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Review #1, by NightHerald tooth in the brain

4th March 2018:
I really love Irma Pince in this! I wish there were more stories written from her point of view.

Author's Response: Thank you for all your lovely reviews! :) I do love writing from minor chracters' POVs sometimes.

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Review #2, by ♥♥♥♥ tooth in the brain

14th February 2016:
I have returned, after a brief detour for archery practice. Apollo says I'm a rubbish archer and insists I've been a bit aimless in my arrow shooting as of late. So I shot him in the foot. But I'm not here to gripe about the drama on Mount Olympus, I'm here to review this story! And, because I hit the 6000 character limit on my previous review on your other story, I'm going to try and keep this one shorter for the sake of your sanity when trying to respond to it.

This is such a unique story, and I think you really did justice to Ginny's ordeal in CoS. She went through SO MUCH that year and while we get a glimpse of it in the books, this fic shows a lot more of what she had to deal with, in that when Ginny does various things in this fic I can't tell whether it's really her own volition, or Tom using her as a marionette, so to speak. It's like the line between the two of them has been blurred by this point, after so long of Ginny using the diary to tell all her secrets and Tom being able to get inside her head. With the exception of her cutting her arm - that was all Tom, I'm sure. What a horrible thing to happen, and Tom really was ruthless with how he took advantage of the mind of a lonely eleven year old.

I loved the appearance of the Weasley twins, and as always you wrote them perfectly in character! And I really like what you did with Madam Pince, as well. She rarely pops up in fanfic, and usually (even in the original books themselves) is a flat character, but you did a lot with her here, and I liked how you went into her love of order and neatness and the background behind it. I wasn't expecting her to see the diary! But your description of why she was drawn to it was just lovely. And to have her watch Myrtle's death, wow. That was rough. I wonder if she will ever love the library as much as she did before that.

I promised I wouldn't make this one too long and I'm starting to get wordy, so I'll just end here, but I thought you did really well with both of these characters and the complicated effects that Tom's diary had on each of them. Well done on this story!

Author's Response: Kristin! ♥

Thank you for such a brilliant review, for ALL the brilliant reviews you left me! ❤ ❤ ❤ You've been an amazing Secret Cupid and I AM NOT WORTHY WAAHH. *sobs* Every time you leave me a review you just blow me away with all your kind compliments.

I forgot which challenge I wrote this fic for...I definitely wrote this for a challenge. EVerytime I write challenge fics I come up with all sorts of silly ideas to fulfil the prompt. :P

This is definitely different from my usual stuff, so I'm pleased to see your feedback on this story, especially since you know my other stories so well. One of the most interesting parts of writing this fic was definitely exploring how Riddle and Ginny are connected; I feel I could have done a bit more with that bit, but I didn't want to go overboard with the length of this fic...knowing how lengthy my fics can get... :P There's definitely a very blurry line where Ginny ends and Tom begins. Under the influence of the diary, Tom's presence is just so pervasive.

Glad you liked the Weasley twins! At one point they were appearing in several of my stories. And yeah, Madam Pince seeing Myrtle's death was me warping canon as usual. Canon is asking for it, I swear. :P

Thank you for your wonderful review, Kristin! ♥


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Review #3, by MarauderLover7 tooth in the brain

10th June 2013:
This gave me chills. :P Ginny was downright creepy lingering in the niche at the end! :S
It's an absolutely beautiful piece of writing - I thought Ginny and the twins were perfectly characterised, and I liked the way you built on Pince.
It was fascinating to see Ginny's motivations - I liked the ambiguity about which of her actions were hers, and which were Tom's, and that you made her a victim without making this a sob-story. It was real, which makes it all the sadder, I think, since Ginny's only eleven. :S I really liked the way that she tried to protect Harry.
"You let him be, he hasn't done anything" really stuck with me. It makes Ginny seem older, and it's nice to see her watching out for Harry instead of it being the other way around.
All up, it's an excellent story, and quite haunting - I've still got goosebumps! :P
Thank you for writing this!

