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Review #1, by oldershouldknowbetter Spectrum

4th February 2015:
Well here I am for the BvB and it has given me the necessary impetus to review something that I always enjoyed. I stopped reading and reviewing things for a while when I began writing my own story because the sounds of other people's Roses interfered with the voice of my Rose and also the amount of time I spent reviewing cut into my writing time considerably. The upshot of it all is that while I was away this excellent story only went and became completed.

Enough of this, on with the review.

So you have Rose as a reporter. I am constantly amazed by the different possible career paths that Rose has post her schooling - according to various chroniclers of her life here at HPFF. It speaks to her potential as a character and the natural abilities that we all ascribe to her. I have not seen her as a journalist before.

And then you set the scene for her personality: the exposition is done well; it informs us as to her family's occupations without too much preamble;and her character is firmly established. So we have a smart (but her brother is the really smart one) Rose trying to make her own name for herself. She obviously feels somewhat inadequate next to the rest of her family and she is the sort to try to live up to her parent's greatness, and this we reckon will be her main impetus throughout this story. So far she hasn't been able to, but she is waiting for the next big thing, her break, her scoop to fulfill her dreams.

There is only one little note that I didn't get - why is everyone so excited? Why is this one of the most stressful issues yet? It is not made clear and because you are using it as a backdrop to highlight how serious Rose is taking her own work, we cannot judge fully the extent of her commitment because we don't exactly know what to compare it against. It's just a little point, but it occurs right at the beginning.

We see some of her friends and have more exposition about other members of the family. I know this is the beginning and we have to establish the setting and all this exposition is necessary - the good thing is that it never becomes boring or too much and flows along nicely. Her friends want her to go, but we can see from their attitudes that they are used to her not.

Rose mentions "the previous Christmas Party" implying that the after works drinks may be this years Christmas party. Is that what it is; is that why everyone's excited? Or was that just a point made about the last time Rose remembers her Aunt at an after works drinks?

But it is lucky she stayed because along comes her boss with the pretext for the rest of the story - how convenient ;)

The boss seems normal, I got the sort of hint that he might have been the one keeping her back, giving her the poor quality assignments, but that doesn't seem to be the case. It must be that she is a junior reporter and thus is given the junior cases. What he gives her is just the sort of thing to give to someone in her position: yes it is only a trivial story (not latest breaking news), but it is overseas and so major in a way; yes it throws light on her status (single, no real ties to hold her from going), but that means she can actually go without it being too much of a bother. All of these thought run through her head and the decision is soon made - she will go.

You are quite right in your final surmise, the hinting about Scorpius has me more than excited to meet him. Curse Breaker possibly, hmm ...

As an introduction to a story, this chapter does all it should and more. We know the world, we know the setting, we know our heroine's character and we are excited to learn more.

Author's Response: Hey there, thanks for this review it's so lovely and long! :D

Bahaha, I know what you mean as I've written several versions of Rose and so far she's been an artist, journalist and a Healer, so she really can be anything. I think it's because Ron and Hermione are so different meaning their daughter could have really ended up as anything.

I'm glad that you liked her character, because like with her job, you can really make her out to be anything really as her parents are so different so it really opens up a lot of possibilities. I wanted to make her the less successful one in this case, because usually that's Hugo, so I thought it would be fun to switch it around here!

Oops, sorry I should have made that a little clearer then! They're excited as they've got the issue ready on time, as I always imagined it to be a last minute rush in order to ensure it gets to print on time.

I'm glad that you thought the introduction to her friends wasn't too boring, as Lorcan does play a big role later on and as he's so close to Rose he plays an important role in bringing out her character and making sure she's okay still.

It's just point about Aunt Ginny, nothing more sadly!

Hahah, he does give her the worst assignments when it comes down to it, but I shouldn't worry too much as Rose will get her chance to shine later on! I wouldn't read too much into the trivial aspect of it all, because there might be a lot more to it than it immediately seems as we shall see later on.

Yaya for Scorpius!

Thanks for the great review, your kind words mean a lot! :D


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Review #2, by RoseWeasley7 A Guise

20th October 2014:
I love the story but I have a question.
The man sent them back in time because of something Scorpius' did in the 1920s why don't they just drink the potion now and go to the present? Then Scorpius would never have done whatever it was that caused the man to send them back in time and they would have never been sent back.

Author's Response: Yay, I'm so glad that you loved it, it means a lot to me! That is a great point, but as time laws are so tricky and scary they didn't want to mess with them by changing anything so they just stuck with them and stayed there instead. :)

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Review #3, by Veritaserum27 Of Final Thoughts

5th October 2014:
Hi Kiana,

I'm here from the common room for BvB!

Ooo! This chapter was a good one - so much is revealed. Where do I start? Ok, so it looks like Anthony is going to die soon - so sad! But he wants to take polyjuice potion so George will think he's Scorpius - that seems like a good plan, but I have a feeling that might go awry. The best laid plains... ya know.

And Rose and Scorpius - gah! The feels - OMG that scene was so beautiful and they are just perfect for each other and I love that he understands her temper and fire, and doesn't fight against it, but tries to help her tame it - so super sweet! I was so worried that she wasn't going to say "I love you" back to him - and then she did it right at the end - that was very mean of you, Kiana - I was holding my breath and everything.

So Charlotte is pregnant with George's baby and that's how Frederic Russell came to be. Hmmm... I wonder what you've got planned next?

I wasn't sure about this part (maybe it will be explained later)...

He was raised by his uncle, George's brother, instead.

