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Review #1, by LittleMissStoryteller Rule Number 1: Don't Get Caught

26th May 2014:
this is really good so far!! I'd love it if you did another chapter!

Author's Response: I'm so glad to hear that you enjoyed it! I've been planning on doing another chapter and I know exactly what's going to happen but I can't seem to find the time to write it!

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Review #2, by ihate coming up with usernames Rule Number 1: Don't Get Caught

18th March 2014:
please tell me the seven month break was just a seven month break, and you have not abbanded this story?!!!

Author's Response: I can safely assure you that the seven month break is just a seventh month break and I have no abandoned this story. It's just on pause for a little while that's all.

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Review #3, by Fan of a fan Rule Number 1: Don't Get Caught

26th June 2013:
I'll admit, this did remind me of Heist Society a lot but I'll trust that you won't copy it or anything like that and I'm actually really liking forward to what's going to happen and what the big heist is. It sounds really interesting and exciting.

Gorgeous banner by the way!

Author's Response: The series was the inspiration but I cross my heart and hope to die that I will not plagiarize it! Anyway thanks for reviewing and the credit for the absolutely goes to blankpainting over at the-dark-arts and her magical ability with animation!

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Review #4, by heartjily4ever Rule Number 1: Don't Get Caught

1st June 2013:
This is a really cool story. Question, have you read Heist Society? Because I'm sensing quite a few similarities, such as Uncle Felix, Interpol, Hamish, big heists and such. I love heist society, so I can't wait for the next chapter. Update soon please :D

Author's Response: I have read Heist Society and that was actually where I got my inspiration for the story. The plot is not the same as Heist Society though, I made sure of that. I really liked what little there was of Uncle Felix so I decided to use his name.

Anyway, I'm glad you enjoyed the first chapter!

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Review #5, by Maya Rule Number 1: Don't Get Caught

9th May 2013:
Laverna is and amazing character!! You are an amazing author!! Keep writing!! I want to read more!!

Author's Response: So I take it that you like Laverna then? Lol and thank you so much, that means a lot and I will most definitely keep writing!

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Review #6, by Magicalmenagerie Rule Number 1: Don't Get Caught

9th May 2013:
This seems to be based off of Heist Society by Ally Carter!

Author's Response: Based off of, not necessarily. Inspired by? Yeah, the idea was inspired by the novel but the plot is different.

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Review #7, by lilylunalover Rule Number 1: Don't Get Caught

9th May 2013:
This is really good so far.


She's pretty nifty, I need more info though. Age, Hogwarts/no, other's ages.
She's funny.
I rather like having a character that's unliked in the story, it's funny to see the other character's thoughts about them.
Yes, you said it in the description.
Nope, I like to be surprised.


Author's Response: Well I'm glad that you think so, after all, no point to writing a story if no ones going to read it and like it!

More information will be given on the characters as the chapters go on. It just never occurred to me to include all of it in this chapter -which sounds stupid, I know- because I was more focussed on what was happening.

Anyway, thanks for reviewing!

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Review #8, by Loop Rule Number 1: Don't Get Caught

29th April 2013:

IM LOVING THE STORYLINE AND WHERE ITS HEADING! IM CURIOUS AS TO HOW THIS PANS OUT! I love the whole Con-artist/thief family thing going on! Im a sucker for that kinda stuff (i watch a lot of leverage,psych and white collar - basically tv alon those storylines!) im really excited! Im loving the characters so far and am reeaallly pumped!

Continue writing

Author's Response: I'm excited to write this! I was inspired by a novel that was about con-artists and thieves (art thieves to be exact) so I thought I'd write this. I'm a sucker for that kind of stuff as well (I like watching Suits though even though it's nothing like this).

I'm glad that you like the characters and I will indeed keep writing!

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