Author's Response: Hello! Aww, this review absolutely made my day ♥ It was such a surprise to receive so many wonderful compliments, so thank you very much for taking the time to read AND leave a review ♥

I'm so glad you thought the Weasleys were well-characterised; characterisation is such an important aspect for me in oneshots. And yeah, it's pretty ambiguous about which actions are of Ginny's own free will and which are Tom's - I'm so happy you picked up on that. And yeah, I'm not fond of too much angsting about in fics as well - I tried to convey Ginny's emotional state through the action of the story.

Once again, thank you so much for reading this and leaving such a great review ♥


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Review #4, by lia_2390 tooth in the brain

31st May 2013:

If I could leave a single word for this story it would be that. It's really difficult for me to find the words to say.

This fic can be considered as a missing moment from CoS, from Ginny's point of view. You've made her seem so much older than her 11 years. Perhaps it was the situation that aged her. Goodness, that was such a horrible thing. Her internal conflict with keeping the diary was very well depicted. I wonder how easy it would have been to make that trek to Dumbledore's office. I don't think Tom would have let her, just like how she could not successfully rid herself of it. It's scary how real that seemed. He was so manipulative even then - so charmingly deceitful - preying on the loneliness of an eleven year old girl.

Your addition of Madame Pince was a lovely surprise. I wondered how you would include her in this. You added a whole lot of body to a character people barely mention. I really liked how she 'grew into herself'. Your description of that was fantastic - I'm jealous. Everything about it made a lot of sense, I could see it play out in front of me. Having her find the diary was interesting to read. I suppose being such a big lover of books that discovering this one (initially) was the equivalent to a leprechaun discovering a cave full of gold. To her, it was alive.
While some people might simply feel uncomfortable they might not be able to detect the source. Because it came from a book, it fits well with Madame Pince's character. Her reaction to what she saw was well written too. From the utter shock, the anger, and then the fear. I wonder if she ever felt the same love for all books after this.

Every aspect of this story was well handled, especially your characterisations. I wasn't a big fan of Ginny Weasley - for several reasons - but you certainly made the horror that she went through much more real to me. Reading CoS as a child, the only thing that freaked me out was the fact that there was a giant snake! This reminded me how dark these books really were.

You have great talent and therefore, there is absolutely no reason for you to be a nervous wreck.

Have a great weekend,

Lia (from TGS)

Author's Response: Hello Lia!

Goodness, what an absolutely encouraging review! Thank you for this; it's made my day :D

I've never been much of a Ginny fan either (or a Madam Pince fan...), but somehow I have the tendency to write about characters whom I initially dislike or have little interest in, and somehow after writing I feel a little more reconciled with them. It does sound easy, making that trip to Dumbledore's office and telling all. What I wanted to show with this fic was how completely under Tom's control Ginny was, so much so that it becomes difficult to tell where Tom ends and Ginny begins. In other words, which actions are of Ginny's own choice (though it may be a choice heavily influenced by Tom), and which actions of hers are the result of Tom directly pulling the strings in her brain, completely forcing her do things against her will.

And I did have to include Madam Pince :) This was originally written for a challenge, and I got assigned Pince! There are quite a few stories on the archives about Ginny getting possessed by diary!Voldemort, and I was hoping that with the addition of Pince, it might set this story apart from the others :D I was interested to see if she could handle the diary, and no, apparently she can't. Voldemort is still a very strong force who can easily manipulate those who have the misfortune of coming within his reach.

