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Review #1, by navyfail Valentine's Day

21st December 2015:
Hello, here to spread some holiday cheer! *throws confetti and garland*

I was drawn to this story by the summary! I've read that type of wording a lot around social media which made me think this was going to be a fun and cute story!

I love the way you characterized Lucy and Molly as more like Fred and George than their parents! I think that makes them more interesting. And their ringmaster outfits... I can totally relate to doing something just so I can wear an outfit I've been wanting to wear but haven't found the right occasion. And I can see them charming all the balls to hit the target.

The first customer at the Kissing Booth made me laugh. I can see why she was hoping for him not to have a galleon. And then when Albus Potter came... boy did things get heated up. I really like how you ended the story with him asking her to Hogsmeade and her yelling Next. I think that wrapped everything up really well!

All in all, I really liked this story; it was cute and interesting and fluffy all at once.


Author's Response: I'm always so surprised when people leave reviews for this such story because it's such an old story and I'm always surprised anyone goes back that far on my author's page.

Whenever I look back on the summary for this, I always get flashbacks to 2011 and how much of a mess things were at the time.

Molly and Lucy were probably my favourite characters to write just because they were so fun to deal with. I don't think Percy and Audrey would've wanted them to be any other way to be honest.

I got so excited writing the Albus part I know that I kept squealing something like "oh girl watch out for Albus Potter!" I'm so glad that you enjoyed the one-shot and thank you so much for leaving a review!

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Review #2, by blackballet Valentine's Day

5th August 2013:
This was so adorable. As soon as she mentioned Albus in the descriptions, I knew it would get interesting!I really enjoyed it, and I liked how you made Molly and Lucy just like Fred and George, and I think it worked in your favor. Great job!

Author's Response: I'm so glad that you think it was adorable! I was aiming for adorable and I'm so happy that I've finally achieved it! I was thinking about making Molly and Lucy a bit more like their parents but then I thought against it and decided to make them a bit eccentric.

I'm glad you enjoyed it and thanks for reviewing!

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Review #3, by LittleLionGirl Valentine's Day

30th July 2013:
Oh my goodness Alexfan. You never stop amazing me you know that? I like how incredibly fluffy and fun this is. It was Lucy and Molly's plan wasn't it? I enjoy how the Potters are all completely crazy sounding. The one-shot is perfectly fluffy. Keep up the good work dear!

Author's Response: Oh gosh, thank you so much, I'm very flattered that I've managed to amaze you! It was written for Valentine's Day after all so I was hoping that this would be fluffy and fun. Actually, the plan wasn't Lucy or Molly's idea at all, they had nothing to do with it. They simply convinced Seraphina to handle the booth and the rest just happened!

I enjoyed making them a bit weird, I imagine that they would all be a little quirky. And besides, it's fun writing quirky characters

Thanks so much for leaving all of these awesome reviews! I loved answering all of them!

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Review #4, by Courtney Dark Valentine's Day

28th April 2013:

Oh my gosh this was such a fun read! It was super fluffy and a little cheesy but who doesn't love a little bit of cheese in their lives? I know for a fact that cheese is always good. Unless it's blue. I'm not a huge fan of blue cheese.

Ahem. I'm in a bit of a weird mood today.

Anyway, what we saw of your main character was really cool - she seemed like she had a bit of spunk which is always nice and I like the fact that she was friends with Lucy and Molly, who tend to be very underused in next generation fics.

My only CC would be that I'm now sad this is only a one-shot! I wish this was like, the eighth chapter or so in a novel so I could find out more!

Great writing!

Author's Response: As my best friend says "there's so much cheese we need crackers." I'm not a fan of blue cheese myself. I tried eating Doritos blue cheese flavored and that did not taste good.

I'm in a weird mood everyday but I try to hide it from people.

I loved writing Lucy and Molly, it was probably the fact that I made them what society would consider weird. I'll definitely write another story where I have them in it and lik a version of Luna and the twins combined.

People have been telling me that they wish this was a novel as well and it's flattering to hear (some people have demanded that I make this a novel at some points which was something new for me).

Anyway, thanks for reviewing!

