on sentences have always been my downfall because I always have so much I want to say. I will definitely work on that for future chapters. Chapter three should be coming up soon, Im just waiting for validation. Thanks again and I hope to hear from you on future chapters too.

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Review #8, by Lady of Tears Meeting

13th May 2013:
I saw this and wanted to review. I thought your writing was very good, and that the strength of your piece was in your characterization. I really got a grasp on what was going on inside of everyone's head. Something I would have liked to see in this first chapter is the main character's name. Because right now I can't remember it, and I know it was in the summary, but it'd be nice to see it here at the start.

I liked it! Good job!

Author's Response: Thanks so much for taking the time to review this, it means the world to me. I will definitely take what you said into consideration for future chapters. Have you read my chapter two yet? I definitely think that was a better one than my first.

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Review #9, by Flaming Seeker Meeting

5th May 2013:
Its a good start try giving us a little more background information. I like the idea of a magical beings orphanage, now expand! I'm excited for the next chapter

Author's Response: Oh my gosh! My first review, I'm so excited. Thanks so much for taking the time to review my chapter, I am working on the second chapter right now, and I will definitely work on putting more background into it. Let me know what you think of that one too please? I would really appreciate it.

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