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Review #1, by caomoyl Chapter Three

16th July 2013:
Hello once again! Ella seems to be struggling a lot in muggle school just like I thought she would. I really do hope she finds it easier as she goes along. Throwing her straight into a game of dodgeball is really mean but still made this chapter funny.

her homework questions did seem really odd considering this is in the UK and they would never ask about America but then I guess it does depend on what the lesson is. The P.E lesson seemed fine to me for a British one (me being British) so good job with that! I suppose there isn't really a way it could be too different from other countries though.

I am very curious as to how the ball was flying but my only theory is that one of them is a witch, but you said in your A/N that she's not so I can't wait to find out what happened there!

Good job!

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Review #2, by caomoyl Chapter Two

16th July 2013:
Hello again! I can't wait to see how Ella's manages in a muggle boarding school where she is totally cut off from any magic she may still have had access to around her family. It did surprise me that she had had no education up until this point, but then I don't recall any education mentioned for young wizards and witches. I always assumed they were home schooled for the first part of their life.

Sending her to a boarding school matched up to what I think her parents are like going by their life plan for her. They seem to be strict and want her to do really well and boarding schools normally encourage that. It also is most like Hogwarts so it fits that way too.

There were two spelling mistakes that I noticed ('Hogwart' instead of 'Hogwarts' and 'ate' instead of 'are') but the rest was good!

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Review #3, by caomoyl Since When

16th July 2013:
Hey! I'm quite interested to see where this goes in future chapters! I've never read anything about a squib before and I have always wondered what it would be like for someone who was one when they were growing up.

I did notice a few grammatical errors with your where/were and there/their but other than that, it was very good! The bit about the frowny faces had me scratching my head in confusion but then I realised that this is set in the future and her aunt was possibly part of the generation using them. Still seems a bit weird for her to be using them in a letter to the headmistress, but it still made me giggle! I did also notice that you said the train left on 25th September which is very late for British education which normally starts at the beginning of September and, if I'm not mistaken, the train for Hogwarts is normally 1st September, but I guess it could have changed in future years.

Can't wait to read the rest of this!

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Review #4, by Rt Chapter Three

24th June 2013:
OMG, this is awesome! How in the world did you come up with a squib story? Plz update!

Author's Response: I will ...eventually

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Review #5, by bowtruckleinlove Chapter Three

22nd June 2013:
First of all: There is no way that I could be any more jealous of you right now... Alaska is one of my dream holidays!
Second of all: I've really enjoyed your story since I read the first chapter, I love that you've gone with a squib (for lack of better words) from a magical family instead of a muggle born witch with your story, not many stories I've see have been like this.
Thirldy: Thanks for dedicating the chapter to me... I still smile when I think about it and I'm so glad that I motivated you to keep writing. I know that sometimes it seems like no one is reading but I'll be here until the very end.
Fourthly: I just want to let you know that I think that your writing has really improved since your first chapter and I know where your coming from in not knowing how things happen in England, I do that whenI'm writing too. But for the most part I wouldn't get too worried about it.
Finally: My theory is that it was the teacher... her mum didn't send her to a normal muggle school, it's actually a school that all the squibs go to so that they can be thrown in the deep end with muggle society but still have wizarding teacher's who can keep an eye on them. (am I even remotely close?)
Keep up the good work and enjoy your holiday!

Author's Response: Hey!

First, I'm really sorry about how long it took me to respond.

Second, thank you so much for the many times you have called my story original. It really makes my day and gives me some motivation. So thanks again for that.

Third, you really deserved the dedication and I can only hope that if you ever need something, that someone will be as kind as you were to me and help you with whatever you need.

Next, you don't know how much I loved hearing (or is it reading?) that my writing had improved. That's one of the main reasons I joined this site and it's possibly one of the best compliments you can give me.

Fifth, it's also good to hear that there are no glaring mistakes on the whole England thing. It's also good to know that there are other people who go through the same things I do.

Sixth, well, no. You're not exactly close. BUT, it's a fantastic theory that would make a great story. I might just use it in a different story if you don't mind. Of course, I will credit the idea to you if I ever do use it.

Lastly, thank you for everything you have given me. Again, I sincerely hope that if you ever need a hand, someone like you will be there to help you out.


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Review #6, by bowtruckleinlove Chapter Two

18th June 2013:
I like this chapter... I really feel for Ella that she doesn't get a say in anything and that she's been sent to a muggle boarding school without so much as a crash course in what she do, say or know...
I hope you can get a new chapter up soon!!! Please???
Keep up the good work!

Author's Response: First off, I wanted to let you know how much your review means to me. It's really motivated me to get writing because it shows me someone is actually going to read it.

Second, it's great that you can relate and feel for Ella because that's why I put so many examples of her not giving her opinion in.

Third, it's hard enough being the new girl when your eleven, but it's way harder being new to an entire way of life.

Thank you so much for this review! I will post something as soon as I get back from my Holiday to Alaska!

P.s I saw you favorited this story! Thanks!

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Review #7, by ChaserQueen Since When

3rd May 2013:
This is a new take as usually people focus on muggle borns
and magical folk. The one thing was I was wondering why they
are having Taco Bell given the circumstances. So, great work
and I look forward to the next chapter.


Author's Response: Thanks for the compliments!

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Review #8, by AlexFan Since When

2nd May 2013:

Okay, since I already reviewed the story you wanted me to read, I picked this next.

You're off to a pretty good start, you've got a couple of grammar that I would fix up but whatever.

Anyway, the thing that I loved about this since I'm just a stickler for facts is that you stuck with the fact that Muggleborns are born because someone in their family was a Squib.

I don't know why but that made me really happy! Anyway, you're off to a good start like I said and have fun writing (I would suggest getting a banner made for your stories over at the Dark Arts because it attracts more readers).

Author's Response: Hello!

I loved hearing that my grammar was getting better because I tried to make it better. As for the banner thing, I have no clue how to get it into the story because I don't know how to work any of the re hosting sites. I will definitly get a banner eventually, but for now I will stick to just the story. Thanks again for the feedback and compliments!

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Review #9, by bowtruckleinlove Since When

30th April 2013:
looking forward to seeing where this story goes, but i do have a question... If her family are so disapointed that she hasn't been accepted into Hogwarts and that she has no magic would they really be having Taco Bell on that particular night?
It's just that I would have thought that they would have wanted to be a magical as possible as if to try and prove that the daughter isn't a squib, but that's just my thoughts on the magical world.
Ooh and I hope that you'll explain where her name comes from soon, please? I love seeing how people work those sorts of things in together.

Author's Response: Hey!

They were eating Taco Bell becase I wrote that while waiting for dinner, and was craving Taco Bell. I see your point. I should probably change that to some thing more "wizardy".

Her name was Elaina because

1. The first thing that popped into my head
2. Sounded magical (to me)
3. Sounded muggle-ish (to me)

I'll probably have her be Ella in the wizard world and Elaina in the muggle world. So I guess it will represent that she lives a dubble life, one as a muggle and one as a wizard ( okay I mean this metaphoracly (or not) and before I give away my entire plot, I'm going to leave.)

Anyway, thanks for the review and your right about the Taco Bell thing.


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