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Review #1, by Fonzzx Panic!!

2nd December 2014:
It has literally been SO LONG that I had to skim the previous chapter to remember what had happened, but this chapter was awesome so I don't mind TOO much for waiting so long for it :P
I think it's Greyback after Corra/Klara. However I do hope that she tells at least James soon, because akjdnaejkghwue they are so cute together!

Author's Response: I know!!! I'm sooo sorry! I'm so glad that you like the chapter because I'm so proud of it. Big things coming up very soon in my Christmas chapter which will run a bit behind schedule because of queues but it's already written! Update coming soon, thanks for reviewing xx

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Review #2, by JKsarmy Breakdown

29th May 2014:
I seriously love this story! Keep going:) the spacing between the paragraphs was frustrating though but I get it it's hard to sort out! it happened to me before too! X

Author's Response: Hey I have been taking a small break from this one to get some perspective on it and am just coming back to it. Chapter will be up really soon :) thanks for reading xx

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Review #3, by Anna Smith Breakdown

24th May 2014:
Cliff hanger!!! So good please update. Possibly with longer chapters x

Author's Response: hey thanks for reading. working on the next few chapters now. will post really soon i promise. xx

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Review #4, by Roary Kiss?!

15th November 2013:

Author's Response: Ha thanks, I do too and trust me it's about to get really interesting :) I have decided that I will keep posting chapters as soon as I can :) xx

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Review #5, by willow1 Kiss?!

11th November 2013:
please put the chapters up! 10/10

Author's Response: Thanks, I am glad you like it. I will continue to put the chapters up when I finish them. xx

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Review #6, by ... Letter

19th September 2013:
hi, I really like your story it is very entertaining and I cant wait for the next chapter!
how long do you plan on making this?
and when will the next chapter be up?

Author's Response: Hi. I am glad that you like it.
At the moment I am hoping to have it over 60,000 word but i'm not too sure. The real plot of the story hasn't really even started yet but hopefully within the next few chapters the darker side of the plot will come through. Next chapter will hopefully be up within the next few weeks depending of how efficiently i can write inbetween doing my cource work for uni.
Hope that helped and i didn't ramble too much.
Thanks for reviewing xx

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Review #7, by jamesiriuspotter! Hogwarts-bound

13th July 2013:
hey,sorry for only reviewing now, the chapter was worth the wait. And about the exam I'm getting my results in 6 days, and I'm freaking out lol. But anyway, cant wait for the next chapter.Hugo being in Slytherin didn't expect that,Ron probably freaked out

Author's Response: At least you are getting your results soon :) I took mine in in late May early June and don't get my results until August. :( I’m glad that you like the chapter. And well I didn't just want to put all the Weasleys in Gryffindor. It seemed too easy plus I like the idea of a Weasley in Slytherin, that’s why there is two; Hugo and Molly. Hope you get good results and thanks for taking the time to review. xx

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Review #8, by properpotterfan Hogwarts-bound

8th July 2013:
love this chapter... can't wait to see what goes on at hogwarts! :)

Author's Response: Thanks, the plot is about to thicken. Hope you enjoy it :) xx

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Review #9, by properpotterfan Full Moon

30th June 2013:
I seriously love this story! The plot is already so interesting and captivating after only two chapters! I definitely do not think that you have ruined the plot so early... the story feels like it is only starting to unravel! I really can't wait for the next update. please let it be soon?! :)

Author's Response: Aw, thank you for being so kind and reassuring. I am glad that you like the first few chapters and i hope to have the next on up very soon. xx

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Review #10, by jamesiriuspotter! Full Moon

12th June 2013:
great chapter cant wait for the next one...btw can you tell me when next one is going to be up because im stuDYING for my exam please

Author's Response: About a week, give or take a few days depending on validation. I'm just tidying up the chapter a bit more before I post it :). Sorry for taking forever as usual and good luck on exams, I know how much of a pain studying is as I've just finished mine. xx

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Review #11, by Ice Full Moon

21st May 2013:
Wow! I love how you made it seem that it had been 5 chapters when in reality it was only 2. Please post the next one because I can't wait!

Author's Response: He, I dont quite know if that was ment as a compliment or not, but thanks :), hope to have the next chapter up really soon. xx

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Review #12, by jspfan Full Moon

19th May 2013:
finally updated! great chapter,can't wait for the next one

Author's Response: I know Finally. Thank you for coming back to read the next chapter, I will try to get the next one up faster this time. xx

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Review #13, by remusxtonks Full Moon

19th May 2013:
yes! first tranformation! like the fact you made teddy a werewolf,very original

Author's Response: Hope I did it justice. It just seemed logical to make teddy a werewolf in relation to the plot. :) xx

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Review #14, by lily1234 Full Moon

19th May 2013:
yay! you updated! i loved your characterzations please update soon!

Author's Response: Thanks :) I will try to get the next one up soon xx

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Review #15, by hpfan? Full Moon

19th May 2013:
thanx for finally updating! i loved it..cant wait for next the chapter

Author's Response: I know, it took me long enough. Will try to get the next one up soon. xx

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Review #16, by jamesiriuspotter! The Scar

13th May 2013:
love the start of this fanfic! please update soon!

Author's Response: Thanks, should be up soon. Just need to wait for my other chapter for my other story to update before submitting. xx

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Review #17, by lilyflower345 The Scar

7th May 2013:
yay! im the tenth review!hehe. cant wait for the next chapter

Author's Response: Ha, never had this type of response to one chapter before. Next one should be up soon :) xx

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Review #18, by remusxtonks The Scar

7th May 2013:
cant wait for the next chapter. Love the girl being a werewolf,sounds so badass

Author's Response: Ha, thanks. that's what I'm going for. xx

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Review #19, by hp911 The Scar

6th May 2013:
love it so far!please update soon

Author's Response: Thanks, I promise I will send the next chapter for validation tonight :) xx

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Review #20, by hpforever The Scar

6th May 2013:
thats good to hear!i hope you get satisfied marks!goodluck!

Author's Response: Ha, Thanks :) xx

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Review #21, by hpforever The Scar

6th May 2013:
when are you going to update? please say soon!

Author's Response: Yeah, hopefully very soon as i have now finished up with high school- well if i get good marks on my exams that is- so i have plenty of time to write :) xx

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Review #22, by jspfan The Scar

5th May 2013:
love the werewolf idea!please update

Author's Response: Next chapter should be up soon, just rounding of the final paragraph :) xx

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Review #23, by hp101 The Scar

5th May 2013:
please update soon! its great so far

Author's Response: Thank you so much, next chapter shouldn't take long :) xx

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Review #24, by hpfan? The Scar

5th May 2013:
i loved it!for once a fanfic where the girl is a werewolf!cant wait to see what you do to this story!

Author's Response: I know. I have only been able to find one or two girl werewolf stories on here and I loved the concept of it. Thanks for taking the time to review :)

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Review #25, by Emma The Scar

3rd May 2013:
This is a really great story!! You should definitely continue writing it. I want to know what happens!
Update soon,

Author's Response: Thanks, i am definitely going to continue with it. xx

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