Anyway, I'm rambling. Thank you so very much for this wonderful review! I'm just really happy you found the characterisations and the story in general well-handled; it means a great deal to me to hear praise like this! You have a great weekend, also ♥


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Review #5, by patronus_charm tooth in the brain

10th May 2013:
Wow, when I clicked on this story I certainly didnít expect that! I really, really liked it which is saying something as usually despise stories which feature Ginny, but I thought I would challenge myself when I saw this and itís definitely made me reconsider my hatred of Ginny :P

You really caught the allure this book held on Ginny. It was quite scary how manipulative Tom Riddle could be to an eleven year old, and you caught her emotions perfectly. The contrast between her wanting to rid herself of this book, this thing which controls her, and the sole thing which can comfort her and understand her was done really well. It really showed how Ginny really had no choice, and she really was confused and the way Riddle ended up controlling her really is understandable.

The scene with the twins was an excellent inclusion. It was nice to have a brighter moment in contrast to the darker thoughts of Ginny. The twins were perfectly in characters and you caught their diction and little quirks brilliantly so it was almost as if I was reading the book Fred and George. I also liked it, as it showed how isolated Ginny is, or thought she was. If someoneís teasing youíre not inclined to tell them that a book is speaking to them, so that part really reflected her confusion well again.

The bit with Ginnyís hand was so shocking, and brilliantly written. I think it was the fact that even though it was such a poignant moment, you didnít directly state what was happening and that made it even more mysterious. The power Tom held over her was really showing there, and it shows how the innocence of Ginny was taken from her. I also liked how Irma ended up with the book, and even though canon doesnít directly state that happened, it seemed really realistic.

Myrtleís death was perfectly written. You really caught the terror Myrtle and Irma both must have felt, and I was sitting there feeling petrified before. Itís strange that Iíve never read any death scenes about her before, yet this was a great depiction of it and it makes me want to learn more about this character who died in such tragic circumstances.

A great one-shot teh, and it was so intriguing and thought provoking!


Author's Response: Hello Kiana!

Gaah thank you so much for this wonderful review ♥ I've never liked Ginny much as a character, either...until I started writing her, of course. I slowly began to understand how difficult it must have been for her, that first year, and how utterly isolated and lonely she must have been in order for Tom Riddle to be able to maintain that parasitic connection with her mind.

My intention for this story was to be a bit ambiguous about which of Ginny's actions are of her own will (though it may be from a frame of mind heavily influenced by Riddle) and which actions are a result of Riddle directly pulling the strings in her brain. Sort of, where Ginny ends and Tom begins, e.g. at the end I'm not even sure if it was Ginny going to retrieve the diary out of her own guilt or whether it was Riddle exerting his power over her will and directing her to come collect his diary. Probably both :P

I'm glad you like the twins! I was a little worried about including them, but as I was focusing on Ginny and the whole story was meant to revolve around a prank on April Fools' Day, it would have made sense to bring in her brothers. Ginny is normally a lot more resilient to her brothers' teasing, but I think she's been under a lot of stress and anxiety, which is why she reacts so dramatically to them.

And yeah, Pince ending up with the diary was me tweaking canon a bit :P Sometimes I just adore writing Hogwarts-era fics so I can stuff all sorts of unlikely events in between canon events :P

I'm so glad you liked this, Kiana! Thanks once again for this smashing review ♥


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Review #6, by HeyMrsPotter tooth in the brain

5th May 2013:
Hello! Here for your review swap!
I'm really glad you asked me to review and after reading this, I'll definitely be reading more of your work.
This was an absolutely beautiful piece of writing, You have a real talent! Your characterisation was perfect, I particularly loved the part with the twins.
Even though we don't really read much about 'the pincer' (loved the nickname) in the HP books, the way you've written her is exactly like I imagine her.
The imagery in this story is really strong, I really felt like I was there the whole way through, especially in the bathroom. The scene describing Myrtle's death was perfect.
I'd love to offer some advice for improvement as I always think it's useful but honestly, I can't. Flawless writing and a brilliant one-shot. Well done!