Is that another character? Perhaps one that we haven't met yet, or did you mean that he was raised by David (Charlotte's brother). Ooo - maybe David is carrying too much animosity about his sister's betrayal and he refuses to raise the baby. I can see that.

Great chapter! I can't wait for the ending!

♥ Beth

Author's Response: Hey Beth!

Yes, a lot did go on in this chapter! I know, I'm still quite sad that he had to die, but I guess at least he died a noble way so that Scorpius could stay alive which was such a nice thing to do.

Wah, I know, they finally had a moment because they had to have one before everything happened otherwise that would have been too cruel. Hahaha, of course she was going to say it, as I'm not that cruel when it comes to Scorose, or am I? :P

Yes, yes, yes, that is very true and more about those three will be found out later on!

That is another character, because after Charlotte ran away, she didn't talk to David for a while and it was quite a long time before they spoke again, so she gave it to George's brother instead.

Thanks for a great review, Beth! :D


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Review #4, by BellaLestrange87 Spectrum

12th September 2014:
This is for the Blue vs. Bronze review battle!

This is a good first chapter. It establishes the main elements (at least what I think they are after 1 chapter, in a finished novel too) - Rose wanting to stand out from her family, wanting to prove herself as a journalist, and being excited about seeing Scorpius.

I liked the way you characterized Rose. It makes sense that either she or Hugo would take after Ron and not be a walking reference book. Her concerns (about family, being outshone, wanting to do something with her life, and Scorpius) are real, and she has a likeable personality.

Hermione as Minister for Magic - I can see that happening. I believe JKR said she became the Deputy Head of the Department of Magical Law Enforcement, which according to the books was only a few steps from the top of the ladder.

Who is Pierston? By the looks of it he's Rose's boss, but not much information is known about him - like what he looks like, his personality, stuff like that. Same with her relationship with Scorpius. Is it a proper relationship, or is Rose obsessed with him and he finds it creepy? Why is he in Cairo? This isn't CC, since I couldn't find anything to CC about. I think it's setting the stage for the next chapters, which would answer these questions.

Good job!


Author's Response: Hi Olivia!

Yes, those are definitely the main elements and continue to be throughout the story so it's great that you could pick them out now.

Aw, thank you, it was a lot of fun to make her the underdog of the family and the one people ignore as it's characterisation you don't often see. I'm so glad that you found her likeable too as that's something I always try and aim for.

Yes, I did intend to explore Hermione's career a little more in this story as I do see it as a natural transition, but I focused on her emotional aspects instead so I hope you find that interesting too.

Yes, he is Rose's boss, sorry I should have made it clearer. As for Scorpius, more will be found out in the next chapter, I just didn't want to give away too many spoilers here, the same for why he's in Cairo. Aw, don't worry, it makes me think more!

Thanks for an awesome review :D


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Review #5, by dracodarlingxx The Last Loss

9th August 2014:

as for this chapter, i definitely did not expect that! i find it kind of hard to see from Hermione's POV as to how she let her daughter leave forever, but I'm happy that Scorpius and Rose are back together, because I would have cried a river if you had left Scor all alone in the past, so overall, great chapter as usual and YOU FINISHED YOUR STORY (and it was go o o o o o o od)
look forward to reading more of your stuff :)

Author's Response: I did and I'm so glad that it meant a lot to you!

Hahaha, yes I almost didn't expect it either but this story does have to have some twists! I couldn't not have them together too, so they had to be together 4eva because it's Scorose! I'm so glad that you liked it though and thanks for these amazing reviews :D


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Review #6, by teh tarik The Last Loss

6th August 2014:



I love everything about this. But the first part of this chapter was incredibly depressing. Rose and Lorcan waiting for three freaking weeks for Scorpius and he doesn't show. And then in Dalila's letter, she mentioned the one last phial and I was jumping a bit, but wondering how on earth they were going to manage. It never occurred to met hat Rose would go back to the past for good, that it would be her one-way ticket to Scorpius and all. I STILL THOUGHT THAT SOMEHOW HERMIONE WOULD BE ABLE TO REPLICATE THAT POTION. And then there'd be enough to bring Scorpius back and Rose could be together with everyone, including family, all in the present.

But asljdlkjljas asdlkjlk your ending, it's just soo sweet AND a little sad, because after all, she's leaving everything she knows behind, deciding to settle down in a completely different era, and will have to try to get used to all that society, and one where things aren't so liberal for women. Which, somehow reminds me of Charlotte, who railed against the lack of equality for women...OOH!!!


...which means, I've now gone and trapped myself in a silly paradox.


The ending with SCOROSE! ♥ ♥ I got a little bit teary because their reunion was absolutely gorgeous, and so beautiful. These two really are wonderful together, may they be together until the end of time...or at least, may they be trapped together in a time loop forever and ever and ever, where they can love each other for all eternity.

With Rose in the past now, I can imagine her leaving all sorts of messages for her family to read. *sighs* So it's not really goodbye after all...she just won't be there physically with them, but they'll know that what's going on with her, and that she had a good, long, happy life with Scorpius.

I LOVE that you ended this whole fic with Scorpius's POV.

Everything seemed well for once. Acanthus and the troubles it brought with it faded into the back of his mind, they weren't going to bother him for a long time now he had Rose by his side. He could be himself again with her.

^ These lines!! GAH. Such perfection. ❤

OK, I think I've capslocked and rambled on long enough. Just want to say, CONGRATULATIONS one last time, Kiana! This has been a fantastic fic to follow, and I don't think I've finished reading a complete novel on HPFF for many, many, many months now. The last complete novel-length fic I read was Run, and that was waay back in 2012. Thank you for writing this; I loved this, loved how it's ended, AND YOU ARE FABULOUS SO DON'T STOP WRITING. ♥


PS: Thanks for the shoutout in your final A/N!! That was a pleasant surprise.

