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Review #1, by TeamDramione Yule Tide Kisses

15th May 2013:
I love "Here There Be Dragons" OMG! You are amazing! My heart was pounding when I read this, you are so gifted. Keep it up! :))

Author's Response: Aw thanks!! I'm glad you liked it! The next 2 chapters of Here There Be Dragons should be up soon! (I hope!) I'm not sure if I'm "gifted", though. I mean, there are certainly better writers out there. :p but I always try to do my best, even though I'll never be as good a writer as Jo herself. Thanks again for the review!

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Review #2, by TreacleTart Yule Tide Kisses

10th May 2013:
This was really a cute little story. I really enjoyed the line "And both Hermione and Draco remembered that kiss in the dark times to come..." Very sweet.

I'm also reading Here There Be Dragons and I'm really enjoying it so far. Good work!

Author's Response: Thank you!

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Review #3, by HeyMrsPotter Yule Tide Kisses

1st May 2013:
I just read "here there be dragons" yesterday and I'm glad I read this too, lovely little one-shot!

Author's Response: Thank you soo much!

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Review #4, by MadiMalfoy Yule Tide Kisses

29th April 2013:
Aw :'D SO CUTE!!! I've always wanted to write a scene with enchanted mistletoe in my main story but I'm not there in the plot yet. :/ But anyway, back to this one-shot! I really liked how you portrayed Draco's time at the Yule Ball and how he feels about Pansy (because I mean let's be honest, no one really likes Draco/Pansy together, it's just assumed they had relations in their older years because their parents wanted it to happen) being his date to it and wishing he could escape the chains he's bound with. I forgot Blaise had a MAJOR crush on Hermione so that was refreshed for me as well. Great snapshot from HTBD, good job with it! :) xx

Author's Response: Thanks so much! Your reviews are always the best! :)

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Review #5, by Pierre Yule Tide Kisses

26th April 2013:
I love this story! It was strait to the pount but had a little kick to it! (If you know what I mean) it was really good and I love your style! :)

Author's Response: Thank you! You have no idea how happy your review made me! Thanks so much!

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