Author's Response: Hello :)

Thanks for the swap! And eek this is such a lovely review ♥ I'm glad you liked the characterisation; that was something I'd been worrying about when I was writing it! Madam Pince is pretty much a flat character in the books; all she is is a nasty librarian - and real people are complex. I'm surprised but really happy that she fits with your headcanon of her ^.^ And yeah, poor Myrtle :(

Thank you for this amazing review!


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Review #7, by Toujours Padfoot tooth in the brain

29th April 2013:
Hello there! Here with your review. :) Omgah, you brought me TOM RIDDLE. ♥ I LOVE IT ALREADY.

Asdfskjdfkf, you write Tom so wonderfully well. I love the way he taunts Ginny, pulling at her strings in all the right ways, the well-placed reminder of Fred and George not not letting her play Quidditch so that she would lash out at them.

Your descriptions are ermagherd. I must repeat my favorites.

...through all the concealed dimensions folded into the thickness of a piece of paper. Air surged past and the shapes of things became long blurred streaks of themselves. It felt as though she was speeding through stone halls and corridors and doorways and through crowds of people; their voices were spikes of sound in her ears as she passed

TEACH ME YOUR WAYS. I cannot imagine a more perfect combination of words to describe the sensation of falling into a book.

It was Ron's Shooting Star and it crawled through the air rather than flew but still, it was such a strange sensation, enveloped in space, her feet becoming limp fish, useless without the ground.

soupy streaks of sunlight

The smell of the Dungbombs with chicken carcasses and armpit sweat - I just love that. Pretty descriptions are great, of course, but I love it when authors are brave enough to describe things that aren't so pretty. A lot of people would shy away from evoking images of dead, bloated chickens, but you went for it and as a result your writing is satisfyingly well-rounded to me. The ugly descriptions and the descriptions of nicer things, all written in a way that makes my jaw drop.

You mentioned concerns about Pince and the Weasley twins and how canon they were/whether they were evolutions of canon or just sitting there on the surface, and I honestly think you wrote them stupendously. Fred and George were their usual joking selves, but we did catch a slip of apprehension fall through the cracks when Ginny yelled at them and threw her book and ink. They kind of slunk away as though mildly hurt; they're not used to being rejected in any kind of way at Hogwarts because everyone loves them. The way Ginny behaved seemed to embarrass them on some level because they turned around and dropped Dungbombs - either to overcorrect and act like nothing is amiss, or to unconsciously punish Ginny by clouding her in that foul smell. Whatever their intentions, it exposes the truth that other people's words really do affect them, even if they try to laugh it off.

You definitely built on Irma's character. She was perfectly in-canon, but opened up a little more. Three-dimensional. I liked every background detail you gave us about her personality, her childhood, her memories of Hogwarts tainted with too much noise, the blurs of children and chaos rampant. She must have some severe sort of obsessive compulsive disorder. It's no wonder she was drawn to the ultra-organized, everything-has-its-place, quiet, enclosed library. When she returned to her sanctuary I felt almost like a peace had settled over her, the world righting itself again. Meanwhile, Ginny was still lurking at the edges, body language disturbing, half-crazed. I cannot imagine the horrors of having Tom Riddle inside your head, but 'tooth in a brain' is quite apt. And forcing Pince to watch Myrtle get killed by the basilisk! It's so evil! Argsdkj, the bulbous sulfur-colored eyes, Myrtle's facial features popped wide open... *shudder*

This really made me think about Ginny in a new angle. We know a little about what it was like for Harry to have a connection to Voldemort, and that sort-of possession, and he dealt with that pretty badly when he wasn't truly being possessed at all. On top of that, he had friends to help him cope. If Ginny had any friends, she didn't any close enough to share her burden with. She bared her soul all year long to a diary that was destroying her, and no one even noticed.

And that makes me incredibly sad.

She was so lonely that even though the diary was doing such awful things to her, and making her do awful things, she continued battling with it. The guilt she must have suffered, and the broken trust of learning Riddle wasn't her friend, the paranoia that would accompany it, and the isolation - it's all evident in your writing here, between the lines. It forges a connection between Ginny and Irma, who is also isolated.

