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Review #1, by RosemaryP Everyone's Sorted

13th August 2013:
This is really good, I like your style of writing! You're very talented! So far the story has been moving very slowly though so I think it would be better if you speeded it up and got to the main plot soon! But its still very good!

Author's Response: yeah- the main plot moves in now- I just wanted to bring in most of the main characters before the plot. thanks!

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Review #2, by Ian The Train Ride and Points For ME!!

7th June 2013:
Its going great! I want to keep reading so you should definetly write more!

Author's Response: thank you, i'm a little caught up with school but i'll try and get the next few chapters up soon

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Review #3, by nott theodore My First Peak

26th April 2013:
You have quite a good start to you story here. The ending of this chapter isn't quite a cliffhanger, but it really made me curious about what the vision was. I have an inkling of who the boy with hazel eyes is already!

You've set up your character well here, and given the reader reference points to help us know who they are (Scorpius' cousin, and therefore presumably Daphne Greengrass' daughter). I don't know if I would have given such a sweeping back story in the first chapter but it depends how you build on it.

I noticed a few grammatical errors - commas in the wrong places and such - but they don't detract from the flow of the story here.

Keep writing!

nott theodore :)

Author's Response: thanks it's my first story so i'm still trying and testing but i decided i would build the back story up a bit more in later chapters as it explains some very critical parts in the later chapter.

thanks for being my first review- i'll try and have the next chapter up soon


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