Author's Response: Wah thank you for this amazing review it's so long and wonderful and yes, thank you!! ♥

Yay for loving everything, and I'm sorry for the depressing bit at the beginning, but as we learnt from Harry Potter, it can't be all happiness and there has to be some trials and tribulations too, so yes, they have to earn their happiness. I was jumping up and down while writing that too because that was the final plot twists of all plot twists and it meant Scorose could be together again. As for Hermione making another potion, I never really explained it, but the potion had Anthony's bone in it (if you remember from ages ago as they thought it was Scorpius's but he didn't really die), so they would have to get his hands on the corpse which would have been really complicated and horrible. Also, I imagine the recipe to be some top secret thing too, hence why Hermione didn't make it.

I know, she's just giving up everything to be with him but I always imagine Rose in the past fighting for women's rights and campaigning for change and being a general do gooder, so I think she would be okay there and wouldn't stand for any of that injustice.

OMG THAT IS SUCH A COOL THEORY BUT YES, THE PARADOX OF IT ALL MEANS IT WON'T REALLY WORK BECAUSE STUPID TIME LAWS BUT IT'S SO COOL TOO. I really love the idea though, and I always do imagine that Rose becomes with Charlotte again and explains everything to her and David and they're super close and end up being BFFs for 5eva because no one else can really understand what they went through. I really want to write a spin-off of Rose in the past now but alas no time and I already have 2 WIPs, maybe in the future.

Aw, thank you!! I'm so glad that you liked it because I really wanted it to be perfect as I really love those too and they just go so well together in a weird and unexpected way. Wah, I feel so sad but happy at the thought of them floating through time alone together.

I think she will definitely try and make contact with them because she would be around at the same time as Molly and Arthur. As for her parents I'm not too sure, but she would try and leave letters to them explaining her life so they aren't too sad without her.

Yay for Scorpius!! He's been through so much he needed to have the closing note and Scorpius is a babe and deserves it. ♥

It's fine I loved your capslock and rambles, and it means so much to me that you liked the ending!!! Aw, thank you so much, I feel so honoured to have a fabulous writer/reader/reviewer say that to me, and thank you so much for all your amazing reviews throughout this story, as they really cheered me along so you definitely deserved the shoutout!

Thank you one last time :D


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Review #7, by teh tarik Penultimate Farewells

6th August 2014:



Something's going to happen, right? Right? Scorpius will find himself back in the correct time, won't he? THERE'S MORE POTION SECRETLY. Or David is actually a Potions master genius and he'll whip out a better, more effective version of the time-travelling brew in no time and the Scorpius goes back to the 21st century and then SCOROSE 5EVA.

...I'm kind of in love with your Scorpius here...

The first part with Rose running through the desert was so tense and a little eerie but so beautifully written! The feel of sand scratching her skin, the comfort she takes in holding on to her dead friend...and Edward's burial was so heartbreaking for all of them. Their little group has been all but destroyed. Poor David. :( :(

Anyway, I'm off to read your next chapter because I can't wait. There are good things in the next (and last) chapter, aren't there? *death glare*

♥ Absolutely wonderful chapter, Kiana!



Oooh, I love all your theories and they really did make me laugh as some of them were very close to the mark I have to say. But in this story the motto is Scorose 5eva if that's any help. Well, actually with the ending I had thought about for a long time it wouldn't have been that way but it's fine, I decided against it and I'm glad I did.

Me too, me too, he's such a babe.

I know, their little group is so small now and it's so sad that there's only David left and Charlotte too I guess but no one really knows anything about her right now so it's so sad. :(

There are good things, don't worry so there's no need for the death glare! Thanks for another amazing review, teh! :D


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Review #8, by teh tarik The Fatal Flaw

6th August 2014:
Holy moly, shocker, intense chapter! *TAKES DEEP BREATH*

I suspected that Anthony would sacrifice himself somehow when he and Scorpius came up with that plan in the last chapter. It was still painful to watch him die, especially through Rose's eyes. That was incredibly intense scene: Rose carrying her dead friend, and two times she tries to run off but ends up going back to the door to see what's happening. And seeing Anthony dead, espcially in Scorpius's body, must have been a terribly traumatic experience for her.

I love how you resolved that twist about Scorpius not having to die after all! I know I should have seen that coming with the mention of the Polyjuice and all, but I'm glad I didn't. I think this has got to be favourite twist so far in the story. It's so clever and so beautifully simple and logical. OF COURSE.

Your last sentence with Scorpius's final words for the chapter was bang bang amazing.

"Don't ask me how," he finally said to the others, "But I know for a fact it's Rose that we're looking for, she's the one we want. Now, let's go and get her."

Not to mention more ScoRose! Another part I really, really loved was Rose's little speech before they began their whole mission to retrieve Edward's body.

I don't care about much, but I care about you. I don't care about proving I'm just as good as my family anymore, I don't care about being a great reporter and getting the scoop either, I don't care about any of it. Why don't you just accept that?

It's always incredibly gratifying when characters we've been following for so long in a novel finally understand what they want, and in Rose's case, it's Scorpius! ♥ It's so, so lovely, and is quite possibly my favourite Rose moment of the entire fic so far. THERE HAD BETTER BE A FLUFFY SCOROSE ENDING TO THIS FIC.



Author's Response: Hahaha, intense is probably the best word for it but wait until you get to the next one, then you'll know the true meaning of intense *evil laugh*!!