As for one of your concerns about choppiness, I didn't find any choppiness in the first section at all. I thought it flowed quite smoothly.

Fabulous story, teh! Keep bringing me gems. ♥

- Sarah

Author's Response: no teach me YOUR ways :P I would love to be able to build up haunted castles full of prowling psychopaths!

So the reason I requested you to read this fic was the ending of the second chapter of Devil's Snare. It had the diary and the unicorn blood in it and I was omg so excited that I went to request.

Tom Riddle in this fic is nowhere near as complex or brooding or handsome as your Mr. Riddle; he's basically a bully. A mean petty bully who's currently preying on an 11 year old girl. And ah, Ginny. Ginny's usually a lot more resilient than this, but she /has/ been possessed by Voldemort for quite a long time - several months of being in his power, of slipping in and out of a trance doing his bidding - who knows, perhaps she's even been inside the diary as well, being made privy to Tom's awful secrets. Tom pretty much has full control of her by this point; she hears his voice in her head and he doesn't even need her writing in the diary to communicate with her. And she's certainly a lot tenser, angrier, more frightened, spiteful - kinda like Ron in DH when he was influenced by the Horcrux to turn on Harry & Hermione in the forest. Hence Ginny's outburst at Fred and George.

Glad you liked the descriptions ♥ My descriptions are usually describing things as they appear, physically and literally, without much figurative language. The chicken carcasses were easy, because Ginny was something of a serial rooster killer in CoS. It was the armpit sweat that made me want to cry and NOT write.

And Irma certainly does sound like she has some kind of OCD. She's rigorous and well, librarianly, but probably has an extreme devotion to mostly inanimate objects, mainly books. I would think she liked ordering and cataloguing books so much because it gave her a certain sense of control, though by the end she realises how little control she really has in her own private little world of the library. I thought I would show that with the Monster Book of Monsters attacking her ^.^

Gaaah thanks for this absolutely wonderful review, Sarah ♥


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Review #8, by Lululuna tooth in the brain

21st April 2013:
This is honestly amazing, you should be really proud of your concise writing and imaginative ability to stay in character and expand on canon.

I love how this is set during CoS, which I feel is often neglected in fan fiction. However, it must have been one of the most traumatizing and important years of Ginny's life, so I'm glad you took the time to focus on how hard it would have been for her. You did an amazing job describing her inner battle with the diary, and it's responses to her and repeating of her insecurities were very chilling. Ginny herself was exactly like the little girl we meet in the early HP books, and I loved seeing that side of her. Fred and George were also very true to character as well, and I'm glad they made an appearance and you talked about the sibing relationships between them.

The addition of Madam Pince was so interesting as well, I don't think I've ever read something that focuses on her! I loved how you talked about her commitment and obsession with order, and her love for books. There was also an interesting contrast between adult Pince and child Pince, enhanced by playing around with the idea of memory. The descriptions of "the Pincer" were very intricate as well and I thought they were extremely well written. You certainly have a lovely gift for language. :)

Potential favourite line: "She grew into her spindly hands, her grapnel fingers polishing and preserving the rarest texts of the Restricted Section, which no student was allowed to peruse, the arthritis building up in the joints." Amazing!

Oh and a runner-up favourite line: "the figure skulking in a niche, behind a gargoyle. Dull-eyed Ginny Weasley, face still blotchy with tears, her arms withdrawn into her robes, hugging herself." This really shows the desperation and isolation of Ginny, how she is not quite herself, and was a perfect ending to the story.

I'm so glad I decided to read this-- beautiful work, and very canon! :)

Author's Response: Hello Lululuna!

First, thanks a whole two bunches for this awesomesauce review and all the compliments ♥ I'm so so happy that you stopped by to read this little fic of mine.

