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Review #1, by keyty Cedric + Edward = Forever

8th March 2014:
OH MY GOD. This is so hilarious. I can't even... I am so glad I decided to read this. I don't know how you came up with it, but it's genius. I'm at work and I'm trying to hard not to laugh which sucks because I already have to pee. I just want to frame this and put it in every room in my house. Would that be okay? I want to pass this out at my wedding. At my child's christening. At my funeral. Everyone needs to read this. You have not lived until you have read this.

Good lord I might burst.

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Review #2, by ValWitch21 Cedric + Edward = Forever

1st May 2013:

This review is utterly pointless, but I just cannot write a constructive appreciation of this masterpiece because bahahahaha.

Favourite quotes are the following:

His features cleared in the dim vegetation, pallid skin absorbing the emeralds, limes, ivies, avocados, jades, and olives of the forest. because only you manage to make me think of salad when describing a forest.

Surely thy price of binary extraordinarily-dazzling physical surfaces facing each other dost be fraught with angst. Thine roguish fates shalt never permit us to beith together. Our combined splendor shalt create a paradox, I fear.

We shall sob together and admire one another’s symmetrical features in equal quantities. We shall grin winningly at each other with smiles like buttery croissants, and when the sun descends I shalt partake of thee for dinner.

This one-shot just made my entire week, and I will now go and revel in jealousy of your talent. *nods*

Author's Response: HI, VAL! ♥

loool thank you for your awesomesauce review. I agree, this story is a masterpiece. Everyone should be jelly. It's funny you should bring up salad, because that is the precise shade of Cedric's left ear. His right ear is more like spearmint gum.


Thank you for reading and reviewing!

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Review #3, by ralphiegirl Cedric + Edward = Forever

24th April 2013:
This is possibly the most incredible thing I have ever had the misfortune/pleasure to come upon. This is also the one thing I will recommend to everyone, because it is funny. Thank you.

Author's Response: lool, thanks! XD This story's pretty crazy. Sometimes it's fun to write inane drivel and then go back to more serious fics. Thanks for reading!

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Review #4, by PhoenixPulse Cedric + Edward = Forever

23rd April 2013:
Whut. In. The. WORLD?!? Lol, probably one of the best things I've ever read!

I don't even understand Edward's use of old english. He isn't even that old of a vampire--because apparently being a vampire for 112 years is still considered quite young. (...I think? Meh. Who cares.)

This line:
His chiseled jaw was the precise shade of a vomit-flavored Every-Flavor Bean"

Does this mean a shade of white, because for some reason, the color that popped into my head was a disgusting shade of green. But of course, because it was describing Cedric's beautiful jaw, green just didn't sit as the right color.

And the badgers! Poor Cedric. I could just imagine his abhorrence of being caught in that conversation. Poor boy. But star-crossed, oh gawd!

And when Cedric said this:
"It’s like me, but colored by someone who likes shiny metallic hues. Like a raccoon.”

Beautiful simile Cedric, because I'm sure that's the best you could've came up with. /raccoon/ *snorts*

And finally, this line of gold:
“Come hither, rest upon my bosom,” Edward demanded."

Made me choke on my cheez-itz. So utterly awkward but brilliant.

Thank you. Thank you so much for making my night!
(hopefully this ship will endure the shipping wars of Cho/Cedric and Bella/Edward and any other crazy illogical ships out there. S.S. Edwic was meant to sail the seven seas and beyond!)

Author's Response: -hoists flag for S.S. Edwic-

lol, Edward's old English. I figured that if I was going to parody him, I might as well make him as ridiculous as possible. It was inspired by his pretentious personality, methinks.

Cedric's jaw is indeed green. ~ In that particular moment all of the greenery of the forest made his skin look green, as well. Or maybe he's a new breed of Smurf. Hard to say.