Yup, Scorpius could never die (well, he will one day but you get what I mean), as he's too lovely and adorable and I just couldn't do it to him. I think that was my favourite twist too because then Scorpius and Anthony both got what they wanted so in a way it could be a happy twist if there is such a thing.

Aw, thank you!! I think he had lots of bang bang moments in his head just then and it must have been a little insane realising he didn't have to die and could be with Rose 5eva, I almost feel sorry for him as it must have been so overwhelming.

Yes, for more ScoRose, the more of it the better I always think! I know what you mean about that level of understanding, because I think Rose has finally reached that point where material things don't matter anymore and she just wants to be with Scorpius and her family and it's so sweet to see she's finally happy.

Erm, about that fluffy ending... Ha, just kidding, watch and wait is the best thing to say really :P Thanks for another fantastic review, teh! :D


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Review #9, by teh tarik Of Final Thoughts

5th August 2014:
Hey Kiana!

I swear that I AM slowly making my way through the final chapters of Acanthus! I'm waay excited that you've finished, even if that means that I'm nearing that final chapter. Congratulations, by the way! ♥

And now, this chapter.

SO MANY THINGS. Where do I even begin.

It's lovely to see Hermione (and Ron and Hugo, but mostly Hermione) doing some investigative work. I think it's great that you can reveal important information to the reader through them, without Rose and Scorpius and the others knowing. I always love shifting POVs in stories. And all of that info on Frederic Russell! I'm reeling a bit. :O But more on that later.

SCOROSE LOVE SCENE ♥ aslkdjdf that was so lovely, so slow and tender and sensual and aslkjlds how much do I ship these two, I don't even know.

Anthony is such a hero. It's awful, the way he's dying such a slow, tormented death, and even with all his suffering, he tries to do the best he can to save the others, to put a stop to George's malevolent plans. Ugh, his sacrifice is so painful to read about, and if he does die the way he plans to die, his death will be indeed such a noble one, and a contrast to Edward's horribly senseless death.

So Charlotte and George were actually married to each other! Not just playing pretend, but really married. And what an unhappy marriage it was. She's right about one thing, though, which is her position as a woman in a patriarchal society as the one she inhabits. In a sense, I do feel sorry for her, a little. None of the others seem to sympathise with her the slightest, though. Even at the end, when Frederic's ancestry is being revealed, nobody seems to remember Charlotte's name.

Which, of course brings us to Frederic Russell! SO...Charlotte is his grandmother!? Charlotte is with child when she leaves the group? *huge eyes* I definitely did not suspect that Charlotte was related to Frederic. o.O

And Hermione's last words were so full of resolution. I'm guessing she has some sort of plan.

Fabulous chapter, Kiana! I'm nearly there, the fic's finishing for me soon, and while I'm a bit sad, I can't wait to find out what comes next! ♥


Author's Response: Hey teh, haha, it's fine and thank you!! ♥ ♥

Bahahaha, yes, this chapter has so MANY things it's kinda like an emotional overload but so much fun because of all the emotions and yes I will stop rambling now...

Ha, I know what you mean because while Ron and Hugo are cool too, Hermione just tops all the coolness and I love her and she should be a detective instead of working in the Ministry as should be a lot better doing that! Yay for Frederic spoilers, you finally get to find out why he's so cray cray, and I can't wait to read your views.


I know, there are way too many noble people in this story with Anthony, Edward and Scorpius, it's like stop being so self-sacrificing you're making me look bad. But I guess the fact that Edward's death was so horrible and senseless it powered him to stop George even more if that makes sense.

Yes, they were :( It just makes the whole thing even more tragic, because she just wanted to make something of herself in this restricted world but couldn't and lost lots of people because of it. The others aren't that heartless, as they will warm to Charlotte later on, I just think the shock of everything was too much for them all here. Hmm, Frederic will be revisited later on, so don't worry and yes Charlotte is his grandmother, bombshell!! Bahah, I don't think anyone saw that coming.

Thank you for such a fab review, teh, you really made me smile! :D


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Review #10, by AlexFan The Last Loss

28th July 2014:
Yo Kiana, you're done! Congratulations on finishing Acanthus! I'm sorry it took me so long but you know how crazy this month has been.

Okay, before I move onto the actual review, I just want to point out that the part where Rose says that having a mother high up in the ministry had its perks, and all of the stuff about her looking through the files, you repeated that section twice.

And now moving onto the actual review, I did not see this ending coming. I thought that they would never meet up again and would have to live their lives separately or something so this was a surprise.

I think Rose was really brave to make the decision that she did, I mean, it was crazy, but it was brave. She's going back to a time where she essentially has very little rights as a woman (and no wifi) and that's a really big transition. She must love Scorpius a heck of a lot to give up all of that just to be with him. I know that I'd never be able to do it, live without wifi or the internet, I could probably manage, but give up my rights and be forced to wear dresses all the time? Nuh uh (then again, I'm not a very romantic person).



Author's Response: Yayay, hey Grace and thank you, I've taken ages to respond to this too so we're quits!

Yes, someone else pointed that out to me so I just went and fixed it but thanks for saying as I hadn't noticed in the excitement of getting this posted.

Bahahaha, yes, I certainly threw in a plot twist but what's a final chapter if they don't have one of them in it?

Yes, she certainly is crazily brave but that seems to be something imprinted within the genes of Weasleys and Gryffindors, so she's just following in that trend it seems. I think with her as well as having a life with Scorpius (though sadly one without internet or rights which would suck) it's a challenge and an adventure for her so that's why she went along with it.

