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Review #1, by Hannah The Chase

8th May 2013:
Yay!I love the story this is a sequel for!So glad you're making more of the story.Hugo and Lysander are presh,although I'm sure neither of them would actually like that adjective to describe their coupling.haha Can't wait to find out the main plot to this one.:)

Author's Response: I'm so glad you like this little series. The next chapter is about half way written, so I hope it have it up father a couple of other things are updated. :)

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Review #2, by alicia and anne The Chase

28th April 2013:
I'm so excited about a new story for me to read! :D
I loved your Hugo/Lysander story so I'm so excited about the sequel.
Oo he's chasing someone! I'm so intrigued, who could it be?
George is the best at magic and gadgets! He's so awesome.
Oh that suspect just had to get in there with the insults and taunts.
I love that Albus and Tommy have been through so much :p Albus is right though, if Tommy didn't want to see Albus, don't break the law!
Awww Hugo and Lysander are so cute! I just want to squish them in a big hug!
Hehe Hugo's tattoo :p
Oh no the car hurt Lysander :-( But I'm glad that Hugo can make it better for him :p At least they're saving water that way haha.
I loved this sequel you definately did not dissapoint!
I'm so glad that this story is dedicated to me :D I'm so happy right now! :D
*Big hugs*
It was an amazing chapter!

Author's Response: New stories are always exciting. It's why I have so many WIPs. :P I'm glad you're excited about the sequel. :D

Lysander's first case since everything happened with Hugo, so the guy is no one special. :) George always makes the best gadgets. Well, him and Kieron.

I couldn't help myself. He had to. :P

Haha. Wise words he probably won't follow.

Saving water. It's all about the environment. ;)

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