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Review #5, by 800 words of heaven Valentine's Day

25th April 2013:

I don't know if this was intentional, but this had me thinking of that carnival scene from She's the Man. I was fully looking forward to the fist fight that happens, but alas - smoke, but no cigar!

I really like the way you've written this. It's full of dry humour and is really quite an entertaining read. Your main character is adorably grumpy and sarcastic, and is quite endearing.

One little peeve of mine, though. It seemed as if Albus popped out of nowhere. There was very little plot development on that part. I'm not sure if this was because their relationship wasn't the focus, but rather just a day in the life of a person behind the counter of a kissing booth.

Still, this was a way enjoyable read!

Author's Response: It was most definitely not intentional, someone told me that this reminded them of that before and I realised that it did but I did not write it like that intentionally (even though I was thinking about the movie while I was writing this one-day).

It's good that you found it entertaining because that was what I was aiming for.

I thought that he was a bit sudden as well and I was thinking about writing it differently but after a lot of thought I decided that I liked it the way it was and so I left it at that. Plus, the romance part wasn't part of the story, that just kind of came out while I was writing (as things so often seem to happen with me).

Anyway, I'm glad that you enjoyed it and thanks for reviewing!

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Review #6, by eatmycupcakes Valentine's Day

20th April 2013:
you should do one for every holiday, and for each of the weasley cousins, or at least try, it could be funny. This was really good by the way

Author's Response: That's actually a pretty brilliant idea, I really like that idea! I might actually do that (and I most likely will). I will attempt to make them as hilarious as possible. And I'm glad that you enjoyed this!

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Review #7, by TheHistoryGirl Valentine's Day

20th April 2013:
Hey, THG here for the review tag.

I loved this haha! Ana was absolutely brilliant! I can see you have a talent when it comes to writing humour, I found myself laughing out loud on several occasions.

I like the uniqueness of this piece. It's very refreshing to read something where a bit of imagination is used for once. Are kissing booths actually real things? Because I've never heard of them before haha.

Overall it was a very sweet piece and I'm glad that I read it!


Author's Response: HELLO AGAIN!

*grins like an idiot* why thank you! Seriously, thank you. Sometimes I think that I fail at being funny or writing humor stories so the fact that you think I write humor really well means a lot to me!

I'm glad that it made you laugh out loud!

And yes, kissing booths actually do exist. They are very real and they do indeed have gross men lined up for a kiss when a girl is handling the booth.

I'm happy that you enjoyed it and thank you so much for reviewing!

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Review #8, by Lululuna Valentine's Day

20th April 2013:
Review tag :)

I liked this!! It was such a cute little anecdote, and very funny to boot. I absolutely loved the characters of Molly and Lucy and how un-Percy like they turned out. The ringmaster costumes-- too good!

You made the experience of manning the kissing booth very traumatic, I was cringing for poor Ana! Also, very clever idea that she would wash her mouth out with cleaning spells! Despite the horrors of Ana's post, the Albus kiss was very sweet and made me want them to be together even though it was very short.

I also really liked how you introduced Albus by going through all the strange qualities of his cousins, and it was very smoothly introduced. Actually, the whole story had a very clean and logical flow to it, which is often tricky to write, so good job!! I particularly loved the descriptions of Rose and Victoire, they made me laugh.

There were a couple things I was confused about, for instance if it was a Valentines day fair, then wouldn't it be a little chilly for the dunking booth? Unless they were being dunked in warm butterbeer or something... which on second thought actually sounds quite fun... Also, I was a little confused about who the narrator was at the beginning and thought she might have been a Weasley cousin.

Overall, though, really loved this story!! :)

Author's Response: Molly and Lucy are always portrayed as Percy so I had fun writing them as being kooky. And I just really want a ringmaster costume so I thought I'd give them that.

I'm proud to say now that I have achieved my goal of making the Kissing Booth seem life scarring. That was my aim when I was describing it.

Thank you so much, it took me so long to write this because I wanted to make it perfect or as close to perfect as I could get it.

It would be fun to be dunked in Butterbeer. I'd be begging to be dunked if I was the dunkee.

Again thank you so much for reviewing!

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