Bahaha, I didn't expect it either as it was going to be a lot different I can tell you that! I'm almost tempted to post it and see what you guys think of it but I prefer this one as it's a lot happier shall we say... :P

Thank you for an amazing review, and I really did love all of them! :D


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Review #11, by marauderfan The Last Loss

20th July 2014:
Kiana!!! I'm sorry I'm leaving my final review for this story on a tablet so it may be full of typos -_- . Anyway, CONGRATS on finishing your first novel!! :D

First, just to get this out to the way before I start gushing about the amazingness of the chapter/Acanthus/you. There was one section that was repeated: the part beginning with Having a mother high up in the Ministry sure did have its perks and ending with she picked up the first file and began to read. -- is repeated twice.

Ok now akdkksnkjnrfkhlfzlkns. My feelings were kind of a rollercoaster in this chapter. First, Rose and Lorcan wait for Scorpius for THREE WEEKS and I know he's left in he past but they don't know and gahhh. But I loved their reunion with Dalila,and Hasani, and the Weasleys! That was a great scene and I just loved all the reactions from Rose's family.

But when she decided to leave them behind and remain in the past... omg. I am not sure what to think about this. On the one hand, I'm thrilled she was reunited with Scorpius again. But on the other hand, she is dead to her family now, that was a goodbye forever. And her family and all of her friends are dead to her. (well, technically not alive yet, but they are forever gone from her world) And there's no way to ever see them again. It'd be like your whole family and all of your friends dying at the same time. Man, she must love Scorpius a lot in order to give all of that up. Most intense ending ever.

A few chapters ago I suspected that it might end with them in the past, but until i read this chapter I hadn't really thought of all that entailed. So crazy! But it made for a really intense ending. Wonderful job on this story and I'm so proud of you for finishing your first novel! I'll be sad that there are no new updates on Acanthus anymore but I'm sure I'll find something new on your AP to stalk ;)

♡ ♡ ♡

Author's Response: It's fine and thank you for the review Kristin, it was fab but I'm so, so, so sorry for taking an age to get to this *hides in shame*!

Wah, stupid repeating when copying and pasting, I really hope I can finally get over this annoying habit as it seems to happen all the time in this story.

Wahahaha, yes a rollercoaster is probably the best description! I know, I know, it was so sad and it was like get into gear he isn't going to come back if you just sit around but yeah they didn't know that #sadtimes. But whoo for family reunions, I'm so glad that you liked that as it was probably my favourite scene to write in this chapter.

I don't know what to think either as it's just so mixed and horrible, but I think with Rose she always has that Weasley adventure spirit so it probably doesn't seem so bad to her and she gets to be with Scorpius. Also, I think the fact that Hermione gave her approval to this it meant she didn't feel so bad for doing this.

Oooh, yes, I had one or two other people suspect that too, but I guess you didn't think Rose would go forward and then back again as that was a little crazy! Thank you so much for this fantastic review and all the support you gave me, it really meant a ton!! :D


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Review #12, by Aaamolia The Last Loss

20th July 2014:
There are few stories that have kept me reading from beginning to end non-stop...but Acanthus did. It is with a little sadness that I have come to the last chapter at 3am but I also feel an overwhelming sense if satisfaction.

You write well. Your story has this engaging flow about it that hasn't allowed me to look away. All the characters and themes are very believable. I felt it moved a bit too fast in some places, but it didn't really affect the overall reading. Your characterisations of Scorpius and Rose have been thought out, and executed very well. I love the way you wrote the scenes where Ginny recovers Edwards body and sprints back towards camp. The probable emotions are portrayed effectively, I felt as if I had run the marathon with a dead body and suffered through the Pain and confusion.

Awesome fic! Can't wait to read more of your writing :)

Author's Response: Aw, thank you so much!! That means so much to me to hear that and I'm smiling away like a crazy person write now.

I'm really glad that you liked all the characters, especially Rose and Scorpius because though I've written those two a couple of times before the versions of them here are probably my favourites. Wow, I didn't realise that scene had such a big impact but that means a lot to me to hear that, so thank you so much! Thank you for this awesome review and sorry for taking ages to get to it, life has been so crazy recently!!


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Review #13, by teh tarik The Web Thickens

20th July 2014:

I'm back. TO CATCH UP AT LAST! It's been waaay too long since I read the last chapter, and I had to re-read that last chapter to kind of remember where I'd left off in the story because everything here is so exciting and bewildering and super fast-paced and askdjhkl this is like watching a very exciting movie! Set in Egypt! We just need a couple of mummies breaking out of their tombs now.

Waah, this chapter was just packed! Action, action, tension, and we get to know more about George's evil plans. So that explains all that stuff about the rival family! Seriously, why is George so evil and mean?! The way he just kills Edward and then proceeds to taunt Rose on and on, and then performing Crucio on Anthony just like that.

I honestly thought Anthony was dead after the impact of that fall. o.O Good to know that the death toll of your fic hasn't been upped (yet). And they left George lying there like that? I'll bet he's going to wake up when they're gone and cause more havoc. They should just transfigure him into a bone or something and carry him with them.

Scorpius is such a manly hero, bahaha! Charging off to rescue Rose, duelling the bad guys...I'm thinking of The Mummy again, Brendan Fraser and Rachel Weisz gallivanting through Egypt. :P

And Charlotte. I have no idea what she's up to. AM GOING TO FIND OUT THOUGH! Her and that Frederic Russell! Maybe Frederic is actually George. One of his time-travelling selves or something. After all, he had some potion for immortality or something?

Fabulous chapter, Kiana!


