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Review #1, by potterfan310 please help me

18th May 2013:
This is really, really good!!
It's also really original, I've never read a story like this before so go you!! :D

I think your characterisation of James is really nice and the fact he was married and is now a dad. It'll be interesting how him and Kay's relationship with each other will play out, especially if they become more than brother and sister in laws.

I really like your OC's Kay and her best friend Aura (Awesome name by the way!!). I love that she's bubbly and happy and I like that her and her sister were never that close because of the magic thing and before the magic thing (I mean look at Petunia and Lily, they were close before Lily found out she was a witch)

When James was on the phone to Kay and he was shouting all I could of was Ron when he rang Harry at the Dursleys, I dunno if it was intentional or not but aww, I love it when there are little things like that, that relate to the books :D

Michaela is adorable, aww. Babies are so cute, especially if James Sirius is their daddy!

This is a really good start and I really, really like it so far, I also thought it was a nice touch that the Weasley's were there to support James.

I can't wait for the next chapter. Definitely adding this to my favourites!!

Soph x :D

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Review #2, by Sensations11 please help me

14th May 2013:
I really really like this story! It's so interesting!!

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Review #3, by aquabluez17 please help me

13th May 2013:
wow i really liked the idea for this story!!

please continue soon!

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Review #4, by CauldronCharm130 please help me

3rd May 2013:
Wow! I already love this story, you have written this chapter really well. Can't wait to read the next chapter. Please keep writing and update soon. xx

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