Utterly awkward is my favorite place to be. XD

Thank you for reading! Enjoy your cheez-itz. :D

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Review #5, by teh tarik Cedric + Edward = Forever

23rd April 2013:
Oh this is such a lovely piece of writing. But to be honest, I think Cedric and Edward's relationship developed a bit too quickly so it felt rather unrealistic. The pacing was rather too rushed and they ended up in each other's arms too early. Also, I think you could have really expanded on the badger metaphor, which is of course a unifying symbol in the narrative. So great work, but plenty of room for improvement.

NAAH I JEST. THIS WAS BRILLZ. EDWARDE CULLENE & C-DIGGZ & YE OLDE BUTCHERED ENGLISHE FOREVER! Exposed zombie heart strings and flip books of death lol. And never forget the clavicles. Oh, the clavicles.

Author's Response: LOOOL. ♥ INORITE. Ced + Ed 5eva. They art thou beith the perfect couple thine Harry Potter fandom hath ever laid orbs upon. ~ "C-DIGGZ", OMG. I WILL NEVER STOP SAYING THAT NOW. C-DIGGZ IS MY NEW FAVORITE THING. XD

Pretty much my OTP.

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Review #6, by patronus_charm Cedric + Edward = Forever

22nd April 2013:
I think I know what my new OTP is, forget Jilly they are nothing compared to Cedward! Look I even gave them a name :D

I don't think I can write anything coherent, other than that was awesome! Edward was so deranged it was bordering on scary, and I felt so bad for Cedric when he mentioned the badger eating, you could sense how crushed he was, aw I felt so bad for him.

I'm not really sure where the Shakesperean accent came from for Edward, but I loved it - it just added so much to his character, and made him have so many complexties. I'm really going to look at Twilight in a different way after reading this. I mean, a lot of people underestimate Stephanie Myer's writing talents, but you portayed her character so perfectly, you both deserve a Dobby.

And Cedric was perfect too, he really understood the trials and tribulations Edward must be going through being such a pretty face. It's such a tough life, isn't it?

He even kept his Hufflepuff characteristics by wanting to be loyal to both the pretty face and his mascot, I'm not sure how I could do the same. It's a good thing Cho liked Harry, as she really shouldn't stand in the way of this pairing.

I'm so glad that your banner conveyed the specialness of this relationship, and I hope to see a sequel to it!


Author's Response: Hi, Kiana! (That's my little girl's middle name and I hardly ever hear it anywhere!)

Jily can basically just forget about trying because Ced/Ed has officially set sail and is on its way to captivate the hearts of millions. Two perfect specimens; seriously, the whole site should be writing this pairing.

I fully expect to win a Dobby for this piece of art. And if Stephenie Meyer does not write a fifth book in the Twilight saga where Edward dumps Bella for Cedric, then all hope in the universe is lost. Bella can get with Cho or something.

The banner is quite beautiful, isn't it? And yes, I do take requests. I specialize in copying and pasting as well as large pixels. Sometimes I amaze myself with my artistic talent.


Thank you for reading and reviewing!

- Sarah

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Review #7, by Lululuna Cedric + Edward = Forever

22nd April 2013:
HAHA. This is so clever and hilarious, I was laughing out loud straight from that single "woe." I love how Edward has picked up an olde English accente, and how he denies his angsty plans to have undead Cedric blood for dinner, foregoing the badgers for now. Really, everything here was pure gold, though not quite as perfect as Cedric's perfect weeping. I'm sure they'll make a handsome couple! :P

Author's Response: I have no idea where the olde English accent came from. I started writing him and then tried to remember what Edward even sounded like, and all I could remember was that he used a lot of condescending language to sound smart of whatevs because not only is he a creep who dines on the life-force of woodland creatures, but he is a misogynist creep at that.

Nothing can be as perfect as Cedric's perfect weeping. It is the most perfect thing that has ever happened.

They are indeed a handsome couple. I expect to see them on the cover of People magazine any day now.

Hehehe. Thank you for reading/reviewing!

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