Author's Response: *hides because I have taken an age to get to this*

Yaaay for catching up, and whoo for it being like a movie, I always thought out of all my stories, I would want this to be a film because it would have such cool landscapes with the deserts and ancient cities. Gah, I really wish I put mummies in this now!

Action, action and more action is probably the best way to describe this story but ew for George! I'm sorry I made him so evil and mean but you should find out more about why he's like that soon. He's just so horrible, but don't worry watch and wait and it should be okay soon.

Bahahah, I love how you say yet, but at the moment Anthony is ok so don't worry too much. As for George, I love the idea of making him as a bone, but what actually happens might be better.

I don't think I've ever heard someone describe Scorpius as manly as I always think of him as a self-sacrificing idiot but oh well, he does have something Mummy esq about him.

There will be more about Charlotte too, watch all her movements carefully and things should be revealed about her. Ooh Frederic as George, that is a good one and sort of right in a weird way!

Thanks for a fabulous review, teh!


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Review #14, by vanityfair The Last Loss

20th July 2014:
This was such a good story I am so sad to see it finished but I can always read other things of yours I guess. :) I really liked how you kept us on the edge throughout as I thought they would never be together again and then they were and I wanted to cry as it was written so well and it was so lovely. Rose and Scorpius really are perfect for one another so I'm glad they could be together. I also loved Rose and Hermione's scenes and they made me want to cry too as they were so natural and perfect. I really loved this story and so glad I read it, thank you for mentioning me, it meant a lot. Thank you for writing this, Maia xxx

Author's Response: Aw thank you so much, Maia you definitely deserved the mention as you've been so good to me and this story and all my other ones too I needed to thank you and don't cry!! *hugs*. I'm so glad that you liked that they could be together and that Rose and Hermione got a final moment together as I really wanted to show both sides of love and it was so much fun to explore. Thank you for being a fab reviewer!! ♥


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Review #15, by Infinityx The Last Loss

19th July 2014:
Oh my gosh. It's over. I'm not kidding, I actually have tears in my eyes. I did not expect that ending at all. Wow, Kiana. You have astounded me with your writing skills. Again. Everything just added up perfectly and now everything makes sense.

I love how you've brought the familial love as well as the romantic love into this chapter. There was just a really deep surge of emotions that I felt while reading about Rose's reunion with her parents and then with Scorpius, and gah, this was just wonderful.

I am overjoyed that it was a happy ending. Well, for the most, as she had to leave her parents, but I am brimming with this warm feeling because of the way you portrayed the love between Rose and Scorpius.

This is going to have to be a short review as all I can say is that I absolutely loved this novel, and it was just brilliant throughout. I'm a bit sad that it's over but I can't wait for your next one! Congratulations on completing your first novel, and thank you for writing this as I just loved every bit of it. :)


Author's Response: Hey Erin! Yes it is and I'm sorry for making you cry but I'm glad it all finally makes sense and that you liked it as it means so much to me!

I know what you mean about familial love as it did make me cry mentioning it here as it was just so raw and tender and so heartfelt too. I'm really glad that you liked the ending but in a way it was Hermione who suggested it and gave it her blessing so we shouldn't have to worry too much.

Thank you so much for these amazing compliments and this amazing review, it just means so much to me!! ♥


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Review #16, by dracodarlingxx Penultimate Farewells

18th July 2014:
lol last time I checked this story you were on chapter 18 and now chapter 20! you made my day with two chapters at once to read :D :D
oh god, Scor. darling little self-sacrificing Scor, i do love you so.
And hey, have you seen the Baz Luhrman Romeo and Juliet film? where Juliet wakes up just a second too late after Romeo has taken his fatal poison?! A SECOND EARLIER = A HAPPY ENDING?!?! that was pretty much just as frustrating as this, when Scor waited a second too late to call out to Rose :'(
but I'm hoping David has some 'back to the future' potion stashed away somewhere for Scor ;) ?? But then David would be by himself in the past, which would make me sad :'(
aargh i hope there's a happy ending :(
please update soon xx

Author's Response: Hahaha, yay, I did do some speedy updating so I'm glad that you liked it!

I know what you mean about Scorpius it's so sad and that it was just the last moment so no! I have and it's such a good film too! Don't worry about it too much as you probably know now but it's not too bad at least ;) Hmmm, very, very warm with that idea but I can't say more than that!

Thanks for another great review! :D


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Review #17, by vanityfair Penultimate Farewells

14th July 2014:
It's all starting to make sense now. But first, poor Rose having to carry Edward through all of that and to do the burial too. I thought you wrote her sadness very well and it was very realistic. But silly Scorpius, he did what Rose said he shouldn't do and decided her life for her. I can't believe that he let them go back and he stayed there, he's just too nice and for once I don't want someone to be nice. I really hope he manages to find a way back. Great chapter and excited for the last one now! Maia xxx

Author's Response: Yay for it making sense it had to happen at some point and it happened now! Scorpius is very, very silly so don't worry too much about him! Rose and him will be sorted as you now know so there's nothing much to fear but thanks again for a fab review :D


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Review #18, by Veritaserum27 The Web Thickens

12th July 2014:
Hello Kiana,

Holy cow. I din't think you could top the last chapter in terms of action, but... WOW. I can't even right now. There was so much going on. At leas the other know about George and Edward now. Although I find it suspicious that Scorpius wondered where Edward was but Charlotte and David did not. Either they didn't notice and just want to leave the fighting or they are in on it. I'm still on this Fred and George thing. It is too coincidental. And ah! The potion is gone. How are they going to get back now? Please tell me Scorpius doesn't die. He can't die. He and Rose just realized that they love each other. Even if they have to live one hundred years in the past, they can't die. I can't even make any predictions right now. I'm too upset. AND you've written this so well that I have no idea what is going to happen next. I have to go to work now, but I will be back later on to read/review the rest. Aarrrgh!