I have a special place in my heart for CoS; it's the very first book in the series that I read, and which I /adored/ mainly because of the basilisk. I /really/ love snakes, especially large snakes. I should be in Slytherin ^.^

Despite all the stuff happening in the story, this is actually meant to have a slower pace so I could really bring out the characters and expose them as they are in the situations they're in. So I'm really happy that you liked the characterisations, and I'm hoping that they do expand on JKR's characters rather than repeat stuff that we already know about them (I have to admit Fred & George and possibly Riddle aren't very uniquely portrayed here :P ).

Good to know that you liked the descriptions of Irma :D It was sort of tricky getting her right, since her portrayal in the books is that of a giant stereotype. She's the ultimate caricature of a grumpy strait-laced librarian with pince-nez glasses. And my goodness, JKR even named her 'Pince'. It was certainly a challenge working some depth into her character!

Anyway, thanks so very much for this lovely review ♥ It means a lot to me!


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Review #9, by adluvshp tooth in the brain

21st April 2013:
WOW! WOW! WOW! I am speechless. Really. WOW.

*regains power of speech after a while*

So I just saw your status on the forums that you had this up and decided to give it a shot. I am not disappointed xD

I think this was a great piece of writing. It could very easily be canon! I absolutely loved your portrayal of Ginny, and of Pince. Your choice of "events" was very good too. I liked the scene with Fred and George, and also when Pince tumbles into the diary.

It was all so creepy and eerie and chilling in a way. The writing style was just amazing and your descriptions were brilliantly done as always. I enjoyed reading this immensely. The plot itself was very unique and interesting. I am glad I decided to give this a read!

I absolutely loved this!


P.S. If you don't know already, I am a huge fan of your writing!

Author's Response: AD ♥

What an absolutely wonderful review! Have plenty of hearts! ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥

I'm a little surprised at how strongly positive the feedback for this story has been so far! I've seen plenty of folks on the forums state that they generally don't enjoy reading or writing Hogwarts-era fics because JKR's done all that already. But I love writing in this era, this and post-Hogwarts. There are just so many blanks waiting to be filled ^.^

Gaah, am so relieved the characterisations of Pince and Ginny worked for you. In all my stories, the characterisation is always the most important element, so I invest a lot in the characters ♥ It's so rewarding when reviewers tell me they love my portrayal of them.

I'm so glad you found the plot unique! Until now I'm still not sure if it's plausible that such a thing like Madam Pince interacting with a Horcrux could happen, but ah well :DD

Thank you so much for this wonderful review, AD ♥ And...*blush* that's just such an amazing compliment you gave me on my writing! Thank you!

teh ♥

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Review #10, by nott theodore tooth in the brain

19th April 2013:
Oh my Merlin.

This was fantastic!!!

I came across this when I was looking through the recently added page, and I'm so happy that I decided to read it. Seriously, it's amazing! I've never thought properly about what being possessed by the diary would be like for Ginny, and this is a brilliant insight into what things were like for her in her first year at Hogwarts.

To be honest, I have no idea why you were worried about your characterisation. Ginny and Madam Pince came completely to life, and even Tom Riddle had a very vivid personality coming through the diary.

There are so many aspects of Ginny's personality that you managed to convey in this one-shot; her vulnerability, her helplessness, her fear... I could really empathise with her and imagine what it must have been like to be in her place. Another thing I loved was the fact that you really showed how young she is at this point, which makes everything so much scarier for her. The idea of Tom Riddle's thoughts invading her mind even when the diary is closed is quite terrifying. And the fact that she knows something bad is happening to her and tries her best to get rid of the diary but still can't stop herself from being unknowingly possessed is heart-breaking. I also love the idea that she stole the diary back from Harry not only because she didn't want him to know her secrets, but also to try and protect him.

