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Review #1, by dtinch Casa Black North

20th March 2017:
please continue would like to see where this is going

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Review #2, by dtinch Casa Black North

19th February 2016:
great to hear you are continuing sory i havent been on in a bit but had to save for a new desktop computer.

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Review #3, by dtinch Casa Black North

7th January 2015:
great to see this story continuing i've been gone for a bit but i am back and look forward for more of this story

Author's Response: Thanks for the review and your continued support of the story. I'm glad to hear that you are enjoying it.

I'm working on the confrontation with the grangers scenes at the moment and the next chapter should be done soon.


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Review #4, by Elizabeth First day back and Ron's true colours

13th August 2014:
I love this story so much, it's not like any other one out there. Please continue to write it, I can not wait for the next chapter.

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Review #5, by dtinch First day back and Ron's true colours

14th April 2014:
still a good story hopefully you find more time

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Review #6, by jim A letter came today.

16th February 2014:
very intrigueing start, wanted to read the rest. good job.

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Review #7, by dtinch The Girlfriend and Oclumency

3rd January 2014:
good chapter please continue

Author's Response: Thanks for the feedback :) your review is much appreciated.


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Review #8, by dtinch The Memorial Service and Old Friends

24th October 2013:
what i meant in my first review was does Harry still have the ability to talk to snakes aswell.

Author's Response: Yes thanks for the reviews. I don't necessarily agree with harry losing his parseltongue abilities at all but even if he did it wouldnt be until after he was killed by voldemort in book seven when the horcrux was destroyed

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Review #9, by dtinch The Memorial Service and Old Friends

24th October 2013:
good story and great twist of characters and great darkening of Hermione however i am curious of how her magical core will change her powers as i can see it is already changing her slightly such as her having a liking of snakes. Also does Harry still save parslemouth abilities too.

Author's Response: thanks for the review :) to answer the questions... The block on the magical core removed in the first two chapters limits the amount of magic available to the witch/wizard as seen in the numerous fics where Harry's magic is bound; like pressing in a sponge and only letting it halfway out again. it would also consequently dampen any magical abilities such as parseltongue and metamorphagi. having something like that supressed for 15 years would also probably have an effect on the personality of the witch/wizard in question once the sponge was let out again.

Hope that answered the question


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Review #10, by Gabby0515 The House of Snakes

29th September 2013:
Love this story so far and really hoping it is NOT femslash. That would ruin it for me :/ Hope you can update again soon and good luck on your tests!

Author's Response: you'll just have to wait and see...

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Review #11, by Gabby0515 A letter came today.

29th September 2013:
This is amazing so far and I'm only on the 1st chapter. PLEASE do not abandon this story. So many awesome story beginnings out there have been abandoned.

Author's Response: glad you're enjoying it. next chapter should be up next week provided that i don't have any more problems wit the validators

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Review #12, by dracomons3ter10 The Society for Roasted Turkeys

18th July 2013:
This is awesome please continue :)

Author's Response: glad you enjoyed it! new chapter next week depending on what the queue is like :)


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Review #13, by Writersbane1 A meeting with Dumbledore

19th May 2013:
The plot creepens-keep it up, please!

Author's Response: Will do! Thanks for reviewing

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Review #14, by NataliieW A letter came today.

19th May 2013:
Omg such an exciting beginning!!

Author's Response: Thanks for the review

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Review #15, by AphroditePeacock A letter came today.

23rd April 2013:
O.o oh gosh! BBL huh? Bellatrix Black Lestrange??? Totally loving this story!

Author's Response: Yes. And thanks for reviewing :)

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Review #16, by Writersbane1 A letter came today.

21st April 2013:
Interesting-ve-e-e-e-e-e-ry interesting-so far. I look forward to future chapters with bated breath.

Author's Response: Glad you're enjoying it

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Review #17, by bob A letter came today.

20th April 2013:
The only 'Teat'? I do hope you mean test. :)

Author's Response: Yeah thanks for pointing that out

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