House Cup 2014 Review

Author's Response: Hi Beth!

Bahaha, holy cow is probably the best words for it. Everything does get more out in the open in this chapter which should make it a little clearer for you too. Erm, as for the Fred and George thing, I wouldn't put too much thought into this shall I say as that might just be a little slip-up from the author showing up here :P Erm, yes for Rose and Scorpius they definitely have a lot more twists in their tale to come and though I can't say what will happen obviously, I hope you like it and that's it's not too upsetting.

Thanks for a great review! :D


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Review #19, by Ravenclaw333 The Web Thickens

12th July 2014:
House Cup 2014 Review

Is it weird that Iím so, super duper relieved that the Weasleys made it to the Egyptian Ministry with Frederic? I was expecting him to escape somehow or try to kill them or something and oh man. Heís captured. Good.






Author's Response: Bahahaha, no it's not weird at all because given the way the story does crazy tangents a lot of the time, it wouldn't have been too surprising if that had happened. Ooh Charlotte, ooh Charlotte bahaha is all I have to say.

Erm, as for the rival family more will be explained as the story progresses so don't worry too much about it now but yes you are on the right lines.

About that potion though. :P

Thanks for a great review! :D


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Review #20, by Ravenclaw333 Death, the Spectre

12th July 2014:
House Cup 2014 Review

Iíve given up even prefacing my first shouty thoughts in these reviews but ďYouíre a much better Ravenclaw than I am. I often feel they only ever put me in that house because I didnít want to be a Slytherin.Ē OUCH. RIGHT IN THE HOUSE FEELS. SCORPIUS IS SO A RAVENCLAW. SCORPIUS IS A FANTASTIC RAVENCLAW. I WILL DEFEND HIS CLAW-NESS TILL MY DYING BREATH.

I think the House Cupís getting to me.





Author's Response: BAHAHAHA I know, but he's bound to have issues with Ravenclaw because of the whole Malfoys always being Slytherin sort of thing so we do have to pity him a little, but yay for HC craziness, everyone loves it deep down.

Erm, yes, maybe, wait and see and Rashidi does know stuff so watch out for him too. I'm sorry about all this motivations and stuff and keeping it secret but it makes it so much more fun when reading your reaction :P

Thanks for a great review! :D


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Review #21, by Veritaserum27 Death, the Spectre

12th July 2014:
Hi Kiana!

Wow. So much happened in this chapter! Rashidi dies, Edward dies. George is evil. Aaaannnd ROSE LOVES SCORPIUS. YAY! YAY! YAY! Sheesh - It took both of them long enough. Ok. So I have a prediction. I think that Charlotte is in on it. I don't know why, but I think that her hysterics were meant to slow everyone up so that George could get Rose and Edward right where he wanted them. Oh, Kiana, I have no idea how you are going to get them out of this one. I know that Delila and Hassani must grieve the loss of their grandfather, but I don't think Hermione, Ron and Hugo should wait a few days! They must press on and get to Rose. She needs them - Hermione's big brain will help get them out of this mess. But maybe this story is about Rose and her getting herself out of her own messes. Hmmm... Must. Read. On.

House Cup 2014 Review

Author's Response: Hey Beth!

Yes, a lot of happened in this chapter so I hope it wasn't so confusing, but I guess love and death go hand in hand so it was bound to all happen in this chapter. Hmm, hmm, hmm, Charlotte you say. Well, I have no comment on that right now other than watch and wait as that might be the best way to go about it. Don't worry too much about Hermione, Ron and Hugo, there can only be so much drama so they are relatively safe for now but they will continue to help Rose no matter what.

I loved your predictions and this review so thank you so much! :D


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Review #22, by Ravenclaw333 A Sign of Treachery

12th July 2014:
House Cup 2014 Review


On a completely unrelated note, ďthe Romans have probably beaten us to it. Again.Ē line made me laugh a little too hard. Good old Rome with its pillage and plunder. Imperium sine fine. Moving on.

Oh no. Iím scared. ďMaybe itís a pattern, a sign that weíre in danger.Ē I just got chills. And especially because, as Scorpius pointed out, Lorcanís pretty good at coming up with theories and if heís worried theyíve got due cause to BE worried, and oh man this is gloriously tense.


What what what oh God that took a dark turn the Cruciatus oh no

Rashidiís story. Iím assuming the vanishing was Rose and Lorcan getting back to their time Ė but Scorpius oh no and people die and IíM TOO INVESTED

Author's Response: Hey Lisa!

Bahaha, I'm sorry but it's usually because you have a reason to be suspicious so it's a good thing that you always are so you're prepared.

Bahaha, I knew you would like it and I couldn't resist including it because they did have to go and ruin places like Acanthus for future explorers :P

Erm, yes, pay attention of that, and the theories because it could point out to future things and foreshadowing and all that jazz so yes I'm not so cruel because even though evil things happen I hint about them.

Yes, it did, I'm sorry but the darkness of George will be explained further later on. Rashidi's story is very interlinked with George's too and I would pay close attention to both for hints about what's to come!

Thanks for a great review!