Surprisingly, Irma Pince was my favourite character in this one-shot. By giving her a story and a past you've managed to add real depth to her character and truly bring her to life; she becomes a multi-dimensional, living, breathing, real person, rather than the strict librarian figure we know from the books. I adored the parallels you drew between the young Irma and Ginny - similarities that Madam Pince saw herself.

And Tom Riddle...goodness, I hate him so much here (which is good, I suppose, since he's Lord Voldemort)! The fact that he managed to draw Madam Pince into his memories as well shows that no matter how old, how experienced, or how knowledgeable you are, Voldemort is so powerful that it is hard to resist him. And the part when Ginny is forced to cut herself is just so vile! This line: "The flesh opened up to the bone and blood poured onto the book, pooling on the pages before sinking through, into the hidden dimensions of the paper, red eaten by white." was perfectly horrible. It kind of went straight through me in the best possible way.

I'm trying very hard not to quote the whole one-shot back at you because there are so many lines that are great, but here are a few of my favourites:

"These days she found herself in the oddest of places - in bathrooms, lying under the sinks, hands stroking the icy piping, or along the edge of the Forbidden Forest, with such a pungent saline scent in her nose that she thought the sea might have crept into the trees, and secretly she hoped so."

This just got across her terror and utter confusion about precisely what she'd been doing spectacularly!

"She didn't want to go out into the castle with its long winding corridors and alcoves dug into the walls - anything might happen; she might stray off her path or she might slip into forgetfulness clutching the diary in her pocket, her sweat soaking into its covers, lapped up by the hungry faceless pages."

I feel so awful for Ginny here! The fact that she knows something terrible will happen to her and she tries to escape it any way she can - it's so moving.

"The eyes hung before her like fattened cinders."

This simile...I don't know what to say. It's perfect!

I could easily go on, but like I said, I don't want to quote the whole story! This was a fantastic one-shot, brilliantly poignant, and I'm so pleased I got to read it!

nott theodore :)

Author's Response: My goodness :O What a fantastic review! I'm just absolutely gobsmacked.

Little anecdote: you actually read an unedited version of the story :) I submitted this to the queue but then decided to edit stuff in it and send it to the back of the queue again, but while I was editing, the validators were probably on a caffeinated blitz and my story got published to the archives before I could save the edits. Well, you didn't need to know all that :P

Anyway, thank you so much. This was just a lovely completely unexpected and fabulous review, and I appreciate random reviewers so much. This wasn't a short piece, and I'm so grateful that you took the time to read through the whole thing and leave such lengthy, detailed feedback :D

Oh, I'm happy to hear that the characterisations weren't too bad. I was worried all through writing the story that my characters were somewhat flat, especially Madam Pince, whose character in the books is more a caricature or a stock character rather than a real human being. (I mean, really? Calling a librarian 'Pince'? :P ). And with Ginny, I really wanted to convey her terror and her disorientation with her current situation, but I also wanted to write her as a real person with family and all - hence the little bit with the twins. Also, this was part of the challenge, which involved April Fool's pranks :)

I'm so surprised as well that Irma was your favourite character! It's such an amazing compliment that you actually find her to be a multi-dimensional character rather than a stereotype - boy, was it difficult to work my way out of JKR's stereotype of her :P Irma isn't a pleasant character - and she certainly doesn't understand other people too well. Look at the way she treats poor Ginny. Also, yeah, she sort of drew a vague parallel between herself as a child and Ginny sitting by herself behind her book, but in my opinion she sort of misread the situation completely, as she doesn't understand Ginny or her condition at all.

Yep, Tom Riddle is a bully in this fic. A petty, trivial bully who is utterly in power and his bored of his diary existence. And he doesn't have a shred of empathy for anyone. I guess in this fic he's a liar and he's malicious and when he's bored he amuses himself by toying with poor Ginny :(

OOOK. LONG RESPONSE IS LONG. But. THANK YOU SO VERY MUCH for this lovely review! I'm so flattered by all the praise ♥


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