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Review #1, by Violet Gryfindor Cracks In The Ice.

18th July 2013:
Oh wow! This has become a lot more complicated than I expected, but it's fantastic how you've written these characters and their relationships. There is a lot to take into account with the next generation, and I really like what you've done - it's unlike anything I've read before with these characters, adding many more layers and reminding readers that there are different kinds of love. Although Rose and Teddy have a deep connection, Rose is able to recognize that it's not the kind of love that she actually wants - it doesn't give her the security and joy that being with Scorpius does. Yet she can't escape that she has some sort of feelings for Teddy - I think it's that they're so much alike. To a degree, Rose is able to use their similarities in her favour - she can ensure that she won't make the same mistakes that Teddy did, that she won't run away from responsibility, from life. On the other hand, Rose fears the similarities and connection she shares with Teddy because it reveals more about herself than she cares to know.

Ugh, it's a brilliant portrait of the next generation. Even the characters in the background are wonderfully sketched out, from the rather dorky, but sweet Scorpius to the quiet, but eye-roll worthy Molly. It was easy to become lost in the world you've created here. There was just one thing I want to know in terms of critique - you mention that Rose was in sixth year when Teddy and Victoire first kissed, yet at the end of DH James reports that Teddy and Victoire were kissing, and this would be in Rose's first year. That's getting very nit-picky of me, though. ;)

As in the previous chapter, your writing is of high quality, making this story a joy to read. I really hope that you continue writing it!

Author's Response: Thank you so much! I love your reviews, they're so detailed :)

I was planning to sort of go backwards through their relationship with a few side stories in between, so as it gets closer to the start the relationship between them keeps building up in the reader's eyes. Hopefully it'll work ^_^

Yeah, out of the two I think Rose is the one who has grown up more because she knows when to put things in her past. There are those inescapable feelings for Teddy but she knows for sure what she wants by the end of this chapter.

I know, I made Rose older for the purpose of the story but I forgot to add it to the Author's notes (stoopid me), so I will do that now! Thank you for pointing that out though otherwise I would never have noticed. :D

And again, sorry for the ridiculously long wait in updating. I am a ridiculous human being and the next chapter is being written now :). Thanks again for your review! :D

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Review #2, by Violet Gryfindor A Final Goodbye.

18th July 2013:
This is a lovely start to your story, and I'm surprised to see that no one else has reviewed this yet! Teddy/Rose stories may not be all that popular, but your take on the relationship is original and intriguing - I want to know so much more about how their history and how you're characterizing them as individuals.

This first chapter contains lots of hints as to their past, but it's only enough to make me hungry to read on and learn more - it's similar to what Rose thinks at the end about Teddy's behaviour toward her, how there are subtle compliments and light touches. There is a story between the lines, just behind the words, something that has left a deep impression on Rose so that she can't escape it - it's a story that hasn't ended yet, even though I kind of get the feeling that she has been trying to move on. But it's a case of the "lady doth protest too much" - everything in her actions reveals that she still loves him even while her thoughts say no. Her inner conflict is fascinating to follow, revealing a lot of about her personality and psychological state. It makes for a very interesting story to read. :D

This story is also very well-written, and I'm definitely going to add it to my favourites. The narrative flows wonderfully and the overall chapter looks polished, written with care. I'm also drawn to your writing style and the way that you vary your sentence lengths to really emphasize those short, full-stop sentences - it creates an excellent rhythm, which is why I liked how well the narrative flowed.

Now I'm beginning to babble, but it always makes me happy to find a great story from an author I've never read before. I look forward to reading the next chapter! ^_^

Author's Response: First of all, I apologise for taking the longest time to reply to your review and update. I love Teddy/Rose, they're possibly my favourite next gen pairing so i was really only a matter of time before I started something.

Yeah, they have quite a history together. I'm not going to go into too much detail because there will be more chapters but it's very much a vicious cycle kind of relationship (i.e. both looking at different times sort of thing). And they are never quite certain how the other one feels.

Honestly though I have been in love with some of your fics (especially "The Third Man", yay sirily!), so I squealed like a little girl when I read that you favourited one of mine! :D

Thank you for taking the time to say such lovely things :)

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