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Review #23, by Lululuna Penultimate Farewells

11th July 2014:
Hi Kiana! :)

There's something really sort of morbid and gothic about Rose finding comfort in Edward's body: it's like something Poe would come up with. :P But that section did a really good job of showing her frantic confusion. I also imagine that after Edward had been out in the desert for a few hours that he wouldn't be in such great shape...okay I'm the one being morbid now. :P

It makes sense that Rose would feel PTSD after witnessing what happened with Anthony. :( Aw, it's so sad how they secretly hope that they'll find Charlotte again and she'll be safe while still being angry with her - I'm curious about how she's managing to survive in the desert alone as well. I wonder if Rose had found her whether that would change the future and Russell at all.

Ah, Scorpius' self-sacrificing behaviour just irritated me so much, somehow people trying to be "noble" just comes across as selfish somehow because Rose deserved to know and at least have a proper goodbye. I sort of understand why he did it but he just sort of brought misery down on all of them. Grr.

I'm curious - I'm sort of suspecting he will find a way back, and I'm excited to find out the rest and what will happen!! Although his staying and being David's new bestie isn't such a bad thing either as David's pretty lonely right now and might need him. :P

Can't wait for the last chapter, woop!

House Cup 2014 Review

Author's Response: Hey Jenna!

Yes, it is a strange sort of comfort but I'm glad that I could be likened to Poe despite it all! Haha, don't worry about being morbid, I suppose it's the natural thing to be after the way this chapter turned out to be.

I know, it's so sad :( Charlotte will have a minor role in the final chapter where you get to see how her story sort of tied up so don't worry too much about her as she will show up again soon. As for Rose and her being together again you'll just have to see...

I know, it's so annoying in this chapter and the next few as well because of the lack of goodbye and everything else because of it. If he had just said everything it would have made life a whole lot easier.

Hmm, I really love your theories so far and David certainly does need a new bestie if that helps at all. ;)

Thanks for another great review! :D


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Review #24, by Ravenclaw333 A Guise

11th July 2014:
House Cup 2014 Review

I love Scorpius. That is all.

Except itís not of course, but I just love this whole beginning of the chapter and how heís hanging back, assessing everyone, their characters and allegiances and motivations and whether theyíre safe or not, and that line about becoming a true Malfoy is just so good and perfect because he is, heís mastering these disguises but heís also looking out for Rose and Lorcan and if thereís anything the Malfoys care about itís their own so that works on so many levels - both the slightly negative way Scorpius sees it and the positive traits as well.

Rose and Lorcan running off to swear is the greatest mental image ever and kind of reminds me of the early days of the Nano cabin.

Hermione and Hasani are perfect, again. I love love love this line: ďÖalternating between the English and Arabic word for him, as if it were some sort of ritual which would bring them closer to them.Ē Itís just so insightful and poignant and such a wonderful line, and Hermioneís empathy just adds to it.

That segment about Islam is beautiful. Iím really glad you added that in there Ė not only is it a wonderful piece of characterisation and worldbuilding, but itís just a really good nod to Egyptian culture as a whole, so well done.

Oh this owl spell is so true to Hermione and the way she was as a teenager and I love it. I love so many things about this chapter that this review is getting horrendously repetitive and Iím sorry.

Oh wow. That line about how Hermione hasnít confronted death since the final battle was incredible and Iím in awe at how many characters youíve managed to capture and how complex they are like wow wow wow.

Author's Response: Yay for Scorpius love, the more he gets the better!

I know, he's such a Slytherin in a way and a Malfoy too as you said because this shows why their traits are useful in these situations because if he was a Gryffie he probably would have gone bursting in, wand raised and possibly attacked them all. It was really interesting to write this side to him though as he was getting closer to his Malfoy roots even if he didn't want to.

Bahahaha, I'm glad that you liked that as I imagine I would have done the same too.

Aw, thank you! I feel as if I should come up with some sort of platonic ship name for them or something as they are rather cutesy but that might be a bit weird, so let's just leave it to the reviews... I'm glad that you liked the note about Islam though as I have always wondered about Islam and magic and given how integrated Islam is into Egyptian culture I felt it was needed.

It's fine, I love this review and it really made my day! I'm so glad that you liked Hermione because in a way she's so easy to write as she's so like me but in another way she's such a major character it's hard to get all her mannerisms into the story too.

Thanks for such a fantastic review! :D


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Review #25, by Ravenclaw333 Reunions

11th July 2014:
House Cup 2014 Review

Wait so how did Scorpius get from the middle of the desert back to Rose did they find him did he somehow THINK his way back to her oh well Iíll worry about that later because theyíre REUNITED IíM SO HAPPY


Oh okay so she found him in the desert. This review is probably going to just be incoherent shipper feels all over the place so bear with me

I like how Rose feels personal responsibility for getting Rashidi and Dalila back to Cairo, sheís really grown up a lot and understands the consequences of being so impulsive.

Ohh does David have feelings for Rose? That expains so much and I feel kind of sorry for him, poor guy

The ancient historian/Classicist in me is yelling that I love the archaeological details youíve thrown in about Acanthus and please keep them coming and I hope hope hope the Roman conquest is going to come up again because Romans, yo.


Author's Response: They will be together don't worry, and as for getting there it has a weird connection thing which confused the hell out of me so don't worry too much about it :P

Yes they found each other!!! I squeeed way too much at that moment so don't worry at all about it, because shipper feels always go a bit cray cray in these moments so I udnerstand.

Ooooh yes a bit more on the relationships is explored here. David turned out to be more of a side note later on but I think the main reason for his feelings for her is that's she's the only woman who isn't his sister and she's nice so it's born from that.

Yay for classics and romance they're the best things ever when thrown together so don't worry there is a lot